Tiny feet

Dear feet lovers!

I want to tell you a story that happened three years ago. I live in one of the Asian country and I often happen to drive and show our Russian tourists the local sights of the capital. One day I had a transit woman tourist from Moscow. She had just one night in that city and she booked a night tour. She was about 35, she wore a short skirt, a blouse and open-toe sandals. Her bright orange pedicure fixed the eyes on it right at once. Her nails were so contrasting to her white and delicate toes and pink heels that my heart began to beat so rapidly and I could hardly concentrate on the excursion.

After two hours of driving along the night city, we drove on to the observation deck situated on the mountain in the middle of the city. Just from the car we could enjoy the sight of the sparkling night city. The tourist, her name was Lena, was sitting putting her one leg on another; she was drinking beer and thoughtfully watching the sparkling lights. I think that despite the magnificence of the panorama she managed to see my looks to how she was swinging her sandal on her foot. Suddenly she said that her legs had become numb and asked if it was not difficult for me to massage her heel-bones. She said it with a smile looking attentively into my eyes. My heart had become beating rapidly, I nodded my head. She threw off her footwear and passed her “treasures” to me.

There was not so much space in the car to stretch out the legs, so it occurred that her feet turned out to be in several centimeters from my face. My nose caught a nice fragrance almost making me lose my mind. My penis bulked up at once. I began to massage her heels. She was smiling looking at me and then suddenly asked: “Tell me the truth, you want to kiss them, don’t you?” – she passed her look to her feet and moved them easily to my face even closer. It became hard to breath for me. Not asking me she set her feet on my face and began to press on my nose, the mouth and the eyes with her foot. I was choking from the lack of air and the happiness to inhale the gorgeous scent of those sweaty heels and the saltish taste of her delicate skin as well.

Lena seemed to like the procedure: she was pushing the toes into my mouth trying to put the whole foot there, and I was happy and opened my mouth wider. From time to time Lena was putting down her another foot rubbing my penis I took out with impatience. When I was almost ready to lose my consciousness, Lena took my penis with her feet and began to jerk off. The sperm shot unexpectedly and poured over Lena’s feet. It seemed to me I had died. Lena smiled asking: “Now, what shall we do with it?” She raised her poured with the sperm heels bringing them close to my face.

“How about licking off your outpouring?” My penis hanged down a minute ago suddenly become solid again and I began wildly lick my own sperm off her feet. Lena was smiling giving me either one or another foot. A few minutes later her heels were shining and so was my penis thirst for action. Lena kept on smiling, moved the back of the seat and came to the front seat, she lay down and moved her legs apart. I entered her, buried my face in her feet and began to do what is usually called the coitus. But if earlier it was always ordinary like, that time, inhaling the scent of the delicate skin, feeling the heel pressing on to your face, choking for the lack of air, it was the feeling as if it was the thing you had been looking for the whole life. And that was happiness! I had come so sweet as never before.

Next morning Lena flew away. I couldn’t forget that day, so I found Lena. We got married! And now my life is a holiday. In the evening, when Lena is reading the newspaper lying on the couch, she puts her tired feet on my face (I got a place at the bottom of the couch in advance) and makes me lick her feet. She says this procedure is quite good to get rid of fatigue. Lena likes my caresses, she even ceased to wash her feet in the evening, cause she says: “You are my cat, your tongue makes my heels shining, why wash them again”.  I’m just happy of that – the unwashed I prefer much better – what a fragrance! I began to do pedicure to my wife.

That’s how we live.

That’s it. And recently another story happened to me, but… next time. Maybe you are not interested, are you?