Hurt me

Andrey met Alla in a bar by chance. Andrey was not religious and never prayed something specially for him. But the destiny had finally had mercy on him and sent that woman to him. That day he called his last girlfriend and was rather pleased to hear that they couldn’t meet because of her purely woman’s period. They had been dating for a long time and she was not the first, so their intimacy did not give him a great pleasure. He was bored and uninterested in the usual fucking and he was dating just under his own inertia. The plans for the night changed and because of the terrible heat Andrey dropped in the nearest bar to cool down and take a breath. There were not so many people in, most folks were having a rest beside the pools, the place was tranquil and the beer was vanishing very fast.

After the second liter of beer the dark thoughts began to come into his head. Andrey couldn’t realize where and when he had begun to have those dreams and addictions. Just from the school time he always noticed pretty girls and women, he loved them secretly and worshipped as well. It seemed to him he would be ready for everything for them. Especially often he imagined his “darlings” were hurting him for the happiness to be with them. Then the first sexual experience had place, then the second one followed: but nothing of the kind occurred between them. All flames of his liked selfless feelings of Andrey and they let him love them. But when Andrey after some time was trying to express his wishes even just with the hints – he was refused at least, sometimes he was responded with evil grins, outrages and as a rule they left each other in the end. He had been fatally unlucky and he just accepted his situation.

It seemed that suchlike thoughts were not laid over his face in a good way, so that a woman of 30 who was sitting at the second next table had come to him and asked if everything was ok with him. Andrey was confused and answered with embarrassment it was alright. The stranger woman smiled, reproached him for such an obvious lie and asked him to take a seat at his table. Andrey was not against of going away from his thoughts so he didn’t mind. They had got acquainted, had a talk joking and laughing. Her name was Alla, she was 32, divorced, she worked in a computer company and she had a daughter of six. Though her face was not so attractive but her figure was gorgeous. It was clear she took care of herself.

Suddenly for Andrey Alla asked him what was worrying him so recently. Maybe because of the beer or the nice conversation Andrey had frankly told her about his problems: the common sex was of no importance to him. He wanted to lick all over the woman’s parts of body, to drink her excrements, but before she had to torture him. To be more exact – his genitals. To his surprise he hadn’t heard the usual reaction but he heard the question: - Is all you have just said – true? And you have a real desire to that? “I live with it”, - he answered. About a minute Alla was gazing into his eyes and then she pronounced: - Now it’s time for me to go home to make my daughter ready to go to the country, but if you give me your phone number we could get in touch and talk about everything in details. Andrey hastily wrote the number on the piece of paper. They said goodbye to each other and after a couple of steps away Alla added: Maybe I’m the one you need?!

Four months had passed. Several times they had long talks over the telephone, they met sometimes in the same bar. And now it’s about three months they have been dating. Andrey turned out to be a devoted, resigned and loving slave, and Anna was an experienced, carefully-brutal dominatrix. Right before their first date Alla formed a so-called contract where many methods of torturing a man’s “pride” were described, all they could imagine. That was a kind of prelude where the slave chose the quantity and variants of punishments for every date.

Usually Alla preferred business style clothing and she seldom used make-up. But at their dates she nicely amazed Andrey with her looks. War-like make-up entirely changed Alla – she became a vamp lady, and the perfect figure was outlined by stiletto heels, black openwork stockings, a short leather skirt with the zipper in front, half transparent blouse and long gloves. Just one look of the mistress made the slave tremble and desire. What she had between her legs was bringing him to wild excitement: there was all shaven clean and Andrey had never seen so big vulvar lips, they were hanging down like two huge petals. He even thought that Alla was pulling them down intently, but he never dared to ask. To nestle to them was the highest pleasure for him. And the longer and more sophisticated  the mistress was torturing the balls and the penis of the slave – the more delightful was the award. And the slave was not ashamed choosing the points from their contract. It had last about a month and then they changed their dates to the ones without contracts.

The usual script of their dates was simple: Alla came to him like to the bar – to drink some beer. Andrey was serving her being barely naked. And then there were two variants: either the initiative from the slave, or from his mistress if he hesitated. In any case the action took place.

IN the serving process the slave could ask the mistress to bare and show her breasts. He payed for that receiving a kick in the balls by the leg in the shoe. To kiss the breast cost three hits in the balls. To watch the pussy he got five hits in the crotch. The slave received the hits in the standing position widely having moved his legs apart and in the position on his all fours as well. For the licking the pussy the mistress put him on the floor or the chair and she was trampling down his penis and the balls with her shoes’ soles and sharp heels. Sometimes Andrey was even coming because of the hits in the penis or the sperm was pressed out of the balls at trampling. Alla drank much and when the slave asked her to piss into his mouth – she was always ready. For that pleasure the Mistress was dropping fused wax onto his open penis head or, if she was drunk enough, she poked his genitals with the needles and pins and maybe twice she even pierced his penis and the scrotum through. If the slave begged his mistress to show her pussy at once he got his hits wholesale for the previous positions. All well that is done well.

When the slave was hesitating or didn’t show his desires, his Mistress took the driving wheel in her hands. She ordered him to look at her and demonstrated something to him, she made him lick her over or to drink the “beer” that was looking for the way out. And then the pay-off time followed. Between the show with punishment the Mistress was playing darts and organized mutual smoking. The slave took the target with the hole made in the center and put his penis and the balls in it. The Mistress was drinking beer throwing the darts to the target. And she often succeeded! Their mutual smoking was peculiar as well – the Mistress lit a cigarette, moistened the filter a bit and placed it into the channel of the penis until the filter was entirely sunk in the flesh. The cigarette was smoldering slowly, inevitably approaching the penis head. The mistress lit her own cigarette and when she finished smoking just after that she took out his cigarette. It occurred so that the cigarette in the penis had smoldered earlier and then the slave experienced incredible feelings. Then the Mistress was putting out it by her own, but she chose the time when she wanted.  One day the slave couldn’t tolerate and pissed from the terrible pain having pushed out the smoldering cigarette butt. And he was immediately punished for that – the mistress ordered to moisten the penis head with water and put it in the dish with red hot pepper. Right in two minutes of burning pain and blood flush the penis had become blown up immensely and his head turned into purple-blue. His dicky-tricky dance was awesome.

With time it had become more difficult for the slave to come. But his Mistress never left him halfway and tried the last well-tested method – the electro-ejaculation. The small device was plugged, one wire with the metal bar on the end was placed into his ass and another end into his penis. From time to time the Mistress pressed the button so the weak current was passing through his genitals and that lead him to the involuntary ejaculation quickly and surely. As for the mistress she was coming many-many times during their executions.

They felt good together and they hoped that love would last long.