Naked in the bathroom

The drizzling started in the evening turned into the real heavy rain. Heavy water flows were rustling in the water pipes muffling the usual sounds of the night city. Vlad stayed late at work as usual and now on the way back his bachelor cozy home he had to drive slower than usual. The wipers could hardly wipe away the rain streams from the windscreen. Right turning to his quiet and covered with greenery side street, terrified he saw just in front of the engine jacket a woman figure. A professional racer in the past Vlad reacted in a flash and threw the car to the curb. The strong blow to the front suspension and the break chatter made the woman turn around. Getting out of the car Vlad saw sensless eyes, blunted with alcohol or drugs , the make-up mixed with the rain streams and heavy wet hair chaotically lying on her shoulders. Her entirely  wet thin dress was stuck to the seductive figure. Vlad’s sight was caught by two ear-rings with diamonds sparkling like two rain drops in the ears of the woman.

-    Would you give me a lift? – slightly staggering the stranger woman addressed to him.

-    I think, you’d better bring yourself in order, answered Vlad politely always keeping his composure cool. – I live not far from here. You could get dry at my place and then we could call a taxi. In other way you could be caught by police.

The woman waved her hand indifferently:

-    As you wish!

Her legs suddenly gave way and she sat down the border of the sidewalk. Not completely having lost his physical shape Vlad managed to walk her to the apartment. In the warmth the woman had come to her senses and she began to feel a little shivering. Vlad noticed that and poured a shotglass of Armagnac and she dried it up in a second. She livened up after that and took a small mirror out of her expansive purse and critically  looked over her face.

-    It’s terrible! – she said in a whining voice. – I hope you have a bathroom here.

-    Oh yes, of course! Besides I can give you a gown until you clothes dries up.

After he walked the stranger woman to the bathroom, Vlad was back to the living room. “I don’t even know her name”, - he thought, pouring the flavored drink. At the same time he was listening to the sounds in the bathroom almost the same like from the rain outside. Vlad turned on the toaster and prepared two cups of the strongest coffee. “Looks like it’s the time to call the taxi”, - resisting inside he went on over thinking and turned on the TV while away the time. After some time he realized that more than half an hour had passed since the woman went to the bathroom. “How long is it possible to wash up your lovely things?” – slightly excited from that idea Vlad thought. He came up to the bathroom and knocked quietly. No answer. Vlad quietly opened the door – the woman was reclining leaning against the back of the bathtub. The warm shower was beating her puffy breasts and slightly spread thighs, and her weakened hand was covering the soaped bosom.

Vlad had carefully approached. His night guest was sleeping like a log. He tried to wake her up gently, but very soon he realized it was absolutely useless. Uncertain he touched her slippery from the shampoo breasts. The woman didn’t move at all. Then more certain he pinched her nipples. The result was the same, but the nipples hardened to his surprise. “Sympathetic system”, - noticed Vlad, continuing action. Totally certain he took the rough bath sponge and began to finish furiously the work the woman didn’t manage to lead to the end – washing the dirty stains from her belly and the legs. But all that time the look of Vlad had been attracted by the black triangle between her legs. First he didn’t dare to touch it but the washing had to be done and his hand sank into the silky hairs feeling the warm elasticity of the vulvar lips.

Having one more look to the face of the woman, Vlad made sure she didn’t respond at all. Then Vlad carefully took the shower capping and directed the warm and strong stream of water to the responsively slightly opened bosom. Next to the streams of water his fingers came inside. The clitoris trembling in the stream began vibrating under his curious fingers. It was changing its form right as Vlad watched.

Once again Vlad had a stealthy look at the sleeping face and resolutely lifted her up and carried to the bedroom. The weakened body had sagged and the warm buttocks nicely pressed to his trembling tool. Having put the woman on the fluffy carpet, Vlad finally had the access to her seductive body. With the help of the desk lamp he thoroughly explored her bosom and her opened pink bud made him admire of its whimsicality of its picture. Totally excited he was looking at that treasure silently, he couldn’t bear it and then he without ceremony placed himself onto the helpless guest. Vlad began frictions, every second shuddering from the slightest movement under, ready to stop any time. But his stick penetrated deeper and deeper and the face of the woman just became a little pink. Her sensitive lips had made no sound. That totally persuaded Vlad there would be no limit to his lustful desires tonight. He took his pistil out of the woman, stood on all four above her and began to drive his shameless got up flesh over her face and lips, getting unknown before pleasure. Then he lowered a bit, squeezed her breasts and pushed his overworked tool between them. A sweet languor had come over him. Slippery from being in the bosom his stick was moving between the breasts easily. The unusual situation quickly brought Vlad to another culmination. He turned on one side, took the towel and thoroughly wiped the chest of her guest. Just one gate stayed untouched. To make his old dream come true Vlad had to turn the woman on the belly. The preparation of the entrance had taken several minutes. Vlad hadn’t experienced such an excitement for a long time and was surprised to himself. Having thoroughly prepared the place of voluptuousness, he finally could reap the fruits of his labor. The total relaxation of his guest helped to enter with no objection and to move freely. The only response to his efforts was a light and long sigh of the sleeping one.

The joy of Vlad was so great, that he couldn’t tolerate and officially invited his neighbor to use such a rare possibility. Suddenly for Vlad, his neighbor had come together with two friends. They were tipsy already and certainly didn’t refuse the cocktails offered by the owner of the apartment.

-    What have you thought up this time, my friend? – asked the neighbor in curiosity, already got used to Vlad’s pranks.

-    The unusual delicacies buddy! – He grinned with a smile. – I think you won’t be bored.

The men entered the bedroom. Vlad decided not to spoil his appetite watching what they were going to do with the woman. He went to the kitchen and became busy with the bottle of Armagnac. Still the situation excited him. From time to time he had a look in the bedroom becoming more and more surprised. Three men could accept extremely interesting combinations. First they asked the permission to use the armchair. Then they needed resin cords. After that they had brought the photo set and made a real photo session. Each of them wanted to star. The blasts of lustful laughter sounded from the bedroom and he began to look there more often astonished with the obscene pictures and limitless imagination of his guests. One of them had almost pushed the long and wide lens for microphotography into the spread bosom.

-    I hope I will get the complete set of the slides? – remarked Vlad, when the oversatisfied neighbors were leaving his apartment in the morning.

Having been back in the bedroom, Vlad noticed with surprise that the wild visitors had not just brought the woman in order, but put the early prepared gown on and laid her on the bed. Vlad just had to cover her with the blanket and to leave the sweet note where he had explained where to leave the keys from the apartment, where the coffee and the sandwiches were and where she could take some money for a taxi.

In the evening, when he was back home to his bachelor’s flat, Vlad was very surprised to find that all the clothing and dishes had been washed and the splendid dinner had been served for him. On the coffee table he found the note written with elegant handwriting: “Dear owner of the apartment! It happens so rare a man would behave like a gentleman towards a helpless woman. I woke up as if I was home. It’s a pity I had not met you when I was single. Your Ruhta”.

A little confused, Vlad crumpled the note, held on for a while looking through the window and suddenly burst out irrepressible laughter.