The Glass Door

I got married early when I was twenty three. By the time my story concerns, me and my wife Yadviga Masevich - yes you ought to remember her, a few years ago she had a reputation for "mad" - lived almost like strangers. I think the reason for that was the same age. By then we both were thirty five. My Yadviga was a little... dissolute woman, you will be convinced of that, having read this story up to the end. She liked either the elderly, solid, hoary with age, spoiled by life and women, or absolutely young people, youths, but physically strong and too timid to women because of the inexperience.

I didn’t follow strict rules in love as well, I was lucky with women and I had a reputation of the passionate lover and not only one mistress. For these reasons the consent has been concluded between me and Yadviga: not to constrain freedom of each other and not to make scenes of jealousy. We ran business and discussed all business questions together. Our business was as it should be and it brought in the income allowing us to live without worrying about a piece of bread for tomorrow.

When we just got married with Yadviga, she asked me to install her bedroom beside my office.

- I want to be by your side, my darling! - She persuaded.

 So though the love to each other cooled down a little and we lived our own lives, my office and her bedroom remained side by side. Its glasses were transparent: red, blue, green and yellow - but so that everything was well visible through them; if one of the rooms was darkened and another was lit, then from the lit one it was impossible to see what goes on in another room. The door on both sides was covered by dense heavy curtains. I always held a curtain drawn whereas Yadviga kept it always open. I find it difficult to answer why Yadviga never drew a curtain knowing that I am able to peep at her. Perhaps, she considered me not to be interested in her at all, but maybe - and it seems to me so it also was - the awareness that at the most intimate moments of her life are secretly watched gave pleasure to her dirty mind.

 I admit the fact that quite often, having darkened the office, I was looking through the door glasses and quite often became the only viewer of very interesting performances of sexual contents where my wife played one of leading roles.

 Remaining tete-a-tete usually for business discussions connected with the management of our estate we often shared impressions about the our new love affairs. We did it easy, joking about even indecency.

- And who do you have?

- Kazemir Leshchinsky, just charming! And where does he take strength in such age? You know, yesterday we have drunk too much and he wanted to do it under my arm, the odd fellow... Well, how is it going between you and Veronika?

- A little restrained. She’s afraid that the husband will be back. And what a charming birthmark she has on her left buttock! She liked how I did it between her breasts. “Oh, so warm!” she says.

Sometimes that chat awoke passion in us, and we began to try those ways and positions we were talking about, but that seldom happened. Often, having learned something new from each other, we kept it in mind to try with others. So it happened this time as well. Yadviga made a note of "between breasts", and the other day I witnessed how she tried it with Kazemir in the bedroom.

 That day I was already going to The Psheviches estate (the captain Pshevich was away, and we made love to his wife Veronika) when the carriage with Kazemir has driven to a porch. After salutation, I apologized for the fact that I am forced to leave him with Yadviga.

- Yadviga, I hope, you won't let mister Kazemir to be bored, - I said playfully and left them alone.

 Already leaving the house I remembered I was going to show the French pornographic magazine to Veronika. Having come into the office, I was choosing a magazine to take, and when I had almost chosen the one and took the knob of the door to a corridor I noticed that the curtains on the door to my wife are a little drawn. I approached and looked in the bedroom instinctively.

 Yadviga didn't let Kazemir to be bored, he was hastily pulling off his clothes, and she, already naked, was already lying on her back in a bed. The playful passionate smile called him. With her hands she was holding her gross breasts so that the deep hollow was formed between them. Yadviga asked:

- Kazenjka, come here between the nipples...

 Kazemir knelt over her breast and directed his penis between the breasts. She had squeezed the breasts with her hands so that his penis was clamped between them. He began to move his bottom polishing his dick between the breasts. At moments the penis was coming out next to her chin, Yadviga grasped it with her mouth. She improved what she heard from me. With my temples I felt my pulse had become frequent.

 An then I had gone to Veronika.

 Such exchange made our life with Yadviga interesting and full of new ways to satisfy our wild passion.

 One day my wife and me had planned to discuss a number of questions concerning the management of the estate. I began to prepare necessary papers in the office, and she had gone to her room and told:

- Just a moment.

 I put the documents on the table and began to wait for her. Ten minutes passed, still Yadviga was absent so I looked behind the curtain into her bedroom. The thing I had seen revolted me at first cause I was waiting for her. She was lying on the bed, naked, holding an open book in her hands. While looking at the book, she was doing different exercises: she was raising legs up, knees tight to her breast, or spreading her legs widely and lifting them up again and then laid down across a bed and lowered her legs on a floor.

 My anger grew stronger. But I began to get excited gradually watching her moves. The penis filled with blood and demanded actions. It made my head spin, the passion seized me and when she laid down on the bed with her butt to the edge, lifted and widely spread her legs so that the calling open entrance to her womb framed with golden hair was presented to my greedy look, and playfully looked at me, as though she knew I was spying, I thrusted the door open and ran into the bedroom. Her face flushed with fear but only for the moment. Then the shiny smile appeared.

-    You’re peeping, shameless.

She didn’t change the pose, she only threw the book on the little table. I noticed it’s title "Learn to enjoy". I took off my drawers jerkily and threw myself upon Yadviga. She was ready to let me pet her and caress me in response. We had tried several ways she read about. The papers on my desk stayed untouched till the morning. 

I was interested in the title of the book - "Learn to enjoy". Hesitating to ask it from Yadviga, I decided to take it secretly. On the other day I found the book in the bedside table in the bedroom, I took it to my office then I sat down in the chair next to the fireplace and began to look it through. The book contained the ways of the sexual intercourses, pieces of advice how to excite the partner. Involuntarily my penis woke up and began to grow and when the blood fills in the penis and when there is no more place left there it hits right into the head. A man becomes obsessed with the passion. So it happens to me. I went on reading, and my hand began to undo the drawers, and having taken the penis I began to massage it.

 Suddenly the door opened, and the maid named Irka entered the room with candles. She was tall, slender, black, full-chested girl of eighteen-nineteen. She noticed me not at once as my chair stood sideways to a door. I made some noise and she turned to my side frightened... Imagine, what she saw! Her master was sitting in the chair and holding a book in one hand and his hot penis in another. The candles fell out Irka’s hands. "Oh, providence! Here’s the one who will satisfy my passion!" – A thought flashed in my head. I threw the book and rushed to the maid. Struck with fright she was shivering standing with her back to the table and lamented:

- Oh, sir Joseph, I’m sorry... I didn't want... I thought, you left... What I have done!

 I have seized her silently and wanted to undress, but she was crying with words: - Oh dear sir, I'm so sorry. Please, don't tell lady Yadviga, she will punish and flog me. She fell on her knees in front of me. My penis touched her face. Not thinking what I was doing, I embraced her the head and when she opened her mouth to say something, I put my penis into her mouth. She tried to release herself, pushing it out of her mouth, but I was holding her strong by hair and moving the phallus in her mouth. My excitement was so great that after several movements and having pushed my penis in her throat I had come. The spasm ran in her throat and she swallowed several times. I lifted her up, she felt bad as though to vomit. I approached to the table then took a glass of water and gave it to her. She sipped twice while I was tidying up.

-    Thank you, sir Joseph, I appeal to you not to tell lady Yadviga I’ve been here!

This fear of the maid was explained by the the fact that my spouse had strictly forbidden female servants to be in the office alone with me. Yadviga considered we can indulge in lust with the persons of the equal status anyway, but to be intimate with servants is degrading for us. For any fault punishment for servants was one - flogging in the stable.

- You keep the mouth shut, - I said, pushing Irka to a door.

- I don’t dare, sir Joseph!

- Well, all right, go!

 I felt ashamed and disgusted, having shown to servants such lack of restraint and dissoluteness. I read the book "Learn to Enjoy" without any interest at all.

 Being in Kazemir Leshchinsky's manor, my wife has made friends with his daughter Christina. Christina at that time was seventeen years old. The beautiful girl developed beyond her years as well as Yadviga, was an awful woman of fashion. They often did shopping in the city and went to dressmakers together.

 And here somehow, working in the office, I saw a carriage came to the porch. With laughter and boxes of new purchases Yadviga and Christina came out and, cheerfully chatting, entered the house. I was already tired and, wishing to have a good time in their company, went through the corridor to the hall. However they were not there. They were not in a reception, nor in their dining room. Then I returned to the bedroom. Standing face to face, they were holding the filled glasses. Having clinked glasses, Christina smiled to Yadviga, she smiled in return a little confused, and then drank. I was confused with the haste Yadviga put down her glass. I quickly darkened the office and, having settled down in the chair next to the glass door, carefully opened it a bit in order to hear the conversation in the bedroom.

- Joseph is absent today, -  Yadviga said, - And we will spend time here in my bedroom. I will show you, my darling, the new dresses I have.

 Christina was one height with my wife, and slender as well. But Yadviga’s breast was bigger, the hips were wider and more roundish, the movements more measured and more feminine.

- Here watch that, - Yadviga took out one of the last dresses from the case. - You haven’t seen it on me yet. Now I will try it on, help me.

 Christina helped her to change clothes, admiring at the same time the shapes of her body.

- Well, how does it look?

- Just charming!

- And you try this one on!

 Christina was embarrassed, but Yadviga helped to undo her dress, and then to take it off. Christina wore the corset and long drawers almost to toe. The top part of her body was beautiful: a fair hair, beautiful face, small roundish juicy breasts with light brown circles around her pink charming nipples. It was not pleasant for her to be in such half-naked look. She quickly put the offered dress with a decollete on.

- It fits you so well, darling!

- I thought that would be big to me.

 Admiring her from all directions, Yadviga said:

- I will show something to you, just let's drink more.

- Oh, Yadviga, my head is swimming after the first glass already!

- Take it easy, it’ll be over soon. - Yadviga gave her the filled glass. - Then, even if we will be absolutely drunk there is nothing to worry about, we are alone here, well, for our meeting, to the bottom!

 Having put empty glasses on the small table, Yadviga opened the wardrobe and took out a small box with four ribbons fastened on the bottom with the buttons on the ends.

- What is it? - Christina was surprised.

- It is a new type of braces-stockingholders. It was sent to me from Vienna recently, now I will show how it is to be worn. Help me to remove the corset. - Yadviga stayed in stockings only.

- Yadviga, darling, how beautiful you are when naked!

- You pay me compliments as the man. And now you try it on!

- Ok, I will!

 Christina was influenced by the wine probably. Uneasiness had gone. She quickly threw off her dress. Together they had undone the corset and had taken off the drawers which spoiled her look.

- How beautiful you are! - Yadviga embraced Christina’s shoulders and gently kissed her nipples.

- Oh, what are you doing, Yadviga! - Christina slightly giggled as from tickling.

Yadviga began to kiss her cheeks, her neck and the shoulders. Christina admired herself in the mirror. – Let’s try that stockingholder!

 Yadviga released the girl, lifted the stockingholder from the floor, put it on Christina’s hips, and having risen on one knee so that all covered with hair space between her legs became visible, began to fasten stockings. Christina's pubis was about Yadviga’s face. Staying on her knees and having fastened the last fastener to stockings, Yadviga embraced the girl’s buttocks with one hand, and her second hand began petting between her legs, and then she started kissing her bottom of the belly, hips, the pubis and finally between her legs.

- What are you doing, Yadviga? Let me go! What are you doing? - Christina was begging, and her hands did a faint attempt to get away from Yadviga. But Yadviga was going into ecstasies.

- Yadviga, darling, I’m going to die now!...

 She had really staggered a little, her eyes closed, and she would fall, but Yadviga, having jumped on her legs, clasped her with one hand, having nestled all over her. Still her second hand stayed between Christina’s legs, and she went on exciting her. Then Yadviga had stuck a long kiss into her mouth and began to move Christina to the bed. Christina fell on the bed. Going on with kissing her breasts, Yadviga undid the stockingholder and pulled it together with stockings off to knees, then she laid down from above, having put the left leg between the girl's legs, and the girl’s right leg between her legs and began to stroke the open body of the girl with her body up-down. Breasts rubbed the breasts, belly to belly and the legs rubbed between legs.

- What are you doing, darling! - Christina whispered passionately. - I'm ashamed!... - Her eyes were closed, but the body began to help the body of Yadviga, at first slowly and shy, but then quicker and quicker. – I’m going crazy!

 Yadviga stopped, her eyes flashed with slyness.

- Go on, go on! - Christina begged, continuing to move the body.

 Christina rushed to kiss her lips, her neck, the eyes and again the lips.

 ...- How pretty you are! Sweety! Kiss my breasts! - Christina began to kiss one breast, caressing another one with the hand. Yadviga’s lips stuck into the girl’s body. - I want your tongue in my belly-button!...

 Christina readily satisfied that request of the dissolute woman as well.

- Christina, darling, take off my stockings, please! Just turn around, stand this way and take off your stockings either!

Lying on her back, Yadviga forced Christina to the knees with the legs on both sides of herself so that the girl’s butt appeared to be over her neck and the girl's head - over that place of the body of Yadviga where the legs met with the belly bottom. Christina bent and began to pull off her stockings. Yadviga sharply raised and threw the legs on Christina’s hips, having clasped the thin figure of the girl strongly. Then with the legs she inclined her head so that it had been pressed to the entrance to her vagina. She clasped with hands the girl’s buttocks and, having given it to herself, stuck into the cherished place. Struck with such turn of events, Christina at first tried to escape from embraces of Yadviga, but everything was useless. The legs were holding her head tight, and Yadviga, having raised the head and holding Christina’s butt with one hand, while her lips, tongue and fingers of another hand caressed, kissed, excited the little body covered with gentle hairs surrounding the slotted entrance to the girl’s body.

- Kiss, caress me too! - Asked Yadviga, and Christina has stopped to resist.

 Yadviga put the legs down the bed, and Christina continued either to stick long, or to kiss all sexual parts of Yadviga passionately.

- Stop, wait! - Now asked Yadviga. - I want it in a different way.

 She pushed Christina away.

- Oh, I’m so ashamed, Yadviga! Won’t you laugh at me?

- Don’t say so, lovely girl! - The look of Yadviga was wandering, her breasts were frequently rising. – Put this on!

 Yadviga got some belts from the small table. She put one belt around Christina’s waist, and another, separated on the ends, passed between her legs and fastened on the back and the belly to the first one. Now I made out what that belt was. In the place of pubis the phallus imitation was attached with two yellow rubber small testicles. But the artificial penis hanged down. "What are they going to do with such a hanging one?" - I thought. But Yadviga took the testicles and began squeezing them. The artificial penis began to shudder and rise in growth by each pressing testicles. The penis turned out to get excited by means of the testicles pumps. "This thing is definitely from Paris", - I grinned to myself. Having excited the penis to the size four, Yadviga laid down on her back and opened her legs wide.

- Lay down on me, kiss me! - Christina knelt down beside her legs.  – Put it in there. Oh, oh, wait a moment, it should be greased! Very big!

 Yadviga took a jar with lubricant and having plentifully greased a head of the artificial penis, directed it into herself.

- Move your buttocks so that it’ll go to and fro! - Christina began to lift and lower her butt awkwardly, moving the penis inside of the body of Yadviga. Well, faster! - Yadviga all twisted was helping Christina. - Love me! Kiss me, lovely girl! Oh, so good!... Faster! Even faster!... I’m coming! That’s it! Stop!

 Christina stood still, looking with astonishment at weakened Yadviga.

- Pull it out slowly. - asked Yadviga. - O-au!... - She lingeringly shouted when the penis left her body, and it seemed she lost all her strength. Stroking Christina, her one hand groped testicles-pumps and did something there: the whistle of the lowered air sounded and the penis drooped. Then she began to respond with kisses to Christina's caress.

- Sweety, you did so good to me!...

- For me it is so new and pleasant with you, dear Yadviga!

- My girl, now I’m going to make you pleased. Give me that thing to put on!

- No, it is already so good with you! I am afraid of that thing there, I never tried it before!

- Don’t be afraid, my pretty one, we will make it not as big.

 Yadviga quickly fastened the belts and pumped the penis up to the average size, then greased it with lubricant.

- No, I am afraid! – begged Christina.

 Yadviga began to cover her with kisses all over, tumbled her down on her back and, having moved legs apart, stuck in there where she was going to put the artificial penis fastened to her. Christina became silent, hiding her face in the hands. Her breast rose and fell in excitement. Yadviga laid down on her and directed the head of the penin into the slot between the legs and pressed it in.

- Mummy! Mummy - cried Christina. – So painful!

- My sweet girl, be patient a little! – Yadviga persuaded her. – It was painful for me as well, but then what pleasure you’ll have!

 Yadviga laid down the girl with all her breast, slightly risen on a lap and began to pound sexual sponges of the girl’s virgin flesh with the fingers of a hand. With another hand she took the penis and began to move it and stretch the vestibule of vagina. Christina tensely waited. Then she began to rush about under Yadviga.

- Further, deeper! Please!

- You said it was painful before!

Yadviga was happy: she achieved what she wanted. Christina was already dying to taste this toy.

- It’s not painful anymore! Deeper! Come on, - and she harshly raised her hips towards the penis. But this movement remained single. Yadviga had managed to meet it. Then Yadviga seized Christina by hips and, as if helping her, again raised the eager hips. Yadviga made a sharp movement by the penis, and it entered at once almost completely.

- Ouch! Ouch! - Christina groaned with pain and pleasure.

 Not to hear exciting, passionate shouts and groans, not to see that orgy of passion and love of two women, I shut the glass door tight and, having opened the window, started to rush about the office. Passing by the door leading to the corridor I heard someone's easy steps. I opened the door and saw the maid Irka. She already walked upstairs.

- Is it you? - Being glad at heart, I exclaimed. - Come to me!

- Is it you, sir Joseph? Lady Yadviga forbids to go to you.

- Now I tell you! - I shouted, seized her by the hand and dragged her in my office. - Who did you tell you were at my office?

 I closed the door and stepped aside. She remained next to the door.

- Nobody, sir Joseph, I swear! – Her eyes flashed with fear.

- Well, come here!

 My hands quickly undid the knickers, and my restless penis broke out. Irka took a step aside, stopped and looked at my sticking-out penis. Then she cried again:

- Sir Joseph, please, no! The mistress will flog me for I was with you!... I swear, I won’t say a word to anybody!

- Come here, I say! Lady Yadviga will know nothing. And about you told someone I intently asked for it. It is good that you didn't tell anybody. Well, come!...

 Irka rushed in front of me on her knees, clasped my penis with a hand and wanted to swallow it already. She thought I wanted again that way, but I wished her body. I took her by her chin, turned her face aside and lifted from the knees. Terrified she released my penis.

- Why have you left it? Hold on! Little fool, - she accepted my words as the order and took it by the hand again. I sat down in front of her on the table. The spasm ran over her hand holding my penis. – Come here, on your knees... - She wanted to sit down without lifting a skirt, but I stopped her. - Not this way! Come in front, put your hands on my shoulders.

 I put her hands on my shoulders and lifted a skirt so that her slim legs and the place in the bottom of the belly covered with black curly hairs have opened to my look...

- Please, no, sir! I’ll do all that you want, just release me! - She asked, bringing the overgrown with hair crotch to my sticking-out penis while I pushed her.

- Now, don’t be afraid... I will release...

With these words I spread her magnificent vulva lips and having directed my penis there, began to put Irka on myself taking her by hips. The penis couldn’t enter: she was still innocent.

- Oh, sir, it hurts so much! - She moaned and I stuck her teeth into my hand. Looking in her eyes I understood that groan was instinctive caused by pain. I didn't want to stain the linen with blood. I took the penis away from the desirable goal, having pushed Irka aside, got up and while pushing her to the table covered her with kisses and caressing her crotch with a hand. My fingers were rubbing and caressing the gentle not punched entrance to her inside.

She, without removing hands from my shoulders, receded bewitched in a subconscious state, gently caressing my hand with velvety skin of her magnificent thighs. The groans of the close pleasure unfamiliar to her, the new huge happiness were coming out of her breast.

- Oh, dear sir!... - She whispered and her legs started trembling. Suddenly it became wet between the legs as though the eye I wanted to force on began to cry.

- Now, now, darling! - I spoke, kissing her.

 And here she has rested against the table. With a free hand I found the garters of skirts under the jacket and untangled them. Skirts fell down the floor. Now she faced me bared to a belt, with a pleading look. I raised her and put her on the table edge. She took the hands away from my shoulders. Having raised her legs to my forearms, I had seen desired to my penis the opening in her body framed on each side and from above with black hair. I parted gentle vulvar lips with the fingers and saw the septum closing the entrance to the depth of her body. Having inserted the head of the strained to a limit penis into a threshold of her innocence, I began to press it in. Irka strained from pain. She silently bit the lips and greedily looked at how the man overthrows her innocence and impatiently waited for the end of this exciting torture. I have helped with the hands, having attracted Irka to myself. And it had finally entered, having interrupted the barrier in a hard small hole. I began to pull it out. She relaxed, and the expression of painful expectation was replaced by the smile of pleasure and delight. When without pulling it out up to the end, I began to put the penis into the warmth of her body again, she clasped my neck with her hands, having buried in my shoulder, and clang to me with the breast. I started back, holding her under the legs and departed from the table. She turned out to be hanging on my neck and penis. The blood drops were falling on the floor.

 Irka was quite heavy. I hurried to carry and put her on the sofa. There we went on and finished the act of pleasure.

 Having satisfied the passion, I cleaned myself up. So di Irka.

- Go, my darling! And come to me on the first call! Or I’ll tell everything to my wife!

 Caress came to the end, she was servant again, and I was the lord and the master.

 Irka left my office and I had gone to look how it was going in the bedroom. Still naked Yadviga was saying goodbye to the dressed Christina.

 The next day Yadviga and me had the following conversation:

- Yadviga, yesterday I incidentally saw how Christina tried the stocking-holder on in your bedroom. What a body she has, what a shape! She is already quite formed.

Of course, I didn’t mention I saw all the rest. Though Yadviga probably guessed, but didn’t show a sign.

- Did you like her? - And after a short pause. – Do you want her?

- Who doesn’t?!

- You will get her! - Having thought she added. - But quid pro quo. You will bring me together with Stanislav Stanishevsky.

 Stanishevsky is the son of one of our neighbors in the estates. At that time he was nineteen years old. The tall, slender youth, not beautiful but attractive, he was fond of horses, and we were great friends with him due to that theme. They said he was naturally awarded with a huge dick but only suffered from that fact so far, he was timid and avoided women's society and had no woman yet. I understood that Yadviga wished to be the first to test his man's strength.

- I promise you Christina in three, four days. When shall I have Stanislav?

- I will try the next week.

 On Sunday I met Stanislav Stanishevsky.

- My wife wants to see you at us. Don't deprive the weak woman of this pleasure. I asure you, it will be interesting to you to visit us.

 At first he refused, but eventually agreed. We have agreed on Thursday, at four o'clock in the afternoon. Having informed Yadviga about it, I heard:

- On Tuesday three o’clock be ready to accept Christina.

 On Tuesday in the morning Yadviga left somewhere, and I stayed at home. The time was close to three, but neither the wife, nor Christina was present. I began to think the deal broke when I saw the approaching carriage from a window of the office. Yadviga and Christina came out of it and went to the bedroom of my wife. I quickly darkened the office and held a post at the slightly opened door.

- At last we are again together! – Yadviga said, closing a door, - I missed you so much!

- Me too, my dear Yadviga!

 Yadviga began to kiss Christina on the lips, the cheeks and the eyes. Christina answered her passionately with impatience, expecting more intimate minutes. They began to throw off their dresses without stopping kisses. Yadviga was a little quicker. She was absolutely naked, and Christina having thrown off the dress, pottered with corset fasteners.

- Let me help, - Yadviga said. Having dumped the corset from her, she knelt before Christina and began to take off her stockings and drawers, kissing at the same time the belly, the pubis and the hips which trembled passionately, - Today you will feel a bigger pleasure. I have prepared a surprise for you.

- What kind of surprise? - Christina asked in astonishment. – The first time will probably be the best ever.

 Christina was getting excited under the caress of Yadviga.

- It is so far, sweety. Today you’ll see better things.

Yadviga rose from her knees and kept rubbing the naked body of Christina with her body and covering her with kisses. Christina started to breathe heavily. Her breast was raising frequently. I began to take off my clothing little by little.

-    Yadviga, my darling, I’m losing control! Let’s put that thing on like the last time!

-    Today you’ll have a better thing than that. – Yadviga’s hands were wandering between Christina’s legs exciting more passion.

-    Come here!

Yadviga pushed Christina to my office. I was already naked, I withdrew the curtain and stood aside the door. The door opened.

-    Yadviga, darling, it’s dark there. Let’s do it here, I’m scared!

-    Oh, my beauty! Don’t shiver! Don’t you believe me? There is nothing to be afraid of. I swear, I want only good things for you.

Yadviga stood next to the door and pushed Christina into my office. I was standing in the darkness aside the door and I saw Christina entering my office. Yadviga locked the door. Christina turned around. Trembling with terrible impatience I came to Christina and hugged her shoulders. She started from this surprise.

-    Don’t be afraid, my girl. I’m the friend of Yadviga, and that means I’m your friend as well. I won’t hurt you! I’m going to caress you! – I nestled up to her nudity, - Hug me!

Having taken her hands away from her breast I made her hug me. First I kissed her gently, hardly touching with my lips and then I did it passionately, strongly and long. She was choking, her hands rushed about my body. She tried to get away, but I was holding her so strong that I felt her tight breast almost burst. Her fear had gone and she stopped shivering. I started to kiss her shoulders, the breast, the neck whispering between the kisses: “ Oh, my sweety, my beauty.” She kept silence in intense waiting. I pressed my mouth to her nipple my one hand holding her back, another one swiftly slipping between her legs, then she gave up.

She was shivering but not from fear but from the desire between the legs. There was warm and wet – that was natural. Feeling my hand touching her, she pressed her legs together, I seized her lips with my mouth and started to seeking her tongue with my one. I lifted her and put on the sofa, and again began to kiss her from breasts to knees and to tickle with the gentlest parts of the female body. She was lying motionless, only frequent breath revealed her passion. Having reached her face with my lips, and having stuck into her soft warm mouth, I moved her legs apart, groped internal slippery pass to her body and, laying down on her began to bring my penis in maiden flesh already broken through by my wife, but not knowing penis of a man  yet.

Slow and drawling "a-ah…" escaped from her breast. When I had made several frictions by my penis inside her, first she began carefully and then quicker and quicker to move hips in time to my pushes and at the moment when I injected my hot seed in her - she moved, grabbed my head, pressed it to her shoulder and wildly raised a howl. I hardly constrained my shout as well. Having gritted teeth and then trembling all over with the feeling of pleasure almost to dizziness I passionately began to bite her nipple... I pulled the penis out of her, she shuddered and then squeezed the slender legs, released my head, hid her face in hands and began to sob more and stronger until she burst out crying. Exhausted and satisfied I fell flat nearby. I didn't console her, only stroked her body. She began to calm down little by little.

- All this is awful, new, terrible but delightful and fine as well! - She said, as if justifying oneself for the sobbings. Then she began to move her hands slowly on my body as though studying me: head, neck, thorax and belly. Her hand slowly touched my hair below the belly, shuddered then stopped and then touching hair with fingers, went on further and below and then touched it, at first only with finger-tips, then more courageous, and finally the penis was in her hand, on the palm, tired, warm, soft. Her hand took my testicles and suddenly squeezed them. Having screamed from pain, I pushed away her hand.

- Oh, what are you doing? It is painful!

- I didn't want to hurt you. I wanted that thing became harder.

Her voice sounded surprised. I was dawned by a guess. It was Yadviga who made the artificial penis harder and longer pumping it up and pressing the rubber testicles. I wanted to burst out laughing. Naivety! What naivety. It’s not artificial, it was live!

- Wait, if it wants it will get up.

 Christina again took my penis and began to touch it tenderly and gently by her fingers. Then carefully and gently began to squeeze it and move her hand up down so he wanted again and, having shuddered, began to rise. My hand had passed on her breast and belly and then fell to her legs. My first and middle fingers moved her vulvar lips apart, and my index finger got inside. She began to breathe deeply, my finger was moving in narrow slippery pass exciting her, she silently and widely moved apart her hips raising them, then pulled my penis to herself – as if saying, let him enter, but not the finger. What an immediacy! Again I laid down on her.

- Direct him, - I asked.

Not immediately, but she took my penis in the hand. Then she embraced my shoulders and we became slowly to move our bodies in time to each other, exchanging gentle kisses. I wished to have a look at her and turned on the light. Frightened she screamed and stopped, having closed her eyes so tight as if she wanted to be hidden behind her eyelids. She covered my eyes with her palms.

- No light, please!

 I moved her hands off, rose over her on hands, and, continuing to move the penis, began to watch her. The nice maiden body was lying in front of me. Elastic breasts were shivering as two huge drops of mercury. On a belly, under my moving penis only the pubis corner overgrown with hair was visible. The place between the legs where with such a pleasure my penis was entering wasn't visible to me. I took her legs and put them onto my shoulders. Christina sighed: the penis began to enter more deeply, but, probably, it was pleasant to her, and she continued to lie quietly, evenly shaking hips, still having her eyes shut tightly. Now I saw the place between her legs, I watched that so close. Here where the woman had the most secluded and insatiable place! The desire to stick into this small little body had seized me. I pulled my penis out and, holding her legs lifted up, clang my mouth to this cherished entrance to her body. I kissed, licked, thrust my tongue inside, I even bit her, but tried to do it gently, without hurting her, and again kissed and licked. Christina only groaned and toyed my head hair with fingers. I laid down on my back, put her on the knees with her front to myself and put my penis in, then I began to throw her up so that she raised over me every time. The penis was coming out of her not completely, but when she was falling on me, the penis was penetrating her up to the end resting. Having buried in my shoulders, she helped me, as if she jumped on me. Her face expressed madness, boundless passion. Eyelids have been densely squeezed.

- Open your eyes and look at me my darling!... Oh, so good!... Look how fine it is! - I asked her, and she opened eyes.

- A man! - Her voice sounded with surprise and fright, and as it seemed to me, with pleasure as well. – Sir Joseph!

 Later it become clear she thought that she was dealing with evil spirit, as though with the demon.

- Sir Joseph, don't look at me, it is a shame to me! It is so awful! - I forced her to the knees on the edge of the sofa. I got up on a floor. She had already guessed that it is some new way, and posed that way. What buttocks she had - gentle, white, without a single speck! The blood knocked at my temples. I was dying to thrust my penis in her, now just from behind!

- Ah... Ah... It hurts! - She exclaimed and moved a little away from me, but I seized her by hips and began to get her on myself. She groaned, but it was a groan of pleasure. Again, again and again. That’s it! Pulsing and shaking my penis poured out the liquid inside the heated body.

- Oh! - Christina screamed loudly and fell on the breast, remaining on her knees.

 I pulled out my penis from the opening it just had been in, and plentiful as a streamlet transparent liquid poured on her legs. I applied the drawers wiping her. She squeezed them with the legs and fell on one side.

- Oh, it is so wonderful!... - She muttered, her eyes were closed and the smile of pleasure came to her face. - I will go crazy with happiness, Sir Joseph! Will you always love me this way?

- Of course, sweety! I feel awfully good with you too. You may call me just Yuzik. We are now like husband and wife, my darling.

- Good, Yuzechka! Everything turns out to be nice and wonderful! I just can’t calm down! Kiss me, my darling!

- Christina, come to me at five the day after tomorrow! Only that Yadviga wouldn’t know. And, as you come, go right into this office, here through this door leaving in an office at once. - I will warn servants. So, Friday at five, right here! - I reminded Christina, taking her home.

In a day Christina and I became witnesses of Stanislav’s seduction by my spouse. However, Christina was late by the beginning... this fascinating performance which developed in such order. On Friday I brought Stanislav to our house. Having referred to the fact that in two rooms there was a repair, we invited him to Yadviga’s bedroom prepared in advance as appropriate. The bed was carpeted, there were three chairs in the middle of the room... We had drunk for the meeting and for Yadviga and Stanislav's acquaintance. Yadviga began to say many flatter words, she heard about Stanislav, and that she wanted to get acquainted with him closer long ago. Then conversation went on about Sunday horse races. Stanislav passionately began to tell about the advantages of his favorite horses.

- I’m listening how you admire of horses, - interrupted Yadviga, - and what do you think about pretty women?

 Stnislav lowered a look in confusion and shrugged the shoulders.

- In my opinion, some women are more attractive than horses. Or you have another point? - asked Yadviga playfully.

- I know about horses a little, and the subject of female delights is still unknown.

- But you are not a child anymore! It is time to get to know women! - Yadviga began to tease him.

My wife and I began to tell about pretty women in eager rivalry, about their beauty, art of behaving, about proportionality and attraction of their figures.

- And what is hidden under their clothes! - Yadviga exclaimed. - Joseph, bring the French magazine here, please. Let Stanislav look and take out the opinion about these delights.

 When I was in a corridor, I heard Yadviga asked Stanislav:

- And do you think I’m beautiful?

 I didn't hear Stanislav's answer. Having passed in the office, I took one of the pornographic magazines and before entering, had a glance into the bedroom through the glass door.

 Yadviga had put the leg on the leg and raised her dress edge so that her fine-molded leg half opened, and she was talking to Stanislav with great feeling about something. He was either looking down, shrugging his shoulders, or was affirmatively nodding. Having entered through a corridor to the bedroom again, I passed the magazine to Yadviga.

- Yadviga and Stanislav, I beg your pardon, - I spoke to them, - I have to leave to The Kaspiskys, they came for me.

 Stanislav got up too.

- Oh, please, no! Stay! - We said simultaneously. - We both ask you to stay!

- Don't you leave me alone! - asked Yadviga. – I have nothing planned for today except the meeting with you. I will be bored to death if alone!

- Of course, my friend, stay! - I supported Yadviga. - I really didn't know that it would turn out to be this way, but I am sure that you won't be bored. And you darling, don't confuse the young man too much, be a good baby!

- Of course, my darling! - Yadviga smiled.

 I left them and entered the office, having checked the darkening I sat in the chair at the glass door and began to watch the events in a bedroom. Time got closer to five and Christina had to appear soon.

Yadviga and Stanislav were watching the photos of the naked bodies in the magazine. Yadviga were explaining something all the time, pointing to different parts of the picture. Having shown one of the photos, Yadviga stepped aside and lifted the dress, having opened almost the whole slender leg. First Stanislav was confused, but then began to compare legs of Yadviga to the ones of the model in the magazine. By his face I understood he had given preference to my wife. She was near again, having thrown a leg on a leg, having bared them to the very top so that the charming laces of her panties became visible. Yadviga forced him to drink a glass of wine, and as for her she only tasted once. Then, comparing her figure to a figure of the girl of the model from the magazine, she had undone a bodice of the dress and opened the breast lying in the corset and again she won against the model. Stanislav stealthily fixed the eyes on that live breast, swinging from excitement.

 Then the picture of the nude man emerged. Yadviga pointed a finger at the penis and playfully smiled. She asked Stanislav about something, so that he blushed ashamed. Yadviga still smiling and not being ashamed of the questions she was asking directed the hand to the fasteners of his trousers. Frightened, He seized her by a hand. Then Yadviga rose from the chair, locked the door to the corridor and rushed on the knees in front of him. He had already undone the trousers, but the fingers hardly obeyed him. She had helped him and had taken what-spoke-very-much-about outside.

 Even not excited his penis was of a pretty big size. Yadviga took it with a palm and gently stroked it with another one from the root to the top, tenderly whispering something at the same time. She undressed quickly and shamelessly, beautifully removing one or another part of her clothing, she emphasized a charm of her naked body. As if bewitched Stanislav was looking at everything... And then his penis shuddered once and got up maybe for the first time, rising and being poured by passion juice. When he had risen in all growth, it made me feel creepy all over. Oh, dear God! The nature awarded me with a dick big enough, but that one!... It wouldn't be a shame to stallion to have such! Not less than two inches in the diameter, about a foot long - if it could be lowered down, the head would appear to be about knees.

 I have got a fright for Yadviga. What will be with her if she risks to test this penis? But her face did not express a fright, and absolutely on the contrary: it expressed the desire rather to enjoy, satisfy the passion with that giant. She knelt in front of him and began to caress him with the hands, the neck, the hair, the face, the lips and the mouth showering him with kisses. Stanislav’s eyes dimmed. With the hands he unconsciously wandered on the head, the shoulders, and the breasts of Yadviga. He whispered something. Having brought him and herself to the last stage of excitement, Yadviga rose, took a jar with ointment from the table and, having greased his head of the penis, began to come closer on his knees. She moved apart the vulvar lips with the fingers, and Stanislav directed the head of the live rod to her inside. She took his shoulders and became slowly, having rolled up eyes from wild pleasure, to fall down on him. The rod began to enter her. Stanislav was likely impatient to put it a live body. He took Yadviga for hips and began to help her to come down. I was surprised. How could that brittle, gentle female body contain in itself this gift of the nature! I thought, her cry about the help would come out now and I would go for the doctor, but my fears were vain. The shout of pleasure and joy escaped out of her breast when she had completely kneeled down. The whole huge penis was in her belly... She had nestled her breast on his breast and began to kiss his face, then having put a leg on the chair partition, she had leaned back slightly holding his shoulders, she began to lift and lower the butt, not up to the end pulling out, and then again getting it on the piston. First slowly, and then quicker and quicker! Stanislav helped, holding her wide spread legs.

 Excited I have jumped from the chair. The door of my office entering the corridor opened, and on a threshold my Christina appeared.

- So dark! Is there anybody in?

- Yes, my little one, come in! Just be silent!

- So long was the expectation of this meeting to me! I’m burning and shivering all over!

 I began to kiss her, she answered me hotly and passionately.

- Undress, my darling, dump the clothes from yourself! - I began to help her. - You have come to me! - I have kneelt and kissed that place of her body my penis directed to, having nestled the lips on the hairs and the flaring section between the legs, having thrust fingers into this warm hole.

- And you kiss your toy!

 With these words I got up and bent down her head to my penis. She timidly took it with a hand and kissed it several times gently, then she seized it with her mouth and began to suck. I have hardly moved her head away and waiting and trembling all over, she nestled on my breast. Having groped a wet entrance to her body and having sat down under her, I directed the penis there. She widely moved apart her legs, having allowed my penis to enter her warmth. After several movements I threw her hands to my neck, without pulling out the penis, holding the thighs of her legs, I took her up off the floor and so, carried her sitting on my penis to a glass door. Holding her with the back to the door I sat down in the chair. She didn't see what was going on in the bedroom of Yadviga and she actually didn’t care. She was excited so that she wanted to satisfy the passion only. I put her legs on the seat of the chair and having embraced her buttocks began to raise and lift her. She started moaning on my penis.

 At that time Yadviga and Stanislav, naked, were laying on the bed. For the first time in his life he had got satisfaction from a woman and now laid motionless and tired, having hidden the face in the hands and hesitating of caress of her hands. Christina and I were done, wiped ourselves, and I, kissing her like a child, put to my knees and pointed to the events in the bedroom. Christina, having seen naked Yadviga and Stanislav lying in the bed, got a fright and moved, wishing to break free and escape. But I didn’t let her go pressed to myself and whispered:

- Do not be afraid, don't hesitate, my sweet one! Watch and you will see a lot of interesting!

- It is a shame to watch such things! - She said being confused, but, having a little calmed down, began to look furtively from me at the door.

 Having laid a little, Yadviga got up on the elbows and gently kissed Stanislav on the mouth, then the nipples of his breast and then put the breast close to his lips. He seized them with the hands and stuck with a kiss. We began to duplicate their actions. I caressed and kissed Christina's breasts. Yadviga caressed Stanislav with the hands and his mighty penis reared up.

- How, - with a fright in her voice Christina whispered, - what a big thing he has! He will break off Yadviga if they do the same, as we do!

- Don’t be afraid, He hasn’t broken off it already. You see - she asks him again.

- Your wife is insatiable! Isn’t your thing enough for her?

 And again Stanislav became a horse, and Yadviga - the rider. She put him on the edge of the bed so that his hips and one leg overhung on the floor. She got up on a floor with the back to him so that his lowered leg appeared to be between her legs, she bent down, rested against the chair standing in front of her, took his giant with a hand, directed it to the vagina and began to put herself on him.

- I want this way too! What a shameless I’ve become! - Christina exclaimed and having taken my penis, she was going to insert it into herself.

- Wait! - I told Christina, - Let’s do like they do.

 And we repeated this only in our own way. While sitting I moved closer to the edge of the chair and moved my legs apart, she with the back to me stood between my legs, bent down and rested the hands against my knees and began to jump on my penis. In ecstasy, we didn't pay attention to what occurred in the bedroom anymore; we passed to the sofa, caressing each other only with the hands. Touching my penis Christina asked:

- Don’t you envy Stanislav he has such a big thing?

- No, darling, isn’t mine enough for you?

 Without answering my question, Christina continued the thought:

- I don't understand such things yet, but such a big I wouldn't try. I never want such a huge one. It causes only fear, but not desire.

 When the fatigue passed away, we continued to enjoy each other again, peeping at Yadviga and Stanislav. So we spent the whole evening.

 Next day I noticed Yadviga feels very bad.

- Darling, I saw your toy yesterday. You absolutely don't spare yourself.

- Yes, my darling, my capabilities turned out to be not as big as I thought.

 But, having recovered, she again invited Stanislav, spent the night of passion with him and again nearly a week she was ill. Obviously, having tried once, she couldn't refuse that terrible pleasure. And then, approximately once a month, she met with him and the whole week after that she had a rest. Having felt Yadviga, Stanislav felt the man's advantages, ceased to hesitate of pretty women society, and not only horses became his hobby. Rumors began to spread out that any woman couldn’t stand his penis not to feel ill after that. But, in spite of all warnings, they flew to him like moths to the flame. Plenty of women paid health and some of them with social status as well: it was sometimes impossible to hide the results of the work of Stanislav’s penis for testing his power and potency.

* * *

We met with Christina often, and still passionately yielded to each other. Probably, there are no such ways and poses we wouldn't try. Then we began to meet less often. I had had new women. Christina wasn't lost too: she engendered insatiable passion. Every day she had to have a man. It has also killed her husband. He was terribly jealous and always kept the pills with. One day his heart couldn’t bare it, and he died right in the bed on Christine, as they say at execution of matrimonial duties. Christine received the rich estate and a surname Karchevsky. So many men offered her themselves as husbands! But she used only their penises. Perhaps she appeared to be in the company of other women who were looking for superpleasure and began to look for men with such huge member as Stanislav’s, having forgotten about the words which she said to me that she doesn't want to appear on such a huge penis.

 And our family life takes its course. Yadviga yields herself to old perverts and spoils youths. And I enjoyed gentle bodies of my mistresses not forgetting to learn through the glass door what new in the field of pleasure and debauchery my wife with the lovers has got.