The beginning

I remember my first time very good. It had happened at the party in the campus where I was invited by my friend. Almost everybody there was older than me. I was staying on the couch far from those drinking vodka and smoking grass. It was dark and smoky there. The music was thundering in my ears.

Suddenly a loud hot argument had been heard in the opposite side of the room blocking all the sounds and after that the door slammed. Then somebody sat down on the other side of the couch. I had a look over there, it was the girl named Joan. Joan was one of those to draw your attention anyway. She was big enough, but not fat, and her weight was maybe equal to mine, but she looked pretty enough – rather nice girl, as for appearance.

She quietly sniveled and did everything not to be noticed. I knew her little brother Nicholas from my karate group, so I thought I had all the reasons to start talking to her. Besides Joan was crying, and I was wondering why. Having sat down next to the girl I quietly asked what had happened. She looked up, surprised of my attention to her and letting out a sob twice, she explained that she had argued with her boyfriend, who was drunk and besides he left her alone there. It was then practically impossible to get back home alone. And that meant she would have something to bear if she’s late home.

I had gallantly offered to give her a lift home. Besides the fact I felt no good pleasure being at that party since I had come there alone and there was no single girl without a boyfriend. Moreover they all were making love as if they had become crazy. Andrey’s both hands got under Marina’s blouse, Tamara thrust her hand inside Sergey’s jeans. Well, it was not the best place to stay there alone.

I got up and took Joan by her hand. She got up from the couch and walked next to me so close that I felt the warmth of her body and the sweet breathing at the moment when she whispered: “Are you sure you want to do this for me? Frankly speaking, I could get back home by the taxi”. The enormous Joan’s breast touched mine and still holding her hand I pulled her to the door.

When we had got to the car and I began to open the door for her, she suddenly turned me around to her and gave me a kiss, plunging her pink tongue into my mouth and pressing me to the door at the same time. The kiss seemed to last forever. I felt the soft breast nestling up to me. Joan set her thigh between my legs and started rubbing my hardening man’s treasure. At last she stopped exploring my mouth and stepped away. I asked her: “Why have you done that?” – “So you can become a gentleman, that’s why!!!” Totally confused I helped her to get into the car. I got in as well and asked her the way to her house. She looked at me in a rather strange manner and said: “Just drive, I will show the way”. Her eyes reflected moonlight and the blouse seemed to be open more than before. The car took off. Joan had turned in such a way so her back was set to the door and her crossed legs appeared to be on the seat. I could easily have a good look of the black nylon strip of cloth tightly fitting the crotch. Even in the dim light I could easily make out the line covering the entrance to the slit which could be easily distinguished under the tight and slightly gleaming cloth. The girl was sitting quietly for some time, and she seemed to me patently waiting if I would do a motion to her side or not. As for me, probably I would do anything, but I was just perplexed with what was going on.

At last Joan had got close to me and asked if anything was wrong, besides she pressed her hand to my thigh in several centimeters from my excited buddy. Stammering I answered everything was alright and asked her the way to go then. My right hand quite naturally lay on Joan’s shoulder and began to play with her lobe. She waved her hand pointing to the necessary direction and then she took my hand pulling it to her breast and hardening nipples which appeared to be right under my palm. I realized something was going on but was not sure what it was! While driving I went on playing with the shrinked small nipples. At the same time Joan’s hand had passed through between my thighs and left no doubt what she was going to do next. The girl was stroking and squeezing my penis. I felt the wet spot was growing in my shorts.

Joan took my hand off her breast and asked: “Maybe there is something else you want to touch? If you ask me very nicely I will let you do this, but you have to tell me what exactly you want to do. I want to describe what we are doing and what we are feeling doing this. Deal?” I struggled for breath. Till that moment I had been just having fun, but then, as it had become clear, she wanted to talk about that as well. So I asked: “You mean if I ask I can even play with your pussy?” Amazed Joan had a good look at me and then she realized: “You are a virgin, aren’t you? O-o-oh! So I am going to do something special for you!” She took my hand and pulled it under her skirt setting it there where it was warm and wet.

“Look what you are doing to me”, - Joan said pulled my hand up and then down where it was hot and sticky wet. I touched up the slot under the cloth and my fingers almost fell through there. Then I thrust my finger under the elastic band and turned out to become in the hairy bushes, exactly where the legs started growing from. She moved back aside and spread her thighs wider slightly moaning. I began to rub the elastic vulvar lips and having taken my hand Joan put it deeper in. And then I found the clitoris. I stroked it and she groaned and then leaned more back and appeared to be entirely open to my look. My spear was ready and the girl was entirely open to take it in.

Having taken the panties off, she asked me to stroke her “right there… and do not stop…” Joan was getting up and down under my hand while I was caressing her clitoris. Soon she began to come, squeezing my hand with her thighs as if her each muscle was affected with spasms. It seemed to me I had hurt the girl. “A-a-a-a-ah…” – she rolled herself up into a ball leaning back while I continued to finger her clitoris.

Finally we got to her house. There were no cars nearby. She asked me to stop, and I did that having parked the car in the shade next to the house. Joan had come to her senses as far as it was possible, she began to button up her blouse and thanked me for the trip. Suddenly she turned to me and said if she could ask me a question.

“Of course, you can.” – I heard my voice as if from far away. I was a bit disappointed and it was obvious. She was going to leave and I was excited and unsatisfied. And she, as it had been made out, wanted to know if she was pretty to my mind or not. Stuttering I forced myself to say that she was nice. Then Joan began to snivel again. Then I asked her what was wrong. I heard the response: “Of course, you are just like the others… you think I’m fat and ugly… but you are wrong and I’m gonna prove it to you!”

Her hands began to undo the blouse… button for button, baring the white scarcely sparkling flesh under the moonlight. She took off the blouse and her heavy breast jumped out. The hemispheres were magnificent, big and more elastic then they seemed, with enormous dark spots in the center and tiny but firm nipples.

I was speechless… Joan pulled me to her and pushed the breasts right to my mouth. I caught them and pressed my lips to one nipple. She smelled very unusual and I began to stroke and squeeze another nipple. That time the hand of the girl found my firm lump between my legs and began to stroke it up and down all long. Suddenly I felt giddy and I turned out to be on the seat again. Joan’s hand had already found and undone my zipper. Then she got into my trousers and grasped my firm virgin cock. I had come in a moment. Right over my hand and the trousers. Just one movement – that’s it. Joan smiled and asked why it had happened and could it be because I liked her. With those words the girl began to lick her fingers. I thought I was dreaming. Joan’s breast is in my hands and in my mouth. My true buddy is hanging in the air and she is smiling… Joan took my relaxed shaft and began to jerk off spreading all that was splashed out of me. Leaning back I was receiving pleasure, feeling the tender hand squeezing my sprout. Then the penis began to harden again. My eyes were closed, I was moaning and couldn’t see Joan putting off her panties, but I felt her having sat on my knees and a pair of lips of a small fluffy animal were pressed to my shaft. Then, as if it had its own mind, it found the hole in her slot and dove into the warm flesh. Joan nestled to me and began to move up and down my rod. I reached my hands down and surprised I found the place we were connected. There was much juice in my hair. Joan reached her hand and began to stroke my penis. As a fact the girl was caressing her clitoris, but I thought she stroked my shaft which was becoming more and more solid. I felt I wouldn’t come so fast the second time and realized the fact I wasn’t a virgin anymore, and my sword was submerged into the wet and squelching hole up to the hilt.

All that had occurred spontaneously as if it was quite natural. The time Joan had spent with me gave her pleasure. As for me, I got the chance to play with any part of that gorgeous body I liked so much. The car was swinging and squeaking to time with our movements.

Suddenly Joan stopped and, pressing a finger to her lips, let me know I should keep quiet. Her brother was driving in there. He could not but notice a frenzied activity in our car and surely he had known it was my car, when the headlights lit it. What was going to be then? I was making love to his older sister and… what could I say to him?!!

Joan saved me. When her brother came to the window, she said: “If you just drop a word, I’ll tell our father it was you who diluted his whiskey all that time. So, keep your mouth shut, brother”. While saying that, the girl went on swinging on my penis which was like a steel bar in the red-hot melting furnace of her flesh. The huge hemispheres were swinging and shaking and she continued her motions up and down, up and down. The pressure inside me was growing swiftly and Joan realized I was close to come. She began to moan softly: ”Come on! Come into me-e-e… I want you get deeper…” I realized she is just to come as well.

Still I was embarrassed with the presence of Nicholas, though I got sharply in her four or five times and then I had discharged right in the depth of her hole. Joan gave a cry feeling the blasts and became shivering all over joining my delight.

Nicholas looked down into the darkness and said: “You are really going it! I would never think!” That’s the story of my first intercourse with the person of opposite sex…