The letter of unknown soldier


In far 1992 I was in the army. There was a romance between two soldiers. One of them was a nurse boy and the second one was a sergeant – a squad leader. They both were good-looking handsome guys and they had been in real love.

Our unit wasn’t big, a special reconnaissance party. About 30-40 men. And, of course, we knew everything about each other. We knew they had love. But all that was in the state of jokes. They kissed, hugged each other… then they called each other a gay laughing. Something like that.

But in real they had such a fun in the medical unit! Oh!

So… One day something extraordinary had happened. There appeared another new man in our unit (he had been transferred from another unit). As I told you already our unit was small, so it was easy to look closely to a man. And I began to notice that freshman had had an eye on our nurse boy. And he was rather serious, I must say. One day he decided to confess (I realized that later) in love to him. He did it in a quite original manner, he wrote a poem you can read below.

I don’t know what they had really, if they made love or not, but two weeks later there was a great brawl burned in our unit. Can you guess who was involved? Between the nurse boy and the sergeant he was in love with before the freshman had come. The sergeant had found that damn letter and blamed his lover in infidelity. Dear Lord! If you could hear the swearing sounding like a storm in our unit! Thanks it was a day off and only the warrant officer was on duty. In general, the nurse boy stopped dating with the sergeant and that freshman had to be transferred to another unit.

As for the letter, I managed to get it. I’m in the reconnaissance party not in vain. So I’m bringing it forward to you. Not a single word is changed, so, sorry for the dirty language. Of course, I placed commas as right as my knowledge of Russian helps. So you are welcome reading.

“Unknown soldier”

Your touching to my breast is quite a treasure.

I cannot find a better word to say.

When looking forward to desired pleasure

You do not want to tell me “go away”.

Between your legs, unconscious I am lying,

Embracing by my lips the thing I couldn’t touch

Just yesterday. And now aloud I’m crying:

“I’m happy, oh, my Lord! So, thank you very much!”

I’m taking moisture coming out of penis.

Your tenderness is giving me a magic kick.

Just cum. While cumming you can’t really see this,

The pleasure of receiving sperm out of your dick.

You’re whispering: “My Lord, what’s your desire?”

I want just you. Completely. All in all.

You are a part.. I am as well… in coition fire…

And just together we can be the whole.

You may imagine anything. No matter

What kind of words you choose for me to call.

I’m so sincere to you, my darling. So, I’d better

Take “Love” for word that’s coming from my soul.

I love you. Bliss is close to that, I know.

That’s not as if I’m taken by a whim…

From that first moment I had loved you so,

You’d yield to me - that was my cherished dream.

I love you. That is why I’m really happy.

I wonder, if you understand the point of that.

And maybe all my dreams were dull and sappy,

But in those dreams your image was the main content.

I’ve never been so open to the others -

To tell them everything and not to be abused.

That’s why my soul is full of doubts.

I beg you, darling, let me be excused.

Don’t turn me down. It’s much worse to know

You’re here, but away again.

Believe me, please, until we’re in one row,

I’ll never stop to want you now and then.

If you refuse, that will be painful, I’m certain.

I know the pain. That feeling is so hard to stand.

I feel like fucking needle in the curtain,

When you’re with him. Don’t you understand?

No jealousy in me. Believe, I wouldn’t bother

You both. Let’s leave it there now as it is.

I’m asking just one thing of you. Let’s further

Be secret couple. How about this?

I’d like to be in love so beautiful, so pure,

But nowadays, there can be found no such love at all.

So just one thing I want at least to be so sure

That soon I’ll hear your embracing call.

Just when “Olympic bear”* leaves the guarding

And you will tell fuck off the checking point**.

Please, come. Till night I will be waiting,

In medic unit*** we’ll be both like single joint.

All that I couldn’t place on paper,

Or other reasons made me rather fail.

Be sure, I’ll be in the bed much braver,

My silence has much more for you to tell…


-* - nickname of our warrant officer

-** - military check-point

-*** - Medical unit

Unknnown soldier