My first sexual experience with a woman

My family and I went to a party to my uncle. I was already going to give up all hope of that evening, but to my astonishment I met the sister of my aunt there. She was very pleasant and sexy girl, she was 27 years old and she was crazy about horses and riding just like me. She lived alone in her own house in California and invited me to her place for a week and my vacation had just begun.

 I arrived on Sunday late at night. Her look took my breath away: she wore white shoes on high heels and tight white shorts which emphasized her strong buttocks. The beautiful red blouse had been undone so that anyone could size up her fine breast easily. The fine hairdress, skillfully picked up costume jewelry and a light make-up completed already fascinating impression. My simple blouse and a miniskirt perhaps made me look pale standing next to her, but when both of us bent to take my suitcases, I practically felt a look on my bum.

 Judie owned approximately an acre of land and the beautiful two-story house. We arrived late and as soon as I dragged to a bed, I immediately fell asleep. Previously I had undressed and slept naked as I was captured by a strange feeling of freedom.

 When I woke up the next morning, I have found a box with clothes and a note. In the note it was written: "Katie, I think these clothes will fit you. I called your mother and learned your size". I quickly turned a cover and found a complete set of clothes for riding". I quickly took a shower, put on lacy panties and tried on the suit in front of the mirror.

 My black hair had been accurately collected under a black riding hat and the legs wore very beautiful, black and brilliant boots. My slender legs and my bum have been hardly tightened in the fitting trousers for riding. The picture was completed by the white blouse. I didn’t put on a bra and the nipples of my breast pleasantly rubbed about blouse starch. I quickly put on a pair of diamond ear-rings favorably setting off my green eyes and went downstairs.

Down in the kitchen I found Judie who looked like me, but she was also dressed in a green jacket. Our fast breakfast was yogurt, we packed food for the picnic and went to the stables where two horses had already been prepared.

 Judie had chosen two beautiful young mares. The day was fine and we rode along the park all morning.  Finally we stopped to have a snack, but when I got up after that, I sprained a leg. "Let me help you", - Judie told. "Yes, please. Looks like I didn't use these muscles for some time." "Lay down", - she advised. I had laid down. Judie began to massage accurately my anklebone. "My god, it is so pleasant", - I told. "Looks like I have many numb muscles, especially on a bum!" "Well, take off shorts and I will massage it for you properly" "Here?", - I raised up on one elbow and looked back. "And what if somebody see me?" Judie burst out laughing. "Don’t worry about it. You’re in California! Besides, at this time of the day nobody ever happens to be here".

 I agreed and took off my jacket, the boots and the trousers, I stayed in the blouse and the panties only. Judie carefully looked at me and I thought I couldn’t hide from her that my intimate cave was wet. Riding always terribly excited me.

 "Lay down, what are you waiting for", - she told. She began to massage smoothly and gently my back, going down lower and lower. The wine I’d drunk quickly stroke to my head, but I realized that something would occur. Her hands had gradually reached my buttocks, and I felt that Judie wants to turn me over.

My throat became dried up. What should I do? I am not a lesbian! But she is very beautiful and looks like she thinks the same of me! But I can’t! What would my friends say? Men will avoid me. Oh, how beautiful she is! She does everything so good!

 I moaned. It was that encouragement she was waiting for. Her hand slipped between my legs and no boy had ever done that good to me. She knew well where to caress me. She became more and more persistent, but suddenly stopped.

 "Katie", - she whispered. "Turn over" I turned and saw her brown eyes. She had come closer, her tongue moved my lips apart and merged with mine. I answered her kiss. Her lips were soft and full. "You are very beautiful", - she told me, having stopped for breath.

 "Perhaps", - I answered, also hardly taking breath:" You are even more beautiful. I would like also to be able to wear dresses and to select jewelry with taste".

"We will work over it and other things:" And she again kissed me. Then her lips and her tongue had walked on over my body, kissing me through clothes, and, yes, through the panties.

"You smell gorgeously, Katie", - she whispered and began to take off my panties, then she stopped and looked at me. I understood that we had reached a new turn. I could return, but having seen her fine body between my legs, I understood I wouldn't be able to refuse something to her.

Judie understood and took off my panties. She smiled, purred something under her breath and lowered to my intimate little cave.

It looked like she knew me. She forced me to come immediately and then once again in a minute. I groaned and shouted "Yes!" or "No!" again and again. The guys I met before couldn’t make me get an orgasm cause they lost interest after they’d come themselves. Earlier after the dates I always had to bring myself to the orgasm with a hand in the bed, but in comparison with what occurred now, it looked like innocent pranks. Judie helped me to come as I had never come before. I brought her close to me and kissed. She had my taste, as my hand when I masturbated.

 "Let's get back to the house, my love. If you are going to shout that way, then we will draw attention"

"I want to make something for you too", - I protested. She burst out laughing. "Don’t worry about it. Just put the clothes on." She showed me my panties, but didn’t give them back and put them in a bag. "Souvenir", - she smiled.

We got onto our horses and hurried back in stables. I couldn't wait when I get home. I was burned with desire to do for her what she had done for me.

The trip seemed infinite. I didn't know what she had prepared for me, but I knew that would be pleasant to me. Judie, meanwhile, was stirring about nothing, but I couldn't concentrate and all I thought about was how she looks without clothes. I really never thought before about women.

I have learned it on arrival. As soon as we have closed the door, Judie seized me by clothes and had a long kiss. When she had come off me, I couldn't breathe any more. "My love, let’s go to my room", - she said languishingly. Both of us burst out laughing, she took me by the hand to the room above.

In Judie's bedroom there was a bed of the huge size. The walls had been covered with mirrors and it made the room look twice larger. Judie stopped next to the bed and again kissed me. After that she quickly took off my shoes, trousers and the blouse, having left me naked. She pushed me on to the bed and standing over me she took off all clothes, except for the small red panties.

"You want what is underneath, right? Then you should remove them", - she told. After that she laid down next to me, and I rolled over on to her. I began to kiss her. The nipples of her breast and mine... rubbed each other and I was getting more and more excited. I wanted to feel her fine body, to make the thing she did in the park. My lips moved to her ideal neck, then to the nipples. "How cute they are", - I whispered and began to suck them gently. She moaned: "Yes! Yes!". I began to caress her nipples and breasts with my tongue. And her groans amplified after that.

The impression was that she wanted me not to stop, but I wanted to taste her intimate hole. I reached the panties and felt a saddle smell, but there was another scent added. I was always interested and surprised what men are finding in that. Now I had a lucky opportunity to clear that out!!!

 The short white hairs were seen out of the panties when I began to caress her little hole through them. "How soft and smooth she is", - I told: "Not like the guys". "Even better", - she answered. I began to take off her panties and she lifted her long delightful legs so it would be easier for me. All this reminded me those cases when I acted this way so the boys could remove the linen from me. The exciting show opened to me - she was just pouring lube. I saw the other intimate hole for the first time so close and one couldn’t say that I was interested in it before. Pink vulvar lips slightly surrounded by trimmed hairs had been invitingly opened. The smell was so attractive that I immediately wanted to check her up properly.

I stopped wasting time. Looking forward to pleasure and smiling, I nestled to her crotch. It was amazing! I couldn't imagine it! With the light movements of a tongue I went over the clitoris, and then began to suck and lick her clitoris with the fast movements. Judie rushed about under me and infinitely repeated: "Oh, Katie. Kat. Yes, Katie!". I continued to experiment with the help of lips and tongue. I used the fingers. I sucked and licked. Suddenly she grabbed my head and pressed it to her intimate hole. I pushed my tongue into her tight hole and felt her muscles contracting very quickly again and again. I moved my tongue in her hole, and she responded to me with the long groan expressing infinite pleasure.

"Come here, I want to kiss you", - I heard Judie's voice. I slowly crawled over her body, trying to touch with my breast all her protruded parts of the body. "Yes, Katie, we will have fun with you this week", - she said and kissed me. Then she began to kiss me again and again, then she got her tongue into my mouth and licked her juice from my face. In conclusion we turned over in the position 69, Judie was above. I began to caress her anus and soon we both had come.

After that we caressed each other a little and I felt absolutely exhausted. "Looks like you like it. I hoped for it. But it’s just the beginning - I can teach you a lot of things about women. Do you want it?". "If it is also good.", - I answered. "So promise me you will do everything I want, and you won't ever regret". I looked into her eyes and said: "Certainly, as you wish".

She kissed me. "Excellent. It will be really unforgettable week. We will even ride the horses. But first, let’s take a shower and go shopping. Then I will take you to the party you will never forget".