Little witch Lina was sure the traveller won’t wake up. She was the one who made the sleepy potion – and she was professional in that.

Lina had never seen men. As long as she remembered she and her mother had been living in the forest studying the basics of witchcraft: herbs collecting, making potions, spells and predictions. She had not been told anything about the life of people. “Too early”, - her mother explained.

Sometimes people were coming to their forest hut. Most of them were men. But Lina was not allowed to get close to them. All visitors were going to the dark outhouse to their hut and there they had a long talk to her mother. But the day before her mother got ill. Her power began to melt and she went to the mountains to the Great Master. She was supposed to be back not earlier than the next day.

And suddenly – such luck! A traveller. He had come to her mother for love potion. Little witch could easily make that kind of potion but she wanted to make the traveller stay there longer. She persuaded him to stay till morning. She fed him and prepared the bath. And then she brought the broth of sleepy herbs instead of kvass. The broth was very strong. He won’t wake up the next 24 hours!

Lina had come in the room the traveller was sleeping. Men differ from women, that was obvious from far distance. But being close…

The curiosity made her come closer and carefully pull off the blanket, baring the lying man to the waist. Wide shoulders and flat chest. The nipples were like two peas. Lina carefully passed her palm over the light hair on his chest. Then she pressed her hand to him, listening to his even heart-beating.

He was sleeping… The skin was dry, cool and a bit rough. Lina had undone her blouse and stroked her chest. Her skin was smoother and silk-like. But why was it so pleasant to stroke that sleeping man?

She bent over and smelled him. Her sense of smell and taste always helped her in defining the quality of the herbs. The unknown and a bit tart fragrance was coming from the man. Lina carefully licked the chest and then the firm nipple. It was saltish but pleasant to taste. The hair on the chest were tickling her lips, evoking the wish to press them tighter. The witch passed her lips over the bared chest, touching it by her tongue from time to time.

It was pleasant. She didn’t know why but that gave her the creeps. She suddenly felt HER breast, as if it had become heavier and started aching a bit.

The girl came up to the mirror and took the blouse off. She had already seen herself naked but she never experienced such a feeling. Taking off her skirt, Lina slightly stroked her belly. The sweet languor had flown over the back making her hold the breath and bend. She stroked her belly once again, thrust her fingers into the light curls at the bottom of her belly and passed her palm between her legs…

A hot wave ran over her all body, the legs weakened a little. Her palm was wet. Why?..

Little witch sat down on the bed of the sleeping traveller and took him by his hand. The hand was big. His palm could cover her small and not formed yet breast almost all over. She suddenly wanted that palm squeezed catching her nipple between the fingers. But the man was sleeping…

The girl sighed, dropping the insensitive hand. The hand slipped over the belly, lingering on the leg curb down the curly triangle. The travellers’ fingers moved a little, tickling the girl and evoking a new surge of feelings – load in the stomach and burning between the legs…

Sharply Lina threw away the blanket and began a thorough exploring the unknown before man’s body structure… Flat belly, narrow hips, brawny hairy legs.

And at the bottom of the belly there was something quite unexplainable… Lina touched and gripped that unknown organ by her palm. It was soft and dry. The pulse was felt inside. She carefully passed her hand between the legs of the sleeping man. And there was smooth and dry! No, they are quite different…

And suddenly she noticed that “something” she was holding a second ago began to increase in size. Lina looked at the sleeping man. No he wasn’t awake. But his body seemed to live its own life. The organ was growing as she watched. The girl stood on her all fours like an animal and smelled it. She licked it. She passed the tongue all over its long. It was hot and solid and it moved as if following her tongue. The fold of skin on the end moved apart. Lina passed her hand moving it farther. Oh, there was very thin and tight skin inside!

Trying not to hurt, the girl carefully licked the naked end, grasped it by her lips… An old and forgotten long ago instinct made her do a swallowing motion, swallowing that fanciful organ deeper…

It evoked the most pleasant feelings in her. The heart seemed to beat right in the stomach and it was beating so softly caressing her from inside stimulating her do something else… But she didn’t know what exactly.

For some time she played with the fanciful part of body by her lips and hands, being surprised it was giving her pleasure. But the burning feeling between her legs, first weak and pleasant enough, was growing and evoking anxiety. Lina pressed her hand to the wet hole and pushed the fingers in to the pain. It wouldn’t pass away.

She wanted to press stronger and stronger by something more solid and thick. She turned around. The hairy leg. She sat down as if straddling and pressed to the leg as hard as she could, she rubbed it having left a wet trace on it.

Something else… She looked at the solid and hot organ she had just been licking and sucking. The veins had become visible on it. It got up and was parallel to the belly.

The girl lay down on it, she rubbed it pushing it as deep as she could into the hairy bushes and skin folds. She even didn’t notice she moaned…

And suddenly the strong hands powerfully and sharply set her on the rod between the legs, embracing her waist. The pain, sharp pain pierced all her body.

-    Quiet. Easy. Do not move, everything will be over now.

The man was awake! He looked at her from the half-opened eyelids and he was either smiling or clenching his teeth.

Lina had become panic-stricken. She felt like she was caught. She couldn’t escape the stake she had been sat on and pressed by the strong hands. The man moved, slightly raising and swinging the sitting on it woman. He was doing that over and over again.

The pain was going away. New feelings - delight, pleasure, desire for that pleasure would grow and never stop – displaced that pain.

She moaned again. Her body was twisting, shuddering, following the movements of more experienced partner. It was out of the mind control and switched off the surrounding world. Harder, deeper! And now – more tender and gentle…

The heart was beating madly, there was a ringing in the ears… And suddenly that ringing stunned her, turned all her body over, making her grasp the man by her hands not to lose the balance, not to fall down, not to fly away, not to fall apart!..

That’s it. It had become quiet. The witch opened her eyes. The traveller was asleep. She was lying on above.