Playboy: Hi, candy. How do you look?

Candy: I have a red silk blouse on, a miniskirt and high heeled shoes. I work everyday. I have excellent make-up. I’m 90-60-90. What about you?

P: I’m 183 height and my weight is 60. I wear glasses. I have worn out jeans on and a t-shirt with the stains from barbecue – I was in the country with my friends. Smells like smoke yet…

C: I want you. Do you want to fuck me?

P: ok

C: We are in my bedroom. A quiet music is playing. There are candles on the bedside table and near the mirror. I’m smiling looking into your eyes. My hand is going down, I’m unzipping your jeans, feeling the warmth and feeling your flesh is growing in size.

P: I’m swallowing my saliva. I begin to sweat.

C: I’m pulling your shirt out of your trousers kissing your chest.

P: I’m undoing your blouse. My fingers are shivering.

C: I’m giving a slight moan.

P: I’m opening your blouse and slowly taking it off.

C: I’m throwing my head with pleasure. Cool silk is slipping off my warm skin. I begin to move my hand faster entirely releasing your thing out of trousers.

P: Suddenly my hand sharply strains with passion and tears the silk. Sorry, I didn’t want that.

C: That’s ok. The blouse cost me cheap enough.

P: I’ll pay.

C: It’s not worth worrying. I have black satin bra under the blouse. My breast is rising and falling more frequently in time with my breath.

P: I still can’t undo the clasp of the bra. Looks like, it’s got stuck. Do you have scissors?

C: I’m taking your palm kissing gently. Then I undo the clasp myself. The bra slips off. The breast is entirely naked. The nipples are swelled with desire.

P: Hm. What kind of clasp was it? I’m taking the bra watching it.

C: I’m bending back over. Oh, sweetheart! I want your tongue pass over my body.

P: I drop the bra. Now I’m licking you beginning with the breasts, of course. They smell good!

C: My fingers are running over your hair. I’m fingering your ear.

P: Suddenly I sneeze. The tears and the saliva are splashing over the breast.

C: What?

P: Sorry. I really didn’t want it.

C: I’m wiping the breast by the remains of the blouse.

P: I’m taking the wet blouse from you and dropping that. The sound of dropping is heard.

C: ok. I’m pulling your sweat trousers off and massaging your hardened tool.

P: I give a loud cry! Your fingers are cold! Brrr!

C: I’m pulling off my miniskirt. Take off my panties.

P: I’m pulling off your panties. My tongue is travelling lower over your body, near the navel… mmm… stop!

C: What’s wrong?

P: A hair! I inhaled it. I’m coughing.

C: Are you alright?

P: I go on coughing. I’m all red.

C: Can I help you?

P: I’m running to the kitchen, coughing aloud. I’m checking the shelves for a cup. Where do you keep the cups?

C: In the cupboard right from the kitchen sink.

P: I’m drinking water. That’s it. It’s better now.

C: Come to me, my dear!

P: I’m washing the cup.

C: I’m twisting on the bed waiting for you.

P: I’m wiping the cup and put it on the shelf. Going to the bedroom. Wait, it’s dark here, where is the bedroom? Looks like, I got lost.

C: The last door to the left along the corridor.

P: I found it.

C: I’m tearing off the rest of your clothes. I’m roaring with passion. You can’t imagine how I want you!

P: Me too.

C: You are entirely naked and I kiss you with wild passion. Our nude bodies are nestling to each other.

P: You have pressed so tight just about to break my glasses. I’m hurt.

C: Why don’t you take them off?!

P: Ok, but I’m blind without them. I’m putting them on the bedside table.

C: I’m rolling on the bed. Come on, my darling! Take me now!

P: I need to go to the toilet. I’m groping my way to the door heading to the bathroom.

C: And hurry up back, darling!

P: I found the bathroom, but it’s dark here. I’m groping to find what I need. Raising the cover…

C: I’m exhausted by waiting…

P: I’m done... Looking for the flush handle, but I can’t find it in the dark and without glasses. O-oh…

C: What again?

P: Looks like it was the cover of the washing machine. Sorry, once again. I’m groping my way back.

C: Yes, yes, come on!

P: Ok. Now I’m going to insert my… well, this… thing… tool… in your… that… what women have.

C: Finally! YES!!! Come on, my darling, come on!

P: I’m touching your smooth hips. So pleasant! I’m kissing your neck. Mmm, I have a problem…

C: I’m moving my thighs to and fro moaning. I can’t stop! Do not hesitate, come in! Fuck me now!

P: It’s down...

C: What?

P: It doesn’t get up. I don’t know what’s wrong…

C: I’m standing up and turn away. I’m disappointed. 

P: I’m shrugging my shoulders. I’m confused. It never happened before. I’m trying to find my glasses to make out what is wrong.

C: Never mind. I’m dressing on. I’m putting my clothes on. I’m taking on the wet blouse.

P: NO, wait! I’m fussing, trying to find the bedside table. I’m touching the table, dropping the spray, the photo frames and the candles.

C: I’m buttoning the blouse. Now the shoes…

P: I have found the glasses. I put them on. Oh, dear God! The candles fell down on the curtain. The curtain is on fire! Look!

C: Go to hell! I’m logging out. Loser!

P: The carpet is on fire as well! Help!

C: (logged off)