The seeker after adventures

I'm ready. I go outside, I walk to the subway. I get on the train and go to the other side of town. There I go outside, it’s the night time and darkness is everywhere. I'm walking having no idea where to, I’m deciding that on the way. After a while I turn from the busy street and head to the old Khrushchev buildings. No one is there in these yards, the lights are coming from just a couple of windows; those who do not avoid such places, pass them quickly through. For my purpose it is ideal place.

I stop near the wall, looking around. Yes, the place is suitable: the downpipe is fixed to the wall, if I settle here, I will be noticed. It's time to prepare.

I take off all my clothes and put it aside. Then I take a metal crossbar for legs fixing, a gag, a blindfold and handcuffs from sports bag. First I put a chain with the handcuff key on the neck. Cool metal touches my skin nicely. Now the gag – a rubber ball on the rope. I spread my legs and chain my ankles to the ends of the crossbar. Hardly I approach the wall. I take the handcuffs, put on the blindfold knotted tightly and then I raise my hands and groping chain myself to the drain. Now everything is ready.

The view from the side. A young naked girl is standing facing an old building. Her hands are lifted up, the handcuffs fix her thin wrists to the metal pipe, and the key of them is on the girl’s neck - so close and so far as well. The legs are apart, she cannot join them. Due to this, the back shows all her nice parts: the dark ring of her anus, which shows that it has been stretched by the male penis many times; vulvar lips, swollen with excitement. The clean shaven pubic adds more helplessness to the girl. The breasts are still young and hard, the nipples are sticking out waiting to be pinched, drawn and bitten. The bandage is covering her eyes, the gag is in the mouth, so she is completely defenseless.

These thoughts bring me almost to orgasm, I can feel hot streams are flowing down my thighs, but I can't help it. I start to rub over the iron pipe, but my movements are too limited to come. The cold metal touches my clit and the belly, each touch arouses a wave of pleasure in me. But that can't make me come, I need a man's help, I need something to fill the emptiness inside.

Here's my chance - I can hear a few not quite sober men are coming closer. I can only hear them, because my eyes are blindfolded. I think I got into their sight, they fell silent for a moment and then I heard whispering indistinct words. The approaching steps. They will either release me, or will call the police, or I’ll be raped. I want the latter, I'm here for this. Here they are behind my back. I hear them talking about me, pronouncing coarse words. I like to be called like that, a slut, a whore.

One of the men dares to touch me. I feel his rough fingers on my back, they slowly go down, he strokes my ass, squeezes my buttocks in turn and then he pushes his hand between my legs. Delighted he tells his comrades I'm all wet, and that means I want to fuck. Unceremoniously he begins to touch me, to squeeze my breasts hard, the same for the hips, his actions have no reference to caress.

But it can't last long, having tormented me a little, he comes close, and I feel the head of his cock rests against my crotch. Helping himself with his hand, he inserts his penis into my vagina and starts to fuck me first slowly and then faster and faster. I feel he has a big dick - when he enters into me at full depth, I feel the pain inside the head rests on the uterus. It hurts a bit and vagina is stretched more than usually. The man speeds up the tempo, he exerts himself. If not the gag, I would have screamed in pain, but just outcries and the groans are coming from my mouth. This is the reason that man starts to spank my ass by his huge hand telling me to shut up and adding that this is just the beginning. I obey, and try to hold back the yelling, endure the pain, which grows between the legs.

The man has got really wild. About half an hour without a break I am being raped at a furious tempo. Here he leans on me with his hulk, I’m pressed to the pipe I rubbed before. Now the rough pipe does not give me pleasure, it strongly rests against my pubis, I twitch all over from the movements of the man who almost pulls me up from the ground, this makes the pipe scratch my skin in the most delicate areas – near the clitoris.

The rapist tells his friends they have all night, so they shouldn’t worry and be hasty to take his place. That means that I’ll be fucked at least another five hours. "Just not to be killed and not infected with something" - runs through my head.

Suddenly a man pulls out his stake, so I can relax a bit for the first time. I know that in a moment he will take over my anal and it will be much harder. So that happens, he puts the cock to my ass and begins to enter. At first I am not hurt much – it’s not the first time for me, but then I can’t stand it and a muffled scream bursts out from my gagged mouth. I bend all over in pain, instinctively shaking my hands, forgetting I’m chained, and again I’m shouting. I think he will tear me to pieces for my anus has never been so stretched.

Having thrust his penis into my anus, the man pulls it out again, then he thrusts in again and so several times until the penis begins to enter easier. I scream through the gag, I'm terribly hurt, I'm already sorry about my idea. Here he begins to fuck me and at the same time he takes my hair and throws my head back, then he clamps the mouth, putting the hand over the gag. Now I can moan only.

Another half an hour he fucks me in the ass, painful moans break out of my mouth. There is another one, he puts his hand on my pubic area, holds down, then apply a wet hand to my face, smearing my excrement. I feel the smell, animal smell, the smell of a fucked female. Now I can only breathe this strong flavor - my juices are smeared all over my face.

The man fucking me from behind starts to cum, he makes a few sharp movements and I feel his sperm spreading inside me. After standing for a moment, he pulls out his cock, let my hair off and releases my mouth from his hands. I'm exhausted, my vagina and anal hurt, and it's not the end, I don't know how many of them are there, but more than two for sure.

A few moments they don't bother me; apparently they decided to let me get my breath back. I have my head down between the chained hands, breathing hard through the nose. My anus starts to leak sperm, it's flowing over my legs in hot streams, I can feel it.

The next... Again all in the old way: first the front, then the back... I lose feeling the time...

It seems there are just three of them... Thank God! Now the first decided to change his position: he took the key from the chain around my neck, opened the handcuffs and immediately brought my hands behind my back, where he chained me again... the key seems to be returned to where it belongs. Then I was put down on my knees and bent over so that my face touched the pavement beneath. The legs are wide apart, I feel that my anus is opened... a couple of slaps on my crotch and I’m on my knees again. One of the rapists lies under me, the other two force me to sit on his standing stake... one starts to enter me from behind and he manages to do that. Now I'm already fucked in both holes...

The next hour, it seemed to me, the action was like this: two of them had me in the vagina and anus, I sucked another’s dick, and he pinched my nose so that his dick was a gag, preventing to breathe... Then all three were varied, and the one who raped me in the vagina began to fuck me from behind, the one I was sucking took his place and the last remaining forced me to suck his dick just visited my ass... it was so that I had to suck a dick after he fucked me from behind...

Now, it seems that my tormentors become bored with their occupation... The blindfold was pulled off and my legs were freed... And my hands were left chained behind not to run away quickly, like they said...

Then one of them noticed my clothes... He gently took my T-shirt and tore the bottom part off, turning it into a very short topic. Then in the same way he shortened already short skirt... Panties - the only thing I had of underwear were taken by them.

The dawn was breaking when I could reach the keys and free myself from the handcuffs after half an hour of rolling on asphalt... I stood up, checking myself up... "Was I really fucked all night long and how can I still stand on my feet?" My anus was still slightly open and wet with not yet dried sperm; my vagina was already wet from my selections: I became very excited when I was trying to get free.

I put my clothes on... "How do I go in that?" The breast was covered just to the nipples, and the skirt seemed to cover nothing at all... Catching the glances of passers-by, I managed to come home without any incident... And there, being safe, I stripped naked and began masturbating... the night was glorious!