Like a heifer

Finally, all left behind: a Puritan father, strict devout mother, irritable, always "under the weather" older brother... And the infinite, to a pain native, recessie from the autumn rains, the fields, broken-down dirt roads, farm dull gray with dull lowing of the cows. Only oak grove on the banks of the river, many centuries ago, was a sacred and powerful breeding bull. Aleph - clumsy, lustful, as if hewn from solid blocks of stone, remained in the minds of the characters of Christine pristine beauty.

 Now, sitting in the car in diesel, carrying her in the direction of the capital, Christine somehow thought of the city as a huge, violent bull, is able to crush, crush and perhaps, especially fine and shifts.

It was assumed that she was sent to learn. For several friends, and among them the most close - Irma settled in Riga and mainly due to their constant persuasion and stubborn trouble Christine's parents finally retreated.

 Every hour Christina came nearer to the desired goal. She settled at the window with a cheerful curiosity watched the few passengers, testing for these five minutes the citizens warm, kindred feeling.

At the next small station in a noisy car came in three fashionably dressed sports guys. Impudent eyes searched the car, they went straight to Christine.

- Hey, baby, haven't seen in a while! -- loudly declared one of them, landing directly opposite.

 - And you're prettier! 'said the other, carelessly patted the confused girl on the cheek. - Directly even on the cover of "Playboy"!

Christina did not have time to recover, perched next to one of the trio and, having put something pricked to the side, whispered in his ear:

- One word - skiff.

Stunned Christine meekly nodded, not daring to turn around, afraid to breathe. It seemed to her some sleep, especially that cute guy opposite her friendly smile - just like the hero of a Hollywood blockbuster.

 Still smiling a dazzling, action hero with a deft movement lifted her skirt, revealing a light yellow lace panties, through the thin matter which is quite clearly stood out dark shoots. A few seconds in silence admiring all of the opened pattern, then the second guy's finger teased the elastic band and pulled with such force that she broke and uttered a sound resembling the clicking of a shepherd's whip. Panties fell off, like the sails of a yacht, suddenly found himself in the band calm.

 Kristina gasped quietly and noticed that the compartment obliquely watching them the old man in a shabby overcoat. She frantically took his knees, but strong arms guys to failure threw them to the side. The old man stared, lustful stretching his neck. Christina realized with horror that the most intimate part of her body now visible at a glance. "No, he will not come," - flashed in her head. - "He enjoys the picture."

 Immediately she felt the strong fingers, unceremoniously buried in soft hairs between her legs. "Me what, raped? Yes, still in sight of the old man?" - with amazement, thought Christina. "Yes, except it happens in life?!" However, it was worth it to make a wrong move and hurt a sharp object poked her in the side, Recalling the ruthless reality. If Christina decided to turn her head, she would see that in the side just rests her busy index finger, but she was too scared, and because only quietly sighed, allowing sitting next to a guy at first slowly to feel, and then to extract from the bra to her Breasts.

 At this point the old man was joined by another spectator - one girl, Christina's age, fashionably and expensively dressed, clearly a city. As the old man, she frankly enjoyed the scene, especially since Christina's helplessness seemed rather shameless, and very widely spaced, robust, covered with smooth, tan legs was a magnificent sight.

- Well, gracis! leaning to his ear, demanded the guy.

- How is it? - a barely audible, whispered Christine.

 "Oh you're a chick! - were cut to one that was located across the street. - That's it! - two finger unceremoniously plunged into the velvety hole.

Christine softly cried out and arched, but didn't dare to reduce thighs. The fingers slid deep, increasing the tempo.

- Dad, can you hunt? - asked the second boy to the old man.

He fearfully shook his head and turned away.

- No, daddy, don't do this! - arrogantly smirked the guy. - Do not want myself, pay for the spectacle. And you, citizeness! - the guy pulled off and jockey cap, ernica, stretched out toward the audience.

 Christina saw them frantically left in his cap some crumpled pieces of paper.

 "God, what are they doing!" - shame and humiliation Kristina's eyes filled with tears. About the same she experienced a year ago when it almost forced himself upon cattleman Zigurd. He was on top of her from behind when she puts the silage to the cows - just like Aleph, and then dumped on the dirty floor of the barn and bend under him. She tossed and turned under him almost up to the chin skirt, but he could not enter where it is necessary, because he was too drunk. Oh God, she'd told him so, because rude, mocking Zigurd liked her, but he certainly wasn't going to stoop to such subtleties as courtship or flirting.

 When he finally got in, she experienced simultaneous pain and relief, then growing with each thrust the pleasure, but the barn fell cowgirls rough, ordinary women, with a laugh of Sigurd dragged and then long teased Christine "sigutova the bride", and that was the final impetus for the departure. This was the first experience, and now this humiliating act in front of the audience, flushed, insolent face of a cowboy on the contrary, enthusiastically wielding fingers and sweet pain, the infant just below the navel, waves flowing down... Christina arched even steeper and groaned.

Guys long gone. Loaded with a bra in his chest, sobbing, stumbling in falling panties, Kristina went out into the hallway, accompanied by a contemptuous glance fashionably dressed girls, more or less brought herself up, ran into another car. At the Central station in Riga, it was already waiting for Irma. To her chest and rushed Kristina - red, ruffled, shaken by their experiences.

- You what? - surprised Irma, lifting a tear-stained face from his shoulder.

- I... I was raped!

- How? When?

- Just on the train... with your Finger!

 To the amazement of Christina's friend burst out laughing, then realized it, a hand covered his mouth:

- I'm sorry, I'm so. Very unusual! How did this happen?

After hearing a detailed report girlfriend, Irma coolly remarked:

We're lucky: neither pregnant nor infected... But nice though it was?

 Christina suddenly realized that an event which so shocked her, friend is just a fun road trip, moreover, not devoid of piquancy. A half-empty trolley wheeled along the Park and Irma repeatedly returned to the most intimate details of this, she put it, "funny rape". She hungrily devoured every word of a friend and her eyes glittered excitedly at the same time. "Poor girls," - flashed through my head at Christina, when she is in the third or fourth time exhaustively painted the Irma adventure in the train. - "Surely they have something similar, when a roaring lust Alef crushes them in full view of the rest of the herd!" The strange thing is, and this way, and Frank, repeated the story, and savor details of Irma made her very excited and she no longer saw the incident as a catastrophe, but as something that precedes the coming of her adult life in the city.