Actually, the correct spelling and pronouncing that word is cunnilingus. But I find it easier to do the action that the word signifies, than to pronounce it without a flub. Besides, why “us”? Is that process for several girls at once? I think the better way is to spell it “cunniligme”, but then it sounds gibberish like after all. No, let me say it simply and beautifully, as I used to - "cunniling".

Women love it when men do cunniling. And I know why. First, it appears to be pleasant for them. Second, at the time of cunniling they are aware of their power and superiority over men, and third, the most important - it is impossible to get pregnant of that.

Although, there are different cases. Let’s assume that the girl was having oral sex with her lover, then she kissed him, and then... not all the girls are okay with ordinary logic... asked about cunniling. That's the way the myths of immaculate conception are born.

For men there are magic opportunities to turn recently unfamiliar and constrained girl to a gentle lover.

Just ask her quietly with downcast eyes: "may I kiss you there?" She perfectly knows what place you mean, and she is more likely to say yes than no. Who would reject the innocent pleasure binding to nothing?

Her Mom did not warn her of anything like that, though, she instructed her not to give a kiss without love, with all the ensuing consequences.

"Kiss anywhere but the lips" - the obedient daughter would ask, and that’s right of her.

Well, everything was like that. It was night. He gave her a lift home and shut the engine. She looked at him and said with a smile: "Thank you for the amazing evening. I need to go".

So plain and easy they parted, perhaps forever, and he had not received from her even a kiss.

"Go," he said with a bitter smile, realizing that today and probably never there is going to be anything between him and that amazing girl.

She opened the door, but lingered for some reason. Neither she, nor he had the slightest clue to begin a rapprochement.

Suddenly a brilliant idea had come onto his head.

- Give me something to remember this evening, a present.

- What?- she readily asked.

- Just promise, you'll give.

- Okay, I promise.

- Give me your panties...

Surprised she looked at him with interest.

- Well, - she said after a pause, - I will choose and give you my most beautiful panties to remember.

- No, I need those you have now on.

- But they are ordinary and not-so-new, - she tried to object.

- So what! It is important to me that today's the day you have spent having them on. They have your warmth, and it is the most important thing for me.

She was thinking silently about something for some time. He was watching her with curiosity. How far is she willing to go in this sudden outbreak of lovemaking?

She agreed unexpectedly and even happily.

- As you say, but where shall I take them off? - she asked excitedly, most likely, already knowing the answer.

He was not mistaken about her. She was one of those women who are ready to make a romantic gesture when they are given the opportunity, apparently, to have something to remember.

- May I take them off myself?

- You may, - she allowed with slight hoarseness in her voice.

He gently raised her legs in black tights and carefully removed the fashionable shoes with blunt noses. At a moment, he was not able to resist, he leaned to her legs and kissed them, then he quickly looked at her to determine the response. He saw a confused smile and the burning passion of her eyes.

Then safely and efficiently he lifted her butt and tried to pull off her tights.

- Not like this, - she stopped him and lifting his legs, she quickly and deftly freed from her tights.

Then everything was easier. He began to kiss her legs from the toes, going down lower and lower.

She didn't even try to resist. He was getting more and more delighted of the fact that she was so meekly giving her thin and even a little skinny legs in his full possession. He was rubbing her cheek, he was covering her knees, calves and ankles with kisses, sometimes clinging his bristle to easy fluff, apparently, missed in absent-minded girl’s epilation.

Finally, he reached her black panties shedding a subtle aroma of coffee and wet tropics.

She helped him take them off and then leaned back in his chair so that it was easier to caress her most intimate place.

He threw his men's trophy on the back seat and leaned over the raised legs.

It seems that none of them cared that a dwelling house was nearby, the entrance right next to them, and there are a lot of lights.

With his perverted practice he didn’t care of all the conventions, and she immediately fell into unconsciousness, moaning from time to time and uttering unintelligible whispers of passion.

Despite his passionate efforts, she could not come a long time. At a moment it seemed to him that she had reached orgasm, he lifted his wet face and tried to kiss her lips, but then her hand again directed him to the area where her lying on the steering wheel and the driver's head white legs join each other.

- Make me come, - softly and plaintively she asked in English, which became her second mother tongue.

Then he realized that it was the matter of his male honor - to bring her to orgasm. A quarter of an hour later his jaws began to get a cramp, but her rising moan was showing that he was close to winning. He tried to help himself with fingers, but she flung away his hand. Finally, through trials and errors, he found the place, and the affection that caused her the greatest delight. He always knew about this magic sliding tubercle, but he wasn't expecting her one to be so sensitive and developed.

Meanwhile, his tongue refused to obey him. That was turning into some kind of serious race for survival.

He didn't know how much time had passed, the time for them had ceased to exist, but her moan, turning into a scream, and convulsive gripping of his ears by her feet showed that the end was close.

However, the most surprising was yet to come. Her stormy orgasm began making him more and more excited. A pleasant shivering ran through his body.

He felt that he was close to come. It was a totally unexpected feeling that had never happened to him before. To cum in time with a woman, not even entering her and touching nothing, but the woman.

Fantastic! It really happened. He felt a trickle of something hot slid down his thigh.

And here the whole yard and the neighborhood became filled with the roar of the car signal, which was the result of her latest and most powerful ...convulsion.

For some time they were coming to senses. He, leaning back in his chair, and she, putting her legs, emitting a magical white light, on his lap.

- Why are the glasses so fogged up? - she broke the silence by the astonished question.

- You breathe, - he said.- You were breathing very hot.

- And you?

- I was not. I did not have much opportunity to breathe.

She gently took his cheeks, as if taking a well-fed cat, looked at him with affection and tenderness, and then began to move his head from side to side as if playing.

She was a great lover to play. He reached out his hand and brought the index finger on the sweaty windshield and wrote: "I love you".

She with a playful seriousness shook her head slowly, and then reached out her foot and exposed the large finger and wrote on a sweaty glass of the driver crooked letters: "Hell".

After reading it, he shuddered. What was she going to say? Is it a curse to him, the exclamation of a person who’d just gone through a devilish delight, or a common feeling of life.

She saw his confusion, holding back laughter, shook her head, and the same little finger of her foot added to the end of the word the letter "o". It turned to: "Hello"!

Then they both of them began laughing gleefully. Suddenly she stopped laughing and asked with horror in her voice:

- What time is it?

He showed her the watch.

- Oh! - she cried with a mock fear, - I have to wake the parents.

- Why?

- Dad has a habit of putting the key on the other side of the entrance door lock. I’m going... where are my shoes?

- Get them on the floor, whatever you find.

He helped the girl to pull the tights on the naked body, and he put the shoes on her feet.

Their farewell kiss was gentle and more like a long caress of lovers who had fallen in love long ago.

- So long, - she moved away from him with great regret. It was evident that at that time she really did not want to leave. She opened the car door, quickly slipped out of the car and waved to him.

He waved her panties in response.

She laughed merrily and quickly gained an electronic code of entrance. The door opened clicking, and the laughing girl disappeared.

He moved through the night and deserted streets of the city in a surprisingly joyful mood.

And now always when something in his life goes wrong, or he is just in a bad mood, he takes out her panties neatly folded in a plastic bag from the hiding place and presses them to his face and deeply inhales its delicate and unique scent he would recognize from thousands of suchlike.