The party

The birthday of my friend turned out to be on Saturday and therefore we had been having maximum of fun, without checking up time. The guests were for the most part from the students, I knew almost all of them, but there were two girls I had never seen before. They both were tiny, slender and brunettes. They appeared to be the first-year students - the birthday man's acquaintances. The party went on long after midnight and by that time we were hardly able to move, the master of the house decided to place the tipsy guests at his place. I got the individual room with a huge sofa.

- We will get someone next to you, - my friend promised and left to have fun again.

 As for me, I fell asleep like the dead. I woke up with a strange feeling as though someone was creeping on my body. A little later I understood and felt someone's hot lips moving down to my groin. I opened my eyes and saw one of those unfamiliar girls. She was absolutely undressed and most likely she had essential desire to play with my penis. Her girlfriend was lying nearby, naked as well, but apparently she was in the fragile embraces of a dream. I decided not to show I was awake for the time being and began to wait what would come next. Then the girl reached my penis and began to lick him. Then she clasped it with her mouth slightly sucking the head at the same time she jerked it off with her hand. I felt my tool increasing, and after a few minutes of such processing it had risen like a stick. I moaned with pleasure and that gave me out.

- Do you like it? - the girl asked.

- Go on, - I got a word out of me and pressed her head to my penis.

 She was caressing it about twenty minutes, and then bent over me, took my penis with a hand and accurately directed it into her vagina. Her pussy was awfully wet, one can say I fell into like greased lightning. The girl moaned and began to fidget on me back and forth. Probably, it gave her a huge pleasure because she groaned more and more loudly. It was very pleasant to me as well, while she had a good time with my cock, I fingered her hardly formed breasts and pinched the hardened nipples. After a while she got down from me and asked to enter her from behind. I clasped her tiny buttocks with pleasure and put my penis in. You can’t imagine what started next! She absolutely lost her head and began to move her butt so quickly that I had almost come. I took my penis out and asked her to move more slowly if she could. After several minutes of sex in the back position she again snatched on my reddened tool and licked it as if it was the choc-ice on a stick.

- Fuck Olya while she’s asleep, - the girl offered.

 I had absolutely forgotten about her girlfriend, but when I had a closer look at her I noticed that she was much more attractive than my partner. Very magnificent breast, the hips were wider and the legs were plumper. I decided to take advantage of the offer and having carefully moved Olya’s legs apart, I entered inside. The girl was dry and if there was no saliva of my little fellationist, I wouldn't perhaps get in. But I was in. After several pushes Olya woke up and began to groan. Then the words were heard, first quietly but then louder and louder:

- Ye-e-es… again, please... No, not so deep.

 I had thrown Olya’s legs onto my shoulders and began to move quicker and quicker. Then Olya could only shout. At that time her girlfriend caressed herself with a finger looking at us. I slowed down, pulled my penis out and gave it to the girls for fun. They began to suck it together, smacking their lips and coiling their tongues. At last I had lavishly come on their pretty faces, causing a storm of delights.

 After about ten minutes of rest we started again. The first girl Ania offered me to take her standing and we did it. She leaned her hands against the chair back, and I worked her from behind, squeezing her breasts. Then Olya's turn had come. She got up on all fours, and I entered her from behind. In that pose I had come. Ania had hard feelings cause I did not come into her therefore after a while it was necessary to gratify the second girl as well. That time I was from above and had come quickly enough. Ania did not have enough time to get an orgasm so I fell down between her legs and caressed her clitoris with the tongue until she had come. After that we got on the sofa and fell asleep.

 When I woke up the girls were not there. I asked my friend for their phone numbers and subsequently we enjoyed each other many times. If it is interesting to you, you can have a look at their photos I made to memorize.