Cumming of age

With the help of my older sister, Jackie, and her two friends I lost my virginity, while my parents were in Vegas. I was 19, and Jackie almost 20.

On Friday my parents left, giving us $50 each and strict instructions how to behave and not get in troubles. As soon as they're out the door, Jackie looked at me and asked what I was going to do. I shrugged my shoulders and said that I planned nothing and I was going to spend a weekend in the pool. She smiled slyly and said she was going to relax with Brad and Jeff.

I was near the pool when they came. I understood they were already there, as Jackie took them into the room and turned on the tape recorder with the volume up to maximum. When I went to the kitchen for cold water, I heard their laughter and felt the smell of marijuana. Walking down the stairs, I stopped for a while. Jackie left the room door ajar, and I could hear their conversation.

- Jeff, you're a good dancer. - Said Jackie. I tiptoed down the stairs and cautiously looked into the crack. Brad was sitting on the floor watching Jackie dancing with Jeff. At that point, Jackie nestled up to Jeff, and he kissed her. She hugged his neck, her thighs around his waist. Jeff grabbed the halves of her ass and pulled her even closer. His right hand continued to support her, while the left one reached up to her breast. Jackie moaned when he began caressing her.

- Hey, You two. What about me? - Asked Brad.

Jackie let Jeff off, went over to Brad and sat down beside him. Brad leaned forward and wrapped his arms around her chest. Jackie laughed and began to untie the top of her swimsuit. Brad, grasping her breasts, put them close together. His tongue began caressing alternately one then another nipple. Jeff sat next to Jackie, their lips connected. I saw their tongues played with each other. Brad slowly pulled down the bikini top of Jackie, his tongue moved lower. She pushed aside the bottom of the swimsuit from her vagina and spread her legs wide.

Bred's head was between Jackie’s thighs, Jeff began kissing her nipples. I felt my knees were trembling. At the sight of such a show I got excited. Jackie’s thighs squeezed Brad’s head. Brad took off the swimming trunks. His excited cock jumped out. He took it in his hand and told Jackie that he wanted more than just eating her pussy.

Brad lay on the floor, Jackie settled over him. She gripped his cock and sent it into her tired of waiting vagina and began falling down on him. Jeff came from behind and spread the halves of her butt. I closed the door when Jackie began screaming.

In the kitchen I was thinking about what I had seen. After some time, completely naked Jeff came in. He stopped when he saw me, but made no attempt to hide himself. He took a cup, poured the water in there and started to drink, watching me.

- You must be a little sister of Jackie, - he said.

I laughed and said that she's just two years older than me. He came closer to me, our lips met, his tongue penetrated into my mouth. Feeling that I did not resist, he smiled, pulled my swimsuit down on the thigh and grabbed my breasts.

- You have a beautiful body, baby.

My nipples began hardening, I started to shake with excitement. His tongue touched my neck, and first he began licking, and then sucking the nipples. He looked at me and asked if I liked it. In response, I joined my breasts together (as Brad did with Jackie) and asked him to caress them a little more. His hands, mouth and tongue caressed my breasts; he sucked, licked, pinched and bit my nipples. His head moved lower and stopped at a bathing suit, covering my body. Smiling, I took it off and spread my legs a little. Jeff picked me up under my arms and sat on the edge of the table. He sat down on the chair, put my legs on his shoulders and began caressing me. I lay on the table, spread my legs even wider, giving him free access to my treasure. His tongue ran along it. I cried out with pleasure when he touched my clitoris. He sneaked inside of me.

- Eat me, Jeff, - I whispered breathlessly. My hips were moving in time with his tongue, pressing my treasure to his mouth tighter.

- Oh, Yes. That’s it. - It was so wonderful. - Do it.

He continued to lick me, my hips kept moving on the table. Jeff stood up, his head fell down between my breasts. He took his cock and directed it into the waiting hole.

- What now, baby? Do you want it? - He asked.

I groaned and tried to guide his cock in with my hips. But he held me tight, I couldn't move. He pulled out the penis head and began rubbing it over my clitoris, making me more excited. When he realized that I couldn’t take it anymore, he pushed the cock into me. I felt my hymen stretching and then being torn. And then Jeff began moving his cock in me. I was driven to madness with that game, and so when Jeff put his fingers on my clitoris and squeezed it, I almost came.

- Fuck me, come on. - I said, gasping.

I felt orgasm was coming. When the muscles of my vagina began contracting frantically, Jeff pulled his cock out of me. He began throwing out the portions of sperm right over my body. I picked up a little sperm in my hand and smeared it over my chest. He lay on me and kissed.

- Not bad for a virgin. He said.

He laughed, and we both raised our heads at Brad.

- I can say that as well, it’s not bad. - Said Brad.

Jeff stood off me, while Brad was coming in the kitchen. Before I had time to think, he turned me over on my stomach and entered me from behind. He patted me on the butt and began fucking. He did it harder than Jeff, I was even a little hurt. Then, suddenly, he spread the halves of my fanny and plunged his cock into my anus. I screamed and tried to break free, but he held me tight and continued to fuck in the ass.

After the initial pain, I started to like it. I started to move my hips towards him. Brad fucked me hard. Soon we both had cum. Brad had released a portion of sperm deep in me.

- What do I see? - said Jackie appearing in the doorway. - If you were going to lose your virginity, you could not find the better guys for that.

Kneeling, she put together both dicks and began licking them.

- I think so as well, - with those words, I knelt down and began helping her stroke already livened up organs.

We spent the rest of the weekend fucking tirelessly. We tried all the positions we could think of. It was the best time of my life.