There was a concert party in our Institute. Sergey was dancing there. He danced professionally and looked very impressive on the stage. The audience applauded. I applauded as well. I couldn't look away from his bulging penis. I was very excited. I wanted him so much.

After the parody show, as expected, there was a stormy student party. Sergey was there as well. Pretty drunk, he said he didn't want to go home being like that. I offered him to come to my place. That offer was happily accepted. When we were in the car driving home, my mind hatched a plan. We lie down together on my couch. I wait for the moment he falls asleep. I'm gonna run my hand into his briefs, I'll be holding his cock and the other hand will jerk off my already for a long time aroused cock.

I have often done it with other guys, I had to sleep in the same bed with. The first time I did that in summer camp with my classmate, our beds were pushed together. After that I had never missed a chance to go with anyone of the guys in the same bed.

I often invited my friends to visit my cousin in Moscow. I did it because we had to sleep in the same bed there. My friends never guessed about true reasons of my invitations. When my friend fell asleep, I was also pretending to sleep. I was putting my hand on his pants accidentally as if “in sleep”. If he started to toss and turn, I removed my hand and continued to "sleep". Some time later I repeated the attempt. I put my hand on the panties. Then I slowly started to stroke the penis. It was indescribable bliss, when I felt through the panties the weapon of one of my friends was moving as if alive, growing, swelling, getting stronger. Then I ran one hand to the guy in the pants, and the second was masturbating my cock. I was cumming always very abundant. And only after that I could fall asleep. In short, I was ready for the homosexual love a long time ago. But I thought that my dream would never have come true.

We came to my house. Mother made us tea and we went to bed. I was lying waiting for the moment he would drift off to caress his dick and enjoy his reaction to my light stroking. Suddenly, quite unexpectedly, I felt his hand on my belly. His hand stroked me below the navel. I was very happy with that circumstance. I started kissing his chest and the neck. He hugged me around the neck and began kissing passionately. It was such a pleasure for me. I was kissing a guy for the first time. I felt a pleasant dizziness. His kisses were strong and exciting. His skin had a smell of cologne, cigarettes and alcohol. I thought I would pass out with bliss.

He was a lot braver in bed than me. He took off his pants, threw them down on the floor and began masturbating his cock. It was of impressive size, much bigger than mine. I could not resist, I removed his hand and began to masturbate his cock with my hand. I wanted to take it in my mouth, but I was afraid of something. I was afraid of being misunderstood. But then I overcame my fear and took his tool in my mouth. This is bliss is to feel a hard dick in the mouth. Sergey was a very passionate lover. He was sexy shaking his hips and moaning softly. I wanted to fuck him in the ass. But the penis won’t get in the hole. For the lack of experience, I did not think to grease it with some cream to make it easier. I took it in my mouth again. When I sensed that he was close to cum, I pulled his cock out of my mouth and began to bring him to orgasm by hand. Sergey had cumshot, quietly moaning. On his stomach there was a puddle of sperm. I wanted to kiss and caress him again. But he said it was time to sleep. He got up and went to smoke. In his absence, I brought myself to orgasm. I rubbed the sperm over by the hand.

In the morning we both felt ashamed to each other. Long time we didn’t remember and talk about that. We pretended that night had never occurred. But that intimate moment was not the last. I love him very much. My life would be meaningless without him. We go on making love until nowadays, still the intervals between our meetings are calculated in months, sometimes even in years. This little secret is still between us only. After each our meeting Sergey becomes ashamed of himself. He can't admit he's a gay… From time to time Sergey has a girlfriend, but their relationship has short time to last. He finds different reasons to stop it.