Speeding violation

Sally was driving down the highway, running late for lunch as always. The speedometer needle passed the mark of 80 miles per hour and slowly moved on. "I hope there's no police, - Sally thought, - "I'm the hell paying so many fines, probably, keeping the police all alone!" Sally looked at the watch and realized she was hopelessly late...

Suddenly the wailing sound of a police siren appeared and quickly approached from behind. In the rearview mirror she saw a police motorcycle catching up.

"Shit!!!" Sally quickly lowered the speed, but the police overtook her and gestured her to stop. With a sigh Sally prepared her driving license and insurance. The officer, however, was in no hurry. Sally could see him talking to someone over the radio. When, finally, the officer got off his motorcycle and walked towards her, Sally noticed he was tall and rather well shaped. With the height about 190 cm, he seemed to weigh no more than 85-88 kg and had a good sports figure.

- Let me see your license, ma'am.

Passing policeman the documents, Sally noticed his wavy brown hair and strong arms. Officer went back to his bike and had a quick conversation with someone. Returning to Sally, he asked her to get out of the car. Sally hesitated for a moment, and then came out, wondering why she was asked to come out. Usually the police read her a long lecture and then handed a penalty charge notice. Cop's eyes slid over Sally’s figure and noted her clothes – a skirt and sleeveless blouse, without tights .

- My name is Johnson. You know, if I'm going to fine you, you will lose your driver's license, young lady?

Sally was horrified.

- Oh, no! I can't lose my license! Please, sir, don't.

- You have exceeded the speed, young lady! I barely caught you doing 90, but here only 55 allowed! You did not have the right to endanger not only yourself but also the others? What are you doing? I just have to deprive you of the license. Then we don't have to waste time chasing you and the other girls, thinking they have the right to do anything on the road! And stop that screaming! I don't feel you regret your misconduct even a bit!

Sally was standing stunned, listening to the cop telling her off. Like a little delinquent girl, she dutifully listened to the lecture. When, finally, the policeman paused, Sally’s eyes were full of tears.

- Please, sir ... I'm so sorry ..., do something, just don't take my license, please.

The officer stared at Sally and, after a pause, seemed to her an eternity, he replied:

- Well, may be, I will not write the penalty ticket... But then you have to agree for another punishment. Sometimes I apply it to the undisciplined girls like you. This is my last condition!

Sally nodded with agreement.

- Yes, sir ... Thank you sir!..

She wiped the tears and smiled gratefully.

- Follow me, - the officer was dead serious, - Your documents will remain with me.

Following the police motorcycle, Sally drove about five miles. Having turned to a side road and having driven a little more, the policeman stopped and invited Sally to come out.

- Answer one question, miss, - Sally nodded, intrigued.

- As a child have you ever been spanked when punished?

Sally shook her head.

- Never, sir! I was the only child, and my parents let me do everything.

The officer smiled knowingly.

- Well, young lady, I think it’s time for you to be responsible for your faults! You need a good spanking! I've done this with other naughty girls - now it's Your turn. Come here and bend over the seat of my motorcycle! Come here, now!

Sally gasped, unable to believe her ears. Spanking at her age? It was so unexpected that Sally could not cope with it.

- No!! You have no right! I'm an adult woman, not a child!

Sally's heart was beating wildly, she just couldn't believe in what was happening.

- Very well, You made your choice... - the voice of the cop returned Sally to reality, - Say goodbye to your license. I'll give You a lift to the nearest town.

Sally was silent, unable to speak. Finally, having collected her strength, she shook her head. Not expecting other words, the officer commanded:

- Come here and bend over! I’m going to remove your panties and give you a good lesson of road rules. Here! On the seat!

Sally realized there was no way out, so she did not waste time crying. Approaching the bike, she awkwardly lay down on the saddle. Grasping her waist, the officer put her more suitable. Then Sally's butt was the highest point of her body. Having stood to the left of the girl, the policeman raised his hand and, after several painful seconds of waiting, strongly slapped her. The blow, despite the fact that the skirt and panties protected the skin, was burning. After a pause, the officer slapped Sally on the other butt cheek, then again and again... Sally tried hard to hold back a cry, and swiveling and squirming under the ruthless hand. Having ceased spanking, the officer glanced at the twitching Sally’s ass. Suddenly she felt the hand of the officer lifting up her skirt and the cool air blowing on her hips. After a few seconds, when a strong male hand pulled down her panties, the coolness engulfed the burning skin of her buttocks. Sally jumped up and screamed, unable to lie, putting her bare ass up for show.

- Please, sir... This is such a shame!!

The policeman shook his head.

- You think I've never seen a naked female ass? Now I'm going to teach You a real lesson, young lady. You can shout as loud as you want - there is no one around!

With these words the officer undid his wide police belt and folded it in half. Horrified Sally was watching him over the shoulder, starting to fidget and kick her feet.

- No! No! Please, no! Don't hit me with a belt. I'll never exceed the speed limit!

Policeman rejected all Sally’s attempts to shy away from flogging, shaking his head.

- Sally, I’m going to give You the whole lesson. And I bet a hundred to one that after that, You will never be driving too fast...

Without further fuss, the officer raised his hand and began spanking. He slowly lashed Sally with the belt on bare ass, trying to make every spank on a new place. Sally howled with pain and shame and the policeman, not without pleasure, watched the girl after each spank shaking her legs, shamelessly opening her crack covered with dark hair. Sally’s butt gradually was becoming covered with the scars from the belt and reddened...

Finally, when Sally had already decided spanking would never be finished, the officer stopped. Warning the Sally's attempt to get up, he put his hand on her waist.

- You are lying this way until I tell You to get up! And do not dare move or rub your naughty ass by hands!

...The officer got into Sally’s car and started to fill out some papers. Sally was obediently lying there, barely holding back touching her burning skin by her hands. The time was passing slowly... Soon Sally felt pain and burning from the punishment was added with another unpleasant feeling - the seat of the motorcycle had been pressing on her bladder and she had no more patience to hold it...

Honestly, Sally wanted to piss long time ago, but because of the rush she didn't want to stop and she hoped to do that at home. Hoping that the policeman would let her stand up, Sally had suffered a little more. Sally’s bladder was ready to burst out and she realized she needed to do something... But what? Ask the officer to let her stand up? Then she had to explain why... and there was no place in the field to sit down...

Having looked sideways at the policeman seemed to be occupied with his business, Sally decided to do it right away, hoping he wouldn't see. Having stirred a little to get comfortable, Sally spread her thighs wider and started to piss. Completely surrendering to that (must say, a very nice after a long abstention) process, Sally suddenly startled from a loud voice.

- What are you doing, shameless girl?!!

The police officer was standing beside the bike and watched Sally. Unable to stop, just a few more seconds she went on pissing, and then squeezed her thigh convulsively.

- Come on, stand up! Look at what you've done!

Sally stood up and, adjusting the skirt, became horrified to find out she was soaked wet in the front. The pee got on the well maintained and thoroughly cleaned bike.

- Aren’t you ashamed?

Crimson with shame, Sally lowered her head.

- Sorry, I could not suffer it any longer...

- So where are you going in the state like that? What have you done to the motorcycle?

Sally was silent.

- Take off your skirt!

Awkwardly pulling off the wet skirt, the girl hastily covered her lower abdomen with her hands.

- Take a bucket, bring some water and wash the bike! And wash the skirt as well.

Policeman showed Sally the dilapidated well about a hundred meters away from the motorcycle. Having taken the foldable bucket, given by the officer, she obediently walked to the well, feeling her ass literally steaming under the male gaze.

Having rinsed the skirt and put it on the hood to dry up, Sally started to wash the bike. The policeman carefully watched the half-naked girl bending down and crouching, trying to reach all parts of the motorcycle, at the same time showing him all the details of her anatomy... Finally, the motorcycle was washed to shining, and the skirt dried out under the hot sun. Sally stopped, waiting for the officer’s permission to get dressed. For some reason he hesitated.

- Well, okay... But this offense mustn’t stay unpunished!

The cop undid motorcycle flexible antenna.

- Lean back. You will get three hits.

Sally tried to protest, but quickly realized that was useless. Bending down and hugging, as Johnson told,  her ankles, she froze, waiting for the blow. Flexible rod whistled through the air and Sally literally gasped with the pain. The belt and moreover the hand spanks would have seemed a gentle caress in comparison with what Sally experienced then. The rod seemed to cut her through. The girl hysterically screamed and straightened up, the hands covering the butt.

- Bend over or I'll add a shot!

There was no salvation coming and Sally, after a pause, bent down. Then, when she knew what to wait for, it was much harder to stand still. The tears flowed down the girl’s cheeks. The second blow made Sally cry, but she was standing dutifully, waiting for the third one. Suddenly she felt the hand of the officer making her straighten up.

- You are a courageous girl! I forgive You.

Groaning Sally fell down with her stomach on the seat of her car. The pain in the buttocks was just unbearable. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the policeman approached her. His strong hand patted Sally on the head:

- No need to cry. Everything is good, the punishment is over, you have your license. You are a good girl, just please don't drive so fast any more…

Sally stopped crying and stood up.

- Thank you, sir. I promise, I will never break the rules!

Police raised Sally’s chin by his finger.

- I know that, Sally, because every day I'll be checking the penalty tickets. If I see your name there - we will repeat this punishment.

Johnson hugged Sally with his strong hands and easily kissed her on the forehead.

- Go, the documents are in your car.

Not even trying to pull up panties on the wounded butt, Sally put on her skirt and sat in the car, barely stifling a cry of pain touching the seat...