The hair

I remember her from long ago, since she was a little girl. She was ugly, with a big mouth and extremely tall for her age. Nobody paid her any attention. However, as time had passed she turned into a strikingly beautiful tall girl with beautiful long hair of deep black color. She was a very beautiful Jewish girl.

We lived in the same house, often seeing each other in the elevator, at the bus stop, outside. Once I had seen her in all her female power, a burning and painful passion seized me. Every time meeting her my face flushed and the primary sexual character strained and drenched my pants.

She was fresh and lovely. Her voice was like entrancing, bright and quiet music. I could think about nothing but her... All my fantasies at night, my thoughts in the subway and when I was jerking off in the bathroom were just about her!

I found out her phone number. I called her on the phone. One hand I was holding the receiver the other one the swollen source of pleasure and my problems. She picked up the phone: "Hello, I can't hear you.... Speak up... Hello.. Who is this... Hello... Hello”. And she hung up. I was already wiping the cum over my face, I was discharged for a few hours...

I had seen her in my dreams just once. We were in the transparent elevator, moving neither up, nor down but somewhere to the side. Amazingly beautiful places were around there. Huge, unknown to me trees, small forest rivers with splashing fish. And a smell, the smell of dew and flowers: white-blue irises, being in bloom just one day, snowdrops, roses, tulips. And she... She is in a blinding white dress. She is looking at me. I'm on the other end of the elevator, completely naked. I’m jerking off. The dickhead is directed to her. She slowly pulls her skirt high up to the navel. I see the knees, the endless thighs, the crotch with a neat curly and, for some reason, red hair. No matter how hard I squeeze and move my dick, I’m not cumming. She looks into my eyes and slowly squats down. She sits down spreading her legs so that I could see her cunt. She smiles enigmatically and starts to piss. I’m shivering all over, and her stream is gradually expanding as heavy rain, watering the fairy forest on the floor of the elevator. The trees absorb the life-giving water with each leaf, the animals raise their heads and open their mouths. The whole world became glaring... At the same time I’m cumming. A huge jet of sperm covers her up, fills up the elevator, fills up the whole world. Everything is drowning in it, and I get lost. Everything around me becomes white. I wake up with a cry. Drenched in sweat and spooge... that night I never fell asleep.

I was thinking that if I didn't fuck her I would go insane or kill myself. I had to subdue her, to take control of her life, her warmth. Everything went into ensuring that goal. I thought just about that. I had been sitting at the balcony within a month, daily writing down the time she left and came back. She came back late, it served my purpose. Watching her every time from the balcony, I jerked off simultaneously. I didn’t care a flying fuck if someone could see me.

So, it was going to happen in the following way. I come in the elevator next to her, stop it between the floors. I shut her mouth, tear off the coat, the skirt, the jacket, the blouse, the stockings and the panties. And I begin fucking her. In short, I act as an ordinary rapist. Still she knew me and I wasn't going to hide. I was not interested in what would happen after all.

The day had come. It was late at night, I was waiting in the stairwell. She entered the elevator, I followed her. Told her the floor number. The elevator started moving.

- Now I’m gonna fuck you.

- No...

I stuck a handkerchief in her mouth, it was clean, I took care of it. I opened my fly and pulled out the dick, let it loose. My pants fell down on the floor. I tore off her coat, then I knocked her hat off and... I saw her hair dyed. It was a kind of disgusting color, almost purple. I threw up, the vomit fell on her.

- Stupid, - said I and punched her on the stomach. She bent down, I hit her on the face. The excitement returned but it was a savage feeling - I wanted to kill her. I was hitting her with my hands and feet until my cock got stiffened and shot the cum out, then I wet myself.

When they came for me I didn’t care about anything. I was lying in the bathtub with cold water of bright red...