The armpit

There is nothing as nice and shameless as unshaven female armpit. Exuding the indescribable fragrance it turns me on best of all. I was never interested in women with smooth and nice smelling armpits, they did not understand what they were doing to themselves. Those women took away more than half of their animal attraction. It seemed to me that to shave armpits was as stupid as to shave cunt or to dye hair. Having seen a nice woman and noticed her interest to me, I was not turned on yet, I did not feel the burning sensation between my legs. Just when I briefly and accidentally saw the hair protruding from under the hot dark of armpits I was getting wet inside the shorts. I recall all my acquaintances remembering their armpits. One of them, her name was Irina, had there black bushy vegetation. After a good fuck it was wet like after the rain and gave off the aroma of a young filly. Another one, Julia, felt very shy with the sweat. She kept her hands pressed to the body, and screamed when I got there with my long nose in. Only those memories remained with me about them.

Some did not understand my passion. When I asked not to shave hair there, not to take a shower before or after the fuck, not use a deodorant, many were surprised and left. But some gave me the fountains of pleasure.

Olga, never laughed at it. She was sympathetic to my passion. When she came to me, she seemed having been unloading the wagons, she knew it would excite me to the limit. Olenka was coming in the hallway (she was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt) with the large spots of sweat on the armpits. I couldn’t help it and took her right there on the floor. Olga could bear things not many others could stand, without giggling and guffawing as I licked and kissed her armpits.

She didn't think like others that I got excited with the hair on other parts of the body. I remember one girl that stopped shaving her legs; the other one showed me her hair in the ass. I was forced to leave.

Olga left me to get married to another. I couldn't marry her - one armpit, even as perfect as she had, was not enough for me.

More and more often I had to go to whores, because they obediently carried out my fantasies. It is strange that many women were not outraged by the offer to fuck them in the ass, as they resented my request to fuck their armpit.

Lately I use the services of prostitute Suzanne, she is 33 years old, she is quite fat, but she has absolutely breathtaking armpit overgrown with red hair.

I lie back and she's squeezing my dickhead with the armpit. I move my ass in all directions, she massages me with her armpit, and, Oh, joy, I'm cumming... And there is no more as pleasant sight as a wet, smelling bushy armpit with semen sticky hair. This is happiness...