Gay cats

Non-traditional forms of love are inherent not in humans only. One of our friend has two male cats. Gosha, and Tosha. Those are huge beasts and still are convinced gays. They fuck each other in turns, being absolutely not ashamed. They don’t even look at she-cats.

We brought them a she-cat, thinking they will choose the right path. So they had nearly torn her to pieces. They had bitten her ear through and kicked out. Then again. First, Gosha fucks Tosha. Then Tosha fucks Gosha. And besides, they are brothers, so their sins can be added with incest.

All would be ok, as they say, tastes differ, but the girl is rather confused when it happens in front of our guests. And I must say these cats of bitches are natural born exhibitionists!

Recently the hostess was glad that Gosha with Tosha had found a girl. Becoming righteous, to say so. She showed us their "babe" - stunted meatbag of cat. Only the tail like a pipe, and the eyes are large. Gosha and Tosha against her background are standing out like bodybuilders: well-fed, well-groomed, mustache sticking out, shiny coat. No wonder that "Murka", she lives on the floor above, began visiting them twice a day. The apartment turned into the spring attic where you don't go about without stumbling over copulating cats.

This idyll had lasted a month and a half. Then there happened the confusion.

One day the hostess is coming out of the elevator watching her neighbor standing on the landing platform upstairs and enticing Gosha-Tosha’s mistress from behind the grating.

- Basil, - He says. – Basil, kitty, kitty, kitty... go home now!..