Three in the room and two in the toilet

I had read that advertisement in the newspaper: "A young couple would like to meet a cute boy for hanging out. Call 956-XX-XX. Nastya and Andrew". I don't know why, but I responded to that proposal. I made a call from the booth and agreed to meet them in the cafe with a romantic name "The Spring".

When I had got there, I immediately recognized them. Anastasia was a blonde in a short skirt and Andrew was of small stature with the hands quite devoid of hair.

- Hi, I'm Alex, - I told them.

I greeted Andrew by the hand, Nastya nodded.

- How tall he is, - said Nastya.

- Take a seat, - Andrew told me, - Tell me about yourself.

Not giving much of details, I told them about my origins, what I was doing for a living, etc. Andrew was listening to me carefully, from time to time Nastya whispered something in his ear. In the end, he told me that I was good for them, still I was supposed to go through some procedures in the clinic, so they made sure that I was healthy, as they needed to be confident in me and they didn’t use condoms.

In a few weeks all tests had been passed and I was healthy. Well, no wonder! The first date was scheduled for Tuesday. We were sitting in the cozy apartment of Nastia and Andrew at the Otradnoye Estate. Dim lights were on, the disc of Glenn Gould, some of Bach. Basically Andrew was talking, I was looking at Nastya.

- We need to get used to you. You know, Nastya, she's a bit shy, and she must first get used not to be shy with you nearby. So first, you should just watch, if you don't mind.

I agreed without hesitation. Nastya was dressed in tight shorts outlining her juicy ass cheeks, Andrew was wearing a tracksuit. We drank more champagne. Anastasia flushed. A strange pause hang up in the air. The silence was broken by me.

- Go ahead, do not hesitate. As if I'm not here.

Anastasia smiled and kissed Andrew. He immediately responded to her kiss and hugged her. They rose from the sofa and their hands started to wander over the bodies of each other. I was just looking. Andrew took off his jacket and began removing Nastia’s t-shirt, baring her big breasts. Wonderful sight. Then Nastya started to unbutton her shorts slowly, Andrew was throwing off his pants at that time (both had no underwear). Andrew’s circumcised dick of 15 cm was ready with a drop of precum on its top.

Nastya slowly, as if in ten times slow motion in a porn movie, was taking off her shorts. Unfortunately, she was standing sideways to me and I could not appreciate all the charm of her cunt, nevertheless my pants became tighter for me. They hugged each other again. Nastya looked at me and said:

- Take off your clothes.

I quickly undressed, having stayed in panties, but the red head was sticking out of them, so I removed them as well. I settled on the couch.

Andrew and Nastya went on kissing enthusiastically. Then Andrew sat down on the sofa opposite, Anastasia sat down her back to him, climbed on his dick and began moving slowly. I began caressing myself, squeezing and relaxing the hand, with slight movements up and down, I moved synchronously with their movements. Nastya was shamelessly staring at me and my dick. That couldn’t last long, and we had cum almost simultaneously. The jet of sperm poured on my stomach, and I didn't know what to do with it. But then Nastya came up, sat down squatting in front of me with feline grace and licked it all over. It was magical.

We had been having fun that way for a long time, still I wasn’t allowed to get to Nastya’s pussy. I stayed at their apartment for the night, but I couldn't sleep. The arousal hadn’t been eased, that was not enough for me.

Suddenly I heard easy footsteps –that was Nastia going to the bathroom. I got up and came into the toilet with her, they had a toilet combined with a bathroom, so the space was large enough. She looked at me, and I whispered:

- You have to get used to me, haven’t you.

Nastya shrugged her shoulders and sat down on the toilet seat to pee but she just couldn't. The pause dragged on, and she blushed.

- Come on, let me help you.

I sat down beside her and touched her warm cunt.

- Piss on my hand, pee-pee-pee, my girl.

That help was no use, my cock was standing like a guard at his post, Nastya ran her tongue over the dry lips. It was getting hot.

- Let's try another way.

I asked her to stand up and sat down on the toilet seat. I set her facing me, and tightly pressed her belly to mine, our bellies were separated just by my stiffened cock.

- Come on, pee-pee-pee.

After a short hesitation, finally, a warm stream ran down my legs over the balls.

- That’s it, good girl.

I lifted her up, and put her on my cock. Then she knew what to do. The toilet bowl began threatening rocking because of our movement, a little more, and there would be a plumbing disaster occurred. But then I couldn’t restrain myself and gave her all that I had accumulated over the past two hours.

She just said:

- Thank you...

She wiped her cunt with toilet paper and went to bed. I got dressed quickly and went out into the summer night. I have never seen them any more...