The door gingerly opened.

- May we come in?

Vadim reluctantly covered with papers "Playboy" opened in the middle and looked up. At the door there were two very young creatures waiting. A pretty brunette with huge brown eyes and the hair-dress a la Mireille Mathieu and a sexy blue-eyed blonde, radiating child's purity and innocence. Both of them were not bad shaped and had the legs that go on forever. The titbit, not worse than the Hefner’s girls.

- We need to see comrade Nadvorny.

The word "comrade" made him hem, but then he found his tongue and said politely bored: "I'm listening".

- Is that you? - said the brunette to make sure.

- It’s me, - Vadik nodded his head encouragingly.

- We were told you required a violinist with pianist for the second cast.

- Maybe, - Vadik started to enjoy that game.

- Here we are, - the brunette concluded with disarming simplicity.

Having poked about in his papers (can't you see, how busy I am), Vadim paused and with deliberate indifference forced himself to pronounce a brilliant in its simplicity and capacity phrase:

- Apparently, I do not speak to dressed girls.

For some time tense silence hung up in the office.

- What do you mean? - The brunette finally responded with fearful question.

Not giving her a response, he again became absorbed in the papers.

- Do you want us to get undressed? - After a pause, with a gulp, the brunette announced her presence. She was obviously more resolute than her girlfriend.

- I don't want anything. And I do not claim for a position in the orchestra, - uttered Vadik the second brilliant phrase, looking up with apparent reluctance.

The girls looked at each other. Brunette’s hands were uncertainly fidgeting with the hem of her mini skirt. In addition to the skirt, she was wearing a translucent blouse with the lace bra seen through, and the shoes on high stiletto-heels. Her slender long legs were in black patterned tights. The blonde was dressed more modestly: those same shoes were complemented with stonewashed jeans and a usual blouse. The latter, however, was risen with so enticing hills that looked no less attractive than the translucent blouse of the brunette.

- I don’t keep you long, - murmured Vadim, having got buried in the papers with his head.

- This is so unexpected, - the brunette just mentioned timidly. – May we be auditioned first?..

But Vadim remained adamant:

- Sorry, I'm busy. Goodbye.

- No, wait, you have understood us wrong, - finally having made up her mind, the brunette began hurriedly unzipping her skirt: the blonde blushed to the roots of her hair and hesitated a little, still she followed the example of the brunette. A minute later both girls were standing completely naked facing Vadik.

He was watching their beautiful young bodies with pleasure. Nature endowed them both with very seductive figures and rather nice tits. The blonde had them ended with small pink nipples and in general looking more attractive and elastic. Still, the brunette’s tits were bigger and struck by huge wine red areolas. That udder was created definitely for someone to squeeze it.

Blonde was just natural, without any tricks; in addition to the nipples, that was proved by tender colors of the pubic vegetation. She didn't have much hair on that place - just a fluff, light and delicate. The narrow pale streak marked the lower belly running deep into between two lovely legs. The narrow slit of that wonderful creature was easily distinguishable as well. As for Brunette’s pubis, it was clean-shaven, as if she had specially prepared for that date. Quite a huge clit was sticking out between the naked lips of her cunt.

The pause was being delayed. Already crimson Blonde was getting blushed more and more, suffused with red color of such richness and density that it was becoming unthinkable. The redness encompassed not just the face but the ears, the neck and the chest as well. Vadik quickly took out the camera specially prepared for such cases, and before the girls had time to recover their wits, he shot a few photos.

Having removed the camera back in the drawer, he coughed and made an inviting gesture. The gesture was graceful and refined. Vadik had been daily rehearsing that in front of the mirror, bringing it to perfection.

- Well, now show me what you can. The piano is here. I’ll get the violin right now.

Approaching the closet, he took the dusty, God-forsaken violin case from there. Having put the case on the table, he gently wiped it with a damp rag and just after that, he slowly removed the instrument out of there.

- May we get dressed? - Blonde mumbled appealing, crumpling the panties in her hands.

- No, no, why, - softly, as if soothing a foolish child, Vadik said. Having approached deliberately slowly, he unclenched the girl’s convulsive grip and, took her panties and threw them on the sofa. – Let’em lie down there for a while. But you may put on your shoes. I don't want you two to catxh a cold, - And he finished with another, harsh tone, - Grab your instruments and go ahead.

Blonde was a violinist, Brunette - pianist. They both were playing not so good, but, on the other hand, quite decent. Blonde was terribly worried about her nakedness, she was nervous and sometimes got out of time in the easiest passages. Brunette accepted the rules of the game easy enough and she didn't seem rather bothered with her nudity. Vadik enjoyed looking at the milk-white ass towering over the stool; he was watching he playing with dimples in time to the movements of slender legs pressing on the piano pedals.

Being unable to help it, Vadik touched that plump ass, gently stroking. Then his hands came from behind, patted the girl’s tits as if evaluating, and finally, having felt up the hips and the belly, got between her legs. At first touch, Brunette shuddered, jerked, but immediately pulled herself together and went on playing as if nothing had happened.

Blonde was watching them being totally confused, time after time hiding her eyes, but then looking up again involuntarily every time. When he tried to put his arm around her, Blonde jerked so sharp that nearly fell down from her heels. Having put the bow down, she whispered with tears in her eyes:

- I can't do this:

Vadik decided to leave her alone for a while:

Suddenly the door to the office opened without knocking on and a fat little man appeared in the doorway. At his appearing Brunette gasped and crouched on the stool in an incredible acrobatic attempt either to hide, or to get covered. As for Blonde, petrified with shock she dropped the violin from her hands, and froze like a statue. The one who came in was looking scared as well. Dumbfounded he backed away, muttering something like "I'll come back later", and tried to retreat out. Vadik stopped him.

- Well, take it easy, Alexander Borisovitch, don’t be a kid. It's just two novice sluts, eager to get a job in the orchestra. They do not bite. Come in, come in:

While Alexander Borisovitch was pushing sideways his way back into the room, he turned to the girls:

- Well, well, how long are you going to be affected? Keep on playing.

Uncertain Brunette hesitantly sat up. Blonde also began showing the signs of life, but at that blazing so that she seemed to be steaming soon. The interrupted melody sounded again. Alexander Borisovitch got closer, fearfully looking around. He handed Vadik the papers to sign. Vadik looked mischievously in his eyes.

- Do you like the girls, Alexander Borisovitch? Would you like to have fun?

Alexander Borisovitch recoiled away as if bitten.

- No, no, maybe next time:

Vadim barely managed to sign his dashing monogram on the last piece of paper, the fatso quickly grabbed the papers from the table and tottered back out. He went out three minutes after his first appearance, having shut the door tight behind him. Vadim just couldn't help laughing.

Continuing the game, he settled on the stool near the piano. Vadik placed the pianist on his lap. Anticipating his possible desire, she reached for him with lips, but he coldly ignored.

- No self-activity, please. Do just what I’m telling you. Now keep on playing.

Brunette shrunk, blushed and reached for the piano. She looked quite bewildered. The girls began playing Mozart. Not wasting time, Vadik began furious squeezing the charms of Brunette sitting on his lap. The flair of experienced fisherman told him the fish had been hooked tightly. She had no way back, and therefore the ceremony could be put aside. Brunette was completely ruled by him. The strokes of his skilled hands made her breathe more and more rapid:

- Well, all right, - he relented a short time later. - Come here.

He dragged her to the couch standing in the corner, hastily threw her back down and, without undressing (just unbuttoned his pants), leaned on her from above. Acting skillfully and slowly, inflaming, teasing and at the same time not allowing to cum, soon he forced Brunette to moan and squirm with pleasure, screaming with unsatisfied desire. Finally, feeling that he was ready to cum, Vadik pulled his cock out of oozing and glistening with slime pussy and shoved it in the helpfully open Brunette’s mouth.

Having grasped the cock by the hand, she sent the swollen head deep into her mouth without hesitation. With the desire to penetrate as deep as possible, Vadik involuntarily made a push forward, but overdone. Brunette choked and coughed. It was too much for her. He had to retreat back a little.

The slender fingers of the pianist were caressing his penis passionately. The small and thickly pomaded mouth, smacking with pleasure, was moving rhythmically over his trunk up-down. Finally, Vadik had cum. Brunette made a swallowing movement. To avoid deception, Vadik insisted she would open her mouth and he carefully inspected her. The girl swallowed everything, really everything. Just a thin trickle was oozing from the left corner of her mouth.

Only after that he allowed her to cum. Brunette widely spread her legs apart and pulled them to her chest. Interested, Vadim was watching her hands running between her wide spread, shiny from sweat and moisture, steaming hot thighs. She was running the fingers of one hand over the clitoris, while the fingers of the other hand (three at once!) she thrust inside. Vigorously moving them back and forth, Brunette was whining, moaning and howling with pleasure. Having come, she gave out a long sigh and stopped still in a blissful languor.

Having felt his cock beginning to show the signs of life again, Vadik remembered of Blonde. It was her turn next. All with crimson spots, her eyes downwards, she was still standing in the middle of the room with a violin in her hands trying to perform something. However, her hands were shaking and her bow was giving out something absolutely absurd. Vadik caught a few quick glances thrown by her to the side of her friend still stretched out on the couch and to his own.

- Well, did you like it? - Imposingly, as if not noticing her confusion, asked Vadik.

Caught off guard Blonde mixed up completely and lowered her head. The violin and the bow fell down in her limp hands.

- Is your cunt wet? - As if nothing had happened continued Vadik. – Have you flowed?

He slipped his hand between her legs. Blonde didn't resist and just bent her head lower. Lay a hand on her cunt nearly devoid of vegetation. The cunt was wet, but not so much. Vadik began bringing her to full condition. Revived by that time Brunette squeezed the slim wrists of a friend to avoid confusion.

Blonde still didn't make a sound and just occasionally twitched with pain and humiliation. The tears were profusely streaming down her plump cheeks. However, Vadik’s hands knew no rest and little by little, regardless of her wishes, Blonde had flowed.

Vadim put her doggy-style right in the middle of the office. Silly girl was still trying to resist her nature. She didn't give up, even standing on her all fours and Brunette even had to push her legs apart. The golden grove opened slowly. One more effort, and - here it was, a cute little twat with a pink little nose sticking out over the sparse curls of hair.

The hole was extremely narrow. Vadik, evaluating, inserted and removed his finger several times, then he touched the clitoris. The last touch aroused blonde to moan slightly. She was ready. Having ordered Brunette to get busy with the cunt of her friend, he squeezed Blonde's tits by his hands. It was pleasant. Strongly having squeezed the nipple with his fingers, he was driving it from side to side with pleasure. The blonde groaned, twitching. Then she was almost squelching between her legs, still Vadik was in no hurry.

- I will not begin, unless you pray about it, - he whispered in her ear with a grin.

Blonde already had no strength left for resistance, and after a minute she gave up.

- Yes, Yes, I want this, - she barely squeezed it out of herself.

- Want what? – as if misunderstanding Vadik responded, never ceasing working up her bursting with heat and moisture oozing body.

- Take me, - whispered Blonde.

- I can't hear. Louder! - Vadik remained adamant.

- Take me, - she repeated a little louder.

- Even louder! Can't hear you! You want me to fuck you?

- Yes, Yes, fuck me, - Blonde shouted finally. The tears were flowing down her cheeks.

Having grabbed Blonde by her thighs, Vadik spread them even wider. Having pressed her thighs by his knees so that she could no longer move and holding her slimy with moisture pussy in the open state by two fingers, he abruptly inserted the head of his penis between her legs.

Blonde was damn narrow. When he stabbed her, she screamed and trembled all over. Then with a groan she threw her head back, breathing heavily, and began watching Vadik stringing her on his sticking out cock. Clenching her teeth and having done almost splits, she helped him squeeze in her completely softened cunt:

He had cum, and having allowed Blonde to cum, Vadik straightened up and slowly buttoned his pants. Having put the clothes in order, he stretched out in the chair and lazily began watching the girls.

Brunette began dressing immediately. Blonde, on the contrary, was standing for a while in the pose he left her. Then finally she got up and having slightly moved her legs apart, she tottered to her stuff. Her cunt was dripping intensely. Having taken pity, Vadik threw his handkerchief to her. Having raised it from the floor, absent-minded Blonde pressed it to her thin hair:

When both girls were ready, Vadim laughed and smugly clapped his hands.

- Three minutes fifty-six seconds! I hope with time you will learn to get dressed faster. As for the rest, well done! - Deliberately quickly, so as not to stretch this procedure for ages, he jabbered. - Leave me your names and phone numbers. I'll see what I can do. I think we can meet again next week.

Without giving the girls time to recover their wits, he brought them to the door.

- Well, now excuse me, I have work to do.

Stunned by such a pressure the girlfriends were unable to utter a word. Having closed the door behind them, Vadik lit a cigar and stretched out in the armchair with pleasure again in American way with his feet directly on the table. That day he deserved A. Speed and pressure. Well done, keep it up, Vadik praised himself.

Among other papers under his feet there was "Playboy" lying forgotten for the time being. 

December, 1991 – April, 1994