Natasha. My dear Natasha. A unique student time. How long ago it’s been!

We both studied in the same group. She was of those girls, one wouldn’t call beautiful but at the same time they still manage to be amazingly cute. Short hair, hidden behind the wide lenses of her glasses big radiant eyes, cute little button of the nose, tiny delicate mouth, just begun to become rounded angular figure of a teenager. Her appearance wasn’t unusual – a girl like a girl - but at the same time, whether you want it or not, she attracted the looks. Her whole being radiated some touching naivety and vulnerability, you couldn’t resist. I had put an eye on her a long time ago, but I didn’t even think to get close to her, or worse, to have a dirty affair. Her childlike appearance was so bright and clean that the ordinary carnal love to her seemed almost a blasphemy.

It all started with the fact that after a not very good story the Institute received the complaint against me. The investigation began. After all the Komsomol organizer played high ideology put out the question of whether such a person like me could be a member of the Komsomol. I did not expect that. The punishment in those days was clearly too harsh, but, to my surprise, the group voted "aye". Natasha raised her hand as well.

Some days I could not recover myself, but even then, already cooled down, I was long out of balance. I tried to stay aloof, I didn’t come to anyone and didn’t speak as well. I don’t know how long it would have lasted, but for Natasha. One day, heading home after classes, I ran into her at the entrance of the Institute nose-to-nose. Usually in such situations I just paced up. I wanted to do the same at that time, but being already ahead of her, I suddenly heard:

- Wait for me, please.

It was like a bolt from the blue. She hadn’t got used to speak to me, and then either. I slowed down and silently, not looking at her, went on.

- Are you in a hurry? - hesitantly asked Natasha.

- No.

- Are you busy with anything tonight? - she continued timidly after a pause.

- I guess, I’d have nothing special.

- Going home now?

- Where else? - I smiled, much puzzled by such a barrage of questions.

- May I go with you?

- To me?! - Astonished I stopped. Natasha as well.

- Yes, - blushing deeply and trying not to look into my eyes, she hardly uttered.

We were standing in the middle of the narrow path with the dense stream of students hurrying either home, or to the Institute. Every time someone was dashing against us. I heard "useful" tips and the cries of righteous indignation.

- Well, if you want, - completely taken aback, I mumbled. - Only my parents are home.

- Let’s go to my place. There is no one there now, - finally looking up from the asphalt, Natasha pleadingly looked at me.

Little by little I came to my senses and then curiously looked at her. In those moments she looked like a naughty child. I wondered what she was up to. Of course, I could not ask her directly about it.

- Well, let’s go, if you want to, - with a strained smile, I walked on along the path. Natasha silently walked on along.

Feeling some awkwardness, we spent the entire journey trying not to look at each other and without talking. Upon arrival, Natasha immediately took me into a room and, having apologized, she disappeared. Waiting for her I flopped down into one of the armchairs and began watching the poster with Ornella Muti hanging on the wall.

Suddenly my neck was embraced with gentle girlish hands. I turned around and froze, stunned. Really, there was a reason. Natasha was standing in front of me just in the panties and the bra, nothing else on! She was trembling all over, her breast was heaving rapidly. Her plump baby cheeks were flaming. Being stunned and understanding absolutely nothing, I stupidly stared my eyes at the spot, where under the thin silk panties with the thick bush of light brown hair was seen under, as though that spicy spectacle was capable to clarify what was happening there.

Natasha was clearly struck by my stupid look, but nevertheless she resolutely continued what had been started. The clasp of her bra clicked, and in a second it was already on the floor, revealing her quivering breast. In a moment Natasha appeared in front of me completely naked. Her cheeks were burning more than ever, her eyes were shining.

- Listen, - Having thought up nothing smarter, I began with the voice of a mentor, - Do you realize…

I wanted to say something else like that, but Natasha interrupted me.

- No, - she whispered. - Please don't do this.

Our arms were passionate and chaste. My hands were sliding over her covered with the golden fluff young body. My lips were softly and gently clinging to her lips. It was a beautiful moment, we were feeling as good as never before. Fully yielding to me, Natasha, with her eyes closed, was silently accepting my caresses.

The time was running, still I could not get down to the main thing, I delayed on and on. It may seem ridiculous, but I was overcome by remorse. After all, Natasha took the initiative in her own hands. Her hand closed down upon my cock. A moment later, leaning to my lips as to the healing spring, she gave a push thrusting it in the tight broadened slit of her virgin bosom. At that Natasha did not even cry a bit, still I realized she had been very hurt for her body involuntarily shook all over.

Unfortunately, I became to be not at my best, and, unable to control myself, I had cum immediately, completely forgetting about Natasha. Still she was shining with happiness, and the frozen tears on her cheeks were glistening, illuminated with a smile, just like small puddles in the rays of the rising sun.

Our relationship did not last long. She soon realized that my feelings towards her were of a different nature than hers to mine, but she continued to hope until she caught me one day in the embrace of her best girlfriend. Since that time I had never seen her again. She did not appear in the Institute, and did not return the phone calls. Several times I came to her house, but I was always told she was not at home. But soon I got to know that she had married a jerk, at least ten years older than her. Seven months later she gave a birth to the son. A healthy boy. He was given my name.

May - June 1984

Edit: August 1985 - October 1990