You and me

Finally this is the day I am to come to you. You took luxurious room in the hotel. We agreed to meet there to make love. You are looking forward to see me. I'm about to come. You are trembling with excitement when you think about me. We have been long dreamed about it... And this is going to happen any minute now. You keep looking at your watch and you are so worried I might not come. You just can't take it. 

The room has intimate lighting and easy erotic music. There are a bottle of champagne, a box of chocolates and strawberries on the table...

I have come. As always, beautiful, slim and tanned. I have half-translucent short red dress on. My slender long beautiful legs are in black stockings. I come in and you realize you did and do want NO ONE else EVER! 

You are hugging me. Under my dress there is nothing but my own body! No trace of underwear. We start kissing passionately. We are seized by unrestrained desire. Right at the entrance you tear off my clothes. Your hands are wandering over my body, your lips are caressing me passionately... I want you right here! I’m pulling your jeans off. You have long been ready and you want me madly as well. You throw me down on the floor and you enter me. I almost lose my consciousness with such perceptions. Our moans are probably heard throughout the hotel. But we don’t care about that. This is such a trifle, compared with what is going on now. The world doesn’t exist for us, there are just you and me. And now we're the whole... I feel so good with you. I haven't been so good with anyone long ago.

I want to move onto the bed. You are taking me gently with your arms and carry into the bedroom. Wide bed is enticing us. We are making love on the silk sheets enveloping us and gently tickling our skin. We are caressing each other. Every cell of our bodies responds to these caresses. You are drowning in my hair, the smell of my perfume, combined with the smell of my skin, excites you even better. You're up to the limit, and so am I. You enter me again and do not stop for a second anymore. Our movements become faster, and so does the breath. 

I want you. I want you so much...

It was dawn outside. The two were sleeping quietly, embracing each other. There were champagne, chocolate and strawberries on the table. All that was still untouched.