South Port

When I was a little girl, our neighbor on the stair landing was a military man. The officer of general forces. His image stayed with me since that time: slender toned body, beautiful uniform, shiny boots and great manners. He was always the first to say “hello”, even to me a ten-year-old wimp.

All my life I have been having a soft corner in my heart for military men. A real man for me is the one wearing a military uniform. I just melt down seeing a tall military man, if he is naturally athletic. I like strong hands, accustomed to the military work, a belt goes around a narrow waist, outlining a well-developed chest and slim hips. I care about the unique smell - a mixture of smells of sweat, tobacco, weapons, and shoe grease. This "spirit of the barracks" is driving me crazy... But in my native Hill it’s impossible to have it.

Now I'm an adult girl, rather smart one helping my father in business. So, this summer I got the task for several contracts to be done in Primorsky Krai. So, along with our economist - a lady of about forty - we drove around the south part of that region. We have been in Discovery, Sanchan, Nikolsk, the beautiful Islands in the Paul Bay. Everywhere it was lovely, especially I liked the South Port – the capital of this land. These hills and bays... and the night city just captivated me.

And here in South Port, I was able to afford what was absolutely impossible in the Hill.

At the airport South we met a young naval officer. He helped us to get to the hotel, at parting we agreed to meet the following day.

After completing our business affairs, accompanied by a voluntary guide we went to the locally famous vacation place - Azure Bay.

My sailor was rather impatient. On the beach at the sight of me in a swimsuit, he got visibly excited. I saw his swim trunks literally cracking from the penis pressure. Almost by force he dragged me into the water. Of course, I wanted to fulfill my fantasies, but his straightforwardness was making me puzzled.

Once we appeared in the water, he hugged me, the lips of a sailor passionately clamped my mouth and I felt him pulled my swim trunks off. To my question he said bluntly that he didn’t see another opportunity (and indeed it usually happens: the sea is not waiting, sometimes the ship can go into the sea quickly and unexpectedly and for a long time). And then I felt something huge and hot coming in between my thighs. I abruptly grabbed it, and it turned out to be his penis. It was like a stone. He was hot even in the cool water. I hurt him with that sharp jerk, and he let me off in a moment. I instantly rushed to the shore in what was left on me... Having hitched a ride, my lady and me sped off to the city.

The phone rang in the evening. Our friend tearfully apologized, offered to come to an agreement, and when he reminded of my swimming trunks, I laughed for a long time and barely uttered, that, of course, he's forgiven, and let him forgive me, that I was waiting for him agreeing to drink for agreement... I was ashamed I pushed my own dream away.

We came up to the room and drank a bottle of cognac first for a happy ending of embarrassment, and then for peace and friendship between male and female people. Then I finally decided that I could realize my fantasies...

First, my request to show his "monster" confused the gallant officer, by surprise, he even pressed his thighs together. But I undid his pants, and my fingers groped under the cloth of the briefs the hot and pulsating nature. The penis was growing up at the sight, and then its head appeared over the elastic. Having pulled his pants just a bit down, I saw a classic straight dick with a nice big head. Sweaty body was making a strong odor, and I abundantly poured cognac over the groin.

The guy was very surprised, but the anticipation of unusual caresses did its job, and he spread his legs wide. I slid my fingers over the trunk of the penis and descended to the scrotum. I felt his tight testicles hidden under the taut velvety skin. At that moment he seized my breasts, gently squeezing them and twisting the nipples easily. That turned me on even better.

I didn’t let him remove the pants, so as uniform excites me better. I liberally poured cognac over the cock, slowly and gently my tongue touched the hot head of the pretty one. Lieutenant stood up being pleased, and the cock got in my mouth. Now it was no more "stone-like", but elastically-tight, the head was touching the palate. Helping me, he was slowly moving his ass, and I was gently compressing the head with my lips, licking the opening of the channel, forcing his ass squirming like on hot coals.

And here he is cumming with a groan of pleasure and my mouth is being filled up with thick tart sperm. Slowly swallowing, I try to prolong the pleasure. I'm saving the last drop for him and give him a passionate kiss. He has not tried this yet, at first he moved away, but I soothingly stroked his chest and finally forced him to try... Cum seemed to have the smell of the sea and it was adorable! I slowly stroked his thigh, feeling with the skin of the palms a slight tickling of abundant hair covering his body.

My friend pulled me up, I stood over him, and he slid his lips over the chest, touched the navel, lower, lower, and his lips are already caressing the pubis, the thighs, the tongue is diving into the fluff... and I am no longer able to stay on my feet. He lies back, taking me onto the face I am standing over him on my knees, his tongue is slipping inside, his strong hands are squeezing my buttocks, causing me to shudder with each touch. The stream of passion is seizing me carrying on the waves on and on and on…