The adventure on vacation

I really didn't want to go on vacation without my wife. I thought, my colleagues would laugh at me, it’s usually clear why go to the warm South alone. But the tourist voucher was just for one traveller, and Galya had her ill mother in the village... So, the circumstances were against me.

Here I am at the airport, my hands are holding the suitcase collected by my wife. I hardly convinced her not to give me food for the road. The plane was delayed on departure due to bad weather, all the passengers were nervous. Two very young girls of about seventeen – they were just looking around, then at each other, giggling and then looking around again. Family man, full of dignity. Kids are running around not allowing to read a newspaper.

In the way I slept, then ate, then slept again. The girls were running to the toilet all the time, waking me up and laughing.

We arrived early in the morning. Everyone went to the hotel, and I immediately, with a suitcase, went to the beach. Nobody was there, but stupid coastal birds. Stripped naked I went swimming. I get out of the water, removing a piece of nasty green algae off the penis. I look up and suddenly see a girl with black hair - beautiful, young and toned, like my wife, but seven years younger. She is sitting on the sand and biting her lips not to burst out laughing.

I saw her and got a little confused at first. And then I remembered what I removed the algae off, I covered this place with my hands and rushed away to my belongings. And she is already laughing aloud. I put on my swimming trunks and said to the girl: Sorry, I thought I was alone. She responds with saying that there was nothing awful.

That’s how we got acquainted. Her name was Lena, she was 17 years old and she lived in the village nearby with her father, her mother died recently. In general, we were talking about life, swimming a race. For some reasons she began telling me about love. She said, she had never had a guy and all that stuff.

And when I was going to leave, she tells me:

-- My father is now gone fishing. Come to me tonight, just quietly. We got used to leave doors unlocked.

And I say to her: