He is the one I want

Now the bell is gonna ring and the third double class will be over. As usual I am sitting favorite place. This is the third desk closer to the window. My friend has been missing for some days for unknown reason, so I don't have anyone to accompany me to the beach today. Of course, I could pick up any of my boyfriends, but unfortunately I have been satiated with them, I don't like long relationships because in the end they begin to oblige to anything. Yeah, that’s the long-awaited bell ringing, I do not want to go to the fourth double class after the break, it is better to go to the computer lab and have a bit of fun playing some stupid games.

I’m coming into the small room where a few computers in the corner are not occupied, I just thought nobody would bother me, and maybe I’m lucky and Zhenya is not coming. Zhenya is my ex-boyfriend, but he still can't get over the fact that I deleted him from my list, that’s why he is always getting under my feet, and I have not had time to look for another one. So, I launched “Heroes 3”, sitting quietly, while away the time and then I see unknown boy coming in and taking a seat beside me at another computer.

- Is it occupied?

- No, - that was my answer.

He turns it on and launches the exact same game I was playing. I thought he was the boy I needed and I decided to get to know him.

- Look, maybe we’ll play together at the same computer, playing in pair is much more interesting.

At that, my boy nods and sits closer to me. During the game, all I did was staring at him. What a boy! Imagine a tall, blue-eyed blonde with curly hair, little nose, and ripe pink lips. I don't know how I could even manage not to kiss him immediately. Then I understood – he is the one I want! And if I want someone or something, I get it. Here an idea has come into my head, and I immediately decided to act.

- I’d like to eat something cold, will you join me, and we can go and eat some ice cream.

This was enough for the beginning for my Sergey, that was his name, to fall for the bait. It was Immediately clear that he liked me, but for some reason he was embarrassed all the time when he treated me to ice cream in the cafe, which was at the dorm of NSTU. I tried to drag him in there, certainly not with good intentions. In that dorm, one floor above there was my room where I lived and my neighbor Tanya as well, but she was never there at that time. Eating the second portion of ice cream, as if unintentionally dropped it on my knees, and as my tight pants were white, the stain was standing out on them. It was pretty good done, I played well, that jerk didn't suspect a thing, looking at me as if he is guilty of the accident and not me.

- Oh, how confusing. How shall I come to my room, ashamed with the stain? Sergey, could you walk me to my room to see if anyone's watching, and I would be able to hide behind you.

And then I gave him a nice smile, so that he, as a true gentleman volunteered to walk me.

I turn the key to my room, just in case, looking if my roommate was there, and then I sharply pull Sergey in and lock the door. Then I broke down and pressed my lips to his and I lost control. Then like a crazy one I started to undress him. I wish you saw his eyes at that, but he didn't push me away, his arms reached out to my blouse and he slowly began to unbutton it, and while he was doing that, I have taken everything off him. Oh God, what a great toy he had down there! It stuck out so firm, that my pussy soaked the panties in anticipation of unforgettable sensations. As soon as my bra flew down the floor, Sergey lost control of himself as well. He pulled me to him and greedily stuck in one of my “melons”. We didn't want to go to bed and we lay down on the floor. Oh, how beautiful it was when his tongue was caressing my body, when he fiercely pushed his tongue through my sweet lips and began to tease my tongue. And then I noticed that his eyes reflected another kind of fear, it was enough for me to understand that he was still a virgin boy. Without hesitating I turned him over on his back and directed his “hero” slowly into my girl. I love to fuck boys, it's always so unforgettable. Now I'm sitting on him, and his hands are caressing my breasts, I want to purr. Well, now let him do a good work. My boy, I thought. I made him change the position so that I was beneath. He had been fucking me as long as the beast broken loose, he pierced me with his weapon. I do not remember how many times I had cum before he poured his sperm into me.

After all that, we sometimes saw each other accidentally and he always offered to be friends with him, but I don't like to fuck with ex- boys because they fall in love, falling head over heels, and limit my freedom, if I start to accept their friendship. And I'm so anxious to deflower some more tens of such naïve ones. Sergey was not the first in this list and not the last as well.