The game

- Hello, who are you looking for? - The door was opened by a very pretty girl. Short haircut of dark brown hair and brown wide-open eyes.

- Does Sveta live here?

- Yes, she'll be back soon, - the girl stepped back, letting me in, - Come in, take a seat.

I came into the room and looked around. It was a small hostel room for three persons, but it was clear just two, as the third bed was turned into something like a couch, the other two beds were combined into the wide one. It was pretty clean and cozy.

- Sveta left not for long. Would you like some tea?

- Yes, thank you.

I felt like an idiot. I met Sveta by chance about a month ago. I asked for a visit, she gave me her address, but I had been rather busy to come to her. It’s gonna be rather interesting situation if she wouldn’t recognize me.

- My name is Julia. And what is your name? - She was putting, cups, a kettle and some biscuits on a small table on wheels.

I introduced myself. Julia was walking around the room quickly and easily. She was wearing rather short robe revealing her slim tanned legs. When she moved the table to the bed, where I was sitting, and sat beside me, for a short time her robe with the top button undone showed me her small breasts with small brown nipples. Judging by the tan, she preferred topless sunbathing.

We just started drinking tea, the door opened and Sveta came in:

- Oh! We have guests? Hi!

- Hi! - Thank God, she recognized me and seemed even happy.

- Wait a bit, I'm gonna change my clothing first.

She came behind the wardrobe separating the room in two parts, and in a minute she came out, dressed in a robe no less open than Julia’s one. Sveta differed from her, as if justifying her name, she was blonde and blue-eyed, but their figures were almost similar – both small and fragile.

We had been drinking tea a long time, listening to music, talking and when all topics had been exhausted, and I was thinking to leave, Sveta took out a deck of cards:

- Playing?

I feebly resisted:

- Isn’t it late already?

I didn’t want to leave, still it was several minutes past ten and the hostel was sure to be closed after eleven at night.

- Well, no! - Julia capriciously pursed her lips, - Too early.

- Let’s sit down and play, - Sveta got on the wide bed and sat down with her legs tucked up beneath.

- Hurray! Julia jumped on the bed and sat down as well.

I sat down too.

- It’s wide. Who sleeps on it?

- We do, - They said almost in unison, looked at each other and laughed.

- And in general, we love each other. Julia leaned toward Sveta, kissed her on the cheek, whispered something in her ear and they literally rolled over with laughter.

Laughing, Sveta leaned back. I hardly looked up and away from her panties appeared from under the robe.

By that time I did not have a girl, and about six months I had been just dreaming about sex. I was amused and excited by all that situation.

We had been playing “Fool” about an hour, losing and winning in turns.

- Take off your jacket, it's so hot here, - Sveta took hold of the sleeve, pulling my jacket off me.

- Yes, moreover you lost the game and we are playing “strip game”. - Julia said jokingly, but with peremptory and powerful voice.

- Is that so?! Well, then I’ll undress you in a moment, moreover I’ve got more clothes.

- That's not fair. - Julia reached out for a kind of kerchief and threw it on the shoulders.

- Then I'm going to dress up too. - Sveta threw on my jacket.

The excitement caught us:

- Nothing’s gonna help you. – I was dealing.

Julia was the first to lose, so she took off her kerchief:

- It's not fair! Sveta, you must help me to beat him

After that, I lost three games running and I had just the briefs and the jeans. The girls exulted:

- Yeah, gotcha?! We’re gonna win.

- That’s ok, I’ll win it back.

Then Sveta had to take off my jacket, and the following game was lost by Julia.

- Attention. Striptease, - she stood up and, swaying on the shaky and soft mesh of the bed, began to unbutton her robe to the music. The body was awesome – velvet and smoothly tanned skin; small, beautifully shaped and firm breasts.

- That’s it. Let’s go on playing, - She sat down again, - Well, you must help me to beat Sveta. Why is she sitting dressed?

- Let’s do it.

We really joined our efforts and easily won Sveta. She easily broke up with her robe and stayed in the same lacy panties as Julia. The cards were dealt again and then they attacked me; I fought back as best as I could, and Sveta lost again. Julia clapped her hands and cheered:

- Come on, come on, get undressed.

“Now they are likely to stop the game” - I thought. But Sveta got up from the bed, removed her panties and, waving them in the air, threw them on my shoulder, then she sat down again and, winking conspiratorially to Julia, she began to deal the cards.

- Julia, are we gonna leave him just as he is?

Another game began. I could hardly concentrate: first, that kind of emancipation was sudden for me, and second, I could barely look away from Sveta’s short and light pubic hair. I hardly managed to look down at my card. No wonder, they easily beat me, so I stayed just in briefs. When I had dealt the cards, I was horrified - those cards could hardly help winning, especially because the girls were openly telling each other how to play. I got almost whole pack of cards and lost the game. With the last Julia’s card dropped, the room exploded with screams and shrieks:

- Hooray!!! Striptease with a man!!

With those cries they put a chair in the middle of the room and turned on loud music. After they had dropped their clothes so easily, it was stupid to make difficulties, so I climbed the chair and, trying to move to the music, I took off what had been left on me yet. They stared at me unabashedly, whispering and winking about something. I could not help it:

- OK, girls, let’s go on playing. We need to strip Julia. I sat down on the bed again and began to deal the cards. Julia quickly lost and she made a real show of her undressing. As it seemed to me, that was a great pleasure for her.

After that we went on playing and having made sure that playing for dressing up was not interesting, Sveta made a proposal:

- So, now we’re playing for wishes. A loser fulfills the wishes of anyone who wins the game first.

That time I was the first to win, so I was waiting for a victim. While the girls were finishing the game, I was hardly thinking up a wish. Sveta lost. I couldn’t think up a better variant than dancing on the table in front of the window. Sveta climbed the table, pushed to the window, and performed an erotic dance. She was dancing pretty good. Her beautiful body was twisting to the beat of the music. Julia was sitting on the bed next to me. She was collecting the cards and when she stretched forward to get thrown down cards, her hand rested on my knee. The touch of her hot hand was unexpected, I felt that I was starting to get excited and my penis began increasing. Sitting with penis sticking out was awkward and I had to make every effort to cool down and divert my attention away. Sveta finished her dancing and got down from the table directly on the bed, she walked past me to her seat. The smell of her excited with dancing body made me relax and try to divert my attention away again.

After the next game I lost a wish to be said by Julia. She stared up at the ceiling, trying to think up a special wish, and Sveta whispered something in her ear. Suddenly they looked at each other, whispered and began to laugh loudly, then whispered arguing about something else, looked at me seriously and Julia announced the sentence:

- Well! Now, - she glanced at the clock, - It's ten to twelve, and at twelve sharp you being nude go out into the corridor and slowly walk down the corridor and back.

I was stunned to walk naked along the woman’s dorm, even at a late hour, especially when twelve hours for the hostel was not too late. The girls noticed my confusion:

- A deal is a deal, so don't try to get out.

We were standing at the door waiting for the digital clock standing on the bedside table would show zeros. The less time remained, the more I grew cold inside. The girls could hardly wait. Finally the watch beeped midnight and dial reset to zeros. I didn't have time to recover, as I was pushed into the corridor, and the girls shut the door, so I couldn’t change my mind. The hallway was empty and quiet. I went on and it seemed to me that long corridor became several times longer than it had been, when I came there. After a few steps I stopped, I had a sudden feeling that the lock clicked somewhere: “somebody is going out”, I thought, and then it dawned on me - the girls opened the door. I looked back, they leaned to the waist from behind the door and whispered:

- Go, go on.

I was all ears walking. I heard music playing behind the doors, a female voice and TV on with a popular and familiar movie. The final chords of the music were clear saying the movie was over and went to credits. So then before going to bed people would go to the toilet, shower or have a smoke, they would go into the corridor, and there… Suddenly I felt that the awareness of being caught made me very excited, my cock began to stiffen and rise. To be found like that - It was making me more excited. I had already reached the halfway of the corridor and walked past the stairs leading to other floors. The sound of voices was coming from the stairs. I turned my head and saw a few girls standing and smoking at the passage above between the floors. They could not see me and I could see them just from the bottom to the waist, all the rest was covered by the staircase. However, I had goose bumps ran down my back at the thought they're gonna throw the cigarettes away, and some of them come down to that floor. I was walking on feeling my arousal growing. The cock was strained to the limit, my hands became wet. I was expecting that at any moment any of the rooms could open or as well the bathroom door, I was passing by. I heard the noise of loud laughter and voices. I finally came to the end of the corridor and turned back.

The girls still kept looking into the corridor looking out of the door. Having seen my cock sticking up, slightly swaying from side to side in time with my steps, they stared at it, and seemed to notice nothing else. Such close attention aroused me much more. My cock seemed to me going to burst with the increased blood-pressure. Walking past the stairs again, I turned my head and saw that one of the smokers was a girl standing a few steps below, I could see her whole. She had her back to me. Surely she was about to go down, but someone detained her with the conversation. I could hardly resist running. Finally, I got to the door of the girls’ room and just when I came in, I heard the steps down the hall. “Probably, that was the one from the stairs”, - I thought. Having closed the door, I saw the girls with their eyes wide open, staring at my stiffened and sticking out penis. My heart was beating hard in the chest. I felt each push echoing in the swollen cock, my breathing was frequent as after running, the hands trembling. Then suddenly, Julia reached out and took my dick with her fingers:

- Oh! It is so…

That sudden touch made everything inside me go up and then fall down, I gasped for air, my cock jerked and the tight jet of sperm hit out. I was so excited to cum just from one touch. The girls gasped in unison. Cum, and there was surprisingly much of it (probably it was affected by the fact I had not had sex for a long time), was escaping out with tight short spurts. Its thick white drops were falling onto Julia, standing just opposite, on her belly, the pubis and the legs. As if spellbound, she stood watching, her fingers kept holding of the cock, erupting cum. After several strong jolts the semen grew less, a few drops fell down on the floor, I took the breath and sighed convulsively. Julia didn’t let the cock off, but rather grabbed her hand around and squeezed it and passed the hand up and down. That and just occurred events made me strained inside again and I had cum the second time, there was almost no sperm, but the feeling of orgasm was indescribable. I don't remember how we got to bed. We all three were lying there. Julia was covered with my cum and so she nestled to me. About an hour we were messing about and kissing. We were all kissing each other and then all three of us fell asleep.

The next day I woke up early, got dressed and left while they were still asleep. That day I was leaving for the holidays.