Faithful wife

I'm 24 years old and recently I’ve got married. But I think that even after the marriage, we must not forget our friends and move away from their concerns. Last week one of my girlfriends, Kate, had a quarrel with her boyfriend. We decided to go to the bar to help Kate a little bit to forget her problems. We were going through several night clubs before we opted for one of them. There were about ten girls. Of course, we attracted the attention of all the men sitting in the bar. I love to flirt a little, but, on the other hand, I love my husband. So, I had not shown much enthusiasm, when one of the men tried to pick me up. But some of my girlfriends had obviously liked such men's attention! About 1:30 pm five girls were going home. We went out to walk them, then they got a taxi and we returned to the club to dance a little. Very soon, many visitors had gone home, but we went on having fun. Each of us became acquainted with attractive man to be a constant partner in the dance. My partner's name was Grisha. The touch of his body and the gentle words, he was whispering while dancing made me forget about the feelings to my husband. What's so terrible in that! But by three o'clock we had entirely lost our heads. When the guys offered to go home to one of them for a few more drinks, we exclaimed that it was a wonderful idea. Eleven people (five girls and six boys) barged together in a big apartment. Very soon we were divided in pairs again, the same formed in the club. We were sitting all over the living room. Each girl were all kissing her partner, but for Kate. She had two admirers! When I had broken kissing with Grisha for a second and looked around, I’d realized the situation was out of control. One of my girlfriends, Lisa, was already caressing the cock of her partner. Her hand was sliding up and down over his organ. Vita took off her blouse, putting her breasts for show. And one of Katya's boys was groping a hand under her skirt. The party turned into sex Orgy! I looked at Grisha and said: - I'm not against what's going on here. But I don't want to go that far. I'm married. Do you understand? He smiled and whispered in my ear: - It's just wonderful! I just want to give you one thing, if you don't mind. Then he slid off the sofa, and sat in front of me on his knees and began to remove my tights. Despite all my good intentions, I was breathless. I raised my hips to help him undress me. Then he spread my legs and, without saying a word, began to kiss my pussy! It was fantastic! I have it always clean shaven, because my husband loves when I'm all smooth. I quite lost my head because of Grisha’s tongue touching,. Having closed my eyes, I began to moan a little. Somebody’s voice made me open the eyes: - Look at Katya, she’s gonna choke! What I saw was amazing! Kate was right in the middle of the living room, completely naked, not counting the shoes and thin knee-length socks. She did a blow job to a boy, the owner of a huge penis. I could see how tense her throat was when she was swallowing the penis of her partner, touching lips right to its base, and burying into the bush of hair. The other boy was stroking her raised butt. At the time I was watching her, he parted her vulvar lips, revealing the moist insides. With his free hand Kate was stroking his thin short cock, turning it inside of her. Then Kate moaned and moved her hips, trying to capture his organ entirely. Another girl, Mary, was sitting opposite to me. She was in the same position as me. The partner was kissing her clit, as she was watching Katie. Lisa and her lover were watching the scene from my right. But she was massaging his hardened cock, and his thumb was caressing her clit. Vita and a huge man were on the left. Vita was lying under. Her legs were just flickering in the air at the time her partner was fucking her diligently. But Kate obviously wanted to get as much from that night as possible. Breaking away for a moment from her boy and looking around, she said: "I want more dicks! Grisha lifted his head and addressed to me: "Sorry, I am being called! – he hastened to join the rest of the men who rushed to Kate, turning her on her back. Grisha sat on the knees over Kate. She, squeezing her large breasts, made a tunnel for his penis, which, in my opinion, was the biggest of all others. He began to fuck her breasts, while the others were busy with Kate’s mouth and pussy. I'm totally crazy! I wished them do the same to me, but the thought about my husband never left me. Apparently, Lisa could not resist the temptation, forgetting about her constant lover. Silently she slipped down the floor, stood on her all fours and exposed her butt high. She was lucky, because her boy did not have to be told anything. He immediately attached to her from behind and inserted his cock as deep as possible. His pushes were so strong that pulled Lisa little by little directly to the place where Kate was enjoying. Lisa had come, being just a few inches from Katya's ass. The boys, who fucked her, began to cum one by one. Grisha’s stream poured over the chest and stomach of my girlfriend. Still she was not satisfied. Free from the dick in her mouth, she said: - More! I want to go on fucking! Somebody! I want to cum again! Considering how much times she had finished already, it was just incredible! Masha’s boy was glad of that insatiability. Having turned Katya around, he put her on her all fours and started his work. The other guy came to the face of lustful girl. Then the moment came, when all of them seemed to cum at once. Vita was screaming: - Oh, God, this is the end! Harder, harder! – embracing her partner by her legs, while he was releasing the jet of sperm, turning it directly into Vita. Two boys who were with Kate, leaned away from her almost simultaneously. One of them had cum in her vagina, another was pouring her breasts. Cum was flowing over Lisa's body, and she moaned: - That’s it, that’s it! Pour it all over me. I'm coming too! The general atmosphere was incredible. I've never been in such a situation. And I was ready to bite my elbows. Everyone, but me and Mary, were having royal sex! I was fingering my vagina and I felt my body was overflown by the juices and I was close to come. Looking at Mary, I saw that she was doing the same thing. Then she spoke: "I know that Anya does not want to fuck because of her husband. The voice was addressed to me, but I really didn't want to explain it out loud. - I feel the same, but I had an interesting idea. Let all the boys gather around the sofa. Now you will see a performance! She took me by the hand and put me on the sofa. We were both practically naked. I wore socks and bra, and the last Masha’s clothing had been removed early in the beginning of the orgy. She put me on the back one my hand under the head and spread my legs. She lay down on the opposite side, so that the head of each one of us appeared at the level of the hips of the other. Our pussies were touching one another. - OK, boys, watch what will happen next, - she said. Six men immediately gathered around us. They all had just come, but then their dicks became filled by power. - Anya, open your pussy so that the boys could see her. I will do the same, - commanded Mary. I spread my vulvar lips so that everyone could see my pink insides. - Now stick two fingers in there, - She continued the instruction. I complied and even added a third, because I wanted to have a feeling of fulfillment. - Now massage the clitoris by your other hand. I could feel that she was doing the same thing. Sometimes our fingers were touching. And sometimes she moved her ass to touch mine. - Now, boys, you have to masturbate above us. - Masha's breathing became a little irregular. - ...I want you pouring us with your sperm. In such a situation each of us took not too much time. About a minute later I was already in seventh heaven, masturbating as hard as I could. Right above me six dicks were standing horizontally, and six of the scrotums were tensed from the strain. - Oh, Masha, - I moaned, - this is the end! - Don't stop! - ordered my girlfriend. - I'm cumming, Oh my God, boys! Pour on us until we come! Cum on us! A jet of sperm of one of the men above us poured, in a few minutes – another one followed. Hot sperm was falling on me, on Masha’s chest, belly, thighs... We were vigorously masturbating by the hands, joining our pussies at the moment we both were coming. A bit later all of us wanted to leave. The day was dawning outside. We were walking home being completely silent. I was happy that I didn't belong to anyone but my husband. I didn't mind him to have fun, not entering another girl. Now I know that one can get great pleasure without fucking!