Having a good time

I left the house in anticipation of something incomprehensible, sexual, what should I get from him, and he wants to receive from others. If she wants to get! Got in the car, and in it the guy just in General stupid. To expect from him nothing. Okay, figs with him - men with members full only sign give! When I went, I didn't know what? Where? How? Maybe nothing happens, but then was not sorry. Was a long, thought about anything, people didn't care. There is a young woman. One! You probably already tired to read my thoughts, you have sexy, exciting, that your dick had hardened and finished, finished... Wait, not all at once.

It's not as easy as you think. It is difficult, and at the same time very simple... Just have really, really wanted. Came to the bar - BA! And no one was there! Well, not to return? No, of course. To describe the service of the bartender's bored, although he wanted.. You will surely ask: But how did you know? Just. The eyes. Well, the bartender is so. Sat for a long time. In walked a man. One. Great! In the bar - one man and one woman. You're probably thinking: Well, when sex?

Sex - it occurs immediately. It arises from quantity of the drunk alcohol, when the brain is denied. So, drink. Finally got drunk. Now the time has come - the time to act. But how? The eyes, of course. His eyes went to the course. Man next. (Sorry, that money is on drink.) Treated. Talked. What can you think? That I'm tired and I rest. Slowly the gaze becomes tender and calling - they say, I'm ready, take me. (But actually it is not. But it doesn't matter - you need to relax.) Who is he? What's his name? It doesn't matter. Important -

- Are you one?

- I walk.

- I also.

- You want to relax?

- Yes.

- Are you free?

- Yes.

- You are cute.

- No need of compliments.

- But You have really beautiful legs!

Etc., etc.

I approached the bartender just smiled. I'd fucked him, but failed - he was at work. Head went round - I think nothing! Ask your neighbor - he's in the car or not?

- Of course, Yes.

- Can I ask You to take me to the metro,Dobryninskaya, ?

Head - circle. Village, went. Stopped in the near lane. The hand on the knees. Above. Above. He felt that I in stockings - have not managed to come to as in horizontal position. Hands up. Cowards anymore. The feeling is there. But if I'm ready? Yes, that's only if it was the bartender... he closed his Eyes and imagined that it was him. Here he is taking off his pants, caressing his chest, and kisses her neck too, a stomach. A member of his big, hard. Lucky me on big cocks! Here it falls below, licks me... And then abruptly, without warning, starts fucking. Quickly, as if it was a long time ago. He breathes heavily. I feel good. Because I don't visualize someone next to me. But I came quickly and strongly. He opened his eyes. Sorry, that's not it. But it was good and easy.

"Good - bye, I will reach itself.

Man in shock. So what? But I enjoyed it. ...When I was leaving the bar, the bartender said to me, Sorry that You go not alone, come again. I'll wait for You! I looked at him and realized that coming. He liked me and I banged with him. And I do him! I know it!