Russian baths

Froska quietly entered the bath and stopped hesitating.

Barin was lying on the bench his belly down, and two peasant girls - Natashka and Malashka - also naked were standing on the sides and beating with birch twigs the hot purple-pink back glistening with sweat in turns. Barin was blissfully squinting, approvingly grunting at particularly strong beat. Finally, he gave them a sign to stop and puffing loudly he sat down, lowering the legs wide apart on the floor.

- "Kvass!" - Hoarsely he cried.

Quickly rushing to the corner, Natasha gave him a ladle of kvass. Having drunk it, barin noticed Froska quietly standing at the door and beckoned her by his finger.

Slowly stepping with her bare feet on the wet floor, shyly covering her nudity by her hands, she approached and stood in front of him with downcast eyes. She was ashamed to look at naked barin, ashamed to stand naked in front of him. She was ashamed because she was watched by two unabashed girls, standing beside her and never being embarrassed of their nudity.

"A fresh one!" – Barin exclaimed. - "Nice, nothing bad to say!". "What's your name?" - He pattered, rubbing her belly, her legs and the ass.

"Froska", - she said quietly and suddenly screamed with surprise and pain: barin tightly pinched her left breast by the fingers. Enjoying her live elasticity, he moved his hand up and down, running his fingers between the swollen surface of the breast tightly covered with soft and smooth skin. Froska jerked and  jumped back, rubbing her aching breast.

Barin laughed out loudly and wagged his finger. Echoing him, Malashka and Natashka burst into obsequious laughter.

"That’s fine, you’ll get used to it, - said Natashka giggling, - There is much more to follow," - and threw a mischievous look at her barin.

And he, gladly grinning, thrust his hand between his legs, scratching all his man's accessories having quite an impressive view.

"Your goal, girls, - he turned to Malashka and Natashka, - is to teach her, - he motioned to Froska, - all our tricks". He smiled lustfully, wagging his swollen penis head.

"And yet, - he continued, - let her watch and keep in mind. Hey, Malashka, come to a point!" - Suddenly shouted barin, and stretched his bulky body with a crunch. Malashka came to a free from the benches place in the middle of the room and bent over, rested her hands against the floor.

He approached her from behind, loudly spanking her wet ass with white elastic skin, then, neighing like a stud, he started thrusting his sticking like a stake dick under steepy buttocks of Malashka, quickly pushing its head into the slippery flesh of a female sexual organ. Overwhelmed with excitement his face blushed, mouth twisted, his breathing became loud and intermittent and half-bent knees were trembling. Finally, the elastic head of his cock spread her wet but tight opening of her vagina, and barin’s belly tightly pressed to the rounded ass of the girl. He neighed again, but that time victoriously; Fiercely moving the bottom of his body, he began giving himself up to sexual intercourse with pleasure. Malashka seemed overcome with pleasure as well. She began to moan voluptuously with each immersion of a male member in her bosom, and she was helping her barin, moving her fat ass towards the movements of his body.

Natashka watched that picture entirely seized of occurring. Her large eyes widened even more, her mouth opened, her trembling body involuntarily twitched in time with the movements of barin and Malashka. It was as if she perceived barin instead of her girlfriend.

And Froska, first overwhelmed, gradually began perceive occurring reality, still she was very confused of naked bodies of barin and the girls. She knew what it was, but she was watching for the first time so close and open sexual intercourse of a man and a woman.

When barin stuck to the backside of Malashka, Froska turned away with embarrassment, but curiosity overcame, and she, throwing a sidelong glance and seeing that she was watched by no one, emboldened and began to look at them in all eyes. Not having experienced the fullness of a male affection, she accepted it quietly first, but then she started to feel a kind of sweet languor, and blood spread over her body with hot streams, her heart was beating hard, as if after running, her breathing became intermittent. Everybody ceased to perceive the existence of time and all surroundings, everything except occurring sexual act, seized the attention and feelings.

Suddenly barin jerked convulsively, his eyes rolled and he groaned, letting out air from the chest. "That’s it" - he sighed heavily and relaxed approached the bench, then he heavily got down on it.

Malashka straightened up, blissfully stretched herself and sat down on another bench. "Natashka, vodka!"- Ordered barin. She slipped into the dressing room, carried on in a tray with a bottle of vodka and a bowl of cucumbers. Barin filled a glass with vodka, drank it at once and crunched a cucumber. Then he poured it again and beckoned Malashka. She came up and routinely drained it as well. Natashka took the same portion after.

"Come here!" - Barin ordered to Froska, pouring her a glass of vodka. She took it and coughed with the first sip, spilling almost all the liquid.

"That’s alright," - barin said with laughter, - You will learn." And he poured for himself another half-glass. Girls eager to please him were giggling, chewing cucumbers.

"Well, Natashka, sing “Barinya”, - barin gave a command and sang hoarsely, clapping his palms. Malashka began to repeat it, and Natashka, putting her hand akimbo and another one rising above her head, walked slowly in a circle, wagging her firm hips and stamping her bare feet to the rhythm.

Gradually the pace of the singing began increasing, and together with that the movements of the girl became faster. Her slender body with a flexible waist was twisting in obscene movements, as if she was yielding to a man. She was like hugging an imaginary partner, her underbelly making upward movements to his cock.

"Come on! – Barin shouted, "Work your tits, move your tits faster!" – And he led the song faster. Natashka began to bounce on the spot, moving her white shoulders. Her full elastic cups of slightly saggy breasts swayed from side to side, tantalizingly shaking her taut peas of pink nipples.

"Make it hotter! - Barin could not stand, he began to dance. The pace of the dance became frenzied. They were dancing just to the voice of Malashka only. Slapping either on the bottom, or then on top of the belly, Natashka yelped, and suddenly grabbed the man's penis at the base and clung to barin, clasping his neck with the other hand. Barin’s penis suddenly appeared between her legs, and she began to drive its head over the wet lips of her sexual organ. For more space and comfort, pushing one leg out to the side, she clasped barin’s legs with it, and he, embracing the girl’s strong ass with both hands and pressing her to him closer, gave her a powerful kiss on the neck and suddenly grabbed her by his arms, he carried her to the bench and throwing her on the back fell on above. Their intercourse was stormy and passionate. Natashka was yielding to him skillfully and selflessly. She threw her legs from behind him and deftly swinging her backside, she was catching his penis to the very bottom by her vagina. At the same time she slightly swayed her hips, creating additional sensations of the living body.

Froska and Malashka were again all eyes watching the picture of the most frank coitus between a man and a woman, usually concealed from somebody’s view, and there it was taking place with such frankness just in front of them. Froska wanted to touch the penis of her barin and feel it her bosom.

Malashka approached them from the side and, kneeling down at their feet, began watching close the male penis diving into vagina. Highly raised and widely spread Natashka’s legs put on the lower back of barin, allowed her to watch the process of copulation, and Malashka used that with pleasure.

Overwhelmed with insurmountable desire, Froska joined them. Quivering with excitement, she watched the slippery fluid wetted male penis easily and freely moving back and forth in the rings of of Natashka’s large genital lips like a mouth sucking it in and immediately throwing it back; and her small lips, like a forked crown, were gripping the upper part of the penis, stretching when it immersed and sticking out at its reverse movement.

Soft skin, fitting the penis, was forming creases with immersion into the vagina; the scrotum, which outlined huge balls, was swinging from the male body movements, gently hitting the buttocks of the girl.

Spellbound with unprecedented show Froska was unable to overcome the desire to touch barin’s penis. At the moments when the bellies of copulating ones parted, she took male’s penis, feeling its moisture, firmness and elasticity. However, she was amazed by the mobility and softness of the covering the tight flesh was moving under.

In the moment, when the bellies became tightly pressed to each other, Froska’s fingers were wedged in the wet and hot flesh of female sexual organ. Barin growled angrily and pushed away extremely curious girl, interfering their action in the moment he began to feel the discharge of semen. Their movements became faster, the pushes stronger, the convulsions passed over both bodies and they had come at the same time.

Barin hardly broke away from the heated body of Natashka and, continuing to breathe heavily, he sat down on the bench. Natashka sat down beside barin and nestled up to his shoulder with hot head. Malashka managed to leap aside, and Froska appeared knelt down between barin’s legs. Terrified, she was waiting for the punishment for her insolence, as fo barin, he was not hasty with the decision.

Relaxed by two just committed acts of sexual intercourse with hot girls, he was feeling languor and was in the good mood.

"Well, come on here, - he ordered, - Warm water and soap!" Natasha ran with a tub of warm water and a piece of scented soap.

"My beauty, wash my sufferer. Can you see him rather sweating, while working?” – Hardly having grinned, he said to Froska and having taken the cock with a free hand, jokingly poked its head on the nose of bewildered girl. Everybody laughed, and Froska fearfully blinked. Barin shoved the soap in her hands, and Malashka poured on the male penis from the tub. Froska began washing it gently.

"Come on, don’t hesitate", - barin cheered her, spreading legs wide apart. Froska put the soap away and began to wash off the lather under running water, pouring by Malashka. Barin’s penis was sliding and fought like a living one, and the head of the cock the size of kid’s fist poked right on the girl’s lips by it’s pink skin. Froska recoiled, but barin pulled Froska’s head to him again.

Then he ordered her: "Kiss, but stronger" - and pressed her lips to his elastic penis head. Froska gave a smacking kiss, and barin repeated that movement several times.

"Now, suck it!" - He gave a command, again moving the face of Froska to his stomach.

"How?" - Dazed and uncomprehending she faltered and looked fearfully at the face of her barin.

"Natashka, the head!" – Barin poked the girl by his shoulder, and she, stooping and pushing Froska away, put the penis head of her barin into her wide open mouth and made a few sucking movements by her jaw and tongue.

Hesitating, Froska put her hand on the penis and open her mouth absorbing the penis head and neck and began sucking. The head was soft and elastic, and her tongue and lips felt hardened like a bone flesh, and she felt that it was alive and trembling.

Strange to say, Froska again felt the excitement and moved her tongue faster over the penis of the male.

"Enough!" - said barin, not wishing to bring it to the seed eruption. He pushed the girl away.

"Now let's make a presentation of the girl Froska!” - He said and got up from the bench, - “Natasha! Show me the goods!"

Natashka took Froska and put her in front of their barin. He began touching her breasts, belly and thighs. And Natashka was saying, "Tits are good, and belly’s juicy, and below lives the pussy!" - Pointing the finger at named parts of the body.

Barin passed a hand over the girl’s belly and thrust the fingers between her legs. "Yep, the pussy’s good enough! May I now check the stuff?" He went on like singing and continued fingering the female sexual organ.

Froska had just experienced sexual arousal, so the touch of barin was pleasant and sensitive. She involuntarily yielded herself to his caresses and spread her legs. But barin moved away, showing a gesture to the bench. Natasha led Froska to the bench, forced her to lie down, saying, "We are happy to be checked, we have nothing to object!"

Natashka and Malashka stood by both sides and having taken her both legs, one by left, another by the right one, they sang: "Here is your desired pussy, if you’re good, you’ll make her juicy!" - They at once raised her legs and spread them wide. The place, till that moment hidden from prying eyes especially male’s ones, opened to the view. Moaning, Froska covered her nude by one hand, and the eyes by another, she was twitching her legs, trying to snatch them, but the girls were holding tight and she had to stop trying. Apparently, all that was provided for by the ritual, because barin averted the struggling girl's hand from the underbelly, singing: "Don’t you hide your sacred treasure, I am giving you a pleasure!". Natashka and Malashka dragged Froska’s body along the bench, moving her ass to the edge where barin was standing. He knelt down and his penis was at the level of the sexual organ of the girl.

"If you have a lovely thing, it’s the time to bring it in," – the girls were singing and barin slowly spread her vulvar lips and began to slide his penis over all its parts from the bottom to the top and back. And then Froska stopped being ashamed of her nakedness, and just felt the desire to feel a man's penis in her womb. She moved the bottom of her belly and backside, trying to catch the head of the cock by her vagina, wet with overwhelmed impatience.

Finally, barin could not resist that voluptuous torture and recessed the head of his dick at the mouth of the vagina, and then forcefully pushed it into the tight virgin depths. Acute instantaneous pain suddenly pierced the girl, forcing her to cry out involuntarily, and then inexplicable bliss had spilled all over the body and she lost all senses of time perception.