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I am standing naked on my all fours with a rag in hand. The mistress puts her foot on my back. "No, Madam, - I reply, - I'll be obedient..." But the lady is already excited: "No, I'll sell you to the women who will wish to humiliate you. You will lick their asses. Three, four, five women, you will lick their panties, you're going to drink their piss, asshole! They will be flogging you with whips, pull the pubis hair, rape in your backdoor. It's going to be a working slot as a whore’s one". The mistress already dragged me to the sofa long ago and shoved my face to her crack, hot and humid. Here she groaned, then pushed my head away and told me to lie down on the linoleum floor. Then she got undressed and stood over me: "Now ask me to take a piss in your mouth..."

I obey, otherwise, I’ll be whipped. Mistress ordered me to get up on my all fours. Warm, odorous urine is poured on the back, shoulders, neck, the buttocks and the hips were sensing her body. Lady got excited to the limit again and took the stranded whip, "Say, you dick, will you be obedient?" "Yes, my love." - I answered with a groan, squirming with mighty hits.

But the lady took a dildo of medium size with belt, strapped it on the level of the pubis, sat down from my behind and put a finger in my ass. The anus was wet, extended and clean. The phallus entered easily. The motions of the mistress were passionate and eager. The base of the penis rested on her pubic knob, stimulating clitoris, and she reveled in the pleasure, working her hips like a man, spitting me over the rubber cock, showering me with slaps and insults. Here the lady has come: "And don't even think about washing without orders. Slave must smell like the urine of his lady..." She patted me on the collar and, swinging her hips, walked out of the room.