Witches' Sabbath

The taxi drove up to Oleg’s Villa, turned around right in front of the entrance, and Oleg disappears with women. I go into the living room where Sveta, as always, is waiting for me. She looks quite unusual, not the way other women do! The tips of the breasts are painted bright red. Her long legs are covered with red fishnet stockings, which are held by garters of the same color, connected to a narrow belt. Bright red high-heeled shoes. The Venus Bosom, covered with beautiful, slightly curly hair, seemed quite black under the soft light of the lamp. I even wanted to ask her about it, because I suspected she used to color it. As always, the hair was neatly trimmed evenly covering the entire surface of the exciting and protruding forward cave.

Quickly undressed, I lay down on the couch and lit a cigarette, waiting for the potion given by Oleg to take hold. I know its effect and relax as much as the presence of Svetlana allows. She is rubbing the skin with strongly smelling oily liquid, after which the naked body of this seductive woman begins to shine as silk.

Finally, the tool began to have the necessary effect, and very soon my dick increased to the size, it never reached under normal conditions. Svetlana leans over me and gently moves the foreskin down. That motion opens filled with blood even more red-blue, hard as bone, head with the thickness confusing even me.

"Can you feel me?" – Svetlana is asking, tenderly stroking the head of my cock with her thin fingers. This professionally executed touch causes, however, a storm of desires, so I have to strain as a string to hold back and not to cum right now, in Svetlana’s hand. But I remembered that the miracle potion has unusual effect, so I’m calming down. Oleg has knowingly worked in his diabolical kitchen, creating there a unique drug allowing to keep up the man’s potency extremely long.

"You are looking so attractive that I do want you, still I am unlikely to be fucked by you today...", - Svetlana sighs, knowing what is going to occur here later. And I believe her words! She straightens up and removes her morning attire from the chair - a black robe embroidered in gold with strange symbols and mythical creatures.

Svetlana throws the robe on clasping it under her neck with matte gleaming brooch. Then she hides the eyes under the mask and pulls on the elbow-length gloves of bright red color. The Sabbath arranged by Oleg in the dark basement under his magnificent Villa can begin.

"Oh-La-La, Oleg has thought up something interesting here!" - involuntarily escaped out of me, when together with Helga I walked into the darkness spreading far into the depths of the vault. My bare feet felt softness and warmth of the thick carpet, and in the flickering light of the torches attached to four massive torch holders to the rough-hewn wall I’m finally recognizing that a few meters away from me the black, brown and white fells scattered on the dark red carpet.

There was a mannequin chained to the cold stone wall. Its hands and legs were tied and it was so reminiscent of a real woman that at first I could not help being startled. Just one wig must have cost a fortune, so naturally a mess of hair hanging over the face and cascading onto the shoulders was looking. The body of the female mannequin was gleaming in the dim light of the torches, it was almost naked, only the belly was slightly covered with a torn shirt with shoulder straps hanging freely in the air.

I come closer and see that I was not mistaken: the bosom of Venus mannequin is really covered with hair. But what struck me the most was the genital organ, made of God knows what in details. "What is this lady supposed to be used for?" - I ask Svetlana. "For nothing... I think it's just a crazy idea of the master of the house. Well, now come on, I still need to place you somewhere. You will be able to have a look around. Moreover the others are not ready yet.

The spot where I was "placed" is advantageous for I could easily watch everything happening in this jungle of pleasure. But I could be seen as well, sitting totally naked with the penis raised high (the women, by the way, confirmed very often that my appearance inflamed their desires).

Svetlana leans down to my feet and latches iron chains with quiet clinking. "Now stretch out your hands... please..." - I hear the voice somewhere aside of me. The chains are coming down clanging and clattering from the dark ceiling of the basement, and I help Svetlana to fix my wrists with heavy cuffs. They are quite narrow, but made so that if necessary one can be easily released.

The chains are passing under my legs having snapped somewhere on the shoulders. Svetlana appears from somewhere in the darkness asking: "Is that all right?" "Yes, all right," - I say, jingling with the shackles. Svetlana laughs and holds out a small pill glowing whitish: "You must swallow it now." "Why?.. What is it?" Svetlana gave out a demonic grin: "Everyone here takes this mixture, prepared by the master. Oh, Victor, you’ll see how strong and passionate you are gonna be with this pill..."

After a few seconds Svetlana appears again, each hand holding a small bowl with thick brushes in. "A bit of coloring for you now," - she said softly, and before I could say something, one of the brushes painted my penis (excluding the head) in a blood-red color. "Now I’m gonna paint your balls in gold", - Svetlana is saying with pleasure and the soft bristle of another brush is already passing over my scrotum.

Svetlana takes the hood out of the folds of the broad robe and hides my head in it, and she wraps the chain-clasp around my neck. I am ready to panic when once again I feel Svetlana’s hands adjusting the hood with the cuts I could watch through what is happening in the hall.

The door to the basement swings open with a crash and a bumping on the wall with muffled sound. Hidden speakers are uttering the mysterious sounds, among them I hear Nicole crying, screaming and protesting loud and clear. Air blowing from behind suggests some movements there occurring and then in my field of vision faint silhouettes of four figures appear wrapped in capes with gold embroidery. They are marching, opening their painted genitals.

Only now I’ve seen Nicole! She was in dark-yellow panties, given by me for this Sabbath. Short and transparent shirt barely covering her belly, under that there is a bra and a belt with long garters with black stockings attached. The girl was dragged past me to two small ground sites towering above the floor. Nicole’s hands are tied behind, her neck ringed with black iron hoop with two large eye rings.

"No, let me go... You people are all crazy here, pigs... What do you want from me... A-Ah... You're hurting me... I want to Victor... Where is Victor?.. What did you do to him?.." Nicole’s voice chokes with screaming. "No... no!" Her wide-open eyes are looking at me unable to recognize and once again she begins to resist, trying to fend off the greedy hands.

The chains are falling down with the noise from the darkness above, the hook snaps and the chain is hung on one of the eye-ring of the iron hoop that goes around Nicole’s slender neck... The chain rattles again, pulling the girl, surrounded by the black robes, to the wall. A terrible scream, mixed up with solid drum beats, comes from the darkness of the basement and makes everyone freeze. But the screaming stopped, and silence is recaptured by the urging rhythm of the drum. The figures with arms upraised and the hoodies opened are coming closer and closer to Nicole.

Black figures in hoodies are being formed in a sort of procession slowly getting closer to the object, I’ve just noticed, standing in the center of the hall. It's a kind of cylinder about one meter diameter. Behind it there is something resembling an altar or sacrificial table is set.

One of the figures separates from the group and goes up to the head of the sacrificial table. The hands in long red gloves are appearing out of the black hoodie undoing the big buckle on the neck... a sharp movement of the shoulders... Trumpets sounding... Muffled drums beating… The hoodie opens and falls down, revealing the shimmering reflections of a female body with barely covered nudity provoking a furious desire to possess and dominate it...

Heavy breasts are swaying in time of the body motions, obeying the louder and more insistent sounds. The nipples are framed with gentle contours of dark red. The belt, the garters and the stockings are of the same color. The hands are also tightened in red elbow-length gloves. The mask on the face is shot with matt-red specks.

However, the camouflage didn't prevent from recognizing the person hiding behind that exciting nudity – that was Karina! She raises her hands high, stretches them up towards the vaults and spreads them a bit as if wishing to embrace someone. The belly and the thighs are pacing up the rotating movements. The music is getting faint gradually until total silence is set.

Through the hood I hear the voice of Karina. Everything she says sounds so wild that I could hardly believe my ears: "Here... look... here I am... your slave... I’m appealing to you... listen to me..." I see Nicole’s calmed down a bit, still her eyes are wide open, but at least she is not trying to break out from the chains. However, I don't understand how the scene just played out with the girl before my eyes could happen. The potion secretly given to her was supposed to have already produced the desired effect and turn Nicole into the woman screaming with lust.

The music is heard again. This is the famous sexy dance of hetaeras, the rhythms of which had the effect of a spark in the dark and the hoodies flew off the bodies of Svetlana and Mary. However, one of the figures, still wrapped in black material, separates from the group of women and fades somewhere into the background still watching the scene with the arms crossed on the chest, and that just enhances mysterious impression of the performance. Apparently, this must be Oleg, I guess, and I'm getting more and more interesting, what role the master of the Sabbath has chosen for himself.

The figures of almost naked women are twitching hell fast, but soon I notice their movements gradually acquiring some sense of purpose. All the things done by Mary are incredibly exciting, and I am seized with wild desire to stick to the body of this wicked woman and to enjoy the depths hiding in her.

So heavy and firm the breasts with protruding nipples of dark red! Their trembling, vibrating swaying to the beat of the dance inflames me more and more, I’m feeling a pleasant ache and tickle somewhere at the bottom, and Mary’s movements are turning into the rapid explosion of feelings.

But the thing I was and I am fascinated with in Mary's body is her pubis of amazing form, completely devoid of hair. This entirely feminine, wonderfully proportioned, matured and open in all its beauty bulge combined with totally naked cave of love of a young untouched girl made me moan involuntary.

Moving in a wild dance, Mary places her legs wide, obviously feeling the pleasure from something she is the only one to know. Shuddering body, constantly making the circular movements, leans back. Mary is now just in front of me, before the altar, the only thing separating us is this strange cylinder with its shiny matte finish.

The girl's body leans back, and the legs are moving even wider apart. Still hidden somewhere in the walls of the basement the dynamics are uttering unusual sounds that fill the space with desire to yield and to take.

"Come, my beloved... come... your slave is calling you... Look at my nudity... behold my passion... get to know my desires..." – Sabina’s crying is spreading through the cascade of flowing sounds of dance.

The figure of the girl is twisting, making circular motions and swaying in time with the pushes of invisible creature. The vulvar lips swollen with desire are revealing blood-red flesh of the genital slit. Vagina hole wide open, and looks like bright red light is coming out of it... “Come, come to me... I'm ready for you... look here... look... Take me and fuck... fuck... deep... hard... Look how I want thee, oh, my Lord… come inside of my body!.."

Suddenly something strange happens! The cylinder surface, just been matte twinkling in the dim light of the torches, suddenly begins to change and reveal some red lines moving, connecting and turning into strange signs. Subtle and barely visible lines of pulsating pentagram are appearing, the red color gradually becomes richer, until it finally begins to glow dark red.

"...Fuck me... please... give me your passion... your juices..." – Mary is screaming convulsing in ecstasy. The lower belly of the girl raised high up and wide open slit froze dazed over the pentagram, emitting pulsating lines of dark red light. Svetlana and Karina froze standing on either side of the table, slightly raising their hands, as if evoking a super-creature.

Crescendo dies, just something like rustling stays broken by someone's voice. It sounds muffled and at the same time so powerfully that I can literally hear vibrating membranes in the speakers.

"I hear you, the daughter of passion! What is your wish?"

The sparks and white smoke came out of both sacrificial bowls.

"Tell me, what do you want?"

Although the voice is clearly changed by various technical tricks, it is easy to recognize Oleg speaking like a ventriloquist.

Mary is twisting, voluptuously throwing far back her head, uttering some sort of grunting moan and shuddering in convulsions.

"We want to make a sacrifice to you..."

The wild howling was heard, filling the entire space of the basement, and I’ve got the impression I’ve really heard a thousand of demons.

The flame in sacrificial bowls blazes up again, highlighting the pale naked bodies of Svetlana and Karina.

"...Accept our sacrifice, oh, Lord of passion!.."

Again the muffled sounds are heard, turning into the howl and the noise, and then the thunder of the drumming is falling upon.

"...I accept your sacrifice... Give me the one suffering from passion and not having any obstacles."

The bloodcurdling howl escaped from the speaker is fading into tumultuous laughter. At this moment, where there was nothing but darkness with barely discernible wall of the basement, a shining spot appears, first almost invisible, but every moment increasing in size and emitting bright golden light.

"You may start... bring the sacrifice..." – I hear the shouts of Svetlana and Karina, who seem to be seized with the same ecstasy. Mary straightens up of certainly not very convenient position, and all three of them are hugging, stroking and caressing each other, becoming a solid ball of convulsing twitching bodies.

Red light is flashing. Its beam pulls Nicole out of the darkness. From this suddenness she flinches and tries to shield herself. Although the girl did not understand the meaning of all the words and the cries, but, being now in the spotlight, she guessed something definitely connected to her is going to happen.

Suddenly, the golden projection of the pentagram turns off, the wall disappears like a curtain pushed to both sides. And here is Oleg, wrapped in a black loose overall with the hood pulled down over his eyes.

I can't believe my eyes: the entire back wall is occupied with enlarged image... of the female sexual organ, illuminated by small spotlights. Open vulvar lips and the clitoris of the size of a human head were vibrating and waiting... Dark red light was going out from somewhere of the depths of the open genital slit, and a giant male penis protruded out, with thick, heavy and blood flushed head with Horst sitting on.

"Don't... don't..." - , Nicole mumbles in French, stuttering.

Oleg is getting up slowly coming almost with the Royal dignity to the women.

Nicole’s eyes begin flaring up with fear again: "Don't... please, don't... Victor, where are you, Victor?.." The girl's voice sounded helpless and with a sort of resignation.

Gradually I'm starting to worry about her, understanding something’s wrong with Oleg’s miracle potion, because Nicole would have reacted differently.

The procession approached Nicole and stopped. Oleg before her, and the women a bit aside. Black hoodie is falling down. Nicole screams seeing Oleg completely naked, just with the mask hiding his eyes. I see stunned Nicole looking down there... Oleg moved just a little bit. His cock, incredibly huge and swollen with blood, sticks out like a big stake, shining red at that.

"No, no, let me go..." - Nicole is panting with fear.

The women step back a little and Karina comes up to me. Finally! Narrowing her eyes, she gently slides over my penis still sticking out like a good police baton and wraps its head softly. That touch drives me almost mad, and I'm twitching on the clanking chains.

"How was it? You like it so much..." - she sighs dreamily and gently runs a finger nail around the penis head, slightly opens a tiny hole at the top and get there in just a bit. My body is shivering and twisting as if pierced by lightning. Having closed my eyes, I understand and wish nothing else but the touch of these experienced, soft and gentle hands. I gave myself up to the storm of emotions that captured me and carrying into somewhere far far away.

"Oh, I see, you like it... hang on, I'll do it again..." Karina’s hand in a bit rough glove is sliding over the cock again, but now down to the scrotum, skillfully touching over its contents and driving me almost to the loss of consciousness. Finally she let me off, seeing that even it's awfully nice to me, but I can suffocate under that stupid hood.

"Take that damn hood off me..." - I shout through the cloth covering my mouth. Karina shakes her head negatively, and rubbing my naked body with her chest slightly wet with sweat. Seeing my eyes rolled with pleasure, she is pressing her nipples harder to me: "Not yet... I'll do it only after Nicole feels the desire and stops seeking you". "By the way, what happens to Nicole? – I ask. - I gave her the potion, but I can't understand why it's not working?"

And then I could hear again Nicole crying and squealing. Oleg is standing tightly pressed to her, his hands groping beautiful young body of the "victim" bending and deflecting in a vain attempt to resist as far as the chains let her do it.

Maria and Svetlana are a little bit behind her, and their hands are touching avidly this young body, the womb of love concealed by yellow panties yet. Oleg's fingers penetrate between Nicole’s wide set thighs, and she squeals aloud.

"This goes as it should," - says Karina, her fingertips caressing my flesh. "You see, Oleg gave Nicole another potion as well... Let her feel a little fear, it will not hurt".

Oleg runs his fingers deeper between the body and the panties. Then his hand reaches for the elastics, stretching them more and more, until they are torn with a terrible cracking sound, and the thin fabric slides down over Nicole’s hips. Svetlana’s hands grabbed the bared breasts, not too big, but protruding forward with the nipples sticking out. Mary pulls the straps of the torn shirt off the shoulders of the "victim". I guess, Nicole is hurt, because she screams again. Svetlana and Mary have got total control over the girl’s breasts, one from below, another from above, running their hands over the hollow between these two lovely bowls.

"Leave me... let me go..." – Nicole is resisting desperately. But greedy hands go on touching and squeezing these nice, firm breasts. The nipples are becoming harder, and hemispheres seem to be growing in size, as if suffused with juice and desire.

"Yes, it must be like this... Now her real desire is awakening," – I hear Karina’s heavy whispering, and she squeezes my dick terribly hard.

Nicole is screaming, but Oleg does not let her off and keeps on playing with her clitoris and vulvar lips. The "victim" throws her head back screaming and this movement lets me guess Oleg has got far inside of her with his hairy hand.

"Do something! That's crazy!" – I shout to Karina. She is just grinning. Svetlana and Mary are greedily sucking Nicole’s nipples, which can be compared now with two glowing red-hot small rods framed with dark circles of fading sparks just pulled out of the furnace.

"Look," - I hear again Karina’s whispering broken with excitement – “Look at how lustful our baby has become". "And what about fear?" "Oh, honey, she just doesn't know a thing. Trust me, Victor, nothing bad is gonna happen to her. I have several times had taken this potion. Its effect is just fantastic! Imagine, one day, I happened to be subdued by four guys at once... at the same time, do you get it? I felt awfully pleasant, and then it just seemed like all that had been a dream and nothing else. So don't worry..."

Karina lets me off and disappears, but the next moment, once again I feel the delicate fingers spreading my buttocks. With bated breath I’m waiting for what's supposed to happen now... I feel hot breathing and tender lips... They kiss the tiny hole of my anus, then a tongue is getting there...

There was position exchange over Nicole. Oleg came from behind. Svetlana and Maria stood in front, having knelt down, and the mouth of each of them is trying to reach Nicole’s vagina. Their tongues are wriggling like snakes. The low belly of the "victim" is twitching wildly, and she screams. And now I know what she shouts! This is definitely far from good language!

This moment Karina’s hot lips are gently stroking the socket of my anus. Pleasant feeling swept over me, making everything inside of me move, open, contract, submit to the demanding caresses of experienced tongue, enjoy and yield to stormy and hot flow that engulfed my whole body and my whole essence...

I guess, Oleg is doing the same thing to Nicole. He grabbed the hips of the "victim" with his hands. Convulsive movements of the belly are getting more and more intensified. There are just chewing and sucking sounds Svetlana and Mary are uttering and muffled snuffling of the master sticking to Nicole’s body.

Karina’s tongue has become quite solid, she quickly hits the tip into my convulsing anus. Gentle "sting" catches these movements, adapts to them, slightly gets inside and then back again. She is licking over the round socket, framing the entrance, then gets inside, and the strongest wave of desire pierces me through and holds on.

Oleg moves away from Nicole doing something behind her. Crying again. The girl’s low belly moves waving forward as far as the chains allow. Mary removes her hand off Nicole’s hip, she is slowly coming to Svetlana standing next to her and, touching her gorgeous ass, slides down... a subtle movement meaning agreement, and Mary’s fingers already disappear between Svetlana’s legs.

Suddenly, a scream is heard, but not human, rather savage, and the movements of Oleg half hidden behind Nicole let me understand what has happened. Karina is standing before me, licking her lips over with shameless grin.

"Now, your Nicole is going to scream and shout not with pain and fear, but rather lust and sensuality. Just a few moments more, and you will see what this woman is in reality..."

"Then untie me or take off this stupid hood at least!" – I demand of Karina. "Wait... you just have to wait until Nicole is completely ready. Otherwise, she is still able to recognize you... Look, I think the potion is already having the effect!"

And she was right.

The changes in Nicole’s behavior were becoming more and more noticeable every moment at a time. Her body was no longer writhing with the fear of the forthcoming events, it was rather convulsing in pleasant agony.

"Oh-La-La! That’s it... yes... more... Oh-La-Lala!.." - Nicole was obviously bursting with the feeling of pleasure. She was becoming more and more pliable to the movements of Svetlana and Mary, at the same time trying to press tighter with circular movements to the penis of Oleg, whose hands firmly seized the breast and the bosom of the "victim". And suddenly the vaults of the basement shuddered with inhuman cry of Nicole: she convulsed as orgasm pulsed through her.

Oleg comes up to me and Karina. "Well, Victor, what can you say about the holiday?" - "Yeah, your fantasy has worked perfectly. Just tell me, was it really necessary to bring Nicole to such fear?" Oleg nods, and his hands greedily grab the chest of his wife: “She has beautiful breasts, hasn’t she? Oh, man, for me these are the most beautiful tits in the world! And Nicole?.. The nature has done her out of her share ". Oleg leans over Karina stroking and slightly pinching thick nipples.

"Well, now let’s celebrate the sacrifice. Let’s fuck so hot that the demons in hell will go crazy!" Oleg suddenly bends down and his mouth grabs the head of my dick. “Hey, Hey,” – Laughing, I protest against such treatment. “What does it mean? Have you changed you profile?" Oleg lets me off and smirks hugging Karina again: "Of course, no. But one always wants to get to know the unexplored things. Karina has dreamed about your baton so often, and I’ve decided to check, why she is so attracted."

"So what?" - asks Karina and grabs our penises with her hands. "Oh, I still love woman's wet pussy or nice ass much better..." - says Oleg. "And I’m eager to play with two cocks... It's just so amazing to deal with two such things... But now, I think, a shot of whiskey is exactly what we need".

Oleg disappeared, and then the music began flowing, but quite of another sort. It was still rhythmic and insistent, but now there was no call to violence, cruelty and mystical experience. Karina frees me from the chains, and I see they are doing the same with Nicole. The women removed the fetters and led her to the altar.

Oleg is already there, holding up his hands with a vessel for drinking, the lower part of which is a skull, glowing red light from inside. "Let's go", - Karina pulls me. She turns to me and grins. "You may feel safe to insert your finger in my ass. I love when I have something in there when walking. Come on, come on!" - Karina literally demands it, quickly leans forward and purrs with pleasure when I push my middle finger into the hot and wet hole.

"I'm a victim..." - says Nicole raises the ominous skull to her lips and... drinks. "Brrr..." - she says with a frightened face passing me the strange vessel from hand to hand. I carefully sip and it seems to me I’m drinking the bile, but the next moment the taste sensation changes and pleasant warmth is spreading over the body. I see the same is happening to Nicole.

"This is my magic drink," - Oleg smiles and passes the skull on. – “It makes a man strong. You, Victor, will need it today." "You think..." - I cut the sentence, because I suddenly feel powerful desire rising in me and breaking all the internal barriers. And I press Mary, standing closest to me, to the altar, and she obediently leans over and lay her snow-white body onto the blood-red fell.

Nicole, clearly experiencing the same storm of feelings, draws Oleg to her and lies down next to Mary head to head, she raises her legs high and spreads them...

"Come to me, push it inside, fuck me!" - Mary cries invitingly and bends toward me, parting her swollen vulvar lips so that one can see pale red flesh, covered with thin layer of moisture, and the first drop of erotic juice is leaking out of alluring hole.

"Come on, come to me, I'm all burning... I want you!" - She is literally begging and screaming voluptuously when I’m getting in with the first push. "So good... Oh-Oh-Oh" - Mary is fidgeting her hands over the fur fell, and her vagina tightly gripped me. Then the muscles relax to squeeze me again...

Oleg is getting into Nicole with long and slow thrusts until she starts to whine and bend her stomach in a wild movement, helping the partner to reach the bottom.

Svetlana is standing behind between Oleg’s legs uttering just some mumbling and purring sounds: she has nothing more pleasant than watching ongoing things, and at that she’s getting everything she could get during intercourse.

"Let me lick you!" - Lying under me, Mary shouts out and turns to Karina, who spread her thighs wide, going down and moving her blood-red and swollen from waiting vulvar lips to help Mary...

The Witches’ Sabbath is in full swing under the trembling light of the torches in the depths of the basement!

Nicole screams again, but now these are approving and sharp screams, she is uttering in the highest degree of ecstasy in time with rhythmic movements of Oleg’s huge penis.

Pushing Maria aside, Karina turns to me. "Come on and fuck me for real, cum in me... You know the effect of the potion may finish quickly, so let's..." - She ignites me, and I feel the vagina of this insanely sensual woman squeezing my dick like iron hoop. "Come on, get in... I want to feel your juice... spray it in... I can't wait... hit me with your jet!"

I’m moving my middle finger in Karina’s anus beginning to stroke the head of my penis through the thin partition. "Yes! Yes! Do like that... This is awfully pleasant... Now you fuck me for real!.." – Karina is whispering almost breathless. The movements grow faster and faster... “Harder... deeper... thrust it right through, I loved it!.." "Yes... here... now... now... Ah-Ah-I!.. again... a little more... Oh-Oh-Oh!.. Come on, spray it in!.. A-Ah... Here it comes… Ah-Ah-Ah!" - She howled when the hot powerful jet of sperm splashed out of me into the farthest depths of the vagina...