Holiday Camp Occasion

This story took place in the summer of 1987. My wife and I decided to go to the camp to have a rest. We were 29 years old and we had been five years married. We still didn’t have children.

We gathered, took some food and several bottles of port, loaded it in our Zaporozhets and set off. The holiday camp consisted of a group of cottages located in the woods on the bank of the river twenty kilometers far from our city. We had left at 9 AM, and about ten we were at the entrance to the camp site. I immediately noticed that no one was seen there - as if everyone died out. And then I realized that there were no people because everyone was afraid of radioactive contamination - Chernobyl was 200 km away from there, and the explosion had occurred a year ago! I explained that to my wife and we got out of the car to look around.

It turned out that someone still was there. We saw a man of about 35, who was going to fry fish in the common outdoor kitchen. We approached him and said Hello. He said that his name was Gena and offered us to choose any house to stay in. I chose the nearest house. Meanwhile, seeing the fish, my wife asked our new acquaintance whether there were boats. “Of course there is”, - replied Gena and offered her to go boating. “Well, dear, unpack our things by now, and I'll be back soon”, - Lena told me. With those words, my dear wife left with Gena to the river.

I have to say, that I belong to that rare class of men, who are completely deprived of such feeling as jealousy. I don't know why – maybe, because I love my wife and am sure she will not leave me, maybe, because I want her to feel good. I knew she had had a friend, and I also had had sex with the guy who was my friend. After the wedding, I told my wife about it and she told me about her friend. So I started to bring our belongings to the house, when the door of the neighboring house opened and I realized that there was someone else living there. A guy of about 25 came out and asked me if I wanted to have a drink. “Why not”, - I said, and came into his house. There were three guys a little older. I greeted them and we got acquainted. Their names were Nicholas, Victor and Michael, the one who opened the door was Oleg. There were three bottles of wine and snacks on the table. We sat down and drank for our acquaintance, then we had a snack and another drink. The wine didn’t make me drunk, but pleasantly excited. I said my wife and me came there to have a rest, and Mike asked how I could let my wife go with Gena so easy. “What if he fucks her there?” – he asked me with a grin. “I'm not jealous”, - I said, - “If she feels good about it, I do not mind”. Then Victor asked, if he fucks her in the mouth, how I would kiss her after that. “As usual”, - I replied, not feeling a catch in his words. “Oh, so you're a girl”, - he concluded for some reason. He stood up, came to me and pulled down his trousers along with the panties. I was facing his big dick about 19 cm long and about 4 to 5 cm thick. I have almost the same size, and when I saw his dick hard, mine started to get up as well. I hadn’t said a word, as he rested the head of his dick right against my lips. My mouth involuntarily opened and his cock entered me up to the throat. Not to choke, I made a swallowing motion and his cock slipped right into my throat! Then he began to fuck me in the mouth, holding on to my ears. I rested my hands against his legs, but I couldn’t break free, as Victor was still holding on to my ears. Then I noticed the rest of the guys slowly getting undressed, and with their standing dicks approaching me waiting. I shuddered realizing they were waiting to screw me! And only after that I had seen they all had tattoos on the hands and on the bodies, and two of them had small balls sewn under the skin of their dicks. I realized that either they had been recently released, or they escaped from prison then staying in the deserted place with no people around. Indirectly, my thoughts were confirmed by their standing dicks, it was clear they had long been abstaining from sex. And as soon as that thought flashed in my mind, his cock suddenly grew in size and began to pulse. That was Victor cumming right down my throat. Just once I had had such experience, it was my friend I asked to cum into my mouth just of pure interest and it had been ten years ago. I didn’t like the salty taste of sperm and sensations in common, so I'd never tried it again. But at that time nothing depended on me and I swallowed it all. The taste was different, and at that moment I liked the taste and the whole procedure. I felt my cock got up, and the pants and the speedos only hindered. I suddenly wanted to try the dicks of the other guys and taste their sperm. As soon as Victor pulled his cock out of my mouth, I stood up and began to undress hastily. The guys were waiting silently. I realized that they were going to have me, roughly speaking, to fuck, but in a strange way, that thought just aroused me. I took all the clothes off at once and came to the bed. As I approached it, I was pushed on the back. I fell on my knees, leaning against the bed with my hands and knees and felt someone smeared up my anal opening with something. Then I felt something huge pressed to my anus and got inside, pushing the way through. I looked back and saw it was Nicholas. He firmly took my hips and pushing, literally put me on his cock. Then he began to fuck me evenly and at full length, holding on to my hips. He slightly turned me aside, and I saw Michael’s dick right before my face. He immediately grabbed me by the ears, put me on his big cock and began to fuck me actively in the mouth. Oleg was waiting for his turn, and Victor left somewhere. First I felt a little hurt, but soon the pain was gone, the back was warmed up, and I felt good. I started making upward movements and stroking Michael’s powerful legs, thighs and ass. “You're a good girl”, - he said approvingly, patting me on the head. I didn't notice that he called me "a girl", I focused on the sensations. I was pleased, the movements of the cock in my mouth were added to the sensations of the cock in my ass, and I thought where my wife was? God forbid, she would come in and see me threaded on two cocks. At that moment I did not realize we were both at the mercy of those criminals.

Then I heard the door opened, and I saw it was my Lena, accompanied by Victor and Gena. She saw us and stopped abruptly, but Victor and Gena took her by the hand, led her in and seated her opposite the bed, where Nicholas and Michael were fucking me. She opened her mouth and screamed, “What are you doing, let him go right now!” Victor told her: "Don't worry, we’ve already made him our girl, you see, we are fucking him and he is pleased”. My wife looked closer and noticed that I was not trying to escape. Michael’s dick was running over inside my throat and I noticed my wife looking at me with her mouth open a bit, and Gena’s hand was stroking her legs and the chest, while Victor's hand had passed under her dress caressing her clitoris. “What are you doing, don't touch me, let me go”, - My wife began to beg them. Gena immediately undid the buttons of her dress and gently took it off. I saw Lena was already without panties and a bra for some reason. She started to fidget her legs, trying to escape, and groaned begging me for help. Having heard her supplication, I jerked, trying to get up, but Nicholas and Michael squeezed me even tighter, having put me deeper on their dicks. I couldn't move and realized that I couldn’t escape and do anything, and that my wife and I were entirely at their mercy. That thought, no matter how strange it was, turned me on even better. I stopped resisting, relaxed and yielded to the guys totally. I saw Victor stimulating her clitoris with his hand, and heard her plea for help abruptly broke off and was replaced with moaning when Oleg pushed the head of his dick to her lips and thrust the cock in her mouth. When he began to fuck her slowly in the mouth, Lena rested first against his legs in the attempt to move away, just like I did, but very soon her hands relaxed and fell down on the bed. At that time Gena was caressing her breasts, and Victor continued to excite her clit. When Oleg moved away to get undressed, I saw my wife involuntarily stretched out her legs, spread them wide shamelessly and began to breathe rapidly. The guys got off the bed and quickly threw off all the clothes. Lena never moved. She kept on looking at how two big guys were fucking her husband. I saw Victor took her legs, lifted them up and put them on his shoulders. He put his big cock into her vagina deep to the balls, and began working with his pelvis, his hands caressing her breasts at the same time.

Since I had realized that my wife saw the other huge cocks entering my mouth and the ass, and I didn’t have power to resist, for some reason I got horny, my cock stiffened like made of stone. For some reason the sight of the same guy, that had just raped me, fucking my wife, and that I couldn’t do anything to stop it excited me even greater. I began to moan and make upward movements to Nicholas. My wife noticed it, and, perhaps, that turned her on as well, for she groaned and began to reach out to Oleg’s dick. Oleg immediately moved closer to her, put his penis in her mouth and began to fuck. When Oleg pulled his cock out of her mouth and they put her in doggy-style on the bed, I was so excited with that sight and with the fact I was actually raped (still I didn’t resist any longer), that I started to cum. I tensed, they squeezed me harder, I started to shake and the jets of sperm flew out of my cock over my legs and the bed. At the same time Michael had groaned and cum abundantly in my mouth. I swallowed all his cum, licked his cock over and as soon as he got out of bed, I felt Oleg’s dick got right into my throat. I looked aside and saw my wife’s eyes wide opened with amazement. She had seen and was convinced that I was really pleased being fucked. She saw I felt good when one was cumming in my mouth and I had cum myself, and then, standing in doggy-style on the bed, she willingly and passionately was taking Victor’s dick in her ass, and Gena was working on her mouth. That spectacle, when my beloved wife was fucked from both sides, made my cock get up again. When Oleg and Nicholas both began to cum into me, I felt two warm jets splashing in me I had cum as well. “Now we have abused you properly”, - Nicholas told me. “Why do you say “abused”,” - I asked him, wearily lying on the bed. “Because, - he said, - That you now you like to be fucked and now you will not be able to refuse any man!”

I listened to my feelings and realized that he was, as awful as that was, right! Indeed, my mouth had the taste of semen and the lips still kept the sensing of a dick, and I wanted to repeat it again. However, my ass was hurt a little, but the pain quickly subsided. I got out of bed and dressed. I went to the toilet. Returning from there, I washed in the shower outside and came back into the house. Lena was already sitting on Oleg’s dick, Nicholas was fucking her from behind in the ass, and Victor in the mouth. She was moaning clearly with pleasure. Gena and Michael were sitting at the table, drinking wine and eating sausages, in general, refreshing themselves. I joined them and drank a big glass of wine. I got immediately tipsy and felt good. Looking at the bed I saw and heard Oleg and Nicholas cumming. Lena turned over and lay on her back, having spread her legs wide and shameless, and Victor’s dick appeared in her mouth again. Having looked closely, I noticed that my wife’s vagina was pouring Oleg’s sperm. I wanted to give pleasure to my wife and to feel the taste of sperm again, so I knelt down between the legs of my wife, bent down and began to lick her hole thoroughly, swallowing every drop of Oleg’s sperm. I felt my wife was pleased much with that, she began to move her pelvis actively and strained her legs, lifting the ass. At that moment I felt soft and absolutely painless entering of a dick in my ass. I slightly turned my head and saw it was Gena’s penis. Surprisingly, his cock got into my ass with no pain, although it was about 20 cm long and about 5 cm in diameter. “Obviously, my anus increased in diameter”, - I thought. Having grabbed my hips, he pulled me back a little, and then my place between Lena’s legs was taken by Michael, who thrust his dick to the balls right into the same spot I had licked so diligently.

I was thinking there will be no ending and their sexual power was infinite, when I was put my back down. Victor put my legs on his shoulders and inserted his dick in my ass and Gena, having taken his cock out of my ass, put it immediately in my mouth, letting me feel how stiffen it was, not so hard as before but good enough. When he started to cum in my mouth, I realized the quantity of the sperm was less than before. I got used to sperm swallowing, and the process became nice to me and excited much. Besides, I got to know, that the awareness of the fact I was being had and used for pleasure was rather pleasant and exciting as well. So I was gradually learning new things about myself.

I looked out the window and became surprised - it was evening already. Probably, something had slipped out of my memory, or I happened to have lost my consciousness for some time, or something had been added into the wine. “It’s late”, - I said to the guys, - “We’d rather had a rest”. They both willingly volunteered to walk me, though our house was close to their place. “We’ll give your spouse back in the morning”, - Said Gena. “She is hot – the first time she yielded to me on the beach at the river”. “So that's why she hadn’t her panties and the bra on when she was being undressed”, - I thought and followed them outside. For some reason they walked me away to another row of houses. “Why are you dragging me over here”, - I asked. “Because we are not alone suffering here without girls”, - replied Michael. I understood they had decided to give me to someone for the night, but I did not object - I was already wishing to be had. We walked up the stairs to the house, the door opened and I was pushed inside without an explanation. The door shut behind me with a click. The guys stayed outside.

I looked around and saw two men of about 45-50. Interested, they looked at me and the one sitting on the right side slapped his hand on the bed as if inviting to take a seat. I came over and sat down looking at them as well interested. They did not tell me their names, as well as did not ask mine. “You've already got acquainted to the guys, haven’t you?” - asked the one sitting next to me, having put his hand intimately on my lap. I blushed, bent my head down and said “Yes!” “That's just fine, take your clothes off, you're our girl for this night," - he said. “Why not, what could be wrong with it”, - I thought, and began to undress. Moreover, I suddenly felt I wanted that. Although I got undressed quickly, they turned out to be faster. I suddenly found myself standing on my knees on the rug on the floor. One of them in one move thrust his cock into my ass, and the second one slowly inserted his cock in my mouth. I almost choked, but he took my ears in his hands and began fingering and stroking them. I got pleased, so I was trying to swallow his cock deeper in, and then his cock suddenly penetrated right into my throat. Having felt that, he thrust his dick in my mouth to the ground and began to fuck me. They had been fucking me all night long in different positions. They both had cum at least three times each. I happened to feel hurt sometimes, but I could not break away, so my body went all limp, and the pain had gone. In the end, I had even cum once, and then flaked out.

I woke up in the morning, they both were somewhere away. I dressed quickly, left the house and saw my wife beside the car. She was completely dressed as well and was looking around - looking for me. I rushed to the car, opened it, and we jumped in. I started the engine and we rushed back home. No one was going to stop us... I asked my wife if she liked that. She didn't answer just smiling. But then she told me, that if she knew I like to be had, she wouldn't have married me. However, after about a year her anger subsided, she got used to reality, and sometimes we are still arranging group sex in various combinations. I also noticed that she was ready to endure my being had at her view, but only if she was being fucked at that moment as well. After that occurrence, except for two mistresses I’m dating with once per several months in turn, I got two more friends, the guys, who fuck me in the ass and in the mouth from time to time. But, unfortunately, since then I have experienced such hot and spicy sensations, when I’m at the mercy of somebody, never more.