Louise is my colleague in the editorial. She is of that type of women, who like to get everything at once. She is a beautiful young woman, full of dignity and giving the impression of a forbidding rock. Such women do not tolerate weak men, they appreciate only strong ones. Still they love men to fall down at their feet. Our points of view differed much on that, but nevertheless, I have been wishing her for a long time. I'm not one of those skirt-chasers. I know my own worth and I love to win over the women such as Louise. "Yes-women" never evoke desire in me.

We had been working with Louise side by side for almost three months, but we never gave either word, or gesture to each other for lustful thoughts. However, being an expert in female psychology, I felt that she was attracted to me, and throughout our acquaintance period I had a subconscious belief that our intimacy was just a matter of time. As it often happens, that occurred all of a sudden...

We were coming back from the neighboring town, having been there on journalistic business, late at night. Our boss was driving, the front passenger seat was occupied by his assistant director, Louise and I occupied the back seat. We were chattering, discussing the future material, but gradually I felt that Louise was becoming less and less interested in that kind of talking and she was thinking about something else. It wasn’t hard to guess what her thoughts were about. Someone, perhaps, would not have noticed inviting sparkles in her eyes, but I was no longer a boy. Our hands found each other and, using the fact that our bosses were absorbed in their conversation, I was stroking gently her warm and tender hand. When we got to the city, I knew exactly what our relationship will develop in with lightning speed.

The next day, left tet-a-tete in the office, we met each other’s eyes and... in a moment, I was already squeezing her perfect body in passionate embrace. Our lips met and she dug into my mouth with her hot and wet tongue. Those moments of bliss were interrupted by the footsteps behind the door, reminding us where we were. The rest of the working day was going on with transient touching and kissing. I no longer doubted I would possess that woman-the-dream.

I often accompanied Louisa home after work, but that day it was clear without words. She lived with her mother, but that day was obviously our day, as her mother left the day befor to the relatives to the capital for a week. I didn't even wait for the invitation to come in - it was self-evident. In her apartment, we didn’t fall upon each other, like lovers after a long separation. Having had knife and fork tea (not with candles, but with good music), I invited her to dance. I could hardly hold back my desire, trying to prolong the pleasure. She was feeling and doing the same. We were people who knew a lot about real carnal love, so we enjoyed every moment of dancing, every touch of our excited bodies, every easy kiss not allowing the passion to overwhelm us.

Having had such five minutes bliss, Louise, slyly smiling, went to the shower. I lounged on the sofa, and, covering my eyes, went on thinking about the upcoming intimacy, when she reappeared in the room. I had never seen her like that! She was a QUEEN! And she was to be mine! The only thought was igniting involuntary movement in my pants. I pulled Louise to me and began to shower her beautiful body with kisses. She had a light translucent dress with a glimpse of beautiful black silk underwear. I couldn't control myself any longer, yeah, and Louise was already turned on as well. Slowly putting her on the sofa, I kissed her lips and, having found her tongue with mine, I began to tickle it gently. Passionate moans were telling she wanted more. I wanted that as well, but that day I decided to show all my best.

Showering her neck and shoulders with kisses, I was slowly freeing her from clothes and soon her dress became down on the floor, opening to my eyes her beautiful body in black bra, lace belt with stockings and half-translucent panties. Tenderly having released her one breast from silk, I soaked her swollen nipple by my tongue and began to lick it. My second hand was slowly sliding over the inner side of her thigh, getting higher on and on to the very center of her pleasure source.

Moaning Louise was stroking my hair with one hand and the second hand squeezed her other breast, gradually baring it. When the second breast was bared, I clung my lips to it and began sucking the nipple. Next came the turn of her belly. I held on a little licking her navel, and went on lower. By that time my hand had already penetrated under the panties and I was stroking the soft and wet flesh, evoking further moaning of my Queen. Having explored her body from front, I carefully turned Louise on her stomach and continued to shower her body with kisses. I liked her sweet and elastic butt best of all. I had never met a woman with such a beautiful butt. Prolonging the pleasure, I was licking her buttocks, not getting closer to the anus, but the way she squirmed was telling she wanted me to kiss her there. I was eager to do it, still I did not dare, because in our area oral sex had always been considered as taboo. I had already had rather big experience of oral sex, but I didn't know how Louise would like it, so I decided not to risk that to spoil everything. I slowly took off her panties and, having turned her with the back down, I kissed her on the lips, simultaneously running a hand between her legs. All that time I had remained dressed. But, apparently, Louisa was not very happy with that, and as soon as she turned facing me, she turned me on my back and started to do the same I was doing to her. I was just getting high with pleasure when her wet tongue was running over my hot body, getting down on and on. However, she didn’t go below the lower abdomen. I was twisting groaning and trying to touch her face with my stiffened dick, but I couldn’t. I stroked the hair on her head and tried to push her gently to my cock. She didn't protest but didn't give up to my impulses. However, I did not despair, feeling that sooner or later it would occur, I just needed to make the first move. I pulled her hips closer so that they appeared next to my face, and threw her one leg over me. Then her pussy burning with desire was right above my face and I began to kiss and lick all around, avoiding just the very center. Meanwhile, Louise continued to kiss my stomach. I felt that a little more and I would not be able to hold back kissing her pussy, but everything happened naturally. Moaning and squirming voluptuously, Louise just sat down on my face, I grabbed her waist and buried my mouth in the most desirable part of her body. She howled with pleasure and, vigorously moving her pelvis, started to rub her pussy over my face. At that moment all boundaries were destroyed, and I began to lick her most precious thing with pleasure, thrusting my tongue into the hot wet flesh. After a few seconds I felt my cock turned out to be at the mercy of her mouth and she eagerly swallowed it to the ground. It was something indescribable! We didn't have to restrain ourselves! We were at the mercy of each other! Having felt Louise would soon reach the top of pleasure, I began to help my tongue with the fingers, penetrating them into her both slits. In a few seconds Louise gave a long-drawn-out groan and, not letting my cock out of her mouth, she started to squirm in convulsions, abundantly irrigating my mouth with her sweet liquid. A few seconds after I exploded as well! Feeling the orgasm coming, I tried to free my cock out of her mouth, but Louise pressed her lips even tighter, and I had no choice but to cum right in. Having stayed in that position for about a minute, we turned to face each other and had long been kissing and stroking our bodies.

I've had a lot of women in my life, but I have never experienced such stormy orgasm! After a few minutes of smoking a cigarette, we resumed our caresses. We still had a lot to experience that night, and we did not miss anything, not a single movement, not a single kiss, not a sigh and not a single orgasm! And we had plenty of such nights later on...

It’s been six months, as Louise has got married to our patron, but sometimes we still allow ourselves to repeat those beautiful moments, when you feel as if your heart will not stand the flood of happiness...

P. S. This story had really taken place in my life... However, why “had”? It is still going on! :-)