Long-awaited happiness

Well, I have got it. Finally! You are strong and courageous! You have handsome and slender body, and facial features. Dirty looks of women passing by are aimed at you, they all envy me. "How could that bitch get such a stud?" - They think, drilling me through with their angry and envious eyes. But I'm just getting excited with that. They are unable to understand what it means to be a woman.

Now, everything is going to be right now. I’ve been going to that so long. I've been waiting for that so long. Gray summer night has descended down on the sleepy city. A small cozy apartment met us with the hot breath of the day locked in concrete walls. Light – why? You come to me. Light dress is rustling embracing the darkness of the night, filled with strained breathing and beating, escaping from the bodies and the hearts. Strained body and muscles are playing in the dance of passion. It is my pleasure and I’m slowly getting drunk. I can afford it now. I can.

I'm leaving you alone – I’m going to the bathroom. No, you don't need to follow me. Do not rush. This night is mine and it’s gonna be a long one. Water wraps my body in coolness, forcing the nipples of the strained chest to wince. My body is perfect. It hasn't changed much over the last six years, but now it's in harmony with nature.

Harmony. In anticipation of what I have been going to through all my life, I’m remembering the laughter and the offences. School. They are laughing. I am a girl. No girlfriends and boyfriends. Boys don't accept me, I'm a stranger for girls as well. Just him. Young PE teacher, who dragged me into the locker room. He tore off my clothes. Roughly, very roughly he turned me around and entered me with his all in. It hurts. That was the moment I realized I'm a woman.

Institute. Everything was different there. I was attending classes wearing tight dresses, just placing cotton-wool in the bra cups – the last, but missing detail. But the courting of young students to a cute girl had been staying just a flirting game.

Now. Do not hurry up. I’m lubing my “pussy” with soft and fragrant cream. I shut the water and throw a soft towel on entering the dark room. Having turned off the lights in the small corridor, I find myself in the rays of glowing TV screen. The latter program was over, perhaps, two hours ago. Why do you need it? You want to look at me. I'm here, have a look. Do you admire me?! My legs, my chest. Yes, I have a slim figure. Now, I’m just putting the towel down. Your hand caresses my back rubbing the drops of water I didn’t wipe off. The warmth of a hand appears at my lower belly, causing the animal desire to cuddle up to you with my whole burning body.

Not so long ago you would have rather shied away from me, but now… Now you're mine, you caress me and I feel the touch of your stiffened penis to the silky skin of my thigh. Your kisses are intoxicating, and you are not the only one unable to hold back the waterfall of passion, this storm of impending junction.

Nipples. Your tongue is making these cowberry stripped nerves tattoo a feeling of happiness and delight in my consciousness. Yes, I want. I want you. You may. Today everything is allowable. Nothing to be worried about. No, it's fine, I just rarely become wet "down there". No problem, I'm just taking a little of cream.

Yeah, that’s ok. The slow motions of your body are turning into the whirlwind of your passion. I can barely feel anything "down there", but you won’t see it, I'll play up. Another thing is important for me – I'm a woman and you're with me now, no you are IN me. NOW, I AM A REAL WOMAN… almost…

Time. Still three years ago, before the surgery I could only dream about that. Prior to the surgery. Terrible phrase, mixed with the smell of hospitals, surgeons’ grins, bitter pills and the pain from injections.

The phrase, that changed my whole life – "SEX-SWAP SURGERY".