It was their ordinary meeting, the meeting of two friends - Sasha and Vitya. It’s not like they were true friends, but rather good acquaintances.

They used to meet not so often, from time to time, and just for business or communication, which, as they believed, constantly enriched each person and gave everyone primeval joy of being, so necessary in everyday life.

That meeting did not differ from the other several dozen of previous meetings, when they were spending time together, discussing some important things and not so essential as well. In summer they sunbathed on the beach, not missing the opportunity to get acquainted with a lovely blond girl; in winter they went to cinema theaters, discussing various topics after movies. Sometimes they hadn’t seen each other for half a year or longer, and after having met each other, they tried to find and learn something new in communication.

Those were brief meetings: an hour, two, or three at most. In that short time they managed to solve all their questions leisurely, to discuss problems, to outline new prospects and to become a bit bored by each other. That time they had the same.

They failed the opportunity to attend the nearest movie in the cinema, and having solved the urgent question they had met for, they were wandering slowly along the boulevard, being bored and speaking on the topic of morality still having not much of enthusiasm.

The weather was not pleasing. It was a gloomy autumn day. It was growing cold. It would have been nice to go to a cafe for a cup of coffee enjoying pleasant aroma of the drink, or at worst, a portion of ice-cream with a glass of juice and then, in the warmth, continuing already started discussion on such a vital topic of all time: women, men and love.

But there were no cafes nearby.

- When did you fuck last time? - Sasha asked suddenly, and without waiting for a response, he said:  - There is an option. A very passionate woman. I’m gonna call her. If she's home, let’s go there. She satisfies several men at once. Very, very passionate. She never gets enough and she always wants.

With those words, Sasha came up to the phone booth, took a coin out of his pocket, and picked up the receiver.

- So what, are we going? - He asked with a grin.

- We are, - A bit indifferently, but at the same time not hiding the interest, Victor said, not having realized yet Sasha’s offering.

Sasha dialed the number.

- Hello, Lilechka! Hello, it's me, Sasha. How are you doing? - He began the conversation in his emphatically intelligent manner. – I’m with the friend of mine. Do you have someone for now? Good. So we're coming. See you. - And with the look of a man that had arranged something ordinary, but very important, he hung up the phone.

- Let’s go. We’re gonna make a ménage a trois! She loves it. That way, - Sasha said, and the friends quickly rushed to the tram stop, so after some time to appear in front of insatiable Lilechka with the fullness of their male dignity.

Gloomy autumn weather and the mood associated with it faded into the background. They had the goal ahead, and it was all absorbing and tempting, especially for Victor.

Of course, he had already had some experience of sexual life. Once he even almost got married, but on the second thought, he refused such a decisive step. Being a clever and reasonable man by nature, but a bit lazy and inert at the same time, he did not want to get tied with the bonds of Holy Union, having considered himself still young, and that troubles of family life wouldn’t be hard to get anytime. After all, he had recently become just twenty-five.

Sasha was a little older than Victor. He was divorced, he had a child, but no permanent place of living. He used to change apartments. He rented a room or just a spare place in a hostel for a month or two, probably, dreaming about permanent apartment, where he could quietly and without a hassle to give himself up to love affairs and philosophical reflection, taking a break from everyday routine, in short, to have a usual being and living, like thousands and thousands of ordinary people.

Sasha had gained a lot of experience with women, constantly looking for something new in them. Searching for that novelty and perfection inspired him to new acquaintances, new meetings and new relations, countless, according to Sasha’s words. If one wanted to get together all the women Sasha managed to satisfy, of course, receiving much delight and pleasure from such contacts, there would be a large square needed, like Red Square in Moscow or Palace Square in Leningrad. And that Sasha’s statement could not be considered too exaggerated, because it happened that in a week he succeeded in changing several love partners. And there were times when he, like a Persian Shah, moved from one "mistress" to another at intervals of about two or three hours with a single purpose: to enjoy the body of another sex game lover, and again to experience orgasm, that had already become ordinary, still keeping its charm and searing poignancy.

It was a sort of Sasha's hobby, or, may be, the meaning of life as well.

It was not a new option for him to satisfy two or three women simultaneously. And, according to his words, when you fuck one of them, the other two, watching sexual intercourse, instantly stick to each other and furiously rubbing each other’s naked bodies, finding their carnal satisfaction in such a simple way.

Due to friends’ talking, Sasha could fuck, for example, an 18-year-old girl, and then just two hours later, in another place, a 50-year-old lady. Looked like, he didn’t care who he was to fuck. There must be just a vagina to become a shelter for his never fading, medium sized and always ready to work penis. And the longer being in that shelter, the better.

He acquainted with women easily, being assisted with his historical and philosophical education. As an educated man, he poured out all his eloquence, all his knowledge when getting acquainted with the fair sex. He always appeared before them like that, sometimes speaking such nonsense and making references to such terms, he seemed barely to understand for himself. Still that gibberish made a strong impression on ladies, that many of them, charmed with his intricate philosophy, often yielded to him on the first date as to a man, they found their ideal for a moment, and who was always ready to do something not always done by husbands, but what every woman wanted if she had tasted at least once the pleasure of love affairs. In that sphere Sasha was a virtuoso professional.

The necessary tram came quickly enough, and the friends got in, having taken two farthest seats in the half-empty tramcar.

Sasha took the pamphlet "Religion and atheism" from his pocket, found the page and became absorbed in reading.

In anticipation of something unusual Victor could not be distracted by extraneous topics. "Menage a trois, a passionate woman, unknown feelings," - spun in his head. His imagination was depicting a juicy woman of about thirty-five, with beautiful voluminous breasts, well-built figure and who was yearning for men.

- Sasha, how old is this Lilia? - Victor asked, wishing to know at least anything about the mysterious Lilechka.

- Come on, Victor, don’t draw me away from reading, I’m losing the thought, - Sasha muttered, waving the friend away and going on reading.

"After all, who cares about the age: thirty five, thirty eight or even forty. If a woman is passionate and looks after her shapes, who cares? Moreover, Sasha wouldn’t fuck a very unattractive one. Besides it was obvious - he used to drop in to Lilia’s. So, there was the point. Still he was interested to know what she was like: tall or short, plump or thin", - Victor was involuntarily thinking on the way to the stranger.

- Sasha, - Victor pushed the friend on the ribs, again disturbing him, - Just tell me, how old she is and how she looks? I'm interested to know who we're going to fuck.

- Hush, we're in public transport, - Sasha shamed the friend, - I said, the woman is passionate. You’re gonna get much pleasure. I had a fuck, she’s okay. What else do you need? Besides I don’t really know how old she is. Asking a woman about her age is improper. Leave me alone, do not disturb me from reading. I’m missing the clue of the plot. Read a newspaper, take a break, - He took a newspaper out of his pocket and put it on Victor’s lap.

Victor picked up the paper, but didn’t start reading, thinking to himself:

"What kind of clue can be in such a pure fluff like "Religion and atheism"?! There's just bullshit in it. Is he really interested in reading such nonsense? Still he is a philosopher, and maybe It’s really interesting for him. He is picking up different kinds of nonsense from books and then picking up women easily. They are silly, they love someone throwing dust into their eyes, so they are melting. He is doing the dust tricks at a daytime, going on at night. There they love it even better, being told all sorts of nonsense about love and feelings, especially when fucking!” - Victor went back to the topic of sex in thoughts and immediately remembered about Lilia. “Nevertheless, what is she like? Probably, not young, rather a middle-aged". Of course, Victor wanted Lilechka was a slender pretty girl, but he felt that was too much he wanted, so he would be pleased if she was at least no older than forty.

- Sasha, how old does she look really? Just approximately, - Victor pushed him easily on the shoulder again.

- How old at a look? More than forty, I don't know for sure. We’ll come, we’ll see. What are you worried about? The variant’s been tested, she’s well-shaped... And very passionate, very... – Sasha muttered reluctantly, having buried his face in the book and not being distracted from his thoughts.

This news cheered Victor not much, still didn’t upset him much as well: "Indeed, we’re not going to ask in marriage. If she’s older than forty, that means she’s very experienced, and in this case it is just an advantage.

It was useless to bother Sasha with questions, and Victor began waiting patiently the necessary stop.

The tram was going forward, swaying a little from side to side, and after a while it turned to the right.

- Let’s get out, - suddenly said Sasha, having had a short look out of the window, - Looks loke it’s here, but we have to walk a bit.

So the friends came out of the tram, being almost on the outskirts of the city.

It was getting dark and Sasha was walking his friend to the pointed goal a bit hesitating.

- Must be over there, - he said, approaching the same type nine-storeyed houses.

- I don’t remember the definite address, but the house must be that last one, - Sasha was thinking out loud, - Yeah, right there. Here’s the swing. That house! – Finally he pointed convincingly at one of the three standardized boxes of buildings. - The last entrance, the apartment on the fifth floor to the right, - finally deciding where to go, Sasha revived. So the friends paced up, walked past the swings, came through the right entrance, went up to the fifth floor and came to the door to the right from the staircase.

Sasha pushed the bell-button without hesitation.

The door was opened by a huge elderly woman of about 60 - 65, who looked at Victor with undisguised interest immediately and smiled warmly to the young people.

"I guess, Sasha got the wrong house," - Victor thought, and was about to apologize and go back, when suddenly he heard the voice of his friend:

- Hello, Lilechka! Getting more beautiful, huh! And here I am with the friend...

Those words shook Victor off the balance. "Is this really that praised Lilechka so colorfully described by Sasha?! Can't be! Something's wrong here," - Victor thought.

- Come in, guys, get undressed, - the elderly lady welcomed them.

- Let me introduce my friend Victor. And this is Lilia Vasilievna, a philosopher by education as well, - Sasha introduced future partners of ménage a trois to each other. - We have common interests. Am I right, Lilechka? And not just in philosophy, - He clearly hinted at.

"So, he throws dust not just in women’s eyes! What a bustard! Painted such a picture: well-shaped, the figure is nice... Couldn’t he just say she’s a retiree? Bullshit: I don't know, older than forty..." - Victor was thinking angrily, but his decency did not let him say it out to Sasha immediately.

- The weather is nasty, - As expected, Sasha began the conversation about something completely unrelated.

- Yes, the weather does not give a treat, - Lilia Vasilievna kept up the conversation, - And you got here fast! - She continued.

- Did our best to hurry up to see you, Lilechka! - Said Sasha, hanging his jacket.

- I'm always glad to be visited, - Liliya Vasilievna wasn’t inferior to him in the polite manner of conversation. - Why are we standing here? Come to the kitchen. Let’s have a cup of coffee! Or would you like some dry wine? I've got a bottle left.

"She's got all prepared: wine, and a bed, perhaps," - Victor thought sarcastically, mechanically taking off the jacket.

- With pleasure, - Sasha agreed, looked at the friend giving a wink.

- Please, take a seat, - Lilia Vasilievna seated her guests and put three empty large wine glasses and a bottle of "Rkatseteli"on the table.

Sasha picked up the bottle, skillfully cut the cork releasing the bottle from already unnecessary item and poured about half the contents into the glasses.

- Cheers, friends! - He said and made some gulps. The others followed his example tasting that cool and slightly intoxicating drink.

Sasha, acting as a toastmaster, started talking about how good it is to speak French or English, in short, to know foreign languages. For example, we are so ordinary, but when currency prostitutes know several languages. Lilia said, that without such knowledge they had nothing to do there, and they know not only the languages but something else the men like.

- That is known not only by prostitutes, but also respectable women as well", - said Sasha, and the conversation naturally passed to the topic of sex.

At that moment Lilia left them alone for some reason, perhaps, to prepare the place for upcoming communication.

- Sasha, is it possible to fuck THAT?! – Terrified Victor asked. – Do what you like, man. Count me out, - He said firmly, lifting both palms up.

- Victor, you just don’t know what a passionate woman she is! She is up to such things, you’ll be surprised, - Sasha inspired his friend.

- Let her be a thousand times passionate... Why didn't you say she’s old? - wondered Victor.

- I told you, more than forty, so she is more than forty. And don’t you say “old”. She’s in shape. Soon you’ll see it for yourself, - Sasha said.

- I don't want to see it for myself, - Victor replied, and hastily poured another portion from the bottle.

- Stop posing. She's already prepared to everything. Your refusal will be rather impolite, - Sasha tried to convince him.

At that moment, Lilia Vasilievna came in the kitchen and joined the young people.

Sasha poured the remains of the contents, having emptied the bottle. He offered the toast for women, but Lilia Vasilievna said, noting she would drink for young men. So each had a drink for what he or she wanted.

Being a bit tipsy, Sasha continued the interrupted conversation about sex, saying that abroad there is widely practiced such an entertainment as group sex. He went on to explain that kind of sex brings necessary variety in sex life, relieves nervous tension and in general this is a very necessary thing but for some reasons not widely practiced there.

He had finished the monologue, having built the platform for the upcoming action. He scratched his chin, with his whole appearance showing that was just the time to go from words to deeds and to continue the communication in a different way.

Lilia Vasilievna, as if read Sasha’s thoughts, offered to come in the other room and watch TV.

Her apartment consisted of two adjoining rooms. The first room with TV was a living-room, and the second was, apparently, the bedroom.

The hostess and the guests got up from the table and walked into the living room.

Victor sat down on the sofa opposite the TV turned on, and Lilia went to the second room together with Sasha, who shamelessly grabbed her from behind and began to kiss on the thick and clumsy neck. After a few moments Lilia with Sasha disappeared in the darkness of the bedroom.

Victor stayed in the living-room watching TV, not willing to join those "like-minded philosophers".

"Let them have fun," - thought Victor, when suddenly naked Sasha with elastic swaying, hose-like, swollen and excited penis rushed in, quickly threw his clothes on the sofa next to Victor, and astonishingly looking at him said:

- Why are you here? Get undressed and join us, - And at the same moment he quickly disappeared into the next room. Soon Victor heard some rustling, fussing, light sighing and then faint moaning from there.

After a few minutes, Victor slowly, somehow reluctantly, walked into the next room, where before his eyes the following picture appeared: Lilia Vasilievna, standing in the knee-elbow position, voluptuously moaning and skillfully, like a wild cat sticking out her insatiable vagina up to the smashing blows of Sasha’s hard cock. He was puffing like a locomotive to the beat of his pushes, trying to penetrate Lilia with his spear deeper and harder.

That picture didn’t make Victor a bit excited, that just made him laugh inside: it was fun to watch a young man in the prime of life fucking a solid lady, and moreover, getting indescribable joy and pleasure with that. Where else can you see this?!

Meanwhile, Sasha finished the intercourse, having splashed out his accumulated over a week, warm and life-giving sperm into the inflamed with passion bottomless vagina of Lilia, making a few deep breaths in the end. After standing in that position for a few seconds, he undocked from Lilechka and drew his hot "piston" out of the working area. He sat down on the bed, quietly relaxing.

Lilia Vasilievna also softened a bit, still seriously burning with passion, lay back, looking forward to continue the sexual session.

- Victor, come to us, - She called him with slightly smothered voice.

- Oh, Vitek! - seeing the friend, Sasha picked up, - You're still dressed? Quickly take it off and come here, don’t mess about.

Having received such an invitation, Victor had nothing left to do but to obey the will of the majority. He came into the living room, slowly took off his shirt, then the socks and the pants and remained in his shorts. Hesitating for a few seconds he took them off as well and threw them on the sofa next to his clothes.

- Victor, where are you? – Lilechka was calling him impatiently, - What takes you so long?

- Come quickly! There’s a lot of free space here, - she insisted.

There was really much space: a large bed was, apparently, supposed to be used for that kind of collective entertainment.

Victor came up to the bed where Sasha was sitting and where there was the immense lady with incredibly heavy "watermelons" hanging in different directions, all inflamed with passion, ready to do with a new victim of her sexual lust an unholy mess.

- Lie on your back, Victor, - said Sasha in a business-like manner, and Victor, following his friend’s order, lay his back down next to Lilechka. He fell out of balance at the thought he had to have sex with that old hulk woman, who looked as if able to fuck even with a battalion of men.

- Lily, pose! - said Sasha, taking the role of a director of that sexual performance.

At that command Lilia with a practiced movement swung her right leg over Victor, standing over him on her knees, spreading to the sides her fat thighs, and bent to his cock in anticipation of something very pleasant. Flabby but massive boobs hung over Victor’s knees, slightly touching them with her senile nipples.

Carefully she took hold of the sluggish penis of the young man, actively wagged her ass, showing her readiness to take his buddy with her womb. Sasha reacted instantly and began to undertake some actions with the rear part of Lilia’s body, Victor could only guess, since due to her vast figure he could not see what exactly Sasha was doing there.

Sasha smoothly inserted his worker into Lilia’s anus and rocking back and forth, gradually pacing up, began to make usual in such cases pushes, he had done, probably, a million in his life.

Lilia began massaging Victor’s cock more actively, making it swell slowly. The view of stiffening penis made lilia more excited. She began to excite the young man’s stick with passionate fury by her lips and tongue. That nice execution made the stick come to excited state, so diligently sought by Lilia. Then she could feel it entirely. It wasn’t a limp sausage. It was a hard phallus, ready to make a powerful cumshot in Lilia’s mouth any second.

Meanwhile, Sasha was pushing harder and harder, tormenting with his firm cock Lilia’s anus. She started to move back and forth more actively, and that allowed her to swallow Victor’s penis deeper inside in time with Sasha’s movements, so that the cock reached right up to her throat. Then she released it, making skillful stimulating movements with her tongue over the head of the penis, again dipping the whole penis deep into her. It seemed that she was ready to ...swallow it, but it was possible just biting Victor’s penis off.

"And what if she bites it off? - Flashed through Victor’s head. - Really: that’s easy for that powerful elderly whopper with false sparkling teeth to clench the jaws and... Surely she gets high with that! After all, so many maniacs of men are killing women during sexual intercourse. So it can be a woman wishing to get freaky voluptuous sensations to bite off a cock while blowing? Maybe, she's waiting for the moment when the sperm gushes into her greedy mouth? "

At those thoughts a subtle imperceptible shiver ran through Victor’s body, and his cock, excited by experienced lady, began withering and softening.

"Damn it, how embarrassing - the old lady is trying, and there are dark thoughts in my head. I need to strain and to pour her over with cum from head to toe. Then let her enjoy. Otherwise, no getting out of here," - thought Victor, confused a bit with that unexpected turn of events.

Meanwhile, horny as hell Sasha, puffing and groaning, continued harder and harder to shake Lilia and, in the end, having twitched several times in the impulse of ecstasy, had cum in her worked out anus. He took out his cock and immediately ran to the bathroom to wash up after such a grueling session of sexual disgrace, leaving Victor alone with her.

Victor was lying motionless and indifferent, having just one wish: to finish that sexual process and leave that disgusting house.

Lilia Vasilievna continued to excite already softened and bending in different directions Victor’s dick. Gradually her incredible efforts managed again to bring it up into vertical position, and she began to suck him passionately again, occasionally smacking her lips with pleasure and enthusiastically indulging in their sexual sensations.

Leaving his cock to the mercy of power of the manic lady, Victor was humbly lying there trying to avoid dark thoughts, which could make so hard re-excited penis fall again, and that painful sex for Victor could be delayed indefinite period.

Soon he felt the burning coming of orgasm, and after a while the sperm poured powerful stream in the mouth of Lilia. At that moment she, apparently to enjoy the view of the erupting fountain, and partially, perhaps, in order not to choke, took his penis out of her mouth and began to pour the life-giving liquid over her lips, the cheeks, the nose and even her eyes, until the reserves in Victor’s body had run out.

"Well, finally", - thought Victor, slightly pulling himself together. - "Now I need to get out politely from under this solid lady. But how shall I do it? Okay, I will not twitch. All will be solved naturally enough." He was happy to realize the concerns about cock biting off were unfair, and the finish line of that terrible orgy was soon to be over.

Lilia continued to lick the head of his cock, carefully picking up the remaining sperm with her tongue. Then she let the gradually softening cock off, and began to lick her lips over, collecting the sperm like a cat licking the cream off her mustache.

Having released Victor from the sexual seizure, Lilia Vasilievna heavily fell down to the side next to him, continuing to lick and smearing the cum on her face – having bliss from that, maybe not frequent, but habitual procedure.

"I can get up," - thought Victor, immediately taking that opportunity. He slowly but firmly stood up and went into the bathroom, where under the stream of warm water he could wash away that unpleasant elderly smell he had soaked while committing that nefarious actions.

By the way he took his clothes to wash thoroughly and get dressed. So he could have no slightest reason to come back to those terrible sexual games again.

But, apparently, no one was going to continue. Sasha, dressed, with the tie, was sitting in the kitchen with a cup of coffee and with important look biting a cigarette.

- Well, is it alright? - Seeing the friend, he asked excitedly. Victor said nothing and came into the bathroom.

Stepping under the shower and feeling the warm jets of water massaging his exhausted body, he suddenly thought, what bliss, probably, would Lilia feel, if such a stream of sperm from hundreds or even thousands of male pumps flow on her. "And what if to collect together countless number of men sexually excited, to surround Lilia from all sides and the command "fire" would throw on her the avalanche of cum decaliters?"

"Or it’s better to carry out such an execution, - fantasized Victor, carefully rubbing a piece of imported soap in his skin, - As in old times, soldiers were going through the formation line, getting ramrod hits over their backs, so the idea is to walk Lilechka through the endless formation of masturbating men, each of them cumshooting at the right time on the vast body of that hypersexual old woman. Let her lick it over then! Yes, probably, she would never be tired of such a torture, - thought Victor, slightly smiling, and finished hydrotherapeutic procedure.

Soon he got dressed, came out of the bathroom and joined Sasha to drink coffee, Lilia had in plenty, probably, on the occasion of having guests.

After some time Lilechka came to the kitchen as well, previously having visited the bathroom.

Sasha started talking about some abstract topics, not entirely clear for Victor. Still he didn’t even try to understand Sasha’s chattering, as he was very tired, and overwhelmed with the desire to get home and fall asleep up to the next morning to forget about the nightmare, he had to survive that day.

Culturally apologized, it was time to leave, Sasha got up and thanked Lilia for her hospitality. She invited them to drop in later for a cup of coffee.

Friendly having said good bye, Sasha and Victor left Lilia’s apartment and went outside.

It was dark already.

- Didn't you like it? - said Sasha in perplexity, noticing the dispirited look of Victor.

- I think it's great... And how passionate she is! She takes it in the mouth so hot! – Sasha was giving himself up to the sweet remembering, admiring Lilia and easily patting Victor on his shoulder.

A pretty girl had passed by them.

- Ah, if only we had our own apartment! – Sasha said dreamily and regretfully, following the girl with his eyes, - You see, Vitya, if no apartment, sometimes you have to... - And, as if apologizing, he pointed to the house, they had just came out.

- If we had an apartment, we would... - he repeated his thought.

- No, I've got enough for today, - said Victor. - Going home now, quicker, - and he paced up.

He was dying to fall asleep.