The new sensations

I met Natasha and Igor through the famous online dating. Their ad “A young couple is looking for a man or a woman to have a good time together" interested me much. I'm thirty years old and since recently I began to catch myself at thinking that traditional sex didn’t satisfy me much and not just with my wife. My girlfriends started complaining about the lack of attention, and I wanted new sensations for myself.

The ad had the ICQ number, so in a couple of hours we met online. The better thing in this kind of communication is the awareness of situation control, that completely removes the prohibitions, and it’s easy to talk to, or rather to type about what you usually just imagine.

Igor turned out to be the initiator of ad publishing and they had already had the experience of threesome sex. Igor liked his young wife having sex with him watching and without him as well. He got the best excitement when she was telling him in the evening about her fucking with a friend of them at noon, describing the positions, games and their sensations in details. Igor was getting terribly turned on by that and urged on to new sexual exploits. I was shocked, I imagined me watching my wife is being fucked at my sight by a stranger, and she is passionately making upward movements. Well, feels like jealousy together with excitement, no matter how strange it sounds.

After a couple of days of such communication, we agreed to meet. The next evening I was sitting in the car not far from the appointed spot waiting. Those were the last warm days of summer. I smoked thinking of how it would be, how I would undress another woman at the sight of her husband, caressing her breasts, stroking her legs spread apart, inserting my dick in her mouth, fucking her up in the ass. My buddy painfully strained in the tight jeans, trying to get up and out.

A young couple approached the monument: a blond man a little shorter than me and a red-haired pretty girl dressed not bright but tastefully. I came up to them.

- Hi. Are you Natasha and Igor?

- Oleg? - The girl smiled.

- Yes, it's me. Welcome to the “carriage”.

I opened up the front door for Natasha, Igor took the back seat.

I was openly watching my neighbor passenger. Girlish face, small and neat facial features, slightly upturned perky nose, tender lips with pale pomade on, smiling green eyes, red and slightly curly hair falling free on the shoulders.

- Do you like me? - She pulled a cigarette and reached out to press the button of the lighter. Her plump breasts swayed under the neckline of her blouse, she wore no bra.

- I do very much. - I said, and caught Igor’s approving look in the rearview mirror.

We had agreed earlier we would go to their place, so I got the address and took off and joined the traffic stream.

Automatic transmission is a very useful invention, because the right hand is almost free. I dared to reach out my hand passing over Natasha’s smooth and rounded thigh pulling up the hem of the light skirt baring a pair of delicious legs and a strip of her white lace panties.

- Do not get distracted, or we’ll be off the way to get to the place. - Natasha said, but didn’t straighten the skirt.

- Here to the right. - Igor said. He moved forward, hugged his wife from behind, undid a couple of buttons of the blouse and began to fondle her breasts taking them out of clothing and fingering medium-sized cherry nipples covered with goose pimples.

- Come on, Igor! - She slapped his hands, but he did not stop and winked at me.

- She likes being watched, it excites her much.

- Naughty boy. - Natalia sighed. Her cheeks flushed and she leaned back on the seat completely surrendering to the hands of Igor, and putting her right hand on the strip of the panties she began to scratch easily the wet mound under.

- Enough, guys, I am alive, by the way. - I pleaded, - We've almost come to the place.

- This performance is for you. - Igor said taking the hands off her breasts, - Exciting?

- Wrong time, - I growled.

- Don't be mad. - Natasha stroked my thigh and slid to the fly...

- Wow!

- This “wow” already hurts. We’re at the place. - I killed the engine. We got out of the car and went to the entrance door.

Natasha was walking ahead, obviously feeling the lustful looks of two males, so her gait was a model-like. Her round and tempting fanny was swaying nice.

I knew she was 22 and Igor was 26, They had no children. It was evident the girl did not give birth.

Long legs with nice thin ankles on high heels had clattered upstairs, she unlocked the door and we appeared in the small hallway of a standard two-room apartment.

- Come in. - Igor friendly pushed me into the room.

Standard furniture: a sofa, a pair of armchairs, low coffee table, a computer on the desk beside the window, a pair of erotic posters on the wall.

I sat down on the chair, Igor did the same. Natasha fluttered to the kitchen and then a bottle of cognac and a lemon appeared on the table.

- Let’s have a drink. - Igor poured cognac in the glasses. I had to drink, so I splashed cognac in my mouth and had a piece of lemon...

- Let’s have the second shot. – We repeated and the tension was gone.

Natasha came in, pushing forward a serving table with the snacks on.

- May I sit next to you. - She asked and sat down on my lap. I stroked her thighs lifting higher to the wet spot, my other hand fingering her strained nipples. She quietly sighed, spread her legs a bit wider and began to unbutton her shirt.

Her fragile shoulders and narrow waist contrasted nicely with rather big and elastic breasts of a good shape. I just love these bowl-shaped breasts with tiny and sharp nipples. I got up from the chair, knelt down and began to remove her skirt. She lifted up her pelvis and remained in the lace panties, very narrow and translucent.

I put her doggy-style. A narrow back, smooth curves of hips, rounded ass and clean skin - very soft and pleasant to the touch. I took hold of two halves of her butt, spread them and found a lovely spot of anus and smooth clean-shaven plump lips. I leaned over and licked her crotch. She shuddered, spread her legs wider and lay on her chest on the pillow. Then she took hold of her ass with both hands and her thin fingers began to caress the anus rubbing a tiny hole and just a little pushing the finger inside.

- Lick my ass and fuck, fuck me up there, - She moaned. - Fuck me like a bitch up in the ass, tear it up, come on!

She spread her buttocks even wider. The ringlet of the anus slightly darkened barely pulsing.

I was not in a hurry. The tip of my tongue touched the wrinkled hole, pressed on it slightly, circled around, and began rhythmically press on the hole, trying to widen it. Natasha's fingers were wandering over her cunt, parted and stroked the lips fingering the clitoris.

- Oh-Ooooh, I can't control myself any longer, fuck me, fuck me both in all holes!

Igor crawled under, his cock was already up, Natasha put her head on his chest and stuck to him with a kiss. She was above trying to sit on his standing dick. I picked her up under the belly, my other hand taking Igor’s dick, and began to drive his swollen penis head over her wet crack, not allowing to penetrate in deeply. They both moaned and tried to connect deeper. I blissed out, gradually plunging a stranger's fat cock into a smooth and juicy vagina. I had it up already long time swollen painfully. As soon as I let them off, they merged howling. Igor’s dick disappeared to the ground into Natasha and she began to jump on it thrusting it in repeatedly to the entire length.

- In the ass, I want it in the ass, Oleg, thrust it in me, fuck me up in the ass, I want it, yeah.

I was excited with swear words spoken by such beautiful lips.

- Bitch, you fucking bitch, hold on, wait a bit. - I took my dick in the hand and pressed it against her hole. Under that hole her shaved lips were spread taking Igor's cock. It’s a nice view - pretty thick dick sliding in tight, wet and shaven cunt.

I pushed the head pressing the ringlet of the anus in.

- Aaaah, it hurts!

- Relax, - I spanked her on the buttock.

- Gosh, - she hissed, inhaling through the clenched teeth, - Ohh! Wait. - The sphincter relaxed a bit and the head squeezed into the hot and tight hole. Oh, bliss! I had long wanted to have someone in the ass in the tight unscrewed yet hole.

- Fuck that bitch, fuck her up in the ass. - Igor groaned, - She has long wanted to give her ass to fuck, fuck her!

- Now. - I pressed harder and the dick came half in. I already felt moving behind a thin wall Igor’s cock.

- Aahh, - I grabbed her buttocks and sharply thrust the dick until it stopped.

- AAAA-a-a-hh! - Natasha cried out hoarsely.-Aaah!

The cock was aching sweetly, grabbed at the base by the tight ring of the sphincter. Deep inside it was being rubbed by Igor’s cock.

One! I abruptly pulled out my dick out of the ass and then sharply shoved it back in. The anus smacked, opening and convulsively clasping the dick.

Two! I repeated the blow, then another one on and on. The hole had already no time to shut and my cock was squeezing into the hot and tight opening like a piston.

- Aaaaaaah, yeah, yeah, that’s it, so painful and so good, fuck me, aaahr!

Natasha convulsed cumming over and over again. I was also close to the climax pacing up. She could not speak, only moaned and gasped, her back was shiny with sweat

She was being tossed up by Igor from below and pressed down by me from above...

- That’s it, now, ohh, NAAAH! - Igor arched having thrust the cock in her cunt till it stopped, jerked and began to cum. I felt the pushes of erupted cum in Natasha’s womb as well.

I had not cum yet, they were lying in pacified embracing.

- How are you? - Igor asked

- Now. I've almost cum.

- Oooh, - moaned Natasha, - Oohh, so good! - She turned, smiling lasciviously with her plump and wet lips. Her face expressed total euphoria.

- Come on come on, cum into my ass, Aah!

- No, I’m gonna cum in your mouth, bitch, in your sweet and lusty mouth!

- Yes! Come here and put it in my mouth, fuck me in the mouth. – She purred.

I took the cock out of her ass, stroked the silky buttocks and squeezed them. The asshole was pulsing gradually going down in size. I stood up and came up to the head of the bed. My protruding and crimson with tension dick was above Natasha lying on Igor. She raised her head from the chest of her husband.

- Well, come to me, I want to suck.

Igor’s head appeared between my feet, my dick reasted against his wife’s face, she took me one hand the testicles, the other wrapped my butt around. She began to lick my trembling with excitement cock that had just been fucking her ass. The dick was gradually plunging in her mouth stretching her lips and blowing out her throat. Her hand was stroking my buttocks, and the second suddenly began to grope my anus, and a moment later I felt Igor’s tongue penetrating my ass. That was the last drop, I didn’t even managed to become surprised, the orgasm shook me, twisting inside out. My dick twitched, throwing out the cum deep in Natasha’s throat. She could hardly swallow. Her hand was gently squeezing my balls, and Igor’s tongue was licking the crotch. I had never cum so long, and finally, sweet convulsions stopped.

- That’s it, - I exhaled, - You are really going it.

I took the cock out of Natasha’s mouth, and lay down on the bed.

- That's the bliss, strange, but very nice.

I tried not to look at Igor. Men never licked my ass and I had a strange feeling, a mixture of shame and expectation of a new experience.

Picking up the pack of cigarettes from the floor, I lit one.

- Light up for me. - Asked Natasha.

I handed her already lit cigarette, she took it with her slightly sticky from semen lips and inhaled deeply. She stretched herself and gave me a smile.

- So, how do you like my ass?

- Awesome! You're all awesome, both the ass and the mouth.

- And her cunt is nice as well, - Igor said, and reached out for a cigarette, - Narrow and sweet.

- This is me. - Said Natasha smiling.

She was really looking great at that moment. The beauty of a happy cat, relaxed and happy, been fucked by two males.

- Would you like to fuck Igor, - She asked slyly squinting.

Surprised I even choked with smoke and coughed, dropping the ashes on the belly.

- Well, don't be so scared, - She ran a hand over my stomach, shaking off the ash, - One day Igor told me he wanted to be fucked, - Her hand lingered on the lower belly, she touched the softened cock and began fingering it gently.

- He wants to feel himself a woman being fucked by a man, he wants to understand what a yielding woman feels.

- Does it make you confused? - Igor asked, questioningly looking at me, - I do not insist, but if you want, you may fuck me, I'm ready.

- You'll fuck all our family - me and my husband. - Natasha cooed languidly, leaning over me kissing my chest. Her firm breasts pressed against my stomach and her hand continued to stroke my dick already showing signs of life.

Igor was patting Natasha’s back, I was massaging her butt, surprisingly pleasant to the touch, elastic and soft. The silence dragged on.

I imagined me thrusting my cock in the ass of Igor standing in doggy-style, and to my surprise and shame I didn’t feel disgust, maybe, the reasons for that were the tender lips of his wife gradually moving down to the lower belly, or a sudden desire to fuck the whole family. Yes, I clearly wanted that, I wanted to fuck Igor, I wanted to fuck him before his wife, I wanted to dominate a male at the sight of his girlfriend.

- Yes, I'll do it, - I looked into Igor’s eyes. - I will fuck you. I will fuck you up in your virgin ass.

- Yeah, I'll yield to you like a bitch, and you will shove your dick up in my ass.

Igor was breathing excited watching his wife sucking my strained thick and long cock. I was proud of my dick of 24 cm long. Thick and slightly curved it barely fitted Natasha’s throat and she, as I understood, was a rather good sucker.

Natasha dropped her occupation and looked up at us with her lustful and blurry eyes.

- Well, boys, let me help you, I have never seen men fucking “a la naturel”.

She stood up and gently knocked her husband down on the bed kissing his chest and the stomach, then she turned him on his back and spread his elastic and covered with sparse hair hemispheres of his buttocks opening the dark and compressed wrinkled hole surrounded by the dark small strings of hair.

Igor pulled up his knees and posed doggy-style just as his wife was standing before, with his legs wide spread. Natasha lay down beneath and took his dick in the mouth. Then she grabbed his hips and cuddled up to the anus. Igor groaned.

- Yes, Yes, lick it, lick my ass, my cunt. – Apparently, he got warmed up. His wife licked trying to thrust her tongue into his anus. I knelt down behind Igor, took him by the hips and stroked the buttocks.

- Don't worry, it doesn't hurt.

Natasha pulled away from his crotch and, taking my cock in her hand, set it against the wet with her saliva and almost invisible hole in Igor’s back door.

- Come on, thrust it in, fuck him, fuck this bitch!

I squeezed Igor’s buttocks and moved my cock ahead. Igor groaned, I pushed harder and the head hardly penetrated into his ass.

- You're a girl, yours is narrower than hers, - I said, pushing my cock into trembling with pain and excitement Igor. Fascinated Natasha was watching the long and thick cock disappearing in the ass of her husband.

Hot and narrow. I pushed it in to the ground and stood still. Natasha was either sucking her husband’s, or licking my balls and then she began to lick my crotch carefully inserting a finger up in my ass.

That’s what I had really never tried. My dick stuck in the ass of a moaning and shivering man, while his wife was licking my ass and trying to fuck me with her finger, and that was pleasant.

I began carefully removing and re-shoving my cock in Igor’s ass, gradually increasing the amplitude. The dick was coming in to the stop. Igor groaned and moved the pelvis back going onto deeper.

- Oh, Yes, fuck me deeper, yeah I'm cumming!!

I also felt I was going to cum soon, so I stopped moving, thrust it to the ground and froze.

Natasha was sucking his dick and after a few moments he, screaming and squirming, had cum on her face and the chest.

She got up and left, and when she returned, she was carrying a dildo of impressive size.

- Now I'm gonna fuck YOU, - She said smiling.

- What if I don't want to.

- You do want. I feel you liked my finger.

Her finger in my ass was really pleasant, but a thick vibrator?!

- Just be careful.

- Oh Yes, I'll be gentle with you, lie down on Igor, it will be more convenient this way.

Igor lay down and I leaned all my weight upon him, my cock was still pushed to the ground in his ass.

Natasha bent over my ass and I felt her fingers spreading my buttocks. I felt the touch of her tongue, and then something hard rested against my anus.

- I greased it, - said Natasha, and pressed slightly. I relaxed the sphincter and about two cm of slightly vibrating dildo penetrated into my ass. It was a strange sensation - a feeling of fullness and slight discomfort.

I moved the pelvis up and back at the same time pulling my cock out of Igor’s ass and going onto the cock from behind.

Oh! Natasha pressed again and I was entered by something huge and a little vibrating.

- That’s it, so you take it! I’m fucking you, - She whispered excited, - My darlings.

She moved the dildo rapidly, and I began fiercely pumping up Igor who was groaning quietly.

The excitement was growing, spreading over from the pleasant itching in the filled up rectum.

- Uuuf!! - I thrust my dick deep to the ground and it twitched cumming. The orgasm with the dildo in my ass was entirely new sensation: something was pulsing convulsively in the ass at the same time with the thrusts of sperm erupted into Igor's ass.

- That’s it! - I rolled to the side, groped the dildo sticking out of my ass and slowly pulled it out.

Natasha was sitting on the edge of the bed, her legs spread wide. The palm of her right hand was almost all in the cunt, the other one squeezing her breasts.

- Boys, this is so hot, I want it again!