The sounds in the dark

Rick was lying, staring into the impenetrable darkness. His sweat covered body froze, as if fearing to break with an awkward movement the confusion of sounds that had been keeping him awake that night. Having become all ears, he eagerly caught every moan, every sigh and creak, every echo of uncertain whispering.

Rick knew what the origin of those sounds was. Behind the thin wall, surrounded by the aura of sobs and moans, the two were making love.

Rick’s hands silently crept down and closed over already aroused cock, trembling with desire.

The sounds were becoming clearer; the woman’s sighs were no more drowned by the man’s roaring. She began crying out fitfully, sometimes hysterically whining. The man paced up, his breathing became more rapid, and soon the chain of sounds became persistent: not yet subsided one was being replaced by another.

Rick's hand was moving, adapting to their rhythm. He imagined the slender legs of a woman wrapping the body of her lover around, scattered hair, sweat drop on the high forehead, bright long nails piercing into his back and the shoulders, half-open mouth greedily catching air...

Rick felt the orgasm coming. He didn’t see the ghostly wall and didn't realize the difference between himself and what was going on there any longer. The warm fountain rose into the darkness, and a bright flash blinded Rick for a moment. The moisture was glistening in the specks of light, appeared as if out of nowhere, flowing over the hands down the thighs. He was unable to move, and just one of the senses was still in his power - hearing. The sounds behind the wall were subsiding, losing their strength as that tired couple was. No screams, no groans, only the gentle purring of the woman falling asleep could still be heard from behind the wall. A minute later Rick fell down into the gaping abyss of sleep...

When he woke up, the sun was flooding the room with light. The first time for several weeks Rick felt so easy and good. Standing under the shower, he washed off the heat of the last night. When Rick touched the cock, he felt its taut firmness, despite the complete satisfaction. Rick recalled the creaking of the bed, the sighs and moans behind the wall and instinctively squeezed the phallus by his hand. Having disturbed his memories just a bit, Rick again felt a surge of desire. The phallus was growing in his hands, pacing up squeezing it, baring the head and again pulling the foreskin on. In less than a minute, the jet of sperm mixed up with the stream of water beating down on Rick.

* * *

The event that had served as the reason to Rick’s extraordinary passion to listen attentively to the sounds generated by the heat of bed passions, and to get excited at that had happened ten years ago, when Rick was eighteen. He and Bobby, his friend from childhood and the adventure of youth, decided to spend their first vacation farther away from parental home and from sickeningly familiar faces.

The coast of Greece - what else could two eighteen year old guys dream about? The wonderful view of the emerald-blue sea with the broken line of distant hazy mountains; smiling young ladies, looking so fresh with the droplets of sea water on their sun-tanned bodies, just slightly covered with narrow strips of bikini; exotic fruits and cheap wine - in short, there was everything to relax and have a good rest.

The room in a small hotel quite met friends’ simple requirements. All the furniture there were two beds placed at opposite walls, a small table and a plush armchair old as hills. The glass door led to the balcony stretched over the building along the full length. Both Rick and Bob immediately considered that as an advantage.

They often talked about sex and women, but not so seriously, half in jest. Rick noticed to his surprise, that Bob was quite informed in such matters. As for Rick, though he considered himself rather sexy, still he did not dare try his male power in reality. Bob was more experienced and that’s why so decisive. Since the first day he had been spending his time chasing the skirts - he was either drinking wine together with a sweetie in a secluded corner, or persuading another one to swim with him alone farther away from the bathers gamboling in the shallow waters. Every following day they spent less and less time together. Not to say Rick didn't feel the excitement that completely captured Bob in those days, but he preferred to keep it back, not evincing a desire to slap a passing by seductive chick on the butt. His days were dragging on quite dull, and when Bob told him he found a pliable cutie, Rick felt burning jealousy. Besides, Liz – that was the name of Bob’s flame - turned out to live in the neighboring room. One day Bob, whistling cheerfully, came in the room and told Rick: "You can invite a chick to come with you tonight. Liz’ Neighbor is leaving for a couple of days, and I’m going to have a good time tonight".

Rick smiled knowingly, hiding the disappointment. He had spent the evening being alone, walking along the shore and getting loaded in the bar. Vague desires fettered Rick’s body, bending his brain to a thought...

The sound of music was coming from the dance floor, where someone’s hands were exploring each other, the skirts being lifted up and the blouses being unbuttoned. Rick passed by not stopping, and walked up to his room.

The room was unbearably hot. He opened the balcony door to let the cool night breeze freshen the dead air. Rick had thrown off all his clothes and sat down in the armchair with a bottle of cheap wine. His body was burning, caressed by generous southern sun. Soft and nice breeze cooled down the heat of the day.

Somewhere nearby a door slammed. Rick realized Bob and Liz had returned from dancing, because almost immediately behind the thin partition, that just relatively could be called a wall, he heard a male voice. A spot of light lay on the balcony floor. The shadow - it was Bob, of course - slowly took off his shirt and threw it down in the corner of the room. Rick heard the clink of glasses and quiet talking. Soon everything grew quiet, and Rick decided to go to bed. His bed was at the wall separating their rooms. Rick closed his eyes, but could not sleep - the stuffy heat was unbearable. He got up and went to the shower. There was no water. Rick sat down on the bed, putting his hands around the head.

And then he heard some sounds. Strange, unknown and deep moans. Rick froze, listening. Liz' timid voice was whispering through the silence: "Oh, no, no!" Soon those sobs gave way to a hot "Yes!" Then Bob’s voice was uttered: "This way?" Liz was almost crying, and "Yes, please, don't stop!" was breaking through the groans. The sounds mingled. Bob’s heavy breathing was merged with Liz’ sighs, and all that was heard so clearly, as if Rick was sitting at the headboard of their bed. His body had pulsed all over. Suddenly, quite unexpectedly, there appeared total silence. Rick pressed his ear to the wall. Nothing. He silently crept to the balcony door. The square of light from Liz’ room was lighting up the gravel path below. Rick cautiously opened the door and looked around. The hotel was buried in darkness. With the sinking heart, he took a step to the balcony. A couple of quiet steps and he was there. Rick timidly looked into the room.

He was not thinking he could be seen. Rick said to himself: "Just one quick look, and I’m right back". But the picture, he witnessed, literally forced Rick to adhere to his spot. Unable to move, Rick was as quiet as a mouse, having frozen at the Liz’ balcony door.

Totally naked Bob was lying on the bed, his legs spread. His head was on the pillow, the mouth slightly opened, sighiung quietly from time to time. Liz got the place between his thighs. Rick realized not at once what was happening.

Her back, covered with bronze tan with the thin lines of white bikini marks arched gracefully, the thighs were shaking, the head either rose, or went down slow but steady. Short brown hair with sun-bleached tips was lying on Bob’s thighs shaking in time with Liz’ movements.

Bob held out his hand and put it on her head. Liz sat up, and Rick saw Bob’s cock, wet from Liz’ caresses, who was going up Bob’s body, until she finally was on his chest. Rick was admiring the graceful lines of her rounded buttocks, trembling when she was spreading her legs wider, opening to Bob's fingers the entrance to the mysterious and inexplicably attractive corner of her body. He heard soft sighing, Liz strained and leaned forward. Bob’s phallus was barely touching her buttocks from behind, its head pulsing with anticipation.

Rick felt his own penis got up and touched the belly. Rick squeezed it with his hand, continuing to observe the actions of Bob and Liz.

Liz' moans became louder, and then, unable to hold back, she leaned back and softly put herself down onto Bob’s penis. Paralyzed with pleasure, Bob was just helplessly catching the breath. Liz lifted an inch up and sharply fell down again. A loud moan was breaking out of Bob’s chest. The girl went on, and Rick saw Bob’s phallus several times emerging all out of the sweet depths to dive in once again.

Rick's attention was attracted by creaking door opening and quiet voices a few meters away. Rick rushed up to his room. Having caught a breath, he heard the sighs, slightly muffled by the partition again. Not realizing his actions, Rick grabbed his cock by both hands and began masturbating fiercely, trying to make it in time with Liz and Bob. Then, knowing what was happening, he was as if still behind the glass door. There Liz is going down cuddling up to Bob with her whole body - a whole symphony of sounds confirming it... Bob is fitfully moving his thighs; his heavy breathing becomes more and more rapid...

Rick lay his back down, imitating the motions of a male with a woman sitting on him. His hand was fixed, and he was fiercely thrusting the phallus between his fingers, barely restraining himself from moaning with lust. Rick's eyes closed, and wonderful, exciting to the limit visions swam in his brain as bright spots...

Seized by orgasm Liz is rushing about Bob’s body, choking with feelings; sweat drops are running down her delicate back, and the moan, turning into a cry, reaches Rick’s ear, long ringing in the ears.

But the sounds were not going to stop – the moaning close to the growling continued to shake the darkness. One particularly deep moan sounded, then broken breathing... after a few seconds there was silence.

Rick was surprised to see his hand, the groin and the thighs were covered with cum. The excitement was so great that he did not notice stepping over the line of supreme bliss. When Rick opened his eyes, the sun was already at its Zenith. Bob was peacefully sleeping in his bed... Rick quietly got dressed and slipped out of the room.

A few hours later, he was sipping beer, abask. Bob fell down next to him.

- Well, did you have a good time?

- Amazing! This Liz is truly awesome!

Rick couldn't help smiling with a grin.

- I think the same as well.

Bob started.

- What do you mean?

- The walls here are quite thin, - Rick pretended he was confused.

Bob broke into a broad, smug smile.

- Did you like it? Tonight we will try to do it even better.

- You are meeting Liz again?

- Sure thing! To lose such a girl - hell, no!

Rick didn't say to Bob he not just heard, but saw them last night as well. “Tonight everything’s gonna be another way”, - he decided. Just the sound in the pitch darkness, and the fantasy depicting exquisite and unreal images...

The night was filled with a wide variety of sounds overwhelming Rick, plunging him into the abyss of lust. He did not try to understand, which groan belonged to Bob, and which one to Liz. His thoughts were far away in a world of impossible fantasy, every breath and every creak taking him farther and farther away...

* * *

It was ten years ago... Time was passing on, and soon Rick learned to master women as easily and naturally as Bob did. He learned how they liked to splash out their emotions through sighs and cries. Rick tried to bring his every woman to ecstasy and moans of insanity.

He loved to have sex in total darkness, giving vent just to his sense of touch and hearing. That was so exciting - just fingertips sensing a body, catching its fitful impulses, not seeing the face, the hands, the legs of his mistress - nothing, just the darkness enveloping twisted bodies. That’s why the window in his bedroom was always closed by a dark curtain with not a ray of light coming through.

It was getting dark... Rick was pacing the room, waiting for his girlfriend, a very attractive lady supposed to brighten up his loneliness that night. Lin had one great advantage - she could not make love in silence. Every movement, every touch awakened in that woman a whole symphony of sounds. It was truly a godsend for Rick. He smiled thinking the neighbors would not be able to fall asleep the following night.

* * *

Lin was sitting in the armchair, crossing her legs. Translucent white blouse did not hide the outlines of her rounded soft breasts. Rick got the place on the floor at Lin’s feet, his hand on her slender knee stroking the leg from the ankle to the thigh.

Lin moaned and made an attempt to lift up her skirt, but Rick stopped her.

- No, let me feel it for myself. His curious hand slowly penetrated under her skirt,

Pushing her panties aside, Lin took a deep breath and leaned back in the chair. At that her chest shuddered under the shirt, and her hard little nipples appeared under the thin cloth.

- I want you, - Rick exhaled, seized by excitement.

Lin slowly drank the contents of the glass and stood up. Rick had carried her to the bedroom, immersed in darkness. When the door closed behind them, Lin and Rick found themselves in the pitch darkness.

- But... I... I don't know how to orientate myself here... – Lin got confused.

Don't worry, I'll show you, - Rick firmly pushed her on the bed. Then his lips could explore the delicate silk of her skin, the smooth lines of the neck and the soft fluff covering her cheeks.

Rick was undoing the buttons of the blouse one by one, feeling her cool flesh moving towards him.

Rick’s lips touched the quivering nipple, caressing it by his tongue. Lin uttered a deep groan. When Rick's hand reached for the other nipple, she moaned again. Rick squeezed it by fingers, at the same time, easily biting another one.

The other Rick’s hand went on a journey over Lin’s body, easily sliding under the panties. Lin trembled, and a faint sigh escaped from her. At the same moment Rick felt a soft feminine palm, massaging his already stiffened dick. An impulse of lust ran over him. Rick rolled onto his back and pulled down his pants, giving more room to Lin’s hand.

Thin fingers immediately took possession of swollen testicles. Rick became happy, when the hot lips appeared on the place, where the delicate hand had just been caressing the penis. The picture of ten years ago immediately appeared before his eyes: Liz, leaning over Bob’s massive phallus, and passionate moans in the dark.

Two hours they had been caressing each other by hands and lips, plunging into the abyss of sweet sounds, born by all-absorbing desire. Lin was tearing the silence by her timid sighing and loud weeping, always keeping Rick on the verge of orgasm. Unable to resist the exquisite caress, Rick lost contact with reality and a taut white jet pierced the air.

Rick turned on the nightlight above the bed. The room became lit up with uneven light that had illuminated the crumpled bed and the carpet with frantically scattered clothes all over.

Rick and Lin sat opposite each other, continuing their erotic game. The moans and sobs did not stop, on the contrary, they intensified, emphasizing the ecstasy. Lin suddenly paused and put a finger to her lips. In the silence they both heard strange sounds. Loud applause and cries of "Bravo!" confirmed that all their efforts had not been in vain. Smiling, Lin and Rick hugged each other and fell asleep under the music of sounds emerging behind the wall...