Cool Night

- Are you done? - shouted Elena. Her voice was showing her being nervous. - It is almost 8:00 PM, and we informed her, we would be waiting for her after eight.

- Yes, darling, soon, - I replied. However, I was still sitting at my desk in the office sorting out the whole heap of drawings lying in front of me. I worked as an architect and I could not just drop everything, despite the piquancy of what we were up to. Besides, frankly speaking, I did not believe the visit would take place. In fact, the idea to put the ad of such a suggestive content in the newspaper could be called nothing but an idiotic one. And the following correspondence was inherently a dirty acting. After that who would really think of agreement performance.

But my thoughts didn't mean anything to my wife. I had, at least, to pretend being looking forward to the first visit of a girl Oksana, so as not to cause Elena’s irritation, anyway, she was quite adamant that lady would come for sure.

Bantering over myself, I began to collect my drawings, just as Elena’s head reappeared in the doorway and muttered something.

- Yes, yes, I'm ready! - I said, trying to keep my voice exuding more optimism and joy.

The living room was shining clean. Elena had cleaned all the things there. I don't want to say that usually we had a mess, but that day I was faced with pedantically done purity. Finally, coming in cheerful spirits, I noticed, that she even bought the flowers, replaced the blankets on the bed and put our most beautiful wine glasses on the table. She got dressed so sophisticated that her clothing was definitely more showing than concealing. In short, the whole apartment was electrified with expectation and sex and hardly needed someone else of the third party to make me turned on. I looked at my wife, and I saw the sticking out nipples of her firm breasts in her open top of the gown, darkening shadow of hair on her privates through her panties and, suddenly for the first time in a long period, I felt a real desire.

Probably, Elena noticed that. Probably,she got something similar, because she suddenly looked up at me with her loving languishing eyes.

- I'm terribly nervous, - she said, - Waiting is so tiresome.

Smiling reassuringly, I sat down next to her on the couch and hugged her. The other one, which still wouldn't come, did not evoke any feelings in me. My lips touched my wife’s neck and began gentle kissing her pinkish, damn nice smelling skin. What a fool I was to forget how wonderfully young and exciting my own wife was. She was already twenty-two, still she was making an impression of a very young girl.

- I would love to eat you, - I whispered, my tongue faltering with passion.

 With a chuckle, she slightly moved away from me.

- You’d better wait with this until Oksana comes. I'm always with you, but you do not use a chance. And, judging by her words, she dreams just about sex and love. As soon as I imagine you both embracing, you entering her or leaning over her and pouring your sperm on her, I immediately have something like orgasm. In fact, do you remember we haven’t been sleeping with each other for about two weeks? You probably will explode from your reserves soon.

I don't know what made Elena speak that way. Maybe, the reason was the nervous, sex charged atmosphere, or, perhaps, the prospect of receiving previously unknown experience, or just rich fantasy. I just was surprised, she had never revealed that part of her. As far as I remembered, from the very beginning of our marriage she was totally against the sex with partner changing, and then, after four years of being married, a change of desires had occurred. Maybe, it had been always hidden somewhere in the inmost recesses of her heart.

- Is it you saying that? - I said laughing. At that, I slightly moved towards her. - Aren't you jealous? Or, more precisely, you won't be jealous when you see me sleeping with another woman? This is something new to you as well. We've never done this before.

- It excites best of all, - Elena said with such an immediate conviction that I gradually began realizing the seriousness of the situation. - No, I'm not gonna be jealous for sure. And why should I? After all, I'm here, and you know Oksana not longer, than I do. She is a stranger wishing nothing but sex. And we need nothing but sex as well. If we were talking about love affairs, then it would be another thing, but in this case... I am sure, all three of us will get what we want.

Her face slightly flushed, becoming even more attractive. “It would be so nice if this damned Oksana wouldn’t come”, - was my thought for a minute. I wanted my wife so much as never before. I held out my hand and easily passed it over the top of her transparent gown. The nipples instantly stiffened and stood upright. That subtle movement was enough. And that also hadn't happened for a long time.

- What are you waiting for of this meeting then? - I asked with interest, still having no belief Oksana would really come. - After all, she's a woman and it means, she is a toy for me only. I can't remember you interested in lesbianism at least once.

- What can’t be may be, - she smiled without a trace of embarrassment.

- Oh-La-La! - I exclaimed involuntarily.

- One doesn't have to be or to become a lesbian to try it with another woman just once, - she considered it nevertheless necessary to explain her idea. - To be a little bit bisexual. It's great too, isn't it? I've never done that before, still I can't deny that it has a strong aphrodisiac effect on me.

- Well, yes, - I said, a bit befuddled by the fact I had to have heard. - Wait and see how it all will go on. I just want to hope all this will really have a positive impact on our marriage, that’s what we both are expecting of this meeting.

At that I looked at the clock and saw it was much past eight. If Oksana really wanted to come, she was late by now. It was not the best sign. But Elena didn’t let me be distracted for a minute. She was a bundle of nerves and electrified with every cell of her body. Perhaps, that was the reason she took the initiative in her own hands.

- We are sitting, as two students in expectation of a teacher, - she said suddenly. - And we've forgotten this evening should be spent under the badge of sex, instead of discussions. In order to talk and analyze our lives, we can find another time when we're alone again. I don't understand why don't we do preparatory warming-up?

At that, she turned to me completely and firmly put her hand on between my legs. The motion started under her hand. I noticed that with surprise. Just a small touch was enough to cause the erection. Then I could tell what to expect as well. I was also charged and ready for anything.

While Elena gently, barely touching, was stroking the bump growing more and more on my trousers, I tried to push two fingers under the fabric at the top of her gown. I felt hardened nipples of her breasts and started to ...squeeze them easily.

Elena uttered a gentle groan:

- You haven't done that to me for a long time.

I was thinking of the same.

- And you the whole eternity haven’t put your hand between my legs on your own initiative, - I replied.

- Is that an apology?

- No, of course not, - I muttered, - But...

- In short, - she made a conclusion, - We always have been lack of a certain irritant to ignite the flame of passion. All this does not mean we cannot offer anything else to each other, we have just become lazy and phlegmatic. We misinterpreted the forms a marriage gets sooner or later. But now we deliberately have taken a step to renew and revive everything. We both are ready to include a third person in our sex life. Thanks to that, the sex is being updated, and gets its appeal again.

She took a deep breath and began to stroke the bottom of my stomach more vigorously. Then she continued:

- I even claim, that a third person is not needed in order to get us excited. Just thinking of that is enough. And now, I'm going to do what I wanted to do all the time. Even with the risk, that as a result, I'll take something from Oksana.

With those words she went on stroking the bottom of my belly, then she stopped abruptly and suddenly started to unbutton my pants.

I took my hand out of what was supposed to cover the breasts of Elena and looked at my beautiful woman from above. I was becoming strained with expectation of what she was going to do. Of course, I knew from the very beginning our matrimonial life what Elena did and what she would have done in that case, but at that time? It was so long ago!

My cock popped out of the trousers almost without assistance. Elena just pulled down the briefs a bit. The head of the penis was so full of blood as if it was ready to burst. It was so big that the foreskin was covering just a half of it. Although I had absolutely no tendencies to exhibitionism, still the provoking view of the protruding penis had had an exciting effect upon me. A man in that condition has something to offer. Something similar seemed to have been experienced by Elena, because I distinctly heard a swallowing sound she uttered. She resolutely leaned forward and her soft hot lips enveloped the tip of my penis and began sucking it gently.

- I'm warning you! - I said sarcastically, at the same time quivering with excitement. - You reminded me that we have not slept together for almost two weeks. And since I have no mistress, everything accumulated there inside.

Elena just purred something, not looking up from her main occupation. Then her tongue started working, making me move my pelvis convulsively.

- Go on, - I whispered, choking and restraining my movements, - You'll see where it leads. And I thought you wanted to dip your tongue into the bottomless cave of our guest.

I felt quite clearly that a little longer - and nothing could save me from the eruption. Only then I began to realize, how much I missed a hot love life and my body needed it immensely. Neither my job, nor the belief that life is done not in bed could deprive me of that knowing.

Elena was so excited that she deliberately drove me to ecstasy. Her tongue was in permanent motion, she never stopped sucking and biting my cock. Oh yeah, I knew that she used to love the oral way of intercourse. But it fell asleep eventually. Then her sense woke up again, and she tried to make me cum in her mouth.

I could no longer resist. I didn't care. Or more precisely I wanted that. Thinking about the expected visitor was moved to the background and replaced with just one desire - to become and be the ejaculating penis, the penis erupting all the time. Another moment and it happened. Elena was sighing quietly as well. At that moment the doorbell rang.

Everything in me was as if broken. Elena raised her head and looked at me: - This must be Oksana!

Sometimes in life there are moments anyone is ready to kill. That was the state I had at that very moment. I could easily send her to the world beyond.

- You or me? - asked Elena. However, before I could take hold of myself and make a decision, she sprang up to her feet, - Okay, I'll go. Oh, my God, how excited I am! And you stay as you are now!

I wanted to protest. That was too much. I'm not familiar with that Oksana so far.

Elena leaned over to me and with a slight, almost devilish smile patted my protruding penis:

- You will remain as you are, - she insisted again. - A better greeting for our guest is hard to think up. When she comes in and sees you like this, all that introductory chatter would be superfluous. After all, we want to have a sex orgy, and she needs to understand we have been long ready for it. Okay?

With these words she disappeared, and I stared down at my naked penis with the most conflicting feelings.

Oksana turned out to be a girl of a very special type. I have never met that type of women in my life so far and I don't think I would ever have to experience such happiness again. It was a personification of sex, if one can say so. Just her presence instantly pushed aside all other thoughts, and the person who met her was seized with just one desire - to satisfy his passion.

While I was sitting on the couch quite indecisively and staring at my penis, swollen to such a state, as if it was going to burst, I could hear Elena opening the door and saluting the guest. Her voice was full of joy and excitement, and those were the feelings she usually didn’t reveal to strangers. Until that time I considered my wife unsociable.

Every day is a lesson! It appeared that already in the hallway both women had so much to say to each other, that the sounds drifted up to me from there could make one suppose that was usual female chatter. I felt hard gnawing in my heart as soon as I started to think what impression I would make on our guest, having met her here on the couch with a naked cock. Elena just went crazy! Well, let it be the meeting for sex, for orgy, but it must be possible to have time for talking to each other first. And besides - I still continued to think so - I didn’t give a hoot, as the saying goes, for that Oksana.

Just at the moment when, after my hard thoughts, I decided to remove my man’s dignity back into pants, the door opened and both women entered the room. One smiling and another looking forward. And I? Well, what can I say. I blushed to the roots of my hair. It seemed to me that amused Elena even better.

- This is my husband, - she said with a bold smile and pointed to my naked penis, - And this is his best part of body. As you can see, he's already ahead of the event.

- It's not fair, - I instinctively became angry. Oksana and Elena laughed, the ice of alienation was broken. Giggling like a little girl, Elena had walked around me from all sides and moved off my hands covering my man’s dignity. My penis was still standing upright, and the awareness of the fact that it was watched by another woman made it even grow up a bit. We both noticed it, and then my wife surprised me once again.

- Shortly before you’ve come, I stirred him up, - she said to Oksana with disarming frankness. - But we're not done yet. Now he is in the state just about to erupt, would you...?

She didn't finish the sentence, but it was not necessary. It was clear to each of us what she wanted to say. Elena deliberately insisted on immediate engagement. However, she didn't want to finish the work she started a few minutes ago, and ceded it voluntarily to our guest.

I looked at Oksana. We didn’t say a word to each other, and for my fallen down unbuttoned trousers I could not even stand up. Awfully confused and overfilled with conflicting feelings, I made an incredible effort and smiled as friendly and encouraging as possible in my condition.

A smile in response. And then I heard the extremely lovely voice of young Oksana:

- Well, of course, I would love to bring the game to the end. You're very generous, Elena. You can't even imagine how happy I am to spend this night with you. Still your husband seems to be a little off the balance, so perhaps, it would be good if I kiss him as it's to be done at a meeting.

She winked to me and knelt down in front of me. And suddenly my heart nearly jumped out of my chest. I got excited not so much with her  immediate closeness, but with a feverish idea whether she would do it in reality. With me, a total stranger.

Oh, God, I was so naive then! I had no idea what women are capable of, if coming to a contact is usual game for them, and what is understood as "a kiss at the meeting". Like Elena, I was just a beginner on that slippery parquet where the game of exchanging partners was taking place, except the fact my wife, apparently, was a faster and better learner.

Suddenly my knees trembled, and Oksana, with a faint smile, rested her hands against them. Then her lips closed around my penis, and for a few seconds I froze like a stalactite.

Elena was looking at us with her eyes wide open and shining feverishly. Of course, she had seen  I was all compressed inside, and immediately there followed her inevitable comment.

- Do not be affected, darling, - she said softly with a false sweet tone, - Is it really you? Where have you been hiding your cowardice till now?

I was ready to kill her, to tear to pieces. My hitherto harmonious world of feelings had just been completely ruined. Besides I was angry at myself. I had had a lot of girls, but it was, so to say, in another world. At that moment just a thought that our guest was sucking my cock made my mind blow away. And that was despite the fact I had had enough time to get prepared mentally and physically for all the time when we had been exchanging letters with Oksana.

- What are you doing? - surprised I asked Elena.

She could not stand that voluptuous picture, Oksana and I were representing, and she thrust a hand into her panties producing unambiguous movements there.

- Can't you see? - she asked, mockingly, - I’m helping myself.

Such shamelessness could not pass completely aside me and in some way it helped me. My excitement and inner tension went down, and then I began to feel what was going on between my legs.

- I’m... I'm cumming! - I groaned. The idea, that I would erupt my sperm in Oksana’s mouth in the first minutes of our acquaintance, and that was what she wanted, didn't even come to my mind. She raised her head and looked at me. It was much on the contrary: her sucking and licking movements became more intense, and then she pushed both hands between my thighs, as much as it was possible. When her fingers began to stroke my crotch and anus, I seemed to become electrified all through. My whole body strained, and I distinctly felt something bubbled in me and it was about to break out.

- Well? - Elena asked convulsively. She crept even closer to us and never looked away from us. The hand in her panties was in everlasting motion.

- Now, - in exhaustion I gasped to breathe. - I... We... - I had no more will to restrain. Oksana was very good at how to bring a man to orgasm just by licking and sucking not to leave me at least a chance. Shuddering and vibrating all over, I crossed the border, and I had a feeling all my Self was rushing somewhere with a wild turbulent stream. All borders and locks had been tumbled down, and I erupted.

After that I did not remember anything, whether I was groaning or doing something else. As if all the senses left me, and I was the whole sticking out, raging and erupting streams of sperm penis. Each emitted jet was felt pretty distinctly and same distinctly I heard each such jet was loudly swallowed by our guest.

Clouds of pleasure and sensuality dissipated only when Oksana suddenly moved away from me and let my cock off. Therefore the last discharges splashed on my stomach and flowed over the genitals, but nobody paid any attention, even me. It was not enough for our guest, so she changed her partner. Then Oksana involved my wife in the game. Elena, having been long shivering with impatience and passion, obeyed readily. Oksana pulled her closer and pressed the mouth to her cum covered lips.

At that moment my mind woke up again, and I became able to think. Oh, that's what the plan was! Elena wanted to get something of that as well! She licked the rest of my sperm from Oksana’s lips, and while I was watching it all, as if mesmerized, I felt the desire in me was waking up again. Despite I just had ejaculated, my penis was still up. The blood was pumped in it again. It was becoming harder and finally reached its maximum height.

- Let’s go, - I heard a jerky breath of Oksana, - Go onto the couch!

Since I was temporarily out of the game, I shrunk on the edge of the couch. Both women were totally occupied with themselves and did not pay attention to me. With her eyes closed, Elena sat down on the couch, and Oksana leaned over her. They obviously didn’t have enough space, and I had to get up.

The pants fell down off my knees.

- Damn it, - I muttered, but then was forced to laugh. Indeed, what were those pants doing there? They only hindered, and I resolutely got rid of them.

 When I turned back to Elena and Oksana, I saw them being in quite another world. They were kissing each other with wild passion, and only then I realized what Elena was looking forward to, having invited that guest to our place. It was something she wanted to try at least once in her life.

- You're wonderful, - said Oksana, her voice was hoarse and faltering. - You both are super!

- You too, - replied Elena.

- I want you all over, - Oksana squeezed out in ecstasy, - I dreamed about you. May I?

Although Elena, apparently, had no idea what the guest wanted, she nodded. Oksana immediately stretched out both hands to the transparent panties of my wife and pulled them off Elena's hips with one smooth movement. Naked and defenseless was the sexual organ of Elena. The mound of Venus was covered with easy curled up hair. Quite automatically she moved her thighs apart. At that she closed her eyes and yielded totally to the power of absolutely new situation.

For that time, I again reached the point to lose control over myself. The picture in front of me was evoking the desires one cannot help. Never in my life I have not been the witness of the games of lesbians and when Oksana, having uttered something inarticulate, bent over and buried her face in her soft hair, I was just about to cum.

Elena opened her mouth and feverishly licked her lips over. She was absolutely off her mind. No doubt, at the moment she didn't realize where she was and what was happening to her. She was a kind of ethereal creature bathing in the waves of the greatest pleasure.

Suddenly, she groaned. Oksana gently spread the vulvar lips of my wife and stuck her tongue into the vagina moistened with desire.

It was too much for me, too much. Not realizing anything, I started searching and groped my target, and the hands began to do what they had been told by my subconscious. One hand grabbed the penis and another one the rounded scrotum and, as if in a trance, I started to work with myself.

"That's a woman!" - I thought feverishly. Mistrust and disgust for Oksana had gone. After I had seen her in action, as she quenched her thirst with me, I felt nothing but hot, burning desire inside. My hand was moving faster up and down, moving the flesh of my stiffened, ready to ejaculate penis back and forth. However, I couldn't even if I wanted to tear my gaze away from the bent back of Oksana and from that place, where the fabric of her pants tightened up her ass of absolutely perfect shape.

Broken cries of Elena grew louder, and sucking and licking movements of Oksana more and more intense. Inside I felt rising and uncontrollable desire to ejaculate in Oksana, but I restrained myself for some time. But finally I found myself slowly, step by step, as though a magnet was drawing me, approaching the two women.

Having approached Oksana from behind, as if in trance, I put down my hand and stroked her ass gently. Our guest uttered a strange grunting sound, not looking up from the lower abdomen of Elena. At the same time she raised her ass higher. What was it? Invitation?

I almost stopped breathing. I still had to fight with myself, and it was not surprising: for the first time in my life I was a participant of a group coitus. But at the same time I was overfilled with desire. The last reason finally won and forced out all other feelings and sufferings. "Now or never", - I told myself. But that happened rather unconsciously as well. And then I hugged Oksana from behind.

For a second she raised her head: "Come on!" - her eyes were pleading. Her beautiful, slightly raised, tender lips were in vital juice of my wife. She once again leaned down to invitingly open vagina, and I distinctly felt all my doubts had been definitely left behind.

Suffering lust and trembling all over with expectation of what was to occur, I grasped Oksana by her waist and began frantically fiddling with her zipper on the pants. At that I distinctly felt my cock getting harder and harder. “Have I ever felt such excitement so far in my life? No, that all is too much for me”, - flashed in my head.

Suddenly, I felt that all that was on too long and might be unnecessary. I could not see what my hands were doing from ahead of Oksana’s stomach, and therefore I could not cope with the buttons and the zipper on her pants. When the zipper had been finally undone, it was just the time. Not paying attention to anything at all, I roughly pulled the trousers off the hips of our guest. However, it was also not so easy in the position I was in, but Oksana helped me a little with having raised her ass a bit more, still continuing to caress Elena.

There was no complications with Oksana’s panties. Before eliminating the last obstacle, I forced myself to stop and look at what two women were doing. I heard broken cries of Elena and passionate aspiration, uttered by Oksana. At the same time I felt a powerful pulsation of blood in my penis and same strong, nearly to the pain, pressure in my kidneys’ area. That pain was the sweetest torture in my life. As if drawn by a magnet, I raised my hand and stroked Oksana’s round and firm ass. Second hand I slipped between Oksana’s slightly spread thighs and felt her vagina flowing with moisture.

- Enter me, - she squeezed out breathlessly, - Come on, in, please!

Only after that I got out of my stupor and pulled her panties down. All the rest occurred then awfully fast. I could no longer restrain myself. Naked girl’s ass was facing me appealing and tempting. I grabbed my cock, leaned my knees against the couch and thrust it in Oksana’s vagina from behind.

The girl groaned. Oksana's groan mixed up with sweet-painful shout of my wife, for a fraction of a second I was forced to moan as well: the vagina of our guest turned out to be surprisingly narrow. However, the next moment I felt the warm and sticky juice of love greased my cock, so I started pushing.

It was the ordinary pairing and nothing more. “Fuck her”, buzzed in my head. “Fuck over and over again”... There was no more space for other feelings. My thoughts and my sensations were so obscene, as never before in my life.

My God, so long I haven’t had another woman, but Elena! Four years! I was always faithful to Elena and only then I suddenly realized our matrimony had been suffered from that. All the time the same woman, so my sexual needs became paralyzed. But at that moment I was having another one, I thrust my dick in until it stopped and the one I was fucking in a wild ecstasy. At the same time I heard Elena was also on the threshold of her highest point of pleasure. I felt Oksana was ready to explode and I was superhappy!

Probably, the whole eternity had passed, until we came up to senses. We were lying on each other and in each other and panting. Next to the tousled-haired head of Oksana I saw the face of my wife. Elena’s eyes were open and very clear. And she was smiling with her whole soul.