On the lakeside

I don't like to sunbathe on public beaches because of the large concentrations of tourists. It’s unpleasant to become an object of many apprising looks. Just for that reason, on a hot day of July I turned out to be alone on the deserted lakeside. The weather was fine and the sunlight was gently caressing my body. Taking that opportunity, I took my rather skimpy bathing suit and offered my whole flexible body to the scorching sun. For some time I was lying relaxed, feeling every cell of my skin hungrily absorbing the desired ultraviolet. I did not notice my left hand gently touching the bare chest. The nipples invitingly responded to the involuntary movement of the hand quickly hardening. Soon the fingers of both hands were tirelessly massaging the taut breasts, paying more attention to the hardened peaks. Gradually erotic fantasies had cloaked me entirely. A hot wave of pleasure was rising from below. My legs spontaneously bent in the knees and moved wide apart, opening up the access to the intimate spot. My playful fingers barely touched the smooth belly, fiddled the light thickets and reached the clitoris. Gentle and circular movements of the hands quickly grew to the lustful touches making me wet between the legs. The body was bending towards voluptuous caresses. I closed my eyes and yielded entirely to fantastic dreams. The fingers carefully opened the petals of the delicate pink bud and elusively got inside. In anticipation of ecstasy my body was pierced by quiver.

The sixth sense told me of approaching danger. I opened my eyes and saw two adult guys about, unceremoniously looking at me as the witnesses of my involuntary weakness. The high tents on guys’ trunks left no doubt in their intentions. Surprised, I could not even move. The whole range of emotions reflected in my face: fear, shyness and frustration for the interrupted idyll. In the eyes of the guys (as I later learned Vadim and Kostya) I read the passionate lust and the anticipation of bliss. I was numb and speechless.

Smiling shamelessly and with the words "now we’re gonna help you" Vadim slipped between my legs on his knees with his head buried in my private parts. His skillful tongue movements began running over my clit. Waiting for the brutal invasion, I was not ready to such turn of events and, having recovered from the shock, I didn't know whether to scream, or to give in to the will of the winners. Meanwhile, Kostya removed his trunks and knelt down comfortably over my head. Wide set thighs surrounded my face, and big balls and a penis turned upright appeared just before my eyes. Kostya’s hands fell down on my breasts gently twirling the nipples. At the same time, Vadim was playfully biting my clit. A hot wave of pleasure enveloped my mind once again. Without hesitation, I firmly grabbed Vadim’s head, my mouth trying to catch Kostya’s spear. But since it was turned up, I opened my mouth wide and absorbed his balls, gently caressing them with my tongue. Vadim’s tongue slipped into my wet crack making forward movements there. The ecstasy was inevitably approaching me. I passionately wanted to respond to Vadim’s caresses, so I turned over and got on my all fours.

Asking him to lie his back down, I pulled his trunks off and eagerly took his weapon in my mouth. I grabbed the thick rod by my hands, pulled the foreskin down and began to fondle the head, gently biting a little the area of the frenulum. My caresses did not remain unattended. Already big Vadim’s cock was growing up just before my eyes. Excited by that sight I took it in my mouth as deep as I could and started to suck avidly. As for Kostya, he got a place behind me, spread my thighs wide, his tongue driving over my rhythmically pulsing clit and gentle vulvar lips. I was arching towards his mischievous tongue in time with his movements. Kostya did not leave my moves without attention and ran his tongue into the vagina. His forward motions forced me to take Vadim’s cock deeper in my mouth. His piston was persistent trying to get into my throat, my lips massaging its base. At that time I felt Kostya’s two fingers got deep into my slit and his tongue gently licked the anus. As if electrical shock ran through me, I trembled all over and my slit was dripping with juice. When his tongue drilled my anus and got inside, I convulsed in orgasm and nearly bit Vadim’s penis through. I gave out a loud cry and moved away from my passionate guys.

Both weapons were trembling a little eager to fight, presenting a beautiful sight. Grateful to my friends for given pleasure I was ready to fulfill all of their desires.

I kissed the heads of redoubtable weapons and then I sat on Vadim lying his back down. He hugged me and put me on his cock to the ground. Responding to his call my vagina avidly swallowed him, squeezing rhythmically around. Sweeping off all on the way Kostya took me from behind. Sharp pain of tormented anus and indescribable pleasure drowned out all my other senses. I felt their tireless pistons rubbing against each other through the thin partition. The guys were slowly penetrating my both holes either alternately, or simultaneously. Their movements paced up and I leaned towards them, forgetting about everything. I was on the top of bliss. A loud and continuous moan escaped from my mouth. Twisting like a snake I invitingly responded to the slightest desires of my partners. Having entered me another time, the guys had cum all at once. Their guns fired hot volleys of sperm, having instantly filled up both my holes. Languid moan transformed into a heart-rending cry announced of my second orgasm for that day. I was in seventh heaven, and weakened I fell into oblivion. The guys slowly came out of me, openly expressing their satisfaction.

The guys’ spears lost their attractive appearance just for a short time. The next moment Kostya lay on the ground asking me to sit astride him. As a real rider I started jumping on his cock, catching Vadim’s cock simultaneously. The guys' fantasies knew no bounds. They twisted and twirled me as they wanted. They exchanged their places and fucked me again in all the holes. I had lost count of the orgasms gripped me. The guys were tireless. I thought we had already tried everything. Nothing of the sort! Kostya had put me on his stake again. He pulled me closer my back turned to him. So I was lying on him, and his piston was coming in and out of my pussy. Meanwhile, Vadim fell down next to us, and lifting his giant began slowly inserting it in my already occupied hole in time with Kostya’s movements. Every motion he slowly and steadily moved towards the goal, trying not to hurt me. I never thought my vagina was able to have two giants inside at once. That was really awesome! My cries of pleasure spread not only over surrounding neighborhood but even far beyond its borders. Two moving in time pistons were literally tearing me apart in pieces, giving me previously unknown and indescribable pleasure. The taut jets of hot liquid made me cry with joy. And the second time the guys had cum at the same time. Panting, they lay on the ground sweetly exhausted their legs spread wide towards each other so that their private parts appeared next to one another.

With the agility of a cat, my face appeared between their legs. Tired tools were relaxed, having lost their recent size. I began gracefully working on them by my tongue with the help of my hands. Starting with the head, my tongue was going over to the stem and going down to the base it gave way to the soft lips wrapping the empty testicles and sucking them into the mouth. Grateful for the fabulous pleasure the guys had given me, I wanted to give them maximum pleasure back. Satisfied I noted my efforts giving results. The lifeless organs were raising their proud heads quickly growing in size. Bringing my sharp teeth into action and playfully biting the tender crown I had moved closer to my goal. The breathing of my boys became more frequent, a faint tremble was running through their bodies. Having passed my hands between their legs and having spread the thighs, my fingers reached the anuses pleasantly tickling them. Swallowing the cocks in turn I was gradually releasing them out, feverishly working with my tongue. There came the moment they didn’t fit in my mouth. With great pleasure I was sucking those raised giants. I was sucking them with my teeth a little clenched intensifying the pleasure when the head was passing through the even row of teeth. Finally, stimulating both cocks by hands and alternately sucking them, I achieved them rhythmically pulsing, and the heads let out droplets of clear liquid.

Feeling the guys were close to finish, I asked them to stand up to the full height, and I knelt down before them. The guys’ cocks were invitingly standing right in front of my eyes. Not only Vadim with Kostya, but I felt the final orgasm coming as well. My crotch was squelching like a swamp. With new strength I began furiously masturbating and sucking the longed-for giants. Approaching the finish, the guys moved me away and asked to open my mouth wider. The third time they had cum at the same time. The first spits of freed from the captivity sperm hit me right down the throat. The studs again filled me up with their sweet semen. My mouth was filled up and I was unable to swallow the endless stream of adhesive mass. The orgasm threw me away down the ground without remorse and I blissfully closed my eyes. Sticky cum was leaking from all places, needless to say, the guys stuffed me up with it. However, I was too weak to wipe it off.

The boys left me as suddenly as they had come before. In memory of them I had just my torn ass, tormented vagina and infinite gratitude for given pleasure.