A present

New Year was coming and everybody was in a festive mood. The weather turned out to be frosty, besides it was rather windy. At noon we were called by Olga, the sister of my wife Sonia, who said that she was urgently needed in the office, where she was going to stay until about 9 PM, so she couldn’t come to our place, as she had promised before. Nevertheless, her friend Dennis would come to us with a present for Sonia. I already knew what kind of present it was, still it had to become a surprise for Sonia. Of course, I became upset with Olga’s absence, but she added, that, perhaps, she would drop in for a short time. She promised a present for me as well: she would let me do with her anything I wished! I just had to appeal to the fate for Olga’s coming to us. Sonia also got upset when she got to know Olga wouldn’t come, but her sorrow didn’t last long for she was much more interested in the present she was going to receive from Dennis. When the dinner was over, I offered to take a shower and then have a quiet evening at the fire-place with a glass of good wine and a cigarette, and all the rest would gonna be alright. In order to have a better time I advised Sonia to put on the sexiest clothing after the shower. As soon as I said that, my wife began to guess what was possible to occur, for she knew about Dennis’ visit. But I said he would spend with us just about a minute and she even could stay sitting at the fire-place and I would meet him and take the present for her. After the shower I put on the shorts and stoked up the fire-place better. While Sonia was taking a shower and putting on a “more comfortable clothes”, I poured wine in glasses, spread out a large plaid and threw several pillows on. Thus I tuned to the nice night and was sure Sonia would like everything expected.

Then Sonia came in the room, her face shining, and said had got extremely excited while taking a shower, so she had jerked off with the help of hand shower. She was looking just gorgeous. She had a short red blouse thrown on with small ties in front. The upper strings were loose, so her breasts were almost entirely open. Just her strained nipples, thrusting through the delicate cloth of the blouse, stayed covered.

Another thing Sonia put on were red panties with the opening at the pubis, and I understood why she had stayed so long in the shower: her slit was clean shaven. Besides, she had a red and black belt with black stockings. Sonia even didn’t have to ask if I liked that. The best answer to that was the tent immediately formed at my wife’s appearance. Sonia said she was feeling like a spoiled and lustful chick burning with desire, that’s why she was ready to do everything I wanted. At those words my wife took out the dildo and asked if I wished to watch how she was going to please herself.

When Sonia lay down on the plaid, she asked me to bring and set the video camera, not to miss the opportunity to enlarge our collection of “intimate” movies with another one. We hadn’t been shooting about two months, still we had watched many times the home videos we were shooting with Olga and Dennis. Sonia was a bit sorry, that Olga and Dennis wouldn’t be able to come, for she had been long waiting for that meeting, but then we decided we could have a good time being just two of us. Sonia wanted to work herself up with the dildo so much, that she couldn’t hold it back any longer and told me to start shooting. She had never showed me her masturbating, so I was looking forward to that performance. Sonia lay the way her slit appeared right before the camera and spread out her legs wide. I got down on my all fours between them and began to lick over her naked cave. Then I started to suck her clit, slightly pinching with my lips its top. It was making Sonia more and more inflamed, she moaned suggesting how to work on her vagina with tongue: where to lick and where to poke with the tip of the tongue. Soon Sonia convulsed with orgasm, then with another one, and I knew it wasn’t the last one for tonight. I moved aside not to block up the camera, and Sonia began to rub the dildo of about 20 cm over her vulvar lips, immersing it half in from time to time.

And then the doorbell rang. Sonia popped up trying to find something to cover her nudity, to come out and salute Dennis. But I told her to stay and sit on the floor, while I would open the door and tell Dennis we are busy and just take the present Olga sent. I put on my wife’s robe and went out to open the door while she stayed on the floor. I opened the door and saw Dennis. The presents for Sonia were standing right next to him. Dennis introduced me to his three brothers - that was the present for Sonia. I let them in, having said to each to be quiet for it must be a surprise to my wife.

There they were before me. Pavel the eldest of them same tall as Dennis, Sergey a bit shorter and narrower in shoulders than his older brothers, and the youngest one was Tolya. He was just eighteen and he was a virgin boy. All of them were handsome guys, and it was pretty clear they were attending gym to keep up good shape.

I walked them to the kitchen, so Sonia couldn’t see the guests before it was necessary and so they could get undressed. All of them, except Tolya, got undressed quickly so as they knew what they had come there for. Tolya was nervous a little, that’s why he was hesitating with his clothes. The guys began to encourage him, saying that night would be the one to remember.

Sonia shouted out from the living room to me not to get lost but quicker come to her. I shouted back I was going to come as soon as I had poured wine in the glasses.

When all five appeared on the threshold of the living room, Sonia was lying on the plaid as before. The legs were thrown wide apart, and the buzzing dildo was half in her crack. She was lying humming some tune with her eyes closed. It was clear, Sonia enjoyed masturbating before working camera. At that sight Dennis with the brothers stunned totally amazed. Of course, Dennis had told them about Sonia, but they didn’t expect to see such a beauty, and their uprised cocks clearly showed how they liked her. Virgin Tolya was almost about to cum, the precum was already seen on the top of his penis head. He was at the highest degree of excitement. I was proud of my forty-year-old wife, who was still able to make such expression. The guests never looked away from her thrusting the dildo in her slit. Having opened her eyes, Sonia saw five naked men. She became rather confused first. Then she tried to cover herself up with something, but there was nothing proper.

“Happy New Year from Olga!”, - I announced. Then Sonia realized, that Dennis and all other guests were undressed and so was I. And when she had seen Huge cocks, she began instinctively thrusting the dildo twice harder in. Tolya’s staring was telling my wife, that he had never seen a vagina especially such a magnificent woman’s. “Well, are you going to keep staying at the threshold?” - Sonia asked. She was still confused, but she was trying to hide it as hard as possible.

Dennis knelt down before her, saying New Year’s wishes, and kissed her. After that he thrust his hand under the blouse and squeezed the right breast. That made Sonia moan passionately. I told the brothers to help Dennis. I didn’t need to ask them twice.

Pavel and Sergey sat down from both sides of Sonia and their hands started running all over my wife’s body, sliding over her white and silky skin. As for Tolya, he sat down between Sonia’s legs to have a close look at the vagina with moving dildo in it. Sonia grabbed his hand and made him bring the palm to the juicy crack. Then she pulled the dildo out and pressed Tolya’s hand onto the naked mound above the cave. He didn’t need any more help, so he began to run his palm over Sonia’s slit, spreading the lips and touching her clit. Sonia’s thighs were shaking with pleasure. He kept on stroking juicy wife’s hole, then he thrust his middle finger in and began to fuck her vagina with it.

Meanwhile Pavel bent down to Sonia and thrust his tongue deep into her mouth in a passionate kiss. She started to suck his tongue, grasped Pavel with both hands and drew him closer to her and thrust her tongue in his mouth as well. Sergey took Sonia’s left breast out of the bra and started to suck the nipple. Dennis was doing the same with her right breast. Sonia was twisting and moaning with pleasure. She obviously liked that.

So did I. I took the camera off the tripod and began walking around them. So as everybody was occupied, I decided to try the role of a director. I told Tolia to lick and suck my wife’s slit. He lay down between Sonia’s spread legs and started showering her silky thighs, gradually moving to the cave. But Sonia didn’t want to wait. She grabbed Tolya’s head and pressed his face to her crotch. “Come on, don’t drag things out, eat my pussy, make me cum and fuck me with your young cock” - She howled.

Those words excited Tolya so much, that a fountain of sperm splashed out of him right on Sonia’s right leg. He got confused because he had cum so fast, moreover he didn’t touch anything yet, but Sonia collected his sperm with the palm off the leg as much as she could and sent it to her mouth, saying his sperm was very tasty. Then Dennis told Sonia, that Tolya was still a virgin boy and her eyes sparkled. She never slept with virgins and she told Tolya she wanted to teach him fucking, licking, sucking and pleasing women. After those words Tolya encouraged and began passing his tongue over the burning slit, while Sonia was telling him the better way to suck and pinch her clit with his lips and soon he began pleasing my wife like a Pro. His penis was up again, and Tolya seemed to be proud of that.

As for Dennis, he moved closer to Sonia and rested the penis against her face. To everybody’s surprise she swallowed about ten cm at once, started to suck it smacking as if wishing to milk it with her mouth. Sonia was on the top of bliss: one guest was licking her slit, she was sucking the penis of another one, holding the rods of two others in hands, squeezing and then unclenching her fingers enjoying the size of those toys. One couldn’t but get excited at the sight of that. I started jerking off, understanding I couldn’t help it.

Having my penis in the hand, I came up to Sonia’s head and asked Dennis to free her mouth for a minute. He gladly let me have it, moving aside, and I thrust my rod in Sonia’s mouth, pushing it right into the throat my balls up to her lips. She started to suck me like a vacuum cleaner and I felt streams of sperm splashing out of me. Sonia swallowed everything to the last drop. After that I got up and went on shooting, while my place became taken by Pavel. Sonia had fiercely sucked him as well.

Sonia told us earlier how she wanted to be fucked by several men at once, especially at my presence. So, thanks to Olga’s present, her dream had come true.

As soon as Pavel had cum, she took his penis out of her mouth and told us to start fucking, because she was tired of waiting for someone’s huge tool appeared in her crack. She asked Dennis to be the first with his kingpin to show his younger brother Tolya what and how to do.

Everyone got up from their places, and Sonia turned over and stood on her all fours. Dennis perched from behind and she stretched her hand below her belly, grabbed Denis’ tool and placed it against her lustful crack. Dennis moved forward, and I saw through the camera his huge stake slowly plunging into my wife’s shaven pussy.

Sonia exhaled so as all air had got out of her body and uttered hoarsely: “O-o-oh! I have no more space inside! So good! Look, Igor, another man is having your wife, and she likes it so much! Hey, somebody, give me a cock to suck, I need one more cock! I wanna be overfilled with cum so that it would be flowing out of my hole! I wanna try and swallow all your sperm! Fuck me, screw me, bang me! I wanna cum!”

For Tolya had never been sucked, I told him to thrust his penis in her mouth and cum in the throat. He didn’t hesitate and knelt down thrusting the cock in Sonia’s mouth. His hands caught her breasts squeezing and telling how spectacular she was and how hard her nipples were. Sergey and Pavel were stroking Sonia all over, and Sonia was swaying her ass pulling on Dennis’ cock, trying to thrust it as deep as possible not leaving a cm outside. And Dennis kept on ramming her crack with his kingpin. Her crack was flowing juices smacking each time squeezing his rod hard.

Soon Dennis started to cum, and I was watching my wife trying to milk him dry, but there was so much of cum, that it came out between the penis and vagina walls. Tolya erupted a jet of sperm in Sonia’s throat. She tried to swallow it to the last drop, but it was so much, that its hot and white drops were leaking from the corners of her mouth over to her chin. I just couldn’t believe, how much sperm he had, despite he had cum once already. Still I kept up shooting my wife licking and sucking Tolya’s stake over not missing a single drop of his virgin cum.

Dennis took his cock out, Sonia fell on her side and turned over her back down. She raised her legs up so, that her head appeared between the knees, and begged someone to fuck her as hard as he could. She reached out to touch her slit, spread the lips and asked Pavel to thrust his huge cock into the wet and tight hole. And soon I saw again my no longer hanging up wife took and thrust another man’s stake in her worked out hole. Pavel pushed it in up to the balls. He began rocking to and fro, saying how wonderful it was to fuck such a gorgeous woman with so tight vagina. He understood he couldn’t hold back long, but Sonia wanted him to cum faster and began to move upward pacing up.

In less than a couple of minutes Pavel discharged his sperm into my wife. He barely pulled out his cock when Sergey climbed her and pushed his rod all in. Sonia didn’t even try to press together her legs. She went on fucking howling how great it was to be fucked by five men at once. Sergey had held out about ten minutes. As soon as he put it out, Sonia howled she didn’t get enough and began to call for Tolya to thrust his virgin penis into her vagina overfilled with his brothers’ cum. It was incredible, but Tolya’s penis was still up like a stake. Sonia grasped it and directed to the cherished spot, and Tolya had poked it in. We were standing around watching Tolya fucking for the first time in his life. Looked like he enjoyed, and my wife did everything she could for him to like it. She was squeezing his virgin penis by her vaginal muscles, I was sure about that. She moved upward every time he thrust in his stake. Tolya was fucking my wife with rabbit speed. His ass was flashing before our eyes up and down. He had held out for half an hour. When exhausted he fell on her, Sonia’s slit began to milk the rest of the sperm from his penis. Tolya gave out the moan of exhaustion. Then orgasm pulsed through Sonia, her juices began mixing with his sperm and she was howling overwhelmed with feelings. I had it got up and decided to fuck Sonia. I was wondering what sensations I would have after she let four men cum in and her cave was overfilled with sperm. Sonia posed doggy-style, bent forward and began sticking her butt out to my stiffened penis. I easily thrust it in her slit seeing the cum flowing slowly out. The hole was burning hot! It was also rather slippery because of all that sperm poured in, but, you may believe or not, it was still tight. After I had cum as well having poured in more sperm, we decided to have a little rest. Sonia went to another room to put herself in order.

While she was away, we began to talk about her advantages. The brothers were delighted with how great fucking with her was, and how beautiful and tempting she was. The guys were really delighted with what had just taken place, and I was pleased as well. Tolya asked Dennis if they were going to stay there for a while so he could fuck Sonia once again. Dennis and I reassured him and said, that night everyone would be able to get all wanted. I added, that Sonia was not so easy to be fucked till exhausted. Tolya became quite brave and asked Dennis if he would ever let him fuck Olga. Dennis answered, that Olga wanted to try his brothers since that very moment they had got acquainted. That night had been arranged by her and she was rather upset, she couldn’t come. To Dennis’ words, Olga was not less and even more insatiable than Sonia. She adored to be fucked by two men at once and always wanted to try three men at once. Besides, she wanted to teach Tolya fuck girls up the ass. Such revelations made Tolya’s cock move again. Tolya couldn’t even imagine a woman wishing to have a huge cock in her anus, but Dennis assured him many of them wanted it, but not each of them was able to take an impressive stake inside.

Dennis advised Tolya not to be hasty, when it would have come to that, on the contrary, he should let a woman put herself on the penis, and just after she got adapted to it and a man would feel everything’s ok, just after that he could poking his penis in her ass. Tolya said, that he would be looking forward the chance to fuck Olga in her ass, moreover, her tiny dimensions always made him turned on. Dennis advised him not to be mistaken about her dimensions, for she, like any other of his known women was able to take in a penis from behind easily. As for him, he couldn’t fuck her up the ass, because his penis size was naturally much big for any woman’s butt.

Then Sonia came into the room with bottles in her hands. We had a drink for her health, for the meeting and forthcoming New Year and little by little we relaxed after so much of activity. Everybody was having fun, someone even began laughing aloud. I turned around and suddenly saw Olga. She was on the threshold looking at us. Because no one noticed her but me, she asked Sonia aloud if she liked the present for her. Finally everybody looked at Olga. Sonia popped up, ran to her, gave her a passionate kiss saying the words of gratitude for the pleasure, she had never got in her life before. Then she told Olga to make herself comfortable. Olga threw all her clothes off and started to look over the “staff”, choosing the first thing to begin with.

Dennis’ brothers were glad with Olga’s visit, and their dicks got up immediately as if saluting her. Olga and Sonia were passing from one penis to another, touching them by hands and trying with mouths. Olga knelt down before Tolya and plied him with questions. “Tolya, would you like me to suck your baton? What will you like better: to see your stake going into my mouth and to feel you are cumming into my throat, or to see it entering my slit fucking until you cum? Or maybe, you want to fuck me right up my ass? You’re gonna like it. Don’t you wanna feel your baton squeezing into my tight butt?” Responding Tolya’s penis twitched in her hand. However Sonia said, that first they have to make a show for the guys to inflame them. Olga had no objection and she lay down on the plaid spreading her legs.

Sonia sat down squatting above Olga’s face and began to lick her vagina. Then Sonia leaned forward and, having buried her face in Olga’s cave, thrust her tongue in as deep as she could. As far as Dennis and I had already seen such-like show, we decided to give the first row to his brothers, and we began watching them not less interested. Dennis’ brothers kept looking at Sonia and Olga kissing and licking the slits of each other. The guys were mesmerized with that scene. Of course, that show made them so excited, that they began to stroke their cocks, not being shy as if no one was around.

Both those talented actresses had cum at the same time. Olga wasn’t able to control herself, when my wife brought her to orgasm, and howled as loud as she could. As for Sonia, she just rolled off aside and exhausted stretched out on the plaid. As soon as it had happened, all the viewers pounced on them. I saddled Olga and thrust my penis in her. She could hardly breathe for such a rush. I began to screw her with much more pleasure. She was so tiny, that involuntarily evoked the memory about the girls I had fucked in school. I wrapped my lips around the small breast, sucked it almost all in and felt the hard nipple rested against my palate. It was sticking out just as Sonia’s nipples did when she was excited. Tolya didn’t hesitate to have thrust his rod in Olga’s mouth. So I could watch his baton disappearing between her lips and then reappearing out. That made me so excited, that I discharged the burst of sperm into my sister-in-law, and Olga had cum together with me. Looked like she was able to cum any time she wished. I stood up and saw my wife posed doggy-style. Sergey was working her out from behind, Dennis and Pavel were in front, and she was sucking both their cocks in turn. It was obvious, she terribly liked it. I grabbed the camera again!

Olga told Tolya, she wanted to feel his cock in her ass. She laid him his back down and went to the bathroom to take cream. When she was back, she abundantly greased her ass and Tolya’s rod. Then she squatted over his tool and began slowly go down on that long, taut and shining baton. I saw through the camera that baton slowly disappearing in Olga’s tiny butt. First, seeing the expression of her face, I decided she wouldn’t be able to take the whole cock in. Olga froze, trying to adapt to the size of that stake, but after a while she went on sliding down over that rod until it was all in. She froze again, waiting for her butt to have got used to the feeling of the baton moving inside, and then she began to jump up and fall down on it. Meanwhile Tolya was having fun with the tiny breasts. He was squeezing their nipples as hard as he could, making Olga groaning and twisting with pleasure. I stood right before Olga and pressed my again got up cock against her lips. In a moment she swallowed it! It was luck! I managed to have the close-up of my tool disappearing in the mouth of my sister-in-law. That video would be priceless!

All of us had cum almost at the same time. I saw Sergey filling my wife’s cave with sperm, Dennis and Pavel splashing the fountains of semen over her face. My wife was turning her head from side to side, trying to catch the jets of that life-giving liquid. She grabbed with her fingers what hadn’t get into her mouth off her face then licking it thoroughly till dry. Tolya filled Olga’s ass with sperm, and she burst out in orgasm right away. I didn’t know how I appeared to be able, but I had cum right in Olga’s throat. She never missed a drop.

When all of us had recovered the breath, Olga began asking Sonia if she liked the performance of the “boys’ band”, if her dreams had finally come true and if she liked to make a boy lose his virginity. And then she couldn’t help but tell about her pleasure she had got while teaching Tolya to fuck in the ass. That talking made our girls inflamed so much, that they began to lick each other, sucking the mixture of everybody’s sperm out of their caves. I must say, that night everybody lost count, and no one could say exactly who, where, whom and how many times had fucked. My wife and sister-in-law were incredibly proud of that.