Bedtime Story

Once upon a time there lived a sultan Ahmed. He was the master of the large state stretching from the seashore to the endless desert. The sultan was only thirty-five years old. His hair was black and straight, his eyes were so dark that one could hardly distinguish the pupil from the iris. The sun had given his body the color of dark chocolate. His chest, the shoulders and the arms were overgrown with thick dark hair.

Having taken up the throne, Ahmed became the absolute master of all his citizens. In a moment he could turn a man into a rich one, still he could sentence him to death as well.

So, the sultan is sitting on his throne, drumming with his fingers impatiently. In front of him the Grand Vizier was bending in a bow. Ahmed asks his adviser:

- What else do you have to torture me with?

- A delegator has arrived from Persia, my gracious lord. He’s brought you gifts.

The sultan casually nodded and the vizier hastened to introduce the Persian guest.

The sultan in silver-blue robe, wide harem trousers and black boots settled on the throne comfortably and waved his hand to the delegator to straighten up.

- Mind the time, let’s get right to the point.

- Your Majesty, I have brought you the gifts from Persia. These are wonderful and I think you'll like them.

He clapped his hands twice and four slaves came in the hall, each of them was carrying a big red basket. The delegator unfolded a magnificent Persian carpet of wondrous beauty to the lord, and the slaves began laying precious stones and jewelry on it. Soon an impressive mound of diamonds, emeralds and rubies was formed on the carpet. Also there were opals, and crystals of different colors and shapes.

Another slave knelt at the feet of the delegator and opened his basket. The delegator, like a magician, began to get new rolls of silk, and threw them on the precious stones on the carpet.

- That is excellent! Thank the shah of Persia on my behalf. These are very valuable gifts indeed.

- That's not all. I have another gift, and its value is not even comparable with what is here.

The guest clapped his hands thrice and the slaves left the room. A minute after they entered again, holding in front of them a stretched curtain of red silk embroidered with silver thread. Right before the sultan they lowered the screen that was hiding a small figure completely covered with multicolored silk spreads.

- This gift, I hope, will give your Majesty the most sincere and greatest joy.

He began to take off the spreads one by one and stopped when he had reached the curtain of silver cloth hiding the figure from head to toe.

- If your Majesty commands all the courtiers to leave us, your eyes will be able to enjoy the beauty I have brought to you.

The sultan nodded and the vizier immediately ordered everyone to leave the room. There were only he, the sultan and the delegator, who tore the last veil in a theatrical gesture. Before their eyes a girl appeared. The lower part of her face was covered with the pendants of pure gold. But for that her whole body was completely naked.

The sultan stood up and took a close look at the girl. Her skin, that had never seen the sun, was pure and flawless. Her small but ripe breasts looked very seductive. Her high thighs smoothly formed long and slender legs. The hair between the legs was shaved off, and her swollen lips were naked. The girl stood still, but for the palms slightly quivering.

- I want to see her face, - said the sultan, looking at the pretty girl's body.

The delegator slightly threw back her humbly bent forward head and removed the last piece of dress. Although the girl was standing with her eyes downcast, the sultan noticed they were unusually blue for their lands. Light waves of hair were wrapping her fragile figure. Her face was as lovely as the body.

- She has never left the female half of the palace in Persia, your Majesty. She has been prepared especially for you by one of our eunuchs, however no one told her about making love. We decided that you would be eager to teach her this art.

- What's your name? - asked the sultan.

- Serena, my lord, - the girl replied barely heard.

- Do you want to serve me?

- Yes, my Lord.

- Are you afraid of me?

It was evident the girl hesitated, not knowing how to answer, but after a moment she said:

- Yes, my lord.

The sultan burst out laughing.

- At least, you're not a liar. Hey, look at me! - He ordered.

Serena raised her eyes and looked at the sultan for the first time. Her face expressed fear and enormous stress.

The sultan grinned quite happily. Demonstration of his power to the girl was as pleasant as teaching her love games.

- Is it true she is still a virgin? - He asked the delegator.

- Yes, my lord. She's completely innocent. And I hope, you will like her.

- Of course, - The sultan turned to the vizier.

- Take her to our women. Tell them to make her ready. And bring her to me tonight.

That very night naked Serena was brought to the sultan. She was very surprised, they weren’t left alone. Four slaves were standing beside the sultan and two girls looking at her and whispering something to each other at the opposite wall. Everyone was entirely naked, as well as she was.

The slaves pushed her to the center of the room and closed the door. The girl bowed low and froze, not knowing what to do next.

- Come here, - the sultan called her.

Finely stepping with her bare feet over the carpet, she approached the chair her lord was sitting on. She wanted to cover her naked chest, but she didn’t dare.

- Do you know what is going on between a man and a woman in bed? - Asked the master.

Her only answer was a blush spreading all over her body. Then the sultan snapped his fingers and two slaves removed his robe.

- Look at me. Have you ever seen a naked man?

There was silence instead of answering again.

He took his long and already excited phallus in his hand.

- Tonight this will open your love gate. But first you must learn how to use it properly.

He snapped his fingers again, calling one of the girls:

- Annie, come here! I want to show Serena how man and woman should love each other. Make me ready.

Annie fell down on her knees before the sultan and took his growing penis in her mouth. First she just sucked it and then began massaging with her clenched lips. The girl repeated back and forth movements until sultan’s penis straightened to its full length. At the sight of such a powerful erection Serena felt creepy over her spine. "It won't fit me in", - She thought with fear.

- Now show me what you’ve learned. Come and caress it.

Serena hesitated.

- Remember, when I give an order, it needs to be done immediately! Is it clear?

The girl nodded her head.

- I forgive you this time, but if you ever hesitate again, I will punish you.

Serena knelt down before the sultan and looked at his huge penis.

- Don't be afraid, touch it, - ordered the sultan, - Then take it in your mouth, just the way Annie did.

Serena timidly touched the penis with her fingers and then she put her whole hand around it. She was overfilled with desire to serve the lord, but at the same time she was too scared. The girl shivered and drew back, looking at the sultan. He silently cast an expressive look at one of the slaves. Serena turned her head in the same direction and saw him holding a whip, ready to use it without any doubt to the first command of the lord.

- I see, you understand. Then do what you are told to.

She took the phallus in her hand again, licked her lips over nervously and slightly touched them to the strained head. She felt the sultan trembling, when she thrust his penis deep in her throat. Serena even deflected her head, making her mouth more spacious. After several movements the sultan grabbed her hair and threw her head back.

- I see, you are a fast learner, - He said gladly. The lord lifted her up, lowered his hand down and passed his finger between the naked folds of skin on her bosom. The girl remained dry, but the sultan was not surprised. He was patient. Serena was worth to restrain himself and lead her through all the difficulties of love art.

- And now have a look at sexual intercourse between a man and a woman. Annie, I want you. Get ready!

Now she lay on the bed and spread her legs wide. Then she thrust her palm between showing she was ready, unlike Serena, to take the sultan’s phallus.

Serena instinctively wanted to look away, but suddenly felt the sultan’s fingers grabbed her by the hair and forced her to turn her head to the bed.

- You should learn carefully how it is to be done in order to get all the wisdom quickly.

The sultan bent over Annie’s body and began to suck her nipples. Gradually his lover was getting excited better on, and the sultan’s head was going lower and lower. Finally, his caressing tongue reached the intimate triangle. Serena saw him licking off the love juice flowing out, pushing his shameless tongue into the most intimate spots of her body.

The sultan looked at Serena and said:

- I'll save my penis for you, my dear, for the pleasure can be given not using it.

He turned to Annie and began massaging her swollen clitoris by his tongue more fiercely. Serena didn't know where to hide her eyes from shame, but gradually the sight was making her excited better and better. While the sultan’s tongue licking Annie, his hands were squeezing her sensual breasts. Then he changed the rhythm, turning licking movements of the tongue into rapid and easy blows. Suddenly he thrust his tongue all long in the girl’s slit, forcing her to scream aloud, and that meant orgasm was coming.

The sultan stood up and looked at Serena.

- Did you see what pleasure a woman can have?

- Yes, my lord.

- Do you want me to love you the same way? Such caresses will give me much pleasure, still it’s not a real intercourse. But I'll take you some other way then.

Serena took a deep breath. To her surprise, she realized she was eager to try Annie’s place. But she whispered in response:

- I want to please you, my lord.

- Then go to bed.

Serena stretched out on the bed. She was feeling itch between her legs, and the moisture leaking out every time she moved. The sultan bent down slowly and tasted her love nectar.

- Good, you're ready to take me in, - He said with happy smile. - But now I'm going to show you the entertainment that is suitable for those just learning to give and receive pleasure.

His long fingers parted her lips between her thighs, and then vigorously and passionately he started to lick her. Feeling the excitement growing, he stretched out his hand and gently squeezed her strained nipple with his fingers. Serena was breathing rapidly, extremely sensing the sultan’s tongue drilling her flesh, his teeth slightly biting her, but the fingers rhythmically caressing and teasing her hardened nipples on the breasts. After some time, she was almost unconscious, her head shaking, and her body convulsing. Having felt the sultan’s tongue in her depths, she screamed aloud with orgasm pulsing through her.

The sultan lay down on the bed next to Serena with a quick movement and drew her on him above, helping her from the bottom of her thighs. He spread her thighs and pulled her slippery body on his sharp stake.

- I want to see your breasts over my face.

Then he took one of her nipples and gently pulled so that she leaned forward, letting her tasty breasts right above his lips. Having raised the head a bit up, he caught a nipple with his mouth and began to caress it.

He had loved her until he felt his penis exploding, blowing up his Majesty into the millions of dazzling suns.