Great Adventure

Hi! My name is Sveta. Recently my friend Lena and I have come through the great adventure. While recalling it my hands automatically go down under the panties to rub my pussy. Before I’m going to tell you our story, I’d like your imagination to picture Lena and me. We are both not tall. I’m 25. Lena is 23. I’m a brunette, Lena is blonde. We both have magnificent breasts and we are proud of them. My eyes are brown, still I like Lena’s ash grey color better. We both attend shaping exercises and swimming pool. Thanks to this training our figures are slim and sexy. All our friends envy us looking at our butts.

And we both love sex and adventures.

That day as usual we went to the swimming pool. Those living in Novosibirsk are likely to know “Neptune”. There I met my former groupmate Ira I hadn’t seen for ages. Lena had either aunt, or her mother’s friend, in short, we had a pull there. Lena had quickly dropped in to her friend and we three settled in one of the rooms. We had brought champagne, cognac, candies, oranges and plenty of other snacks. I must say, Ira always had been a fan of drinking and fucking. The rumors about her uncontrollable thirst for sex were spread almost all over the Institute. We were talking about our lives, shared the memories about the Institute. We told each other about  those, who had found good job, who had got married, who had left abroad. We had a little cry over the love of all girls of the Institute Sergey A., who had died in Chechnya. In short, it was usual idle talking of tipsy girls, who hadn’t seen each other many years. At last, about 11 PM Lena’s friend had come showing the door to us. It was cold outside. All that had melted for a daytime froze again. As we could hardly keep the balance, we were staggering while walking over slippery path to the bus stop. Lena and I were quite drunk. No matter how strange it was, but Ira was feeling and keeping on her legs better, though she had drunk more than we had. Having looked at the watch and having found out Lena and I lived in Eltsovka at the rented apartment, she offered not to suffer but to go to her place – somewhere to the Red avenue. For Lena and I didn’t have husbands and families, we agreed. Ira lived on her own, so we couldn’t disturb anyone. That day was Friday, so the following day there would be no need to go to work. We three tipsy girls hitched a ride and went to Ira’s place. On the way we decided to go on the banquet, so we had stopped twice to fill up our supplies of alcohol and food. In short, we were at the place with a lot of bags – half of them tinkling unequivocally.

Having arranged a table in the largest room, we turned on the music, settled in the room and decided to drink “Rowanberry Liquor” first. Then there was heard the door bell ringing.

Ira went to open the door, being puzzled, who could come to her so late. Lena and I drank another shot and decided to go to, how our chief likes to say, “the adjoining sanitary-technical installation”. I barely got into the bathtub, Lena came in as well, saying there were three man having come to Ira. I remember her saying: “One of them is so-o-o-o handsome”. After about ten minutes of chattering in the bathroom I got out and she took my place. I threw on one of Ira’s robes from the hanger there and came out. Wiping the last drops of water running down my hair and humming a new song of Zemphira “…the girl is drunk today…”, I came into the big room… and became dumbfounded! The light from the corridor, coming to the dark and big room was falling down on such a kind of thing! Absolutely naked Ira was lying her back turned to me on one of the men and his dick was moving in and out her squelching juicy pussy. The second man was thrusting his tool into Ira’s butt pacing up. I was at a loss of seen thing just staring at the action. A couple of minutes was enough for my pussy to become wet. I had parted with my boyfriend long ago and since that time I had never climbed onto male tool. Besides, I was astonished with what I had seen there. I had never seen another man and woman having sex. To say nothing about two men doing that, and one of them tormenting the narrow butthole. I heard the slapping sound of the bathroom door – Lena was done with the shower - turned around to leave and let her know about what was going on and shuddered of a sudden. Just behind me there was a handsome and well-shaped guy of about 25-27. The third one! Lena told me there were three of them! The light from the corridor was falling down on his well-shaped body, dark blond hair and wide shoulder. The short distance let me see his well-set eye-brows, big eyes, nice face, his biceps muscles and… oh, my God, his penis! The guy was absolutely naked! My eyes unwillingly lingered on the subject of male pride… I became inflamed… The wave of pleasant languor ran over my body… Lena! I remembered about her and moved towards the guy. He realized my intentions and one movement shut my mouth.  He grabbed me, pressed to him, almost with one step reached the couch standing nearby and threw me on there. I didn’t have time to collect myself, as my robe appeared on the floor and male hands, teasing my skin with their roughness, were running over my body, treacherously moving upwards…

“I’ll be fucking damned!” – Lena exclaimed, having come in the room and seen what was going on there. The man fucking Ira’s ass turned around to her voice and, having pulled his dick out of Ira’s ass, stepped to her. My head was hanging down from the couch. I was yielding to the kisses of a nice stranger (“One of them is so-o-o-o handsome” – that must have been him). From time to time in another impulse of pleasure I was focusing the events of that night like a camera opening and closing my eyes. I opened my eyes. Ira felt the absence of the dick in her ass and displeased she turned around. Lena was already on the floor under the man, having thrown her legs on his back, moving upwards to him and moaning. Ira jumped off the man and rushed to the phone. Through the eye-lids I barely see the silhouette of the man standing up from the floor. I hear Ira’s voice calling some Andrew, Michael and Kostya to the “Cool party”… I opened my eyes. I see the face of another man over me, probably that was the one, who stood up from the floor. My partner is moving to the wall pulling me to him. He turned me the face to the wall and placed me on my knees, the ass turned to the center of the room and he is standing behind me. I stared to the picture on the wall… I closed my eyes and lowered my head, sticking out my ass… I feel the finger in my ass greased with something, vaseline or some cream. The palm of another man is covering my pussy… The wave of pleasure is running over me and I’m trembling unable to hold the orgasm back… Apparently, that was what they expected. As soon as I relaxed after the orgasm, standing in the same position, someone’s penis got into my ass with a couple of thrusts… My throat became dry with excitement and my cry from pain is barely heard. But I hear the doorbell ringing and Lena’s cry of pleasure. I’m almost off my mind from another push in my ass and a taut jet of sperm is hitting the walls of my asshole. The second wave of orgasm is overwhelming me. This time I can’t stand it falling on my side squeezing the cock out of my ass. Not letting me collect myself, another tool standing like a stake is ramming into my pussy at mad tempo. Judging by the tempo, it’s the lover of Ira’s ass. Having opened my eyes, I see three guys on the threshold. I couldn’t have a good look at them, because the light in the corridor is going down, Ira is coming from the dark stepping over lying in the frenzy Lena and her partner. Ira turns on the night light and the room is becoming filled up with nice pink light.

I can see the tents on the trousers of newcomers. Obviously, they are these Andrew, Michael and Kostya called by Ira. The hostess, who didn’t have orgasm yet, is turning to the newcomers saying “Well?” The guys are rushing to her. The CD with “Enigma” is playing, and to that beautiful music I’m feeling a dick in my pussy, that’s just come through the orgasm. I’m being turned the face to the center of the room and with my growing excitement I see Ira being almost torn by three cocks… her all holes are busy. My excitement is growing on. The air in the room is filled with excitement, coupling and pleasure… My second “conqueror” is giving a start, roaring and pouring another portion of sperm in me. My organism is bursting in the third orgasm for the night and I’m falling into unconsciousness thinking it’s good my monthlies are coming soon. I’m waking up from hearing some voices. Ira is lying next to me. We both are covered with a blanket lying on the pillows of that very couch where I have just been had in all holes. The same pleasant pink light is flowing over the room, forming fanciful shades on the walls. Having raised up a bit I have a look at the TV and see porn there… Oh, my God! That is me in the moment of my ass exploration! My ass is responding with subtle pain and itch. I feel a wet spot under. Most likely, it’s the sperm leaked out while I was sleeping. I’m turning my head, trying to find the spot the shooting was being done from. I notice the red indicator of the videocamera. No matter how strange it was I don’t feel shame or compunction… to tell the truth, I even liked it. I’m trying to crawl over sleeping Ira and waking her up by this motion. Ira is stretching out and looking at me slyly narrowing her eyes. I’m motioning my head to the TV.

- What is this?

- A-a-ah, this. We always make a video, then erasing it in the morning for nobody to be worried. Everybody has families and relatives. No one will have the recordings. Don’t worry, friend. By the way, how do you feel about it?

- Do you always get together here?

- Aha. On Friday nights. I was drunk and forgot about it. Moreover, I brought you here. Are you mad at me?

- No, that was cool. Just my ass is in pain…

- A-a-ah, that’s Tolya. He loves anal sex. However, as all others do. But he does better.

A new surge of loud voices came out of the kitchen. Staggering and covering the eyes from the bright light we came in the kitchen… Oh, my God, what was there?! Lena. I have totally forgotten about her… Lena, who, speaking about men, always called them “pigs” saying over again she would never ever let them have too much of something, was doing incredible things! She was standing doggy-style on her all fours on the floor. The handle of a dildo was sticking out of her ass. Her butt was all covered with the stripes from the belt in the hands of one of… there were nine of them already!… the men. Her face and her hair were covered with sperm all over dripping down the floor. Lena was moaning and whispering with her dry excited lips:

- Come on, boys… please… I’m begging you… someone, fuck me-e-e-e-e-e-e…

Her last words were more like she-wolf howling. She must have been turned on all that time we were sleeping. Three guys took mercy on her and came up to her. One of them came up to her, took the dildo out and thrust his dick in her already wide open ass. The second one crawled under and pushed his cock in her vagina with all his strength. Lena shuddered, having seen  the third cock before her eyes, and automatically caught it with her lips. Six men, jerking off, turned to Ira and me. Ira grabbed two of them by dicks and walked them to the room. The rest surrounded me, picked me up on their hands and carried me there as well. I was carried in and I noticed Ira moaning and sucking one dick, moving her ass over another dick. One of the guys left me and rushed to her. I was turned the face up and put on the floor. One guy put a pillow under my back, took my legs, stepped behind my head and pulled my legs closer to him. I turned out to be curled up. Lying on the pillow with my legs behind the head I must have been presented a super exciting picture. Another guy leaned over me.

- When it’s enough, just tell us and we’re off, - He said, and his dick thrust in me.

Now it didn’t hurt much. Lena was screaming in the kitchen. My ass became filled with another portion of sperm and I convulsed in orgasm again. Weakened and shrunk Lena, who clung to the man’s chest, was carried close by me. She was obviously sleeping. She was carefully laid on the couch, put a pillow under her head and covered with a blanket. One of the guys waiting for his turn to my ass came to the couch and got close to Lena. But he was moved away by the one, who brought Lena. He said something… I just heard “stop, that’s enough for her”. That one silently stepped away. The one, who left me was replaced by another standing behind my back. He turned me over and put on my knees. Still blissed I stuck out my ass and pulled myself on his cock. That was something incredible. 15 minutes more and almost everyone in the room has come through me. After some time Ira was put next to Lena and they were sleeping. As for me, I didn’t say “enough”. They had been having me in my all holes till the very morning with short breaks. By morning I was in the state of permanent orgasm. All that could hurt, did hurt. I had been brought to the bathroom several times to wash up. Cold water in my ass and pussy was another bliss I had never felt so far. After cold water and the shower I was ready to any feat again. Till that night I had never ever seen and tried such having sex almost verging on violence and tender caressing after. I was not a whore, not a slut for those nine guys. I was beloved for all of them. Beloved because I was giving them pleasure, getting it myself, showing that not being shy and bringing their dreams to reality. That’s why they were carrying my on their hands and carefully put on the bed. That night I wasn’t called a rude word, I wasn’t hurt until I wanted that myself. I was happy! I was respected and loved as the most beloved woman in the world! By morning I was as if unconscious. I was put in another room on the large bed, covered with a blanket. All my nine lovers kissed me and everyone said his sweet word. Happy smiling I fell asleep. All my nine gentle and passionate men settled around me on the floor. Lena, Ira and I had slept until Sunday. We were waking up from time to time just to go to the bathroom and to eat something. Every time we came into the kitchen, there was breakfast ready. Or, maybe, lunch, or dinner. Ira said, all of them are her occasional lovers. They know about each other, and at that they respect her as a woman never arguing about her. Now Lena never calls men “pigs”, her favorite word for them “aces”. Who knows, what she means. J Tomorrow Ira is leaving for the USA for a month of on-the-job training. That’s a pity. Lena says, we have not seen Ira for a long time. And she adds with her eyes slyly narrowed “That way it’s going to become skinned over” J


Sveta. Friday, 14, April 2000 17:00