She had been secretly dreaming about such occasion for a long time. One warm summer evening, leaning on the parapet, she was standing and looking at the sea from a steep shore. It was almost invisible, but the rhythmic rustling of the waves somehow excited and caused a vague feeling. Married life did not oppress her and her beloved husband was the man she was looking for, but sometimes something hit her causing insatiable thirst for adventures and pushing to offhand things. But she was always able to control the situation. A quiet, deserted place in the corner of the garden on a high shore, and again that unclear, but leading somewhere feeling. Her thoughts changed the direction and then instead of quiet strolling she wanted new thrills she never experienced.

I got the excitement that echoed throughout my young body. I'm not a prude and I love to caress myself in those moments. But standing over the sea, I was embarrassed of possibility to be seen by someone. I vividly imagined that any man, suddenly seeing what I'm doing and hiding behind the bushes jerking off his cock, and then just thrust it in my pussy with all his strength up to the balls and fuck me right here. And suddenly that thought excited me so much that even caught my breath. I understood - I just needed it to happen, that’s what was demanded by that strange feeling. I frantically looked around, as if searching for audience, and pushed my hand under my panties. My body had long been melted from just thinking about what might happen, and the hand was already lying on the wet mess of my pussy. I remembered just yesterday I shaved her and my excited husband immediately pulled me on his cock and fucked as if I was the worst whore. I liked when my husband talking dirty to me while fucking, it seemed to me that I was just a call-girl dirty used by men. All those thoughts just fell down on me, I closed my eyes and groaned.

A few steps away from her, behind a high bush there was a bench with a man sitting on and smoking a cigarette. He'd been long watching her and liked her better on, more exactly she is wildly excited him. Already five minutes he had been stroking his cock through the pants, looking up at her. She was incredibly beautiful in that twilight on the background of not yet black sky. He had undressed her by his eyes long ago and then devouring her body by huge pieces of pleasure. And there he heard muffled moaning. She was caressing herself, he guessed! His cock stiffened harder.

Having put a finger in my burning slit, I was fucking myself by it, turning on better on. I suddenly remembered one episode of the porn we had watched with my husband. There was a girl fucked by five men at a time. She was standing leaning on the table and stuck her cunt up to everyone eager to fuck her. Fascinated I watched the first one, and then another cock thrusting in her red hot hole. I was very excited that girl knew just one of those men, she had come to the restaurant with, and the rest were visitors or waiters. I touched my clit and cum at once.

The man in the bushes could no longer restrain himself and had nearly got up to come to the pretty one and thrust in her right there on the spot, but with the corner of his eye he noticed he was not the only one watcher and he froze in his shelter. Another man was approaching from behind the next bush, looking around and clutching down his big dick sticking out of his pants. He jumped to her, pushed her on the back so that she lay her chest on the parapet, one hand he lifted her short skirt up, groped for the narrow strip of her panties and ripped them off in one motion. Her hand, lying at that time on her cunt caressing it was the only obstacle on the way of the dick sticking out.

I suddenly felt something sharply fell on me, pushed hard against the parapet and ripped the panties off. Immediately my hand felt a hot and wet penis head, that unceremoniously parted my fingers and throwing open the wet petals of my pussy easily broke into me the entire length. I remembered the penis of my husband who recently fucked up my hole. I cum again.

The man in the bushes froze with his eyes wide open - he was late! Just stupidly late. She was being already pulled on by another man and she was moaning aloud cumming on the cock of a stranger.

- I was supposed to be there! - He almost cried.

But the view of a couple fucking was very arousing. He hesitated a moment:

- I’ll be next! - He thought and froze in the bushes listening.

Meanwhile, the stranger boldly and methodically was fucking her pussy. There was heard clearly audible squishing sound coming out every time the cock of the stranger abruptly plunged into her. Once, from a sudden movement his cock popped out of her hole with loud champing. It was a spectacle! A huge cock, shining with juices of the woman with big hairy balls was swaying for fractions of a second at the entrance to the vagina, taking aim, and then it was immediately thrust back in. A moment later the balls loudly slapped her on the hot lips of her vagina.

- Oh, God! He is so good! He is always good! I love him! Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me!

The cock with all strength thrust in me immediately filled me up. I was literally pierced with it through. My vagina immediately flooded us with juice.

- I’m flowing like the worst bitch!..

I was thinking about that cock fucking me not hesitating could see us. I felt him turning me inside out, my swollen lips either coming out when it enters me, or pressed inside by his vigorous penis. I was thinking him grinding my pussy into the wet and squelchy mess. The idea that I would remain with that grinded vagina was turning me on even better. His cock slipped out of my hot hole and I felt empty inside. I desperately wanted to be filled up with that cock again. When he abruptly thrust it in me and his balls banged loudly on my slit, I just cum again.

When the man began to pace up, the second man quietly came out of the bushes and stood beside them. The stranger noticed him and his dick sticking out. He smiled, continuing to bang the girl. The man pressed his forefinger to his lips making the sign to be silent, the stranger nodded and went on more fiercely. The huge and shining baton sticking out of the girl’s worked out red lips was clearly seen. The stranger convulsed in ecstasy, splashing his sperm into the girl’s cunt. He pulled out his cock with the sperm dripping down mixed with her juices.

I felt in seventh heaven when he was cuming in me. His hot jet of sperm in the vagina! What a feeling! The cum was flowing out of me and dripping down over my legs. I was cuming over and over again, but I wanted more and more!

When the stranger had cum and moved aside, his place was taken by the second man. He looked at the torn up pussy of the girl with oozing sperm of the stranger and thrust his cock along the fucked track until it stopped. He felt his cock slipping into the hot hole full of someone else's semen and it made him turned on wildly. He growled and began to fuck the woman furiously. The woman was cuming biting her lips. His covered with cum cock either completely disappeared in, or then almost jumped out loudly and lustfully squelching.

- Oh, my God!!! He wants again! He's just a crazy fucker! He'll fuck me to death! - I thought. - He has cum once and immediately started again! I felt my hole was full of cum oozing between my vulvar lips and his cock, draining with white streams between the legs. I started cuming permanently.

When the second man had cum and filled her pussy with another portion of sperm, the entire crotch of the girl was torn up like a volcano, steaming hot and covered with cum. The man didn’t remove his cock, but just leaned over her and kissed her on the neck. The stranger was long gone.

He had cum in me twice running. I was exhausted and dirty with the sperm leaking out of my poor torn out slit. It was wonderful. I've never experienced that so far! I have never ever had such a solid fucking! Oh, God! I was in seventh heaven. Completely satisfied I turned around and kissed him on the lips.

- Honey, you were spectacular today! - I told him .

The happy couple hugged each other and slowly departed.

Maybe, someday I will tell my wife about that occasion happened to us on the high seashore that night, and that time sitting in the bushes and admiring her, I was just a little late.