A lover of dirty intercourse

Recently, on my way to Atlanta after several years of absence, I decided to call my old girlfriend. I thought she was living with a guy, and a bit of drinking would be a nice friendly gesture from my side. She was very happy to hear me and she insisted I would invite her to have a dinner tonight. I forgot that Cherry always excited me, and I realized I was looking forward to that night. There were I, she and that night.

The dinner was amazing and the conversation was flowing easily as wine. As before, we were sipping liqueur and gazed thoughtfully at each other. Her foot found mine under the table, and she began to rub her ankle over my calf. It seemed that we had never been apart.

Then her fingers were stroking the tent made by my very excited penis.

- Max, why don't we go to my place, so you would fuck me up as we used to before?

I was just happy to pay the bill and leave. In the car she's thrust her fingers in my hair, and her tongue in my mouth. Her lips were wet and sensual. Her skirt pulled up to mid-thigh, and she moved up to me, spreading her legs so I could reach her cunt.

- Not here. Let us get home, - she said.

Finally, when we had arrived she knelt down and pulled out my pulsing cock.

- Beautiful cock... nice cock... I love your cock. Tell me, you want me to suck your cock. Tell me I'm your little slut, your little cocksucker. Tell me to suck your lovely hard cock.

I remembered Cherry loved dirty talking. We both completely agreed with that. I said:

- Shove it into your hungry mouth... suck my dick, you my little cocksucker! Come on and suck it, you cunt!

She was moaning and passing my cock over her face. My cock seemed to become bigger because of that. Her breathing became heavy and deep. I grabbed her by the hair.


Her red painted mouth made a perfect "O" as her head descended the entire length over my cock. Involuntarily my hands tightened her hair, and she rested her nose against my belly. We began to move faster. Her arms wrapped around my waist taking off my pants. I was standing just at the wall, and my ass felt cool wallpaper. It was a pleasure watching her head moving up and down over my cock. It seemed that she could swallow more, her tongue was licking my balls with every thrust. I saw my shiny cock appearing, and her cheeks formed dimples at maximum suction when she raised her head up, and disappeared again, and her eyes widened from the pressure of my cock in her throat.

- Suck! Suck it! I'm going to flush my hot cum in your fucking throat! Come on, suck!

She felt a hot stream of sperm rising from my balls. Her moans became mad, turning into a choking scream. I howled, filling up her mouth with my sperm. We both fell down on the floor.

Barely moving our feet, we went to her bedroom. Cherry (rather hot girl) showed me slow striptease. Unzipping her dress at the back from top to bottom, she showed me her smooth skin and the top of the slit of her ass. Then she turned around, fingering the black cloth on her nipples.

- Oh dear... I see you like my breasts, don't you? You love to watch them getting harder... you like when my nipples harden, when I’m swaying my breasts for you? Oh, this exciting stiffened cock... I think I need to shove this thick and hard cock in my cunt! My juices are already dripping out of my cunt. Want to try?

A pile of clothes was lying on the floor, her tights were pulled down a bit. One hand she squeezed the nipples, rolling them between her fingers, her other hand went down to the dark blue panties and began rubbing the crotch. I couldn't hold it back any longer. I grabbed her and threw her on the bed. Our lips connected in a hot wet kiss. She was mine.

- Lick me, darling... please lick me as you can! Oh, Yes! Yes! That’s it! Mmmmm! Oh, shit! Lick me... suck my clit... yes, yes... suck and lick at the same time! Oh, God, Yes, Yes... suck my lips, pass your mouth up and down over my lips... lick my hole... stick out your tongue, fuck me with your tongue... OH, YES! Shove your finger in my ass... fuck my ass with your fingers my ass... I'm so close... I'm cumming...! I want to cum on your face... OH GOD... AAAAAAAAAAA!

She moved closer to my face and rubbed her thighs over my chin. A river of vaginal juice coated my face and her thighs.

- Please, fuck me! I want to feel your big and hard cock in my hot cunt! Fuck me! Be my dirty boy! Fuck the shit out of me!

I turned her over and threw her legs over my shoulders. She was breathing heavily, panting like an animal. My hard cock was swaying in front of her pussy. I ripped her panties off earlier when I sucked her. I grabbed the rest and in one motion with the force ripped off the remains. "Ooo! Fuck me! Thrust it... Push it. Shove it! OH YEAH! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh God, fuck me! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me...! Fuck me! Fuck me...! OOOOOOOOO!

Her head was thrown back, she began to scream, as I plunged my cock the all in her juicy pussy hot with passion. Her eyes filled with tears, and she was almost unconscious.

"Aaaa... fuck me... fuck me... fuck me, penis head... a great dick head! I love your beautiful cock fucking my pussy!Harder! Fuck me even harder! Shove your cock in my little pussy! Fuck... Fuck... Fuck my cunt... FUCK ME HARDER... HARDER... HARDER... OOOOOOOO! She was cuming like a whore. The juices of her vagina were leaking down, so her finger slid easily into her ass, massaging the base of my cock through the thin membrane.

- Don't stop now! Don't cum inside me... I want to see the flows of your sperm pouring my whole body over, take out your dick, so I could see you cuming on my breasts... the belly... let me see you cuming! Since I was close, I pulled out my dick and started rubbing it over her clit using her moisture to cum spilling out thick flakes of semen on her soft and white belly. She caught my cock and started to wank it. My sperm was flowing down over her graceful fingers. She rubbed my sperm over her swollen breasts. Her nipples glistened with my sperm. She raised one breast to her mouth.

- I love your sperm... You know I can suck my own nipple? I'm gonna lick your sperm off my nipple... watch me sucking my nipple.

The tongue and lips she licked all my cum off her nipple, leaving a trace of my white sperm around her mouth.

- Look at me... I'm going to pinch my nipple... watch me biting it!

Her lips parted, and I saw her teeth seized the nipple and she pulled her head back, pulling the soft and rounded flesh to the limit while her fingers were buried in the soft pink petals of her vagina. With the help of her fingers she cum again. Digging her teeth into the sensitive nipple, she was looking at me with the eyes wide open. I leaned over and took her other nipple in my mouth, letting her feel the power of my teeth.

- OOOOOOOOh, YEAH! Bite me... bite me...... I'm cumming... I'm cumming... Oh fuck, I'm cumming... cumming... cumming... ahhh!

Finally, exhausted we both fell down on the cool sheets. I dozed, thinking that after a short sleep, we would continue from where we had finished. But life sometimes brings surprises!

I woke up after hearing Cherry got up and asked someone:

- Nan! What are you doing here?

I sat down and was amazed to see the blonde beauty standing in the doorway of the bedroom. Nancy was a little shorter than Cherry, but plumper. She wore a Japanese silk kimono that smoothed a bit her folds bouncing with her every step. The blonde girl had beautiful long hair below the shoulders. She was holding a bottle of champagne and three glasses she brought to the bed. Her white high heel slippers made her attractive legs even more sensuous than her hips swaying under her short dress.

- Surprise, Surprise! - She said, putting down the bottle and the glasses. She undid her belt, carefully removed the kimono and put it carefully on the chair. She wore a linen of sky-blue color, which left no doubt regarding her body. Her nipples shone with dark circles through the thin cloth.

- We are all friends here, right? - She giggled, noticing my surprised look, - Anyway, Max, I’m Nancy, Cherry’s roommate. And I am very glad to meet you.

She bent over very low to shake hands, causing the thin bra to expose her breasts swaying at the low neck. I returned her deep sexy look, looking straight into her blue eyes, and enjoyed holding her soft hand.

While we were drinking champagne, she said:

- What beautiful sounds I heard last night! I even woke up!

She leaned back on the pillows and crossed her hands behind her head, pulling the bra up, revealing half her beautiful breasts.

- I LOVE THIS! - She said, - I took my little friend and had a little fun on my own! - continued Nancy.

- Who is your little friend? - I asked, but I already knew the answer.

- I'll show him to you! - She said. She jumped up, and her breasts swayed under the thin bra.

She returned with a giant, flesh-colored rubber cock with deep furrows on its trunk of three-inch diameter.

- This is my little friend, - she cooed, looking at me.

She began to drive the rubber cock around her face, licking the head and pushing it nearly an inch into her mouth. Cherry and I looked at that silently, but her hand returned to my standing penis, and she began masturbate and squeeze it persistently. Nancy seemed to have fallen into trance. She untied the straps of her bra and her breasts fell out. She was driving my cock over them and saliva out of her mouth made them shiny in the early morning light. She massaged her breasts, squeezing the tender flesh just behind the nipples, making her hard red nipples bulge out so that my penis could slide over them up and down. Her breathing became deep, and she began muttering something gently.

- I can't help it anymore, - said Cherry, throwing back the blanket covering my dick, and grabbed it. A moment after she was already sucking it, smacking with her lips as if tomorrow would never come. Nancy was to my left and we looked at each other. She took off her panties, revealing her very wet pussy, and knelt down. She rolled her eyes, and shoved the rubber dildo in her cunt, leaving only a few inches outside.

- Say what you were saying last night, - asked Nancy.

- What should I say? How beautiful your body is? How I love to watch you fucking your cunt with that big cock? How sexy you are looking with your big boobs hanging down and having hard and excited nipples rubbing over the sheets? How I want to fuck your ass, to shove my hard cock in your ass, to rape your ass?

- Yes! Yes! Speak dirty! I want to be your cunt like Cherry! I want to be your slave! Do whatever you want to! I want to feel your cock, fucking my ass hole! I want you to drive your cock into my ass!

Cherry began caressing Nancy’s chest, squeezing and twisting her hard nipples, making Nancy breathe sharply and deeply.

- Well, Nancy. I think we both are gonna fuck you up!

I decided to take the process into my own hands. I told Nancy to lie on the bed and prepare for the position of "69". She stuck my cock deep into her mouth, licking it all over, and I thrust my tongue into her excited cunt. Cherry took the rubber cock and drove it inside her own dripping vagina. Then she lifted up Nancy’s legs and began to lick her ass hole.

- OH, YES! Lick my asshole! Make it wet and slippery! I love to feel your tongue in my ass! Lick me over! Don't stop... NO, don't stop... AAAAAA!

She screamed when Cherry in one motion thrust that monstrous dildo deep in Nancy’s ass. When my cock fell out of her mouth, I came up to the edge of the bed, put Nancy’s legs on my shoulders and drove my cock deep into her excited and wet cunt.

"Ooooh... Ooooh... fuck! - Nancy was cumming, - Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh, please, Max... please, fuck me up the ass... fuck my poor ass... rip my ass with your huge cock into pieces!

I put her on her all fours facing the bed. Cherry pulled the dildo out of Nancy’s ass who screamed when I thrust my dick in the expanded hole with one motion, and my balls hit the lips of her cunt.

I felt Cherry's hand raising my balls for she was inserting the big rubber dildo into Nancy’s cunt. I felt its solid furrows with the lower part of my cock moving inside of Nancy’s ass.

- Yes, yes, Nancy... fuck him harder... squeeze his cock with your hole... isn't it nice to feel his dick in your ass? – Cherry cheered, moving the rubber dildo to and fro in Nancy’s wet cunt, pinching her nipples and pulling the tender flesh of her breast with her nails.

- Come on, you whore! Fuck him, you little cunt... take his beautiful cock with your hole... fuck him properly.

Cherry climbed up on the bed and sat her pussy on Nancy’s face and spread her lips wide.

- Come on, you whore! Suck my clit! Drink the juices of my sweet pussy! Shove your tongue into my cunt and lick me dry! Ooooh, God, I'm cumming... I'm cumming... I'm cumming!

Looking at Cherry’s face distorted with pleasure, I felt that Nancy firmly grabbed my dick with her ass and the juices flowing from her cunt formed the border on my cock when I filled up her ass with my sperm.

That day we didn’t even leave the apartment. Nancy and Cherry were learning to lick each other. They were changing positions, finding the ways to excite me. They inserted various objects into each other, put the honey on their breasts for me to suck them, danced indecently with each other, tied each other to the bed and pierced their nipples with pins. I was excited for the most part of the day, driving my cock in all their holes, rubbing my poor ragged workaholic. Soon we moved into another house I had rented in Downwood. Even though there were four bedrooms, we strictly decided to define a common bedroom and the bedrooms for each of us individually.