I’d like to tell you about one occasion that had happened between my boss and me. That occasion had taken place when I worked as a secretary. My boss’ name was Andrew. He was not much older than me, we addressed to each other by name easily, but respectfully. That time Andrew told me to come to his place of living to get an urgent business task. When I had come, he offered me to come in one of the room. Then he put a chair in the center of the room and told me to sit down. He settled in the big armchair in front of me and slowly inhaled smoke of a cigarette.

I understood, Andrew wanted to say something important, so I was waiting, having put my hands on the lap. But for some reasons Andrew was not in a hurry. He was smoking slowly and that prolonged silence first gave a birth to perplexity and then to subtle anxiety in my heart. But what Andrew had said after all plunged me into terror and complete commotion.

- Christina, if you suppose our meeting is going to be strictly of business kind, you are deeply wrong. To be precise, I intended to have this kind of meeting with you, but what you’ve just done changed my intentions for the contrary. I asked you to complete my yesterday’s order immediately. You have done it today only. I’ve got used to the implicit execution of my commands, so now I have all the reasons to inflict a deserved punishment upon you. Of course, we are not talking about bonus deprivation. Most likely you will understand and repent of your fault if you are subjected to definite humiliation and torture.

Andrew stood up, came up to me, grasped my hair tight and threw my head back.

- This is going to be a good lesson for you to know how to behave. As you can guess, the punishment is going to be not of a mental kind, I’m not inclined to long lecturing, but a physical one, more precisely a corporal one. And this kind of punishment provides the undressing of a punishable person.

At that Andrew’s hand slid over my open neck and got a little under the collar of my blouse. I froze.

- Now I’m going to take of the items of your clothes one by one beginning with the upper one. I’m going to be the boss of the opened areas. And then I’ll take off your underwear as well till you are entirely naked. At the same time I’ll be putting you in various open positions giving access to the objects of punishment on your body. All your rounded and hollow spots will be subjected to humiliation. No mercy to your mouth as well.

Andrew took me by my chin and saw perplexity reigning in my eyes. His fingers touched the corners of my lips and slightly opened my mouth.

- At that, - Andrew went on, - Your arms and legs will be tied in different ways for more convenient punishment and better feeling of your fault in each position. I do not need your oral responding to the process, so I’m just going to gag you. This room doesn’t have devices for comfortable punishment such as crosses for crucifixion, or units for hanging, but believe me, the punishment wouldn’t be easier because of that.

Andrew let me off, sat down in the armchair again and slowly began to roll up the cuffs of his snow-white shirt.

- Of course, you could get this kind of punishment from a woman, but I think when the prosecutor is a man, that gives piquancy to the procedure. Do you agree with me? I don’t hear.

- Yes, - I babbled.

- I think, that’s the factor you will perceive most painfully, - Andrew continued, inhaling smoke, - This is far from sexual affairs. I’ll keep all my clothes on, even a tie and shoes. And on the contrary, you will be undressed entirely naked, tied up, your poses will be shameless and humiliating. Your fate is going to be contrasting with my freedom and power on you. But you deserved it, so it will be your expiation. And the last thing. I know, you are rather attractive girl, you are modest, you care about your appearance, and if you are wearing a skirt, you care it would never ride up. Andrew raised the hem of my skirt up a bit, baring the lacy elastic of my stockings. I was neither dead, nor alive with his words, not daring to pull it down.

- No doubt, you take care of your female charms with awe, so the violent disposal of your body by a stranger man is going to be a real shame for you. In this case, what I’m going to do with you will be your worst dream and dishonor. My task is simplified with the fact, you are well-educated, you are far from fifteen and you are a mature woman having self-respect and developed female shame. That is why, when I make you come through the most sophisticated obscenity, disgrace and humiliation, you’ll feel it more acute and painful. That is going to be your punishment. That’s what I’m trying to obtain. That’s what is going to be more painful for you than any kind of physical pain. And now I’m making you ready.

Andrew took four leather straps and a long thin cord out of the drawer. He put the straps on my wrists and the ankles one by one. Having finished with that, he tied one end of the cord to the strap of my one hand, then he ran it through the metal ring fixed on the strap on the other hand and the same way through the strap on my leg. You may ask me, why didn’t I resist? I was totally crushed by my boss’ power. And what could I do against a man in a separate apartment.

- And now, let’s dance a little, - Andrew suddenly offered.

He turned on the player, raised me and pressed to him in the slow swaying of the dance. He reeled the free end of the cord on his wrist. The cord wasn’t taut and I put the hands on his chest. At that Andrew’s lips were kissing my temples and my eyes, his hands were playing with my hair, going down and pressed me tight to him. I understood nothing. Why did he use that cord? Why all this talking in the beginning? And what kind of punishment is this? Thinking of that, I suddenly felt the cord stretching bringing my wrists closer to one another. Scared I looked at Andrew’s face.

- Go on dancing, dear girl, - He said commanding with the smile on his face.

Not letting me off while dancing, Andrew was reeling the cord over his arm. My hands became coupled and were being dragged to my leg, making me bend down a little. Andrew’s lips were seeking mine, he had to turn my face up for that. I had to bend down lower and lower. Andrew was hugging my body already somehow from the side, still saying “Go on dancing!”. Then he moved behind my body and wound some more threads of the cord making me bend down to the end. He took me by my waist, pressed my buttocks to him swaying and demanding of me to go on motions. It was not so easy for me, but my legs were free, so I could yet keep the balance in slow dancing. But can you imagine the position I was in?!

Then Andrew pressed easily on my leg and made me get down on one knee. Having let the cord under the leg and made it loose, he lifted me up, hugged me from front and went on dancing. The cord began stretching again. Then one my hand appeared from behind and another one from front were getting tightened between my thighs in the crotch area. The stretching cord was pulling the hem of my skirt higher on. Andrew’s one hand was winding the cord, the other one was checking how high the skirt was ridden up. Finally my both hands became fixed together right between my legs. Swinging in the dance Andrew was moving me along the room and soon we appeared in front of a large mirror.

- Well, here you showed me what kind of underwear is on you. Now I know, what I’m going to do with you next, - He said, turning me around before the mirror. The cord was stretching again and I appeared in the kneeling position as well. The cord was run under my second leg. Andrew bent me down so I faced the floor. I felt his knee moving my legs apart a little resting against my buttocks. The cord kept on stretching making my hands cross behind my back. I remember all the motions Andrew was doing to the music and even then crossing of my hands was being done by subtle jerks in time with drums. Now I think all that was not without purpose. But then in a couple of minutes were tightened to one another. Then my both legs also began being pulled to the hands, for Andrew put the loop of the cord on the second leg as well. And just after all that had been done, Andrew tied a knot on the end of the cord and let me off. I was lying on the floor on my stomach with my hands and the legs tied in one knot and I felt my skirt was ridden up. All in all, as Andrew promised, my position was humiliating and horrifying. Andrew took something else from the drawer and leaned over my head. He collected all my hair on the nape, threw my head back and wrapped my neck with a wide and short belt, something like a dog collar. He clasped it and, not letting me collect myself, he gagged my mouth with a ball with the string through it. Andrew tied it on the back of my head, so I was unable to spit it out. With that gag I could only mumble and moan. After that had been done, Andrew untied my legs, leaving the hands fixed and lifted me up.

- Do you think it’s over? – He asked, - No, it’s just the beginning. And I’m going to tie you up tighter.

Andrew’s hands were holding something made of pieces of a thick rope with loops and knots. The rope was much thicker and rougher than the one he was using for “dancing”. I imagined that rope entangling my limbs over and suddenly realized I was less scared with that rough bondage then in the very beginning. The music was still on. Andrew threw a big loop through the head on my shoulders. Two other ends he wound over my waist, the other ones were let to the back under the armpits, then he tied them up around my breasts. My elbows appeared tight pressed to one another, so my breasts were protruding forward. All in all, I don’t remember how exactly it was done. Just Andrew could know how that sophisticated device was arranged. But in the end of the procedure my upper part of body looked like (I saw that, because Andrew walked me to the mirror) a macramé article. The rope pattern was symmetric and white rope was clearly seen on the black blouse. I would say it outlined my figure all over. I guess, there was sense in it, but that time all that was new and unknown for me. Andrew seated me on the chair.

- You are half-ready, -he said, - Let’s start.

His fingers were slowly undoing the buttons of my blouse on the chest. Having done that, Andrew was lazily baring my breasts, carefully running the blouse fabric under the ropes tightening me. He couldn’t take it completely off, but, obviously that was not in his intentions. Soon my chest was covered just by the bra. It had the clasp in front, so in a couple of minutes my breasts became bared the same way. Outlined by stretched ropes my both breasts were protruding upwards and the nipples were treacherously swollen. Andrew was stroking and pinching them. I felt the mixture of my feelings of shame, fear and uncertainty was added with desire, the usual feeling of sexual excitement. And as natural that feeling was, as unusual the power and the speed of its penetration in my soul seemed to me. I remember my body trembling when Andrew attached two small clothes-pins to each of my nipples. I was squirming and moaning in my fetters, and it seemed to me I was getting more excited because of that. Suddenly Andrew lifted me up from the chair.

- Looks like, it’s time to get down to your lower parts, - He said.

Two long ends of the rope were hanging down from my front waist. Andrew’s hands pulled the belt of my skirt aside and let both cords under. Then his hands slid down over my hips and I felt his touch under my skirt. Andrew pulled aside the elastic of my panties and let both cords under as well. Then sharp movement he spread my legs. For several following minutes I was feeling Andrew’s hands in my panties either in front, or from behind tying around each thigh with a rope, knotting in the crotch spot and letting the ends between the buttocks up from the skirt in the spine area. Looked like Andrew wanted to tie those ends to my hands, but he changed his mind for some reason. So my arms stayed tied up on the wrists and elbows. Oh, I wish he’d better tied them to my body! But I had nothing to choose from. And then both ends of the rope passed under my crotch and the buttocks were in Andrew’s hands.

- Let’s dance.

Andrew pressed me half-undressed to him and swayed me strongly to the music. His hand either weakened the rope, or tightened it. And, oh God, the excitement seized my body again. I was confused to realize Andrew hearing my moans uttered through the gag, but I couldn’t help it. Dancing Andrew was leading me somewhere to the window in the corner. There he stood from behind me, grabbed my tied arms and began to raise them. My body was bending down upwards, but that time the arms were behind my back raising up. Andrew pressed me to the wall near the water pipe. Another rope was hanging from somewhere above. Andrew let it through the ring of one of my straps, pulled my arms higher and tied a knot. My long hair were hanging down not allowing me to see what he was going to do to me then. But in a second I realized it, feeling Andrew riding my skirt up. Now he’s looking at my buttocks in black panties and lacy elastics of the stockings. He could see the ropes around my thighs and between the buttocks. I couldn’t even move. Raised up hands made me motionless staying in bent down state.

- I want to get down to your hemispheres, - Andrew said, - But for this I need to undress you, as I promised.

With those words Andrew took the elastic of my panties and sharply pulled them down off my buttocks.

- Your pose is just excellent and nothing can prevent me from executing an easy punishment. Has anybody ever flogged you? – he asked me, pulling out his pants belt.

Not waiting for an answer (and I couldn’t answer with the gag in my mouth), Andrew swung his arm and struck my buttocks but not very hard. I twitched, but Andrew’s hand holding the ends of the ropes between my buttocks returned me to my place. I felt them tightened digging into my crotch. I felt another spank and another twitching of the ends. Then over and over again. It was really a torture. The rope burned my hot skin, the blows were falling down on the buttocks, I was both as if dressed and naked, I was gagged, the whole body was entangled with the rope, the hands were tied and raised up making me pose very convenient for Andrew to do what he was doing with me. It’s not enough to say nobody had ever done that to me, I just couldn’t even imagine that. Finally, Andrew decided to untie me. He pulled the skirt back down, but he didn’t lift the panties. I saw a long stick about one meter in his hand, there were short strings hanging from each end of that stick. I thought, that would be my next torture. In a second, the stick was placed between my legs. Another dance of my tortures and sufferings began. Andrew put one end of the stick on the bed edge, holding the other end in his hand. I was like sitting on it. Andrew hugged my shoulders by his free hand and began turning me my back to the bed, doing smooth and dancing movements. A few seconds after, I rested my calves against the bed. Andrew grabbed me by my waist, knocked me on the bed with my back down and threw his leg over the stick. Then it was under my knees. The same moment Andrew grabbed its ends, threw back my legs and pressed the knees to my chest. The skirt slid off my hips, opening the view at my buttocks and pulled down panties. Andrew didn’t let my legs down and tied the ends of the strings on the stick through the ring on my collar. It was my new position. The following movement Andrew pulled my panties completely off. Then, having driven each string through the rings of straps on my legs, Andrew spread them wide and tied up to the ends of the stick. My whole crotch and the buttocks were wide open and accessible. Andrew’s hands lay down on my inner thighs groping all around, stroking, pinching and massaging. I closed my eyes and felt I was close to lose my consciousness. The waves were surging over me one by one. Andrew was becoming more and more sophisticated in his tortures. All my hollows had been touched by his fingers, there were clothes-pins fixed on my body, a dildo was inserted deep in me at full length. My body was shaking with convulsions, tears were flowing from my eyes, I was squirming and moaning, having risk to break my arms and legs.

I’m not able to tell you in details what was going on after and how long it was going on. That time my excitement reached the incredible. I was on the verge of madness. I remember Andrew untied my legs and put woman’s knickers on me. They were tight on my buttocks not letting the dildo slide out. Also I remember Andrew untied me completely, closed the chain on my collar, put me on my knees, then on my all fours and drew my neck to the leg of the bed. Also I remember the orgasm convulsions running over through my body. I remember sticky and warm liquid splashing into my mouth and the groans of my tormentor.