One evening Julia was at home reading a romance novel. There was written about a man doing cunnilingus to a woman. Then the pleasure the woman was getting was described. Guessing about the meaning of the word but, wishing to make sure, she took a dictionary and began searching for the word. Having read the article, Julia started thinking it over, her inflamed imagination immediately drew a picture of her standing one foot on the couch and a man licking her crotch. Then she felt her bottom all wet. Having put her hand under the robe, she groped the entrance to her “girl”, as she used to call her, and began stroking. Her occupation was interrupted by the doorbell ringing. She started, opened her eyes, struggling to cope with finishing her occupation and opening the door to see who had come. the last point won.

Julia opened the door and saw her neighbor Natasha on the threshold. She was not married, she was 36 years old, and she was very well shaped.

- Julia, - she began, - Let's drink. I received a kickback here, and the mood is not worth a damn.

She didn’t want to drink, but having thought about lonely night, she agreed. They arranged some snacks and sat at the table. They were drinking, smoking and talking. Quite naturally, the conversation turned to be about men, it was a sore subject for both of them.

- Julia, you have no idea how much I want a man! I’ve so long had no one, that I’m just burning with passion.

Julia felt some butterflies in her stomach. Obeying to a strange feeling, Julia went to the living-room and brought the book she was just reading and showed her neighbor the passage about cunnilingus. Natasha read it with interest and, lifting her brilliant eyes to the neighbor, said that in the past she had had such experience in that part of sexual relations. Julia's eyes lit up with feverish fire – tell me - and at the same time she felt her silk panties getting wet.

Natasha started to paint her feelings, and Julia fell into her imagination at that time...

- Hey, girl! Can you hear me?

Julia opened her eyes. Her neighbor was shaking her shoulder.

- What's wrong with you? I’m telling you the story - you closed your eyes and got under the robe.

At the same time, Julia felt the hand of her neighbor on her arm, and the whole her body began shivering all over. And then Natasha realized everything.

- Too long without a man either?

- Yes, - replied Julia (actually she had never been with a man at all), and her body ran shaking because Natasha's hand gently touched her breast. Gentle fingers caressed her nipple through the fabric of her robe. Feeling the silk panties became wet, Natasha said:

- Let's go on the couch.

Julia was surprised and asked:

- Why?

- You need to lie down.

Julia’s breasts were strong – her perky nipples were sticking up under the bathrobe. Natalia groaned and fell to the chest of her neighbor and sucking it frantically, at the same time fondling the crotch of her girlfriend. A pulsing wave of pleasure ran over Julia’s body. Somewhere in the lower belly a point of racking and stirring pain was pulsing. No, not the pain, rather a sweet tension growing together with the Natasha’s hand moving lower and lower, and when the delicate fingers reached the edge of the robe, Julia shuddered with unexpectedly broken out flame between her legs. And at the same moment she felt something burned her insides like boiling water, and she instinctively closed her thighs not to let the hot juice pour out. Natalia gently stroked Julia's thighs, pulling the short robe up. Julia understood her and hurriedly undid three buttons on the robe and dropped the robe on the floor near the couch... She did not notice Natasha’s palm rushed to her smooth, slightly raised and tender belly, then to the groin to the tight elastic of the panties. Then the hand went down further to the closed thighs and firmly squeezed between them, laying on the silk panties right on her sweet longing lips protruding under the silk triangle. Suddenly Natasha pulled back her hand and began to shower the body of her neighbor with kisses. Her hot mouth stubbornly sought Julia's lips and finally found them. Natasha clung to her lips as tight as she could. Julia felt the sharp and hot tongue boldly broke through the barrier of her lips, entered her mouth and finally reached the tongue. Both tongues merged and intertwined just like two snails. At the same time Natasha spread her thighs and began furiously stroking the silky panties soaked with sticky moisture, the only fragile barrier covering the vagina seized with sweet pain. Julia nearly threw Natasha’s hands, because at that moment she was not just meekly accepting her caresses, but she was also extremely excited and anxious.

- Do you like it? – Natasha broke the silence for the first time. Her voice sounded as if from far away.

- That's wonderful... - Whispered Julia feverishly. – It’s unbearably... nice. I want more!

- Wait! - said Natasha calmly. - But first, I want you to get completely undressed. Julia smiled and quickly pulled the thin panties off the hips. Natasha bent like a cat and laid the head on her stomach. She held out her hand to the triangle of fair hair on Julia's crotch and ran her finger along the swollen scarlet lips. She was touching Julia gently, slowly, in a circular motion, and then she gently spread the lips and softly plunged a finger into the hot wet well.

- Do you like it? - whispered Natasha.

- Yeah, - barely audible said Julia, grimacing from the sweet pain. - Deeper, please, deeper! And faster!

- As you say, dear, - Natasha whispered with a smile, and, plunging the finger till it stops, began gently rotating the tip touching the moist corrugated walls inside. - Soon you will feel incomparable pleasure, dear! Soon it will come, - Julia only moaned, first muffled and then louder and louder, and losing control, she cried aloud with unbearably sweet agony of pleasure. But then Natasha pulled the finger out.

- Not yet, - she whispered in Julia’s ear and hugged her with both hands behind her buttocks. Squeezing the sloping white halves of the strong ass, Natasha pressed her mouth to the left breast of the neighbor, and the tip of her tongue began licking the nipple. The tongue, like a little shy snake, was either running around the nipple, freezing at the very top, or then running back into her mouth, freezing there, as if gaining new strength, and shot back, resting against the soft skin of her chest, and then back on the pimply ring around the brown short bud with a tiny hole in the middle. Julia's heart was beating furiously, threatening to break the chest and escape out. And same fiercely the fire of desire was burning, running from the groin area up the spine to the head.

Natasha looked at the naked body of Julia in admiration. She spread the heavy big breasts of her girlfriend and buried her face in the sweaty hot cleavage. Releasing both hemispheres, she allowed them to squeeze her cheeks softly. Natasha groaned.

She stuck out her tongue and slowly drove it over the cleavage up and down. Julia felt every cell of her body the wave of inexplicable and unknown pleasure rises, and she tried to hold it in as long as possible, delaying her falling into the bliss...

Natasha pulled away from her breast and took away her hands. Julia opened her eyes and saw the neighbor slowly removing her robe. The robe concealed a gorgeous body. Julia was struck by the pubis of Natasha: it was clean-shaven. Under the pubis there was a gorge with large scarlet edges, at the top of the gorge there was a brown knob sticking out just like a toy soldier. Natasha sat down.

- Can you do me a favor? Just, please, don't be offended. And don't be afraid.

Julia looked at her neighbor: that woman was giddily beautiful. Her body shone in the light of the night lamp, and she seemed to reflect the bluish light of the tv screen. Natasha’s breasts were triumphantly sticking up and to the sides, her dark nipples stiffened and became heavy. Julia looked down at the wide spread thighs of her neighbor. Natasha turned her back to Julia, rested her elbows against the couch and got on her knees with her buttocks raised high.

- Lick me from behind!

Julia felt the familiar wave of frightening pleasure running over her body again. She knelt down as well and, bringing her face to the rounded halves of the ass, stretched out the tongue. She touched the tip of her tongue to the entrance and began moving it slowly clockwise.

- Oh, how pleasant! - exclaimed Natasha. - How nice you are doing that! Now stick your finger in! Deeper! Spin the finger! Do something desperate!

Julia, obeying the commands, tried to push her tongue deeper, and she succeeded. Then she gently spread the large buttocks and stuck the tip of her finger into the hole. Deeper and deeper. She was afraid to hurt Natasha, but at the same time she understood Natasha was getting pleasure.

- Now, another finger from front! - ordered Natasha.

Julia’s finger of the left hand quickly groped the main entrance. The gates were opened wide. Her finger poked into a small knot. Natasha screamed.

- You got it! - she cried. - Come on!

Julia squeezed the protruding knob and began stroking it quickly with two fingers. Under the fingertips the knob swelled and seemed to have grown in size. The base of the knob was all smeared with sticky mucus. Three of her finger were already in the gorge, which seemed then bottomless and unusually wide. Everything was burning inside, just like in the heater. Natasha’s body began trembling. The trembling was intensifying, and soon she began squirming under Julia’s fingers.

- Don't stop! Don't even think to stop! A little bit more! – The tension made Julia bite her lower lip. She was quickly plunging the fingers into the vagina and taking them out, afraid to disobey the orders of her neighbor. And suddenly Natasha froze, having bent back. Her stomach tightened and became pulled in. Natasha groaned aloud, then her high moan passed into a low one, almost animal growl - she cried out "A-a-a-ah!" so hysterically and desperately, that Julia became seriously frightened. Natasha moved away a little and fell to her side. A few minutes she had been lying silently, not moving a muscle. She looked like she lost consciousness. Poor Julia was sitting on the couch motionless staring at her. Finally Natasha opened her eyes. They were shining with such tenderness and pacification that Julia immediately realized that Natasha had had orgasm. Julia's soul became filled with joy. Natasha moved closer to Julia and kissed her hard. The kiss was not erotically sensual, it was filled with tenderness and caress. Julia turned off the TV and the night lamp. They lay under the blanket and hugged each other. So, pressed against each other they fell asleep.

The following day, Julia woke up next to her neighbor, and in the first moment she couldn’t understand anything, but then she remembered what had happened the night before and she grew cold. She couldn’t believe that mad ecstatic love game of the last night was participated by her, Julia, and her neighbor. Natasha put her warm and sleepy hand on Julia's chest and gently ran her fingers over the nipple. Julia shuddered and turned to the neighbor.

- Yesterday were you... - she began questioningly.

- Yesterday I was amazing, wonderful! - Natasha whispered smiling, - But you, poor girl, didn’t get your pleasure. But this is easy to solve. Tonight, Yes? And now we need to get up, clean the house and go to the market. Getting up? - Julia smiled. - Get up!

In the evening Julia was at home burning with impatience for Natasha to come to her. The bell rang, Julia opened the door and there was Natasha in the bathrobe. They came into the room and Natasha untied the belt of her robe and pulled it off. But that day she was in the finest silk underwear of black color - lacy bra and double panties, or more exactly, on top of the lacy panties she was wearing something like a lace belt, only without garters.

- Go ahead! - smiled Natasha. – Caress me like you did yesterday!

Julia smiled and pressed against her neighbor with her whole body and kissed her on the lips. Natasha undid Julia’s bra and pulled up the shirt. Julia quickly took it off, for a moment moving away from the lips of her lover, and same quickly she slipped out of her skirt and the panties.

- Today I'm going to torment you a little torment, my dear! - the neighbor said. - I'm going to stroke you, lick you and drive to the last limit. And then we both are going to get this miracle...

She pushed Julia back, and she obediently lay on her back, her legs spread. Natasha lay down beside and started to shower Julia's chest with kisses. Then she carefully ran her hand all over her body from the collarbones to the groin and, deftly spreading her vulvar lips filling up with stirring weight, thrust two fingers into the wet vagina. Having appeared in the tight depths, the fingers anxiously began to rush about there, and then they moved forward and rested against a kind of barrier, causing a spasm of pleasure run over Julia’s whole body. Julia felt a hot wave pulsing deep inside at the very bottom of her body. The wave of painful sweetness was growing on and on, the flame ran over her thighs, over the crotch, licked the buttocks, ran into the anus, squeezed the isthmus between the two entrances into her body and finally came upon the vagina.

She felt her lips tensed, filled with blood and moved apart. Hot juice was flowing out of there, wetting her thighs, the buttocks and the sheet beneath them.

- I want to suck you! - Natasha said in her ear. - Don't be afraid!

She stood on her all fours above Julia and bent the head over her pubis. Julia spread her legs wider, giving way to the nimble and searing tongue running over her hips, the thighs, the stomach and the pubis. Julia closed her eyes and entirely yielded to the growing excitement. The tongue was working miracles. It was sliding over the crimson leaves of the open shell, running inside, licking the drops of hot mucus flowing from the inside, then it was going further down almost to the crotch, then again climbing up to the double shell. Finally it stopped on the particularly sensitive point at the entrance. There the impulses of sharp pleasure ran from the clitoris like electric discharges. Natasha pressed her lips against the clit and began to suck it gently. Julia could no longer hold it back and moaned. Natasha just uttered a satisfied sigh in response. The tongue was running madly around the flaming scarlet knoll...

Julia ceased holding back. She screamed, howled, cried and convulsed in ecstatic pleasure, trying to free herself from the sharp and piercing tongue that found the only source of the greatest indescribable pleasure let out in convulsions from the depths of her body. She screamed, trying to stop that blinding and deafening torture, but she could not - Natasha firmly pressed her thighs to the bed tightly, rested her head against Julia’s pubic area and went on sweet torturing with her hot and wet blade.

It had been going on infinitely. Julia got tired to scream. And then the tide was going out. Soon the wave of pleasure dissolved in the groin and in the thighs, but Julia’s body was still trembling and pulsing. Natasha let her off, and Julia froze exhausted, having wrung her arms up and seized the numb fingers by the pillow.