Polyamory in sauna

We had scarcely got undressed, when Alla grabbed my dick and started sucking staying on the bench. I wanted to move back, but she strongly dug her nails into my buttocks, caressing me. Victor and Lena, who had come to sauna together with us, first looked away in confusion, but then began watching us with growing interest. They were naked as well, and I noticed Victor’s cock slowly rising. Lena noticed that as well, but since she was just a beginner in group sex, she hesitated to repeat Alla’s actions. As for my girlfriend, she was voluptuously licking my penis head, swallowing the whole penis from time to time. I couldn’t tolerate that torture long and soon I cum demonstratively. Satisfied Alla moaned. She got up from the bench, stroking between her legs, and reached out for a towel. Tiny drops of sperm were still glistening on her lips and the chin, but she seemed not to pay any attention to that. But as for Victor, he was admiring that spectacle and his penis already looked like Tower of Pisa. Lena gently stroked that stick, but then grabbed a towel, wrapped it around her head and went to the steam room following Alla. Victor and I were standing in the dressing room and staring at each other.

- You were looking great, - Victor said, squeezing his penis in the fist and being obviously disappointed.

- You never know, what to expect from her, - I said, - Let’s have a smoke, my legs are giving way.

We took cigarettes and had a smoke in silence. Victor’s cock slowly calmed down. We put out the cigarette butts and went to our girls.

The girlfriends were sitting in the steam room whispering something to each other and giggling. The reason of their having fun was the topic of gay love, but then we appeared and the talking gradually turned the other direction. Alla had already wiped (or licked over) the traces of her naughtiness and we, pouring sweat all together, were discussing the variants of group sex. Actually, all of us but Lena happened to take part in team games, for students’ life gives a great deal of such opportunities. But it was entirely new for Lena. She even reddened more than we did, but the tone of her voice was saying that she was getting excited with  what was going on. When I asked her if she tried that with a woman, Lena became embarrassed. Alla gave me a short look and her eyes told me, that Lena would not only try two cocks that night but something else as well. They whispered about something and then burst out laughing. After that they became rather modest and mysterious.

Having had enough of steam, we went out of steam room, bathed in the pool with ice cold water and noisily got into the shower room. We were giving our bodies to the jets of warm water and watching each other. I was admiring Lena’s sharp tiny nipples, and she was secretly looking at me and Alla, who was boldly watching Victor’s risen penis. Victor didn’t try to hide himself, he was turning around letting the girls have a better look at him. And then to our surprise, Lena came up to him, knelt down and repeated Alla’s recent act of bravery. The water was pouring over her face, but it didn’t prevent her from sucking Victor’s cock the way, as if her life depended on that. Victor was moaning, pulling her head every time Lena let the cock out of her mouth. He turned the water off and soon he cum right in Lena’s mouth with a loud howl. Lena got up from her knees licking her lips over like a kitten and clung to Victor with a long and hot kiss. I didn’t even notice Alla was leaving the shower room, but she was already here again holding the razor and the shaving gel.

- Well, boys, maybe we’ll get down to shaving? – She sat down on the edge of the bench, squeezed a good portion of gel and put it on the small island of the foliage on the pubis, - Sasha, will you help me? – She handed me the razor.

Then it was my turn to kneel down, but I didn’t have to apply much effort, because Alla didn’t have much to shave off, and soon she was standing before us, washing the rest of the foam off the naked pubis. Meanwhile, Lena also moved her legs apart before Victor, who had to work harder than me. But his diligence had been much appreciated, and then our girls were much more naked than usual. The shameless view of their bared pussies made us delighted and our cocks excited.

- Let’s shave our boys! – said Lena, gradually beginning to enjoy what was going on, - But let me shave Sasha!

Alla had been long not against partners exchange. Our objections were too weak, and in fifteen minutes Victor’s and my pubises were as ten-year-old boys’. I even liked it, especially the process, when the wide spread legs of Lena who was squatting let me enjoy watching her beautiful body. As for Alla, she managed not only to shave, but to suck Victor’s cock as well, still not letting him cum. It would be not in good time then. We had the whole night ahead.

Then our playful quartet settled in the recreation room. Already arranged table let us be close to each other and after a shot we started pleasing each other with all possible ways. I was standing on my knees before Lena on the couch and licking her clit. She was very excited always moving her thighs upward pressing them tighter to my lips. I was thrusting my tongue as a drill in her abundantly leaking hole, and Lena was just moaning with pleasure. On the same couch Victor was noisily fucking Alla in a doggy-style position, thrusting his big enough tool in her slit right up to the balls. Alla shouted every time Victor’s cock was all in her. Being very close to Lena’s chest, Alla stuck her lips to it, moaning same noisily. That double action made Lena shake. She pressed my head to her groin and got a stormy orgasm almost having drowned me in her juice. I broke free from her hands and turned my spear into her cave, so Alla had to tear off her friend’s nipples because the shaking on the bed grew stronger. Lena was quietly sobbing under my thrusts and when she strained all inside, I realized, she was going to cum.

It made me excited so, that I trembled in the paroxysm of orgasm, pouring my seed on her rosy flower. Alla and Victor had cum as well, following our example and filling the room with their crying.

All four of us were lying on the couch having a rest from our orgasms. I was the first one to get up, for I was thirsty. I drank some cold kvass and sat down at the table. I became hungry as well, so the pile of sandwiches appeared to be quite appropriate. Alla was still lying on her stomach, her legs wide spread and Victor’s sperm dripping out of her hole. Victor started to move as well and soon we had had another shot. The pleasant weakness was spreading all over the body, so we didn’t hurry to our ladies. As for those, they gradually began to caress each other. Still exhausted with two orgasms Lena didn’t resist much to Alla, who started to caress her chest, then the belly and then Lena’s beautifully opened lips. They began kissing and Lena embraced Alla, who was caressing her. Their lips parted after their long and sweet kiss, and then Alla’s tongue began travelling to the Lena’s mound of Venus.The travelling was short and after Alla had licked all my juices off, she started to tease Lena’s clit with her tongue at the same time caressing Lena’s legs with her hands. Her skillful caresses made Lena either tremble, or dig her fingers in the sheet, moaning and being overfilled with passion. Alla’s stuck out butt right before our eyes was showing us a magnificent view of her shaven slit shining with the juices and Victor’s sperm. Lena suddenly moaned aloud, arched and cum. It was an awesome orgasm, because she kept on lying still even when Alla was back from the shower. Alla sat down on the couch, stroking the hair of her friend, caressing herself with a finger at the same time. Victor and I were horny, still we were waiting for the lesbian game to go on, and Lena didn’t fail. She got up and sat down next to Alla, kissing her on the lips and caressing each cm of her body. Soon her fingers found Alla’s hole and she began to caress her wet pussy. She caressed Alla’s chest and got down to the delicate petals of Alla’s bud and started to caress them with her lips and the tongue, clearly getting pleasure with new sensations. Alla leaned back, fingering her chest and slightly moaning. Lena was caressing her not only with her tongue, but also with the help of her finger, like a small penis fucking Alla’s hole. Lena was caressing herself as well, showing us the beckoning view of her pussy. I couldn’t hold it back long. I stroked her delicious rounded buttocks and slowly entered her. I was not going to cum or make Lena cum (she had had enough orgasms for that night), I was just rather pleased to sense myself in her. I fucked her that way about a couple of minutes and then gave my place to Victor following my example. At that moment Alla cum and her moans could be written down in the Guinness Book of World Records if there was such a section. Lena kissed the thighs of her girlfriend, slid off Victor’s cock and went to wash herself. Alla was lying before us on the couch. Her wide spread legs gave us the opportunity to have a good look at her intimate spot in all details.

But soon she got up as well and joined our fiesta.

- So, what do you feel about alternative having sex? – Victor asked Lena, slowly stroking his horny cock.

- You ask, as if you  don’t understand, but you do, - She answered and smiled.

- Of course, you don’t have an often chance to cum so great, - Alla kissed Lena’s shoulder with her plump lips and hugged her, - I think, we’re gonna go on doing it in future. Aren’t we, Lena?

The girls kissed deeply again, and we had a drink for our beautiful ladies. And they were really beautiful. We had a little fun at the table and soon got ready to love affairs. We were trying to get round Lena together. Alla was watching us and sipping vodka mixed with orange juice, and Lena was giving herself in our hands and the lips. She liked the game with two men at once, and when two trembling with excitement cocks appeared before her face, she began to lick them and to groan overfilled with excitement. After nice blowjob I lay down on the couch and Victor stood nearby letting Lena keep his cock in her mouth while I was fucking her. Then we exchanged places. Lena got on her all fours caressing my cock and the balls touching lower from time to time, while Victor was taking her from behind. Lena was moaning and growling with pleasure, moving her butt upwards in time with Victor’s thrusts, and swallowing my cock so deep, that a couple of times she even poked her nose to my shaven pubis. Lena’s blowjob was so fantastic, that I splashed another portion of sperm in her sweet mouth. Then she cum as well, still holding the cock in her mouth. Victor crushing into her but couldn’t cum, maybe from overexcitement, or because he always threw the looks at Alla, who was fiercely caressing herself, sitting at the table. He took his cock out of the slit, licked Lena’s anus very well over, then opened that gate with his finger, let her relax and after that inserted his baton in there. Alla got up from the table and came up to Victor from behind. She squatted and began to fondle his balls, watching his cock moving in Lena’s ass. In a couple of minutes Victor cum in Lena, who was on the verge of orgasm.

- Guys, I want you both at once, - Alla declared, when Victor took his breath, - In two holes at once, - She was standing next to the bed caressing her breasts.

- First, we’ll have a rest and then go on, - I was not ready after Lena had sucked almost my brain out of penis.

Victor picked up Lena on his hands and brought her to the shower, while I was kissing with Alla, who didn’t let my softened dick out of her small fist. The cock stubbornly refused to obey her and we went to the billiard table. I was lazily rolling the balls, Alla was sitting on the edge of the table showing me her charms and sipping her “screwdriver”. When our friends were back from the shower, we played a little with wishes at stake. Victor lost and had to caress our girls with his tongue. His and my tools were ready to use and then Alla became between us. After a short foreplay we were ready to more decisive actions and Alla appeared between us literally. She was sitting on Victor and I came up to her from behind. Her second hole was more ready to the forthcoming, than I could expect, and I entered her with no special efforts. I froze for a minute, so she could adapt to two cocks inside. I felt through the thin membrane Victor’s cock moving, and that was so great, that I didn’t want to move myself. But my excitement was growing, so I started moving. Each my move was followed by Alla’s moan. At that moment Lena came up to us and lay down so, that her slit appeared right over Alla’s lips. So my red-haired naughty girl got everything she loved so much! Twisting between us, she was burying her face into Lena’s crotch, Victor’s dick was plunging into her vagina like a powerful piston and mine was sliding in her tight and hot ass. We were moaning and roaring like wild animals, all four of us. The orgasm of one of us was the orgasm of all of us. We had cum almost at the same moment. I felt Victor’s penis pulsation and Alla’s vibrations. All that overwhelmed me with such an orgasm, that the whole world stopped being material for some time…

We left sauna over midnight. Tired, exhausted but happy we rode by taxi to my home and fell asleep almost immediately to wake up in the morning and continue the celebration of successful diploma defence in the same company and with the same passion we had the day before.