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It happened in the winter, when my wife and I found out that the sauna we used to go in was closed for reconstruction. So we had to go to another one. It was a small bathhouse, consisting of two sections. One of them was occupied. We got undressed in the second one and immediately went into the steam room to warm up. My wife looked amazing. In her 36 years she kept up beautiful chiseled shape and firm breasts. Her brown eyes often cast a look on my cock. Having seen me naked she constantly got excited, but patiently waited when I was ready to fuck her. I can’t say she is too patient, because sometimes she just pounced at me and my dick was often the prey of her beautiful mouth. I knew the bath attendant of that place, but when coming out of the steam room I called him, he was somewhere away. Overheated with dry steam we returned to the recreation room where my wife arranged the table having put a smoked silver carp there, a bottle of vodka and a few cold bottles of beer. We drank some vodka and then began drinking beer and eating the fish.

Having had a little talk, we went back into the steam room. That time we had a little longer time there. My wife spread a sheet and lay down with her legs spread. Thus she warmed her lower back and gave me the opportunity to look at her completely shaved pubis. We had well perspired from the heat, then we came out and immediately jumped in the small pool with warm water. Behind the wall in another pool muffled men's voices were heard. I determined that there were five or six men. We threw on the sheets and came back for more firewater. My wife was already a bit tipsy. She began to talk more, discussing our friends and as always paying more attention to their wives. Every woman thinks she's better than others. The third time in the steam room was already with a broom. I warmed up and said to my wife to lie down on her stomach and began to flog her with the bunch of green birch twigs. When her back became red, she turned over covering her face with the hands, and I continued flogging over her breasts, her stomach and the legs. Then she went into the shower and I got down to the steam procedure by myself. The voices behind the wall seemed familiar to me. I decided to find out who they were.

I jumped out of the steam room and rushed into the pool. My wife with the sheet on was sitting and sipping beer. In the steamy sauna alcohol goes out of your body quickly. Fresh again we had another shot of vodka. I told my wife I was going to see who was in the other section, because I heard familiar voices. “Don't be away too long”, she said. Having crossed the corridor I knocked on the neighboring door and opened it. So it was, there were the district attorney and several people from a neighboring town I knew by faces only.

- Oh, Nick, what brought you here? – Shouted the attorney, - Hi, come on in.

- I heard your voice and thought to come to say hello, - I replied.

- My friends and I decided to take a bath in sauna. Are you alone?

- No. With a lady.

- Lucky you are, - The attorney said and poured me 50 grams of vodka. All the men were about 40 as well as the attorney. – Let me introduce Nicholas, said the attorney, - The head of our security service. The others introduced themselves. As it turned out to be, they were the employees of the prosecutor's office in another city and one of them was a judge. They were all a little drunk.

- Is your lady nice? - asked the attorney.

- I like her, - I responded, - Okay, I must go, my lady’s getting bored.

- Good luck.

I came back to my wife and said there were the attorney and his friends. We chatted and drank when we heard knocking on the door of our section. My wife quickly adjusted the sheet covering her chest. The attorney appeared.

- Don’t you mind?

- Come on Misha, - I invited him. He sat next to us and took out a bottle of frosty vodka. I introduced my wife to him, still not saying that was my wife. Michael changed his manners. He became just like Don Juan. We began getting more fun. We were telling the jokes. Funny life stories. Misha’s friends became bored there and soon they all joined us.

- Let’s go to the steam room, - I offered, and everyone agreed to my proposal, but I think only for one reason - to see the beautiful figure of my wife. All of us found a place to sit in the steam room. My wife's eyes were already glistening. So many naked torsos next to her! The smell of male sweat enveloped us all soon. My wife was rather listening to us only sometimes supporting the conversation. Then I had an idea. Why not? So I began to move towards the target goal slowly. I told my wife to get stripped to the waist, otherwise the sheets prevent the body from getting warm. So I began to remove the white cloth from her back. All men supported me and soon my wife was sitting with her lovely breasts open. I noticed that almost everyone got his penis up under the sheets. We warmed up and went to have a rest again. My wife was no longer shy and her breasts were in full view of everybody. Her nipples got aroused and raised up. Having had another shot, we went on our conversation and there appeared more acute jokes about sex. We all were rather bright in the eyes.

Under the table my hand was stroking the leg of my wife and my hand was going higher. Soon my fingers began to caress her pubis. That made her excited. I took her by a hand and we went into the shower room. There she threw off the sheets. Standing under the shower I began to lather her back. My cock rested against her ass. My wife began to move it in circles rubbing over my cock. There appeared much steam from the hot water. Then my wife broke down, knelt down, took my cock with her lips and deeply swallowed it. I felt my buddy had penetrated into her throat. For I was rather turned on, soon I threw the impressive jet of sperm into her mouth and she swallowed it. Some drops appeared on her lips dripping over her chin.

- That’s not fair, - she said to me, - I want as well.

- I'm sorry, dear, I couldn't help it. You are wonderful tonight. In 5 minutes he will got up again and I'll fuck you in all your holes.

- Looking forward to this, - my wife smiled and we went into the steam room again. Soon the whole company was there. Everybody noticed the traces of sperm on the face of my darling, and I’m sure she didn’t wash them off intentionally. She became bolder and her sheet opened entirely, showing all her charms to men. We both came out of the steam room and jumped in the pool. The other men remained in the steam room yet. I got it up again and being in the water I drew my wife, lifted up her legs and immediately drove my cock in. A moan of pleasure escaped from her lips and she started groaning. Fucking in the water is a nice pleasure. The water washed away her lubrication and my cock was driving inside of her tightly. My wife liked it. She clung to the railing, and I continued to fuck her. At that time, the company came out of the steam room and saw me in the water fucking my naughty wife. Her moans became louder and she must have cum already about five times when my sperm splashed out deep inside of her.

- Super! - she said aloud, turned around and saw five pairs of lustful eyes looking at her. Slender like a mermaid my wife went out under those passionate eyes, wrapped herself around with the sheet and walked into the recreation room. The whole company continued having fun. The attorney asked me, if he could fuck such a pretty one as well. While my wife was busy talking to the bath-mate, I told him to invite her to go and have some steam procedure. Massage her back, then the chest, put your hands on her body, all in all do everything carefully. He nodded and after a few minutes he offered my wife to go to the steam room. She looked at me.

- Go, - I said, - We'll be there soon. My wife smiled and went out leaving the door open. After another five minutes we heard Misha working with the birch twigs. Probably, he was just working on the back of my pretty wife. Then it became quiet. After another five minutes we came into the steam room. After opening the door everyone froze: my wife was fiercely sucking the dick of Misha lying on the bottom bench. The sheet was lying at her feet.

- Do not disturb, - She said without looking up.

- We don’t, - I said, and climbed to the top shelf. Everybody joined me. And being there above in dead silence, we were watching my wife working over the male weapon smacking her lips from time to time. It made us awfully excited. My wife raised her eyes from time to time and lustfully looked at us and our dicks almost ready to burst out from tension. I was the first who couldn’t hold it back. I got down, took my wife by the waist and lifted her up from her knees. With the strength of a stallion I drove my cock in her hole. The smell of sex spread over the steam room. My wife was moaning holding the attorney’s cock in her mouth. She was making her best efforts as well as I was. Soon Misha and I cum almost at the same time. He did it in her mouth and I cum in her vagina. The spectacle was worth being depicted on the picture of a famous artist. The nice beautiful woman was standing in front of us. Sperm was dripping from the corners of her mouth and my sperm mixed with her juice was leaking from her vagina.

- Well done, - My wife smiled and went to take a shower. Misha was in seventh heaven.

- I’ve never ever been sucked like that, - All that he could say. We came out of the steam room. My wife was still under the jets of water, washing the sperm off her face and rinsing her pussy. I pushed one of my new acquaintances.

- Go and help her wash her back.

We all went to the shower section and watched him taking the soap and gently lathering her back. My wife bent over and leaned her hands against the wall. The foamy water was flowing down over her back and the cleavage of her amazing ass. Again she began rotating her butt trying to catch the male pride with her hole. Immediately after that we heard her languid sigh and we also saw the penis entering her deeply. The water was flowing and the cock was thrusting in my wife with squelching sounds. She groaned and fell down on her knees caving in her back. Her eyes looked at us. Her beautiful mouth opened.

- All of you, come to me, - her lips were saying. The men didn’t need to be told twice. Two cocks appeared close to her ajar mouth and began poking onto her lips. She opened her mouth wider and... that was a cool spectacle. Two cocks penetrated into her mouth at once. Her cheeks blew up. The men put their hands on her nape helping my wife. She had been fucked not a long time, and all three of them began to cum. She cried out when a strong jet hit in her belly, and two cocks in her mouth began discharging with sperm she was swallowing. There was much of that liquid. The most part fell onto her face and her chest, where my wife began to grind it over her body.

- I want more, - she said. Her eyes were burning with devilish fire. Lust was playing in her every vein. I put her down on her knees again, lubed her ass with saliva and gently began to penetrate inside. When my cock became entirely in her beautiful ass, I paced up. A cry of joy rang out all over the sauna when she was cumming. I knew when she is being fucked in the ass, she has a brighter orgasm. I didn't cum yet. So I turned my wife her back down, and came in her ass again. I lifted the legs up so everyone could see what hole I was fucking her in. The men crowded around us, fiercely masturbating. And again two of the men knelt down and began poking their cocks in her face. She took them with her hands and began to suck. Her lips tightly wrapped around each cock. I was getting more and more excited, watching my sweetheart sucking two cocks at the same time. I felt I was going to cum in a moment, so I came out of her ass and began cumming on her face. The sperm was falling down on her lips, pouring over the cocks of those she was blowing and so my semen was getting in her mouth with them. My place was taken by the attorney. He also began driving his cock into the ass of the woman.

He had cum in a minute. I saw his sperm dripping out of her ass. Another one took the place of Misha, but he began to fuck her clean shaven vagina. And soon everyone twitched in ecstasy. When all of us got up, my wife was still lying. The sperm was over her smiling lips, her ass and the vagina were pouring forth with our juices. We lifted the woman up and washed her under the shower. My wife was happy. Her condition was close to fainting. So we made the water cooler and soon she came to senses. She smiled and kissed all of us. Everyone was tired. “It's time to go” - I said. We began getting dressed.

- Well, - I said, - Let's give our lady a drink after all.

My wife approved the idea and soon we were furiously jerking off cumming in the glass she was holding. It was enough for a gulp and my wife drank that cocktail, licking the last drops off with her playful tongue.

Soon we were driving home. My wife put her head on my shoulder.

- Did you like it? - I asked

- Oh, Yes! And you?

- Me too. Everything was great.

We arrived home. We stopped at the entrance and my wife kissed me passionately.

- Thank you for the night.