Health resort or the night for three

Chapter One.


The health resort, I had come to, was located somewhere near Yaroslavl city. My room was on the top floor of a nine-storeyed building of red brick.

I got the key at the reception and began waiting for the elevator. I was joined by two blondes. I realized they were just moving in: in addition to little handbags each of them had a big suitcase sharply contrasting with their fragile bodies.

The elevator came down and we three of us entered the cabin.

- Which floor? - I asked.

- The top, - One of the girls said.

I pressed the ninth floor button. The doors closed and the cabin took off. Being so close to the girls, I noticed their gorgeous busts. Noticing me staring at them, one of the blondes whispered something in the ear of the other and they both exchanged meaningful smiles.

We left the cabin and went looking for our rooms. I came up to the door with the number 618 and checked the room number with the one on the plastic plate hanging with keys. They matched.

- Here is our room, - Somebody said behind me.

There were the same blondes I met in the elevator. They pointed to the door opposite mine.

- Looks like we are the neighbors, - One of the girls concluded.

I glanced at the plastic tag on their keys. It was 618-B and mine was 618-A.

- Yes, we are, - I agreed.

Having opened the door, I let the girls first and then followed them. We found ourselves in a small and dark room. I turned on the light and looked around. There were two doors with no signs before us. Apparently, they were our rooms A and B. Two more doors were to the left and to the right of the exit to the bathroom and the toilet. Also there was a big mirror on the wall in the corridor.

- Don’t you mind if we are taking this room? - asked one of the girls, pointing to the door closest to the bathroom.

I didn't mind and went into the apartment I got.

It was a small but cozy room with two beds, two bedside tables and one large wardrobe. I left my bag near the exit door and fell down on the bed. Soft enough. After having a few minutes of rest, I went out onto the balcony. One of the girls appeared next to me. We were separated by a low partition only.

- Are you here for the first time? - she asked.

- Yes, - I replied.

- My name is Ira, - she introduced, - And my friend is Sveta.

- I’m Max.

- I see you have come here alone, - said Irina. - Where is your better half?

- We broke up a week ago, - I answered. - Otherwise I wouldn't be here.

Ira looked at me questioningly.

- She didn't like quiet places, such as this one, - I explained.

- So what are you going to do here? - smiled Ira.

- Friends advised me this place to relax, and here there are all conditions for that. Besides, I hope, here I can take my time to think over everything. And how did you and your friend happen to come here?

It turned out that the girls are having a rest in this health resort not for the first time. They were getting a respite from the city, from friends and all the routine of everyday life.

Soon Ira left the balcony to unpack some of their belongings and have a rest before lunch. I followed her example.

Chapter Two.

The Beach.

At lunch we were asked to sit down each room for their own same table. This was due to the fact that there were not enough tables for everyone separately. I sat down together with Irina and Sveta. They invited me to go to the beach after lunch and I gladly accepted their offer.

After lunch I came up to my room waiting for the girls. It took me not so long.

The beach was a small sandy ledge amidst the willows. There was a field full of people having a rest, sitting and standing. We settled in that field on a small empty spot and began undressing. After a few moments two pretty girls were standing before me wearing only bikinis barely covering their charms. Then their breasts seemed to me even bigger than before.

Ira and Sveta preferred first to sunbathe and then go into the water. They spread their towels on the grass and lay on them, exposing to the sun their already tanned backs. I lay down next to them.

Bathing in the sun, for a while I imagined those beauties in bed with me making love, and I felt my dick getting horny resting against the ground. I began thinking about other things, trying to cool down my excited dignity. Fortunately the wave of arousal passed away, when Irina raised her head and offered to go into the water. There were no objections from my side.

Going to the water I saw envious glances of the tourists, the men who came to the beach with their beloved, most of whom were not young and fat women.

We had hung out at the beach for about two hours, and then had to go back, because the coolness of the night was already felt.

Chapter Three.

Dancing ground.

In the evening, after dinner there was dancing party. Going down to the exit, I met Ira and Sveta. The girls gladly accepted my invitation to sit together at the bar.

The bar was located next to the hall where the dancing was taking place. Therefore, additional music was not required. I ordered a bottle of champagne. The first toast was, of course, for acquaintance. The contents of the bottle quickly moved to our stomachs. I ordered another bottle of champagne. The girls got essentially higher. Soon the second bottle became empty.

- I want to dance! - Ira said, having emptied her glass. – Let’s go dancing.

She got up from the table. It was pointless to object. We went towards the growing louder sounds of a rhythm accompanied by words in English.

The dancing hall was crowded. The rays of light-show running along the walls, the ceiling and the people was the only illumination. We fell almost in the middle of the hall. The girls were dancing pretty good. I couldn't look away from them. It seemed that they did everything to draw my attention. I invited Irina to slow dancing. Ah, how nice it was for me to hug her body.

My hand, as if accidentally, slid a few centimeters down to her butt.

- Don't be afraid, - she whispered in my ear. - I don't bite.

I felt free and put my hand on her butt. It was soft and pleasant to the touch.

- If you want, we can go to the room, - she said suddenly.

- Well, if you. . . - I mumbled, but Ira didn’t wait for my answer, took me by the hand and dragged to the exit.

- Don’t you mind if Sveta comes with us? - asked Ira.

- No, - I replied in surprise.

Chapter Four.

Night for three.

We entered the girls’ room. Sveta immediately fell down on the beds joined together.

- I'm so drunk, - she said, openly enjoying her condition.

Ira was not wasting her time. She tenderly embraced my shoulders and put her tongue in my mouth. I started unbuttoning her blouse. When I finished, Ira removed her hands from my shoulders and threw the blouse down on the floor. I took off my shirt, and Ira quickly jumped out of her mini skirt. Then she was only in white underwear and tights.

Ira drew me to the bed Sveta was lying on and watching everything from the side. Ira sat on the edge of the bed and widely spread her legs. I stood in front of her. Skillfully she undid my pants and they fell noisily down on the floor. My excited penis made a big tent on my briefs. Ira ran a hand over it through the cloth, making my cock grow in size.

- What do we have here? - With those words she pulled my briefs off and twenty centimeters cock turned right to her face.

Ira grabbed my buddy with her both hands and slowly started moving over it, exposing a large part of the crimson head. I noticed the greedy look of Sveta lying in the same position as before, only her head was turned looking at our side. She was looking at my cock.

- Undress me, - Sveta said quietly and threw her head back.

Ira turned to her and sat down just below Sveta’s shoulder. I climbed onto the bed and settled down near Sveta’s thigh. Ira began to unbutton Sveta’s blouse from the top and I from the bottom. At that time Sveta’s hand hugged Irina's waist. Their lips met in a tender kiss.

I undid the side zip on Sveta’s skirt and gently pulled it off the owner. Sveta had no tights. I saw her panties with a barely noticeable spot on the pussy. I pressed the spot and felt my finger falling into the wet and warm hole.

Breaking away from Svetka, Irina helped her to get rid of the blouse and undid her bra. Big Breasts with brown nipples upturned to the top having gripped my attention. Ira bent over Sveta’s face. She stuck out her long tongue, and its tip she passed over Sveta’s opened lips and pushed it deeper. Her hands squeezed Sveta’s chest. Sveta undid the bra of her girlfriend.

I pulled off Sveta’s panties and then she was lying absolutely naked in front of us. Soon Ira got rid of her last clothes as well. Sveta caressed her pussy at the same time they both were passionately kissing. Sveta spread her legs wide and her hand started to caress my crotch. I bent over her delicate bud shedding pleasant smelling moisture. The tip of my tongue passed over the wet edges of Sveta’s hole. I gently spread her tender bud and my tongue began slowly plunging into her pussy and back again. I was again licking Sveta’s juice. Oh, how sweet it was!

Ira climbed on Sveta and turned to face me. Our lips met. Sveta began avidly licking Irina's pussy right above her face. Ira and I became busy with Sveta’s bud. Caressing someone's excited flesh, plunging in and bringing her to orgasm, along with that feeling the other desirable person, her body, her face, her breath and the tongue – all those sensations, truly saying, are not just pleasant, they are absorbing.

Soon Sveta caved in her back and uttered a gentle moan. She had cum.

- Now you lie down, - said Irina.

I obediently stretched out on the bed. My cock was sticking out like a rock. The faces of the girls leaned over it. Ira was the first to take it in her mouth. My giant went straight into her almost up to the balls. Having removed it from the mouth, the girls simultaneously began driving their tongues over the solid trunk. Then my cock appeared in Sveta’s mouth. She either thrust it entirely in, or left just its head in her mouth. I felt I was going to cum soon. Sveta released my cock from her mouth and began to jerk it off intensely with her hand. Soon a powerful jet of white liquid shot over Sveta’s face. The girls began to lick my cock and the belly over, trying not to miss a single drop. Ira licked Sveta’s face, where the big drops of my sperm were on before.

My penis noticeably decreased in size. Noticing that, Ira put it in her mouth and began to excite me. Soon my giant became ready for action again.

Irina removed it from her mouth, climbed up on me and pulled herself onto my cock, which began slowly merging and coming out of Ira’s cave.

At that time, Sveta settled at my feet and the tip of her tongue started to drive over my balls. Having changed the position, she sat so that her pussy was practically on my face. I realized what she wanted, so I stuck out my tongue and began to fondle her excited crotch. Ira continued jumping on me. Her large breasts rose into the air, hovered for a moment and fell back on her body. My cock slid into her warm and wet pussy. Soon, Ira started jumping on me even faster than before. I could no longer hold back the growing wave of pleasure and cum in her. Ira threw back her head and lowered the tempo of my penetration into her. The sperm filled up her pussy. My cock slipped out of Irina. She got off me, spread her legs wide apart and lay down on the bed. Sveta on her all fours and arching her back, began to lick the pussy of her girlfriend full of my sperm and her juices.

Without hesitation, I settled from behind Sveta’s ass. Her small brown hole was aroused and attractive. My Younger Brother was again ready to perform his duties. I spread the halves of Sveta’s ass, marked the target goal and drove the head of my dick in her anus. Smeared with the remnants of the sperm, the head slipped in without any troubles and my cock began to move slowly.

I ran a hand over the wet edges of Sveta’s cave, and then pulled my cock out of her hole and put it in her warm pussy. Sveta’s hips began swaying smoothly.

We changed the position again. Then Sveta was lying on her side with a leg raised up, allowing my cock to move freely in her cave. I was lying next to Sveta, squeezing and stroking her breasts with my hand. Irina was licking plentifully greased with female secretions the entrance to Sveta’s pussy, where my giant was moving. Soon Sveta and I had cum almost simultaneously.

The Orgy came to its end. I stayed to sleep in the girls’ room. I couldn’t fall asleep a long time. The hands of the girls were still wandering over my satisfied body.

During our staying in the health resort we had spent much time together, but the first time was the best to remember.